Brandy Pt. 02

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All characters depicted herein are 21 years old or older.


After our dalliance in the back of the fast food restaurant where she worked, Brandy and I texted intermittently. Through weeks of hardcore flirting, though, I could never get her to actually commit to any meeting. She would just show me pics of her giant ass that she took in the mirror every couple of days or so, which certainly kept me interested. After seven weeks, however, I was more overt.

“When can we meet up? U busy Thurs?” I texted her on a Wednesday morning a couple of hours before my lecture. She responded immediately.

“I can’t. U know I have a bf.”

“When does he work? I can come over then.” I was counting on her boyfriend’s schedule not dovetailing with hers. Her response was a couple of minutes coming.

“We cant do this. I shuldnt even txt u.”

I considered how to respond. It was hard to concentrate with visions of her fat ass bouncing on my dick flashing through my mind.

I typed: “Why r u feeling bad? I think we have a real powerful connection.”

“Im engaged thats why.”

“When did THAT happen?” I typed. This was the first I had heard about this development. I literally knew nothing about her boyfriend, other than they lived in a really decrepit apartment building. I removed the capitalization upon reflection.

And then she dropped the bombshell: “About 3 wks ago when I found out I was pregnant.”

You can do the math. I hadn’t even thought about wrapping up when I entered that thick pussy from behind. I panicked for a moment and realized I had three realistic options: 1) be a gentleman (so to speak) and offer any assistance or support without overstepping the delicate boundaries of her current relationship, 2) do some real cold shit and completely turn the other way, hoping that she and her boyfriend lived happily ever after with whoever’s kid she had cooking, or 3) double down on animal instinct. Fuck it. I picked option three, hoping to do what felt good.

I texted back: “I need to see U Brandy.”

There was a long pause and then, “Come over. He’s at work.”

I looked over at my bedside table and pondered the condoms otherwise gathering dust in the top drawer. I laughed to myself and said, “Nahhhhh.”

* * *

Decrepit or not, there was a modicum of security at their apartment complex. After parking on a side street, I had to buzz in to get into the dilapidated lobby. Looking through the directory, I realized that not only did I not know Brandy’s boyfriend’s name, I had no idea what her last name was, either. I had to text her again and ask her to come and get me. I said the buzzer was broken.

When Brandy stepped out of the elevator, she looked absolutely radiant. She had reverted back to from her horrible dye job to brown, almost black hair that she wore in a tight ponytail. She was wearing black framed glasses and a bright aqua-colored velour tracksuit that, ostensibly, should have been a little loose but hugged every curve of her plump, voluptuous frame and clashed with her still-pale skin. Luckily, her track top was unzipped to her generous cleavage, so I had an unimpeded view of her tits jiggling as she walked over to open the door. I thought for a moment that she had gotten slightly tanner, but her face seemed to be just two shades darker than the rest of her exposed skin—foundation, I supposed, in-keeping with her liberal use of makeup. I gave her a slightly wary smile that she returned with a scowl.

“It’s great to see you again,” I said as she opened the door.

“You bursa escort shouldn’t be here,” she hissed.

We started walking side-by-side to the elevator. “I’m glad I’m here. Thanks for having me.”

We were pretty quiet on the elevator ride and walking to her apartment. I wasn’t entirely sure what my gameplan was, or if she completely despised me. The compliments I gave her on her appearance were met with either a soft grunting sound of looks of withering derision. When she went in front of me to open the door to her apartment, I took an opportunity to inventory Brandy’s incredible body: her DDDs practically heaving out of her track top, her soft rounded belly that just slightly spilled over her waistband, her thick juicy thighs that made the velour swish when she walked, and that fat, ample ass she couldn’t help but sway behind her.

As she held the door open and I walked through the door, I paused like I did at the fast food place and looked at her deep brown eyes inches from my face.

“What? What do you want?” she asked.

“I just really, really missed you,” I said as I stroked her cheek. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth, delicately sliding my tongue into hers. The door shut behind us and she broke away at its sound.

“You barely know me. I mean, what the fuck, Grant. We fucked one time.”

