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Subject: Brazilian Brothers, Chapter 2 The following story was inspired by 2 pictures, 1 of which captures a young Brazilian nudist boy enjoying body painting, the other of another young Brazilian nudist boy standing on a beach. There’s no way of knowing if the boys are related or not but for this story, we’ll pretend they are. I’ll try to describe the boys as best as I can but if you want an actual picture, let me know. As Brazilians, they probably speak Spanish or something similar but I don’t and I doubt you do, so allow me some wiggle room. Besides, whose to say they’re not bilingual? Maybe their parents had ties to America in some way. Anyway, seeing as how this is fantasy, a lot of allowances have to be made regardless. Hope you like it and if you do, let me know. ail Donate to Nifty, if you can. (From Chapter 1) “Hey, Gen, you can do it if you want.” Jaren raised his arm and smiled from under the shade it caused as Gencio looked up from his crotch and smiled in return. (Onto Chapter 2) Even though they hadn’t done ‘it’ in some time, there was no need for either to speak because they both knew what was meant. An involuntary surge flowed through Gen, causing his erection to expand in his grip. He again buried his face in his little brother’s pubic region, inhaling the sweet scent of the boy’s sunkissed skin and the forming thin layer of sweat that the warm weather was causing. His nose and cheeks were gently nuzzling the turgid little appendage and smooth skin of Jaren’s pocket of jewels. Then he stuck his tongue out to continue bathing his brother’s body, coating that special zone as much as he could before sliding the entire package into his mouth at once. Obviously, he was careful as his lips created a seal once they reached Jaren’s pubic mound. Through the perephial vision of his left eye, he could see the small brown dot midway between the dick in his mouth and Jaren’s right thigh. He always found it so adorable. It didn’t take long before Jaren was again bucking into his brother’s mouth and he couldn’t help moaning as he did so. Every time he let all of him in Gen like this, he couldn’t remember why he didn’t let it happen more often. It was so warm and moist and snug and Gen had not only mastered the art of using his tongue but also managed to never scrape him with his teeth. As şişli travesti he enjoyed the intimate sensations, he raised his arm again to smile at his brother. For Gen’s part, he loved having his little brother’s bits and pieces in his mouth but was looking forward to what would be happening next. Ever since he could remember, long before he reached puberty, he had been experimenting with his body and when he felt that Jaren was old enough, he had involved his brother in those experiments as well. This was before they had found their secret spot along the trail. Before living in their current home, they had lived in another village (also part of the nudist community) further inland. Here there was more brush to hide in and the boys had made good use of it. Of course, they weren’t hiding their nudity but rather what they were doing to each other. Unsure of what the reaction would be if caught, they opted to stay on the safe side and not take any chances. Their parents were just happy they were spending so much time together. It was through those experiments that both he and Jaren discovered what they liked to do and to have done to them. That’s how Gen knew that Jaren usually only liked one ball sucked on at a time and it’s also how Gen knew he could live with his face buried between Jaren’s legs, reluctant to even remove himself long enough to breath. But there was something else that the boys had discovered during their time exploring in the thick brush. This had happened more recently as both were in the grasp of puberty and more bold in their endeavors. They had tried this several times to make sure they were both happy in their chosen roles and after many successful sessions, each had found the position that was right for him. And so, that’s what was about to happen now and Gen couldn’t wait. He looked at his younger brother, a smile barely visible at the very corners of his mouth while most of it was wrapped around Jaren’s small brown package. When Jaren returned the smile, he knew that was his cue to move on. Gen shimmied up his little brother’s warm smooth body until his stiff appendage was rubbing against the very place his face had just vacated. He could feel the slickness of his own saliva as he humped the small boy beneath him. They maintained eye contact and young Jaren gave beylikdüzü travesti out little moans of pleasure while Gen’s breathing began to increase. After