Asian Bomb

Subject: Brandon And I Part 3 When the movie was over I said “it’s time to go to bed.” we walked down the hallway to the bedroom and we laid in bed under the covers and held each other. And fell asleep. Brandon and I Chapter 3 I woke up very early while Brandon was still asleep. Walked to the kitchen naked to set up the coffee pot. Once I did that I went to take a shower to ready for work. After my shower and I got dressed I went into the bedroom wake up Brandon as he stir in the bed I said “morning sleepyhead, I’m leaving for work will be back around 2pm, what was his plans for today?” his reply ” if it’s OK I am going to sleep little longer and take a shower and go out.” I told him don’t forget to lock up and if he needs a place to sleep tonight I be home around 2 o’clock. He said “OK, Thank you” I said ” I Love You” he said “I Love You Too!” I arrive at work to get started. I couldn’t wait til Lunch time I realized I left the house without any breakfast I just hope I don’t feel sluggish all day. I kept looking at the clock watching the time hurry up couldn’t wait til 2 o’clock. I didn’t really wanted to be there. I wanted to be home in Brandon hairy arm pits and hold him tight feel him next to me. How am I ever going to be with a 15 year old unless I kidnap him take him out of the States and go to Canada. I had all these thoughts going through my head again!! “what can I do?” when I got off from work I went home found my house locked as I turned the key a feeling washed over me. Brandon was no where insight. I said “how long he’s going to be gone this time?” As I was getting things ready for dinner I received a phone call I went to answer it. It was from a voice I have not heard for a long time my old friend Charlene. Will, this Charlene with C.F.S I said to myself “what happen now?” she said “Will, I need your help I need to place Brandon in a home and he mention you said he was working with you and he said that you was very good to him.” I asked “what happen?” she said he got into some trouble today his foster parents ship him to me. I said “where he at now?” she said “he is at a group home if you say yes then I will bring him over tomorrow.” I told her “yes I will take him in.” After I hung up. As I was finishing dinner I had a visitor at my door and went to answer it. The voice on the other side of the door was my friends 13 year old son Johnny I open the door “told him to close the door behind you, I got something in the over.” “What bring you to my stoop Johnny?” he said “I just wanted to tell you I got back from Summer Camp.” I said “cool!, Hows the Family?” his reply ” They Doing Good, wondering why they have not seen you around lately.” I said “I was busy.” plus ” after you ran out that day I didn’t know you wanted me too.” he said “I’m sorry about that.” “Johnny, I have watched you grow mentally and you was very calmer since we was having our thing on the side.” he said “I know.” I said “you can stay for dinner if you like I have plenty.” he said “what we having?” I told him “Fried Chicken mash potatoes and gravy and Beans. And rolls.” He said cool. He called his mom and said he was going to have dinner over here. she said “that’s good.” I got on the phone I said “hi!! girl how are you?” I doing well just been so damn busy with work. How about you and she was telling me then she said “could Johnny Stay the night while I go out on the town?” I said “I’m OK with it, if he is.” I asked “Johnny would he like to stay the night Here”? He Said “Yes! Yes!” And Jumping Like a little Boy I told him “if he don’t stop Jumping on my sofa like a little boy I was Going to dress him up as a little boy.” he step down I said “Dinner is ready.” we sat down at the table and ate. I asked Johnny what he done to day he told me “went to play basketball today.” I said “how did you do?” he said “I did very good.” I asked him tell me about summer camp. He told me what he did what they had him to do and he went swimming and play ball with other kids and went horseback riding. Roast marsh mellows. On the last night was the campers dance. I asked him “Did you masturbate while you was there?” he said “once!” “but it was hard inside a tent with other boys.” After dinner I clean up the dishes load the dish washer. And clean up it wasn’t to much to do cause I clean up while cooking. Johnny went into the living room to watch TV we was watching a comedy. I sat near him smelling his sweaty musky body I asked “when was the last time you washed your hair he said several days now.” I asked “are you going to shower before bed?” he said “no! not right now.” I got up walk to the window and closed the blinds and curtains in the corner of my eye (I notice he ran his hand down his shorts to shift gears he always call it.” and went back tandoğan escort to the sofa and