“I want to know you. I think you’re so fucking sexy,” I said. I kissed her again and let my hands rest on her flared hips.

“You could ruin my life. I’m happy with my boyfriend. He’s a good guy. With you here…I don’t even know why I let you in here. I just want to forget about you and whatever happened.”

I kissed her on the neck and pulled her into me, letting her feel my throbbing erection through my pants.

“But you can’t, baby. You don’t really want to. You want to explore what makes you feel good and just stop thinking about all of that,” I said as we shuffled over to her old corduroy couch. I sat down and took her hand as I eased her down onto my lap, positioning her ass directly onto the bulging tent in my crotch, her left arm draped around my neck and letting her legs spread out on my left side.

I kissed her again and asked, “Don’t you just want to feel good right now? Do what feels right instead of what you think is right?”

She moaned as she shifted her big ass. I know she could feel my hard dick through my dress pants and her velour track pants. She kept shifting, letting it rub up and down her pussy through her pants. I reached out and squeezed one of her big tits through her jacket.

“That’s right, baby. You missed it as much as I did,” I said and she smiled before getting on her knees in front of me, resting her elbows on the couch cushions outside of my thighs.

“Just do what feels right?” she asked, unzipping my pants and letting loose my pulsing cock.

“Now you’re getting the idea,” I said. She grabbed the base of my dick and looked at it while she slowly jerked it. “You have such a big dick…I hadn’t really seen it before.”

I let out a groan of pleasure and she kissed the head of my cock before engulfing it in her mouth. I ran my hands through her hair as she bobbed up and down on the head, twirling her tongue around the base.

“Mmmmm yesssss, Brandy, suck my dick baby.”

She moaned and took my cock deeper into her mouth. She came back off of it, still holding the base, and started kissing and licking my balls.

“Mmmmmm that feels so good, Brandy. I love it when you do that.”

She giggled and unzipped her jacket with one hand bursa escort bayan while holding the base of my cock with the other before leaning forward and taking the head into her mouth. She rested her big tits on the top of my legs.

“Goddamn, you’re doming me up so good, baby. I can’t believe you kept me away for so long,” I said.

She kissed the head of my penis and asked, “You’re really serious about seeing me, huh?”

I had a brief moment of clarity and looked about her apartment, regarding the cheaply assembled furniture and hastily hung movie posters, the mountain of dishes soaking in her sink and the unmade bed. Their TV was on mute and the programming transitioned between a soap opera to a daytime talk show.

“Of course I am, Brandy. I think we have something deep, like beyond words,” I said. I wasn’t thinking of the consequences. “Let me return the favor, baby.”

I stood her up and turned her around, rolling her pants down off of her giant, wobbling butt. She bent over slightly and I stared into her cleanly shaven pussy before I startling licking her pussy lips and toying with her clit, using my other hand to jerk off and keep hard. She watched the TV as I started tonguing her pussy.

She moaned and said, “You’re so fucking good at that. You like eating pussy from the back, huh?”

I slapped her ass in affirmation, letting the cheek wobble around my face. I took both hands and spread her ass so I could tongue her asshole.

“Mmmmm, fuck. You’re fuckin’ nasty, Grant,” she moaned.

I started moving between her ass and pussy, fingering one and gently tonguing the other. I kept my hands off my dick because I knew if I kept jerking it I would bust before I got a chance to dick her down again.

At the commercial break, I laid her down on the couch in front of me missionary and grabbed the base of my cock, guiding it in.

“Nmmm-ummm,” Brandy shook her head no and blocked her pussy with outstretched fingers, waving my dick away.

“Oh, come on, Brandy. I want it so bad. Nothing bad’s going to happen.”

She raised her legs up and rested her thick ankles on my shoulders.

“Put it in my butt.”

I haven’t done a lot of fucking ass in my time, so this idea made my dick stand at full attention.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. She started playing with her clit slowly and rested her other hand on my chest. I reached around her leg with one hand and grabbed a hefty chunk of her fat ass, spreading it open. I spit into my other hand to lube up my dick before pushing it slowly into her butthole. It was still wet from me eating it, so my cockhead slipped in relatively easy.

