Subject: Boys Club (Gay/Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/b…MMM) Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/b…MMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2018 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at pomowolf74@ if you like. All flames will be ignored. Boy’s Club By Wolf I can honestly say I was a latch key kid. My mother was a schizophrenic, alcoholic, whore. She had been an attractive redhead in her youth. Booze and drugs had reduced her from a high-priced call girl to cheap skid row hooker. I assume the drunk that fathered me was a blond because I was born an undersized blond, with pale shin. She named me Bobby on my birth certificate. My clothes were from goodwill or a thrift store. Mom must have resented having a baby. I raillery got a haircut, so I wore it in a ponytail. It was her joke to only buy me little girl’s panties that were too small for me. That was all I was allowed to wear around the apartment. I was always undersized for my classmates. I was teased and bullied occasionally I was beaten up. When I was about nine-years-old I met a boy that was a year or two older rhan me living in the same cheap apartment building. He was a dark-haired good-looking boy named James. He was also a latch key kid. Even though we were close to the same age I was half his size. He became my friend and I worshiped him. He let me know that he had a secret hideout in the neighboring abandoned building basement. I was excited to see it of course. James had assured me that he had some dirty pictures down there. There was no problem with us finding time to visit his playroom. My mom slept all morning and was in the dives until closing. More often than not she would bring home a drunk to fuck her. James family situation was not unlike mine. His father was a drunk. We were able to slip into the building next door from the back where no one could see us. The window was boarded up bur one board was loose and he could pull it aside. When inside he would replace the board. He led me down the stairs. The room, was of course, dirty the basement windows were covered with oily dust that prevented any daylight penetrate. He had managed to activate an electrical circuit to one lone lightbulb in the center of the room. There was raged old discarded couch in the room, and old iron framed bed with a dirty mattress on it. There was an old desk with a broken leg, leaving it wobbly. James hid his contraband behind a loose brick on an interior wall. True to his word he had photographs and magazines. While we were sitting on the couch, he showed me the photos. The first ones were of naked women masturbation. Later ones were of women sucking each other’s tits and pussies. Then there were young girls having sex with each there and adult women. I was in crossed by the pictures. The following pictures were of boys and men sucking cocks and fucking each other. While studying the pictures I got a hard-on that tented up my ragged jeans. James noticed how much I responded to the sight of young boys playing with their dicks while sucking on the large cocks of adult men. He placed the palm of his hand on the bulge in my pants. I didn’t make a move to stop him. I was afraid that he wouldn’t like me if I complained, besides I wanted to see all of the dirty pictures. The magazines had pictures with dialog balloons and typed text underneath telling a story. One of them that I read was a young boy asking a fat-bellied hairy man for an ice cream cone and the man telling ataköy escort him that he could have a chocolate cone if he was willing to sick his cock and swallow his cum. The boy sucked the dark fat cock in a couple of frames depicting the cock in various stages of interring the boy’s mouth. A frame showed the white cum dripping from the boy’s mouth. The last frame showed the sweet looking boy licking a chocolate ice- cream cone, while holding onto the man’s cock. James started fumbling with my pant, so I helped him to unbutton the pants. I was embarrassed at the thought of him getting to see my little lace girl’s panties, but I allowed him to pull my pants down. The panties were so small and stretched out that my little boner lifted the thing material up so much that the leg holes allowed James to see my little scrotum that looked like a flesh-colored wrinkled walnut shell. James didn’t laugh at my panties at all. He even complimented on my candy-striped panties. I explained that my mother bought them n insisted that I wear them in the apartment. Apparently, she likes her guests to see me in them. James said that he understood why. I look like a sweet little girl. If it weren’t for my dick I could pass for a girl. Then he shocked me by asking me if he could suck my dick lie the boys in the pictures. I even pulled my panties out from under my butt. James took hold of my little penis with a finger and thumb before he took it into his mouth and