sat next to him. He laid his head in my lap so he can watch TV. I lean down and kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t move I begin running my fingers through his hair. He asked “Can I take off my shirt?” I said ” make yourself at home and comfortable.” when he did he lift his arms and took off his shirt I saw his pit hair it was Blonde and his chest was smooth and round nipples. I started rubbing his chest I asked ” Am I hurting you?” he said “no it feels good.” Once the show was over he said “I’m ready for bed.” I turned off the TV we head down the hallway he went to the bathroom to release his bladder I was thinking for a 13 year old he sure had a really strong stream. While I was in the bedroom getting the bed ready for us to go to sleep. He yelled “where can I Sleep?” I told him “you can sleep in the guest room or you can sleep in here with me, just as you know if you do sleep in my bed you sleep naked.” before I was to finish my sentence I turned around Johnny was standing there completely naked with him scratching his boy balls “mmmm” I was thinking those nuts must be itchy cause of the dry sweat stuck to him. But I said ” you caught something from that camp you went too?” he said “he laugh with a no!” I said “I did when I was his age at camp.” by this other boy in my tent. “Omg! he was hot. That’s another story.” I said “OK hot shit get in bed.” I told him I have to get up early cause I have friend coming over to drop someone off. I turned off the lights. We fell asleep I must of woke up in the middle of the night. I guess a white boy who lives in the government housing must not shower everyday. When I first met Johnny he was a brat he hated everybody. He hated vegetables he would argue with a tomato if it was sitting on the counter. But when his mom and I became friends. He tried that with me I nip that shit in the bud. I was over her house he was throwing a wild temper like all boys do around his age. Some grows out of it some go through life trying to be a lion when all they are is just a kitten. We all go through it and a lot of boys just can’t be trained. But with Johnny knew I wouldn’t play that drama. He was strong physically but I am someone that don’t take less from anyone. As I lay there looking at him in the light of the night tracing his face and body pull back the covers and play in his boyish pubes. He was hard laying across his leg. He raised his arm over his head hairy pit exposed. I put my nose in his pit and smell his boyish scent of dry sweat, musky. I reach over to the nightstand grab the Ky Gel and lube up my asshole put a dab on his 5 inch boy meat that was super hard he was still asleep til I straddle him and sat on his hard boy cock get sucked in my warm asshole. he came up off the bed with mouth open exhale and looked into my eyes. Saying “please don’t please!” I realized right then he wanted to play that game. I rode him I took his arms raised them up held them down over his head exposing his musky pits. All I could smell was those sweaty strong pits. All he was able do was say “please Don’t please!” I begin riding him hard and faster as I was moaning screaming “Fuck Me! Fuck Me! I want and need it bad. Fuck my pussy baby fuck it!! my own cock was hard and painfully throbbing I cry out when I did cum flew out of me 5 streams of hard cum went here and there I kept riding him. Johnny grab my hips and press hard I felt his warm cum warming up my insides. I collapsed on top of him we was breathing heavy. I pull off of him. He finally asked me “when u do what we just did where do u go in your mind?” I said “if I tell you you would hate me for real.” “when I fuck I know I am fucking the person I with.” “When I was 6 yrs old I was man handled sexually by a man that was close enough to get to me.” I said when I was born my hair was platinum blonde like a white paper I was born with it. My eyes was the color of the sky before the storm. He said “I don’t believe it.” I went my hall closet and pull out my family album. I said “I had women crushing on me and men as well.” I open the album he said “Damn! Will! what happen?” my eyes turn hazel and I dyed my hair to many time. I went from blonde to black. I was a dangerous kid. I started dressing in black clothes. Then something happen I met someone that was in his 30’s brought me to a world I live in today.” Johnny ask “you ever Dressed up Like a girl?” I told him only through Attitude. When I getting the feeling of a bad Attitude. Like that night when I borrow that black tight spandex dress of your sister. I don’t dress up all the time. “wearing baggies south pole Jeans with black belt and retro platinum shoes. A white tekirdağ escort tank top and black jean jacket. I am most happy just wearing them without any underwear. My hair was spiked and yes I went