I continued to push, meeting resistance from her sphincter. She groaned and I wrapped her legs around my waist. I gave her a deep kiss as I slowly shoved the rest of my dick up her ass, grabbing two fat chunks of ass meat that were hanging below off the couch cushion.

I started giving her short, slow strokes, trying to relax her. She continued to toy with her clit.

“You like it up the butt?” I asked.

“I love it in my butt,” she giggled. “I knew you wanted it when you started eating my ass.”

I started fucking her faster. Her big tits flopped across her chest every time our hips met.

“Who wouldn’t want to fuck a huge fucking booty like this?” I said.

“You just couldn’t resist my fat ass, huh?”

I had not heard a truer rhetorical question. I was playing with fire, but I couldn’t stop myself. Seeing Brandy beneath me, legs wrapped around my waist and ankles crossed across my escort bursa back, her jugs swaying wildly as I pounded her sweaty, fat ass-I lived for it. I was glad to kick consequences and ambition to the curb.

I was groaning wildly and she was slapping her pussy. Her ponytail had come undone and her brown hair was covering her eyes.

“Mmmmm yeah, fuck that ass,” she yelled, “Keep fuckin’ that ass you nasty fuckin’ assfucker.”

Her butt had relaxed to the point that I could quicken my pace, but it remained tight, hot, and greasy.

“Ungh, I’m so close,” I said.

Brandy started to moan loudly, intoning that she was cumming already. Her neck tightened and her shoulders thrust up. I thought her eyes were closed, but I couldn’t see through the thatch of hair. Her orgasm was subsiding when my phone started ringing.

“Oh, shit!”

“Just don’t answer it,” she said.

I pulled out, dropped to my knees and looked at my phone. My lecture was starting in five minutes and the call was from my classmate, Candace.

“Yeah, hey!” I answered. I tried to regulate my breathing and wiped the sweat off of my brow.

“Grant, you know what time it is, right?” Candace asked.

“Yeah, yeah I do. Listen, something came up, so I won’t be able to make it this afternoon. Can you just have them take one of my sick days?”

Brandy was staring at me from the couch while she idly fingered her pussy.

“Sure, but you only get three of those until it’s an incomplete! Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m great…just swamped,” I shrugged, involuntarily.

I hung up and went over to Brandy.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“Just a classmate of mine. They were concerned I was missing this class.”

She giggled and said: “You missed one of your doctor classes for me?”

I kissed her on the lips. “Of course. Like you said, I couldn’t resist this ass, baby.” I had been jerking off the whole time, trying to keep hard and at the precipice of cumming.

“You just couldn’t resist me,” she said, laughing.

She got on her knees on the ottoman and beckoned, “Come here and finish what you started.”

I sidled up behind her, kissing her neck, inhaling her sweat and cheap perfume. I bent at my knees and guided my dick up inbetween her giant butt cheeks and started easing in and out of her ass, all the while continuing to nuzzle her neck. I tried not to think about the TV psychiatrist silently pontificating in front of us and grabbed both of her tits and kneaded them.

“You going to pop soon, baby?”

“Yeaahhh,” I whispered. I was building closer to climax as I focused on the feeling of her fat ass engulfing the length of my dick.

“I want you to cum on my face.”

Clearly, Brandy was a slut. I had never in my life given anyone a facial, let alone have them ask for one. Let alone someone who was heretofore engaged. I would’ve normally been incredibly self-conscious about the authenticity of her request, but my dick was absolutely quaking in ecstasy. I slid out with a wet slurping noise as she laid down on the ottoman. I started jerking my dick wildly above her face.

“Ohhhhh fuckkk yess,” I said, shooting cum across her forehead. I collapsed on top of her, resting my head on her tits. Her chest vibrated when she giggled.

“Damn, you are fuckin’ nasty, Grant.”

I smiled at her and said, “We should do this all the time.” And then, before I could really think about it: “You should get rid of this loser and roll with me.”

“I’ll think about it. I still have to get to know you,” she said. We laid there for a while and her heavy breathing raised my head up and down on her generous chest.

“It’s yours. I don’t let Troy cum inside me.”

Fuck it, I thought. The adventure continues.

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