sucked on it. It felt beyond belief. I rested one hand on the back of his head while continuing to read the picture books. After a half-hour, I had to push his head away because it was becoming painful. When James asked me to suck his cock, I was thrilled at the prospect of sucking the cock of my best friend. James not only removed his pants and underwear, and T-shirt so that he was sitting on the couch totally naked. I was impressed with the size of his cock. It was almost as large as the adults in the photographs. He also had a few dark pubic hairs growing above his cock. I leaned over and wrapped my hand around his cock and lacked him off while licking the pre-cum drops as they appeared at the hole of the head of his cock. I eventually swallowed all of the shaft of his cock. He was still not old enough to cum, so he had to stop me when he had enough. When eventually gut dressed and returned to our apartments. We returned to the club hideout every day and James seemed to have never-ending access to gay porn. We sucked cocks daily, and James seemed to like to stick a finger in my asshole while I sucked his cock. When he eventually asked me to fuck him, I was willing to do it to please him. It was exciting to cling to his hips while fucking him. I felt obligated to let him fuck me afterward. James retrieved a jar of Vaseline and greased up his cock and stuck a greasy finger up my asshole. He told me that it would hurt when I as fucked until my asshole was stretched enough. He instructed me to push like I was shitting so that his cock could go in easier. I did my best to relax. James had me lay on the dirty mattress on my back. He stood at the side of the bed and placed my heels on his shoulders. He guided his cock to my asshole and pressed the knob against the puckered hole. The pain caused me to whimper in pain. James took hold of my dick and pulled on it as he told me to push. His cock entered my asshole slowly. I couldn’t help crying a little as he fucked me. When he was finished, we got dressed and left the basement. I was sore for several days and in no hurry to be fucked again. I eventually sought out James and we returned to the basement. We stripped off our clothes masturbated, sucked each other before I merter escort was willing to let him fuck me again. It was easier the second time. When I had been fucked a few more times James invited me to accompany him to the home of a friend of his. I accepted and we walked that evening to another apartment building that was no better than ours. When we made our way up the three flights of stairs and knocked on the door. I was excited to meet his friend. When the door opened there was a towering figure of a man. He must have weighed 350 pounds. His big round belly hung over his pants. The jeans were so low that his pubic hair was showing. He was wearing a black leather vest. The same type bikers wear. His body was very hairy. About the only part without hair was that ponderous belly. The man had a beard. He welcomed James in with a hug and asked, “Is this the sweet boy you told me about?” “Yes, this is Bobby.” “He is everything you told me about. He is a sweet looking innocent looking boy that could pass as a girl.” With that, he picked up and hugged me. It felt strange being kissed by a bearded man. When he sat me on my feet, he took me by the hand and led me to the couch and sat next to me and asked me, “Would you like to see some movies?” I didn’t know what kind of movies he was talking about, but I suspected that I would like them. He turned on the TV and set up the CD player. James sat on the other side of the man, as the screen went form assure blue to a title. “Davy Becomes Daddy’s Boy.” There was a tussled headed boy sleeping on a bed with Star Wars sheets. A man in his thirties enters the room and he is naked. His slender body was hairy and there was a long slender cock dangling between his legs. The man pulled back the foreskin to expose the purple head that was wet. The man used his hand to wipe the knob all over the boy’s mouth. The boy opened his sleepy eyes and smiled up at the man. The man said, “Open your mouth son and suck daddy’s cock.” The boy reached out and wrapped his hand around the shaft of the cock and lifted his head up took as much of the man’s cock into his mouth as possible. While I was absorbed by the action on the screen the man had been busy removing my clothes. At James instance I had worn a sports shirt and cargo shorts and I was wearing those candy-striped lace panties. The man stripped, me down to my panties and was pleased to see the panties. As he palmed my crotch, He assured me that he would have everything needed to dress me up as a charming girl. James had also been busy. He was naked and had struggled to open the man’s pants. It was funny to see that far five-inch cock wedged between his thick thighs with is balls the size of a softball and as smooth as one too. The