as far as piercing my ears I worn nothing but real ruby earrings and real diamonds he asked “Why rubies and diamonds?” I said “sweetheart that my birthstone and diamond set the shit off.” I kissed him on the lips he just look at me with a smile. I said “you have enough time to get more sleep before you go home and hope that you shower before you leave.” He said “what about you?” I said “i’m going to stay up and clean the guest room cause my friend I haven’t seen in along time is dropping off a kid and I need to make sure he has a place to sleep.” he said who is he I said you know him it is Brandon Since he to old to get adopted CFS will be bring him here til they figure out what to do with him. He gave me the strangest look I said “No! Johnny it’s not like that.” “he ran away from his foster parents and got into a little trouble, Since he works for me for the summer his worker is one of my friends from the past thought it be great to take him. Just as long he doesn’t have any bad habits.” Johnny Said “like what kind of bad habits?” I said like leaving a wet towel on the floor and flushing the toilet and clean his own dishes. And asking 101 Questions like you are doing. He Laugh ” HaHaHaHaHa!” I said “No! Just bad habits.” I said Johnny this house has many rules but I will not stand a dirty house. I believe in schooling nothing pisses me off more then a kid just go through school thinking its a big joke. I can say I don’t care if you get yours or not, I’ve got mine. He asked “what you wanted to be when you was growing up?” I said with a sharp look I wanted to be rich and live on a top of the mountain in a mansion have a lot of male servants in nothing but a g string. Johnny Burst out laughing “HaHaHaHa” I said “Is that all your questions now get some sleep sweetheart!” I walked in to the living room and turn on the radio turn down the volume begin get busy cleaning. Fix coffee. I call work told them I wouldn’t be in today and called my cashier told her to open for me cause I have important people coming to my house. I told her I will explain later then I hung up. It was a couple of hours I freshen up the guest room and changed the sheets. I was running around like I was loosing my head. Johnny Walked in from the bathroom rubbing his eyes. I said “Johnny I Need You Shower sweet pea you will find your clothes washed and dried and folded on the counter in the bathroom.” he went to the bathroom I look at the clock I had an hour left before Charlene shown up I waited til he was in the shower I walked in removed my clothes and got in the shower with him with my 7 inch uncut cock hard as a rock I told him to face the wall he said what are you going to do I said I going to wash your back I leather up hand and wash his back and spread his ass cheeks and ran my fingers up his crack and touch his boy hole he jumped I said “bend over” I open his crack with two fingers used the other hand to clean his hole I insert one finger in his boy hole he scream saying “stop it hurts” I said “only a few seconds.” He said “nobody has never touch me there.” when he was used to one finger I insert 2 in he moan then I begin pushing in and out he was moaning more. And breathing heavy. I wrap my lips around his boy hole suck in and blow the stick my tongue in and work it around he was moaning loud “mmmm! FUCK!!” his 5 inch cock was growing to full size. As I pull out my tongue suck in and blow as my tongue was pushing through his tight boy hole. He was saying “Oh Oh Will everything is spinning.” I said do not take your hands off the wall till I tell you as I went between his legs to rub his little 13 year old balls. I stop and I pin him to the wall with my cock head at the entrance and I push in he gasp and moan and scream I held him I whispered in his ear try to push my cock out he tried when he pushed out it open his ass I pushed in to the my balls he screamed and moan I took it slow with him after all he was only 13 but he became a boy slut saying “FUCK ME Daddy!!! FUCK ME!!!” I said “mmmmm son you feel so good on Daddy’s Cock.” I bang his boy cunt hard he was crying saying “daddy I fixing to cum daddy I am fixing to cum daddy !!!” he screamed hard saying “I’m Cumming Daddy I’m Cumming!” I held him tight as he poor cock shot its content of his balls in my shower wall. When his boy cunt clamp down on my cock it send electrified through to my balls that I was releasing in his sweet ass. We held each other in the shower as my cock went soft enough to fall out of his hole. I was kissing his neck and cheek and his lips. “he tokat escort whispered it will be our little secret Will.” he finished up with his shower as I was drying off and putting on my clothes and I exit the bathroom after a few minutes he came out fully dressed saying “that was the best thing ever!!!” I said “thanks