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My mother called me and wanted to talk to me. I was at work so I had her stop by the station. Alan, she said, we have a problem. What’s going on, I asked, scared that she might have seen Malia and I hug the way we did. But she put that fear to rest. Your sisters Malia and Stephanie aren’t getting along. I’m afraid they are going to kill each other, she said. We need to figure out what we can do so they can at least be civil to each other. Well, I said, ill think it over and see what I can come up with. I have to work for one of the guys here so I won’t be home for a couple of days, I’m pulling a 48. Ill call you and let you know what I come up with.

From that moment on I started thinking about what I could do. I came up empty handed, until an idea hit me. I’m not too sure if my parents would go for it, but it was worth the try. I would run the idea by my parents when my double shift ended. I didn’t want them to think that I came up with the idea quickly. Even though we weren’t a religious family at all, I don’t think they would approve of an incestuous relationship, not that I would lead to that. I didn’t want them to get any ideas.

When my long 48 hour shift ended I headed home trying to think of how my sexy little sister would take the idea, would she be excited, upset or sad. From our reunion upon their arrival here, I’m going to guess excited. I can’t be to sure though. I got home and took a shower. Since my shift ended at 7 in the morning, I figured my sisters would still be asleep, since it was Saturday. I called my moms cell to see if she was awake. Upon hearing that she was I went over quietly to talk to her.

In this state, the age of consent is 17, exactly the age Malia is, I said. That being said, I might have a solution to the constant fighting between those two. What if Malia moved in with me. I have put a lot of thought into it, and that’s the best I can come up with. What do you think? Well, mom said, if there was any way to find out what Stephanies issue is we wouldn’t have to do this. She has some anger issues, and has for a long time, and we have no idea why.

As far as Malia, I think you’re right. I hate to do it and I hate to do this to you, but I think you’re right in separating them. Poor Malia can’t even breath right around Stephanie. Tell you what, I like the idea so ill run it by your dad first, and if he likes it ill talk to Malia to see what she thinks.

Gotcha I said as I kissed her on the forehead and told her I loved her. Love you to son, she replied. Now go home and get some sleep, the news said you guys had a really bad one last night. We did I answered back as I left and went home. I fell asleep fast and have no idea how long I slept. But when I woke up, I got excited cause I have the next 4 day off! And it was Saturday, so I was off till Wednesday morning!

When I woke up I began thinking about having my sister there, living with me. I began to get hard as I reflected on the time we fooled around. The way she looked at me, and the way she told me goodnight. I know she told me not to expect anything to happen again, but I was really hoping. She was so hot and sexy, that I began to wonder if I would be able to control myself. I began to stroke my cock, as I thought of the possibilities, and the what ifs.

What if she wants to see my cock. What if she wants to slide her hot pussy along my hard cock again, until we both cum. I then replayed the day escort that it happened. I was really working my cock imagining it was my sexy little sisters pussy. GOD that felt so good! Then I reached over and turned my computer on and pulled that hot ass picture of her up. I was so close to cumming, when I heard a tap, tap, tap, on my front door. Just a minute I yelled out as I closed the pic and tried to compose myself. I got dressed and went to answer the door.

There she was. She smiled really big and jumped on me. I’m so excited, she exclaimed. I can’t wai, she stopped mid word as she jumped down and backed up . Oh god, she whispered, as she looked me up and down. I had no shirt on at the time. What, I asked. Oh nothing, she answered. What, I asked again. Look don’t take this the wrong way ok, she said with a little bit of panic in her voice. Ok, I said, I won’t. You have a really really hot body. You look good. And look you have that sexy happy trail, as she giggled. I bet you get a lot of pussy don’t you, she asked. I was floored at what just came out of my sisters mouth. Uh, no not really, I replied. Really, she asked surprised. Really I answered. That too bad, she said, the women don’t have a clue what they’re missing. We’ll thanks, I said. You’re welcome, she replied. So when can I move in. Whenever, I said I have the next 4 days off. Ok can I move in today she asked. Sure let’s get started.

The whole time we were loading and unloading my truck, I couldn’t help but just check her sexy ass out! She looked just as good as some of the porn stars I have seen in my collection, only with a nice dose of innocents. She was that fucking hot! Only with very sexy, and tasty looking little bitty tits! My cock was semi hard the whole time. It didn’t help that Malia had put her short shorts on. I was so tempted to just place my hand on her ass cheek when it poked out of the shorts. I caught her many times glancing at my slight bulge. She was also constantly looking me up and down. I caught her a few times, and she would just give me a very sexy smile.

When she finally caught me, she walked up to me with a very sexy look on her face. She asked in a very sexy tone, and very quietly, does my brother like what he sees? My cock jumped slightly. Don’t take this the wrong way ok, I said. I won’t she replied. Yeah I do. You’re kind of sexy, I whispered. Kind of, she asked, as her eye brows jumped slightly. Ok, very sexy, I answered. Thanks, your little sister loves what she’s seeing too, she whispered back, as she ran her fingers gently across my exposed abs. A jolt of electricity shot through me as I realized something. My sister just might feel the same thing for me as I do her. Lust! I wondered if she fingered her pussy thinking of me.

We got her settled into her new room. Once it was all said and done, we decided to clean up and get some dinner. I took my shower first. I was so use to being alone that I didn’t think. Or did I? I wrapped my towel around me and opened the door. My sexy little sister was coming out of her new room at the same time I walked out of the bathroom. I heard her gasp slightly as I turned towards her. Her mouth dropped open slightly as she eyed me up and down. Did you have a good shower, she asked. Yes I did thank you very much. Good she replied, what are we doing tonight? I told her, I have no idea, we’ll figure something out I’m sure. She got a very seductive look on her face. I hope so, she replied izmit escort bayan as she placed the palm of her hand on my chest, and very lightly ran her fingers down to where my towel began. All the time looking me in the eyes. She had that look the whole time.