man’s belly hung over his crotch so much that the man couldn’t see it when he was standing. He had to lift his butt to allow Janes to pulled the pants down to his knees. I wrapped my hand around the fat shaft and started masturbating him. Not wanting to prevent me from watching the movie he picked me up and had me stand to straddle his hips facing the screen. While I continued to watch he boy being fucked in the ass, the man stuck his nose in my butt crack and smelled my asshole and licked it. He reached between my legs to play with my dick and balls. Later while we were watching another movie with several young boys sucking and fucking each other the man St me on his cock and I slowly settled own until all of that fat sock was in my asshole. He masturbated me until I had several dry orgasms. When James and I got dressed to go home I still had a boned. We left with invitations to return for a party that Friday night. Going to a party was hot going bahçeşehir escort to be a problem. Mom would be spending the night in a dive picking up a drunk. I just told her I would be spending the night with James. When James and I arrived at the apartment the man welcomes us with hugs and kissed. When we entered the apartment, I saw at least six adult men that were all naked. There were also at least four boys that looked between the ages of 16 and 7. They were also naked. I learned later that there were more men and boys in the bedroom and bathroom. The boys in the bathroom were getting enemas to loosen up their asshole. (I was to learn to enjoy enemas too). The night was very popular because I was new to the group. I got to duck long cocks, fat cock, big balls, hairy balls. I was drawn to a bald-headed man with a white beard. He had gray hair on his chest with tits I could suck on and play with. He had me lick his balls and suck his cock before he had me swallow his cum. I was fucked by boys and men until cum was dripping down the insides of my legs. James and I slept in the bed with two fat hairy men. In the morning we were both fucked before we bathed and had breakfast. When I returned home, I reflected on the previous night’s activities. I had been turned on by the way the men and boys talked to me while I sucked their cocks and they were fucking me. They were asking me things like; You want my fat cock in your mouth or ass. I’m going to reed you until my baby pops out of your ass. Come here boy and lick my balls and asshole. I want to watch you suck that little boy’s dick. That night when Mom came home stinking drunk with another drunk man in tow she passed out in the bedroom before the man even had a chance to mount her. He came out of the bedroom and left the door open and approached the couch where I had made my bed. He woke me up, but I had been pretending to be asleep. The man’ cock was hanging out of his pants as he rubbed the head against my lips. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock down my throat. He fucked my face until he came in my mouth. He simply said, “You have a sweet mouth. I think I will come back to find t id your ass is just as sweet. The following morning Mom was sound asleep. She normally never woke up before noon after a night out. There came a lite knocking on the door and when I answered the door the man from the previous night was standing there. He was freshly shaved and looking better dressed. He said, “I told you I would be back. As he entered the room, I closed the door. I was wearing one of my little girl’s panties. . The man stuck his fingers in the waistband of my panties and pulled me close and kissed me on the mouth. He pulled my panties down and played with my little dick and balls before he draped me over the arm of the couch. I hadn’t made my bed up yet. He spit on my asshole and told me, “I think you are no virgin.” I didn’t answer the comment. He spread the cheeks of my butt and pulled out the 7-inch cock and stuck it in my asshole. I quietly grunted with every thrust of his cock until he came in my ass. Mom came out of the bedroom n her slip and rubbing her eyes. She stopped short when she saw the man, she had been with last night fucking me. Rather than screaming at the man she simply retrieved a pack of cigarettes from the kitchen counter and lit one up while she watched the man fucking me. The man pulled out and squirted cum all over my back and butt. When he put his cock back in his pants he turned to y mother and kissed her on the mouth and told her, “You have a nice little pussy boy there. He kissed me on the mouth as he departed. Mom sat on the arm of the couch I had been fucked on and asked me, “Do you like being fucked?” I thought before answering, “Mom I really like having sex with older men with hairy bodies.” I knew that I was always going to be a pussy boy for hairy older men. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline ail

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