sweetheart, I thought it was time for you to experience it all.” I said “you hungry?” he said “I am going home to eat and then go play basketball.” he left for home which it was about 2 blocks away. I was getting prepared for Charlene to Show up when I heard the door bell I went to answer it. She had Brandon with her. She said “I hope it is a good time?” I said ” I have my schedule clear for today.” we sat at the table she handed me papers to read and signed. As she looked at my house to take notes. She said “Will how long have you been living here?” I said “right after my grandmother died, Well the house was built back the late 70’s and they bought it and lived in it til they died.” She said ” I love houses like this.” I Said “Brandon your room is the First bedroom on the Left you can go and put your belonging in there.” He did as he was told. Came back to the kitchen and sat down. While Charlene was there I laid the rules down. I said ” you keep your room clean. And you pick up after yourself and you attend school if you still with me when school starts up again. Everything else we just play by ear.” I said “before I sign these documents you agree to my terms for living here?” his reply ” YES! YES!” I went on to signed them. Charlene said “Brandon, this the last placement I can do for you and you’re out of other options. You a good kid but it’s hard to place someone as old as you. Once Charlene Drove off I look at Brandon and told him “Everything I said Everything I mean, but one thing I truly mean babe you will get your education while you are in this house. I will not take no as an answer.” he said “Can I watch TV?” I look at him and said “Can you?” then he said “May I?” I said Go For it and keep it down so that I can talk on the phone. He strip off his clothes and shoes and socks cause I do not let anyone walk on my carpet with shoes reset of the house is fine but TV I will not allow. I made my phone calls and I went and sit by Brandon and we Chatted for a Few minutes after about an hour he said “may I go take a nap?” I been up all night I was so wired for coming here.” he got up went to the bedroom I said “hold on what bed you going to” he said “yours of course you want to join me so I can fall asleep?” I got up lock the front door walk down the hallway and I striped and lay in the bed with Brandon. We got under the covers and laid there holding each other. We was kissing I love kissing him. We fell asleep and sometimes later I woke up with him sucking my 7 inch uncut cock I was very hard he kept sucking then he suck my balls I was so into it I was moaning a lot. He said “baby can we do it without lube this time?” as he straddle me and put my cock at his hole and slowly came down on it he jumped then he grit his teeth I said “it it to painful?” “its ok” he said. What I felt next was his ass on my nuts then he slowly raised up and then down. Then he went a little faster he look at me saying “I want you to cum in me baby please.” then I flip him on to his back an fuck his boy cunt rough and hard I said “Are you ok Babe?” he said “yes don’t stop keep going.” I was plowing his boy cunt as he jerk his cock and moaning then he let go of his 6.5 in cut cock knead my back dig his fingers in my back as he was moaning so loud. I already cum once today it be long before I cum again what I was thinking. Then I had him roll on his side and fuck him in that position after 10 minutes I had him in a doggy style I was plowing his boy cunt as hard as completely sweaty. Few minutes later I heard him saying “I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!” His Ring Clamp Down On My cock as I was sliding in and out I knew I was close I was fucking him as he was talking saying ” show my Boy pussy who is the boss.” As his hands kneading my back he must of scratch me that’s all I know I cry out “saying taking it! take it all!” I was pumping all the cum in my nuts to give him all of it. We was so hot and sweaty. I laid on top of his hot sweaty body. As his arms wrapped around me we both was breathing hard. He said “you think you and I ever be married?” I said “let’s enjoy today and see where it leads.” Brandon and I continue our love affair and live together til he left home at 19 years old. When I think about Brandon I remember the good things about him instead of me saving him, he saved me show me what love was. About Johnny Well he finish school and he still live in Florida happily married to a wonderful woman right now last I heard he had 3 boys of his own. If he does anything with them who knows there is that possibility. but when he feel the need for cock in his ass he still play the field. The End Nifty Needs our Support Donate to Nifty to continue these wonderful stores from people. Thank you

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