a few moments of intimate thrusting, Gen was ready for the real deal. With his erection poking straight into the air towards his belly button, he straddled his little brother’s hips but was careful to keep most of his body weight distributed so that he was still supported by his own feet rather than Jaren’s small frame. He now hovered perhaps half a foot over Jaren’s naked brown body, just enough room to allow for his brother to guide himself into Gen’s eager pucker. When he felt the warmth of Jaren’t soft but hard member, he gently lowered himself until his body came in contact with Jaren. With as much practice as they had had and with all the slickness provided by Gen’s saliva, it was a better and easier fit than a hand to a glove. Gen leaned forward and kissed Jaren’s silky smooth lips, prying them apart with his tongue and exploring the inside of the younger boy’s mouth. Jaren rolled his tongue and allowed Gen to suck on it, then unrolled it and began using it to return the favor. They continued their passionate kissing as young Jaren began to thrust his hips upwards into Gen’s warm tight pucker. However, because of the weight difference, Gen helped by switching his position so that he was on his knees rather than on his feet. This made it easier because now he could still support his own weight but was at the perfect height so that Jaren had room to buck his hips below him. There was still moaning but now it was muffled because each mouth was blocked by another. However, as things heated up, (not only because of the afternoon sun) the brothers’ kisses became more infrequent and they began to breathe heavily while looking deep into the other’s eyes. Jaren put his hands on Gen’s hips and Gen put his on his own thighs as he continued to ride his little brother’s stiff little organ. “Oh, Gen, here it comes!” Jaren announced suddenly. With a few final, longer thrusts, he shot his load inside his older brother, only to feel it slide down his shaft again as it dripped down onto his balls. At his age, he couldn’t shoot much or very far but it still felt amazing, especially when he was as deep in his brother as he could be. Again, istanbul travesti he wondered why he didn’t let Gen do this more often. “Mmm, that feels nice, baby bro.” So nice, in fact, that the little jet of boy juice that Jaren had deposited hit Gen’s sweet spot just enough to make the older brother shoot a much larger jet into the air. Some landed on the ground around it but the smaller shots didn’t go as far and made small puddles on Jaren’s smooth brown chest. A little glob even landed next to the boy’s left nipple. “Let me get that, bud.” Always a caring boy, Gen leaned forward and licked his own cream from his brother’s chest and even though it wasn’t necessary, nibbled on the erect nipples as well. Unfortunately, all things end, the good and the bad. Jaren’s satisfied organ slipped out of Gen’s pucker without a sound, leaving the boy feeling empty despite the fact that Jaren’s member was rather small. Now that his younger brother was cleaned up, he rested on the boy, carefully keeping his weight supported by his knees and elbows. He felt the inside of Jaren’s thighs against his hips and the boy’s fingertips drawing lazily on his back, along his spine, and inside the crevasse between his smooth brown butt cheeks. “I love you, Jare, you know that, right?” Gen whispered, giving his brother soft pecks on the lips as he spoke. His head now blocked the sun from Jaren’s face and he could see the love and happiness in the boy’s eyes. “Of course I do, you big dope. Now get off me before you crush my pleasure pole!” Jaren wasn’t mad by any means nor was he particularly strong but his element of surprise caught Gen off guard so when he thrust his hips this time, it threw the boy off balance and off to the side. Naturally, Gen didn’t put up a fight, only smiled as he let Jaren get up. They each took an end of the towel and folded it before crawling back to the trail through the narrow gap in the shrubbery. Gen purposely let Jaren go first so he could admire the beautiful brown butt and the little dick and balls that hung between the legs as Jaren crawled in front of him. Unable to resist the urge, he quickly poked his head forward and licked the pucker, causing its owner to squeal, then laugh. Once they were out on the trail, they headed back towards their home. They had to be careful because many of the villagers would be returning along the trail as well but when they got the chance, they did a quick kiss or copped a feel of either a member or a butt cheek. When either got a boner as a result, the towel proved to be sufficient to cover it.

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