I went to my room, as my cock swelled. I started getting so hard! I began to stroke my cock as I closed my door. From all the sexual tension between me and my sister, I had to jerk off. It felt so damned good! I didn’t last long as the image of my little sisters face was in my mind! I came so hard. I didn’t know I could have that much cum! I almost passed out as the sheer pleasure ripped through my body, like electricity! I collapsed onto my bed, and just jerked for a minute as my orgasm subsided!

I turned and looked at the door and noticed it was cracked. I pulled a clean pair of boxer briefs on and walked to the door. I opened it and looked out and saw nothing. So I finished dressing. As soon as I came out of my room, I heard the shower running. I began to hear a little voice. It sounded like my little sister was moaning. I walked up to the door an placed my ear to it. Sure enough my little sister was moaning. My cock jumped back to life. I love her little voice! I knew she was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy! Then all of a sudden I got dizzy, and my vision got hazy. I just heard my little sister moan and say my name! It was a confirmation to my curiosity! She did play with her pussy and think of me! I began to rub my cock through my jeans.

As I began unzipping my jeans and pulling my cock out, I heard her moan a question in a very breathy and shaky tiny voice, oh Alan, can suck that big cock, I wanna suck my brothers cock so bad uhhhh. I spit in my hand and began to stroke my cock! I jerked it fast and hard all the while picturing myself sliding it in her mouth as she licked and sucked my throbbing bone! I listened to her moan more and more. And soon she began to cum and cum hard! Hearing my sister cum sent me over the edge. I shook all over as chills ran through my whole body! Soon I was cumming hard again. I shot rope after small rope of cum all over the door.

As soon as I came down from my orgasm I ran to the room and grabbed a towel. I went back and cleaned up my mess as quietly and quickly as I could. I managed to get it all cleaned up and got my cock back in my pants and zipped up before she finished her shower.

As soon as she came back out, I started out my bedroom door hoping I would catch her in her towel only. I got my wish. She came out a little startled. Her air was still wet, and she only had a towel wrapping her small naked sexy teen body. She looked so fucking hot and sexy!! I felt my stomach get tight, and I started getting the butterflies. I couldn’t believe that my cock started stirring again! Did you have a good shower, I asked. Oh yeah, I did, she answered with a slight look of lust on her face. Good I said, now if you want we could go out and eat. Ok, sounds like a date, let me get dressed she answered. As she walked away, I had to adjusted my hardening cock. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. Damn it, I thought. I just got caught. That didn’t bother her at all. She just smiled at me as her eyes jumped from my face to my growing bulge and back.

I put a little cologne on, and waited for my sister. About 45 minutes later she came out of her room, and I couldn’t izmit sınırsız escort believe how amazing she looked. She had her dark hair pulled into a high ponytail. It made her look so much younger than she had the past few days. She had a mid drift tank top on, and with from what I could tell, no bra. She had very low cut jeans, the low riding ones I guess. Wow, I said, you look real good! Thanks, that’s what I’m going for, she replied. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her! I could clearly are her 6 pak and her belly ring. And her ass looked so damn nice too! She just looked unbelievably hot and sexy!

I couldn’t believe I was taking a woman this hot out to dinner. I couldn’t wait to see the looks she would obviously be getting!

We left and went to a steak house. And as predicted, a lot of men and women were looking at her. All had the look of Damn on their faces. My little sister was loving the attention. So much so that she grabbed my hand and held it as we walked to our table. We sat down and we ordered, then ate. We had a great conversation during the whole process. We got caught up on each others lives. When we finished eating, things started getting serious.

So, she said, how many girlfriends have you had since you moved here. I’ve only had 1. Did you two have sex? Uh are you sure you want to talk about this Malia, I asked. I was kind of hoping she would say yes. I mean you’re my sister, wouldn’t that be kinda weird? Nope she replied, what’s the difference, you told me about you and Tara. Ok I replied, yes Allison and I had sex. How often, she asked. At least 3 times a week. Was she good, she asked. Yeah she wasn’t bad I mean the sex was good but I think it was better with Tara. My little sister mumbled, ill bet I’m better than both of them. She didn’t know I heard her.

What about you, I asked. Yeah I’ve had a few boyfriends. Their dicks weren’t all that big. Sex was ok I guess, they were just worried about getting their nut off, and didn’t really care if I did. I have a big dick, I mumbled, not caring if Malia heard me or not. I wanted to see her reaction. I looked up at her and saw her face. I got butterflies immediately. My face started feeling like it was hot, and my breathing started to quicken. Her face was filled with pure lust. And her breath was quickening as well. She very quietly said, so I’ve heard. Her eyes locked onto mine. One of my friends back home know Tara. She told my friend and she told me that its pretty big. I then asked her, so how old were you when you lost you virginity. I was 15 she replied. How many boyfriends did you have after him. Three, she said.

My cock was hard as a rock, and throbbing. We sat there a few minutes, to allow my cock to soften. It didn’t go down all the way, so it was still semi hard when I decided it was safe to get up. Let’s go home and watch a movie, I said. Ok she replied.

We stood up and started walking out. She held my hand the whole time. We got into the truck and headed home. From the corner of my eye, I could see my little sister trying hard to see a bulge In my pants. I looked over at her and saw her little nipples poking out from her tank top. Our eyes locked for a split second, and she bit the corner of her lower lip. We got home and she disappeared for about 30 minutes. I was hoping she was fingering her pussy the whole time.

When she came out of her room my cock started to swell again, and fast! She had one of my uniform shirts on and I could tell she had a very small panty on as well. She came out and sat on the couch right next to me. She layed her head on my lap and we watched TV.

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