Breaking me down


Breaking me downI am not happy to admit that I was broken down. I was out last night for drinks with the girls. A good looking man started buying me drinks. I broke away to sit with him. After some time chatting and getting tipsy he asked me to leave with him. I was getting flush so off we went. Before we got to his care he started kissing me in the parking lot. While kissing his hands moved from my ass to my chest. He was a very good kisser and my hand was roving too. I was rubbing the outside of his pants which very obviously had heavy equipment hidden inside. We stopped and concentrated on making it to the car. While driving every so often he would reach over and grab my breast. After the 3rd time I returned the favor. I leaned over and worked to open his pants. I reached in and pulled out his beautiful dark shaft. Not the biggest I have ever seen but dam near. I gently took him into my mouth. He was allready releasing precum. I quickened my pace sucking and stroking. “Baby your gonna make me nut. Slow down.” He said gasping. Ha. Tell me to slow down. I brought my lips to his tip and “Mmmmmm”. The sound and vibration sent him over the edge. He canlı bahis grunted as thick spurts hit the back of my mouth. I waited until it stopped and pulled away. “Damn you got skills. I told you to slow down.”, he complained. “Yeah I could tell you hated it”, I replied. “Its like that huh”, he said with a glare. I just smiled and shrugged. A little further and we were at his place. Once inside the kissing and petting resumed. He eagerly removed my top and bra. Kneading my breats and sucking my nipples. Once my clothes were off he pushed me enough for me to flop on the couch. He kissed down my body until his tongue met my clit. I was very wet allready as he gently moved his tongue across my sensative spots. It felt great but I could tell at his pace I was not going to get there. “Come on and put the big dick in me”, I said in a sultry tone. He moved up and went to go right in. “Whoa big boy! We need to be safe here.”, I said. “You gotta be k**ding.”, he said with frustration. I shook my head no. He rolled his eyes and pulled a condom from his pants and put it on. He rubbed the tip up and down to lube then started to push in. “Aaaahh”, I moaned. bahis siteleri It hurt some as I was stretched to accommodate him. He slowly worked back and forth. Deeper with every pass and stretching me more. It didn’t take long for the pain to be pleasure. “Oh yess!”, I moaned. “Yeah you like the big black cock.” He said allmost scolding. “Ooooh!”, I moaned again. I was getting close. My hands were tense on his arms and I was breathing heavy. He suddenly slowed to allmost a stop and pulling out to the tip. “Why did you stop!”, Iasked anxiously. “I was going to cum!” Without a word he began sucking my breast working just the tip in and out. My orgasm quickly slipped away. Allmost on que he began thrusting deep again. “Yes thats it!”, I whispered. He was allmost thrusting all the way in but not quite. He sat up and grabbed my hips as he thrust. “You love this black dick don’t you.”, he stated again with a harsh tone. My orgasm was again fast approaching. “God yeah!”, I exclaimed. Again my hands tensed breathing heavy. Suddenly he pulled back to just working the tip. “Noooo! What are you doing?”, I yelled. I tried to buck my hips and not let my orgasm bahis şirketleri escape. He was holding me still. “Look at you needin my cock.”, he stated even more forcefully. “I need to cum! Fuck me!”, I yelled. He resumed going deep again. I could now feel his balls against my ass at the bottom of his strokes. My orgasm was closing fast and with a vengence. “Tell me love that black cock in you!”, his voice demanding. “I do love that huge black cock in me!”, I moaned my hands digging into his arms. “I own that pussy now. Tell me its mine.”, he demanded. I could do nothing but pant. Suddenly he again withdrew. This time completely. “No no no no no please I can’t take anymore.”, I pleaded. “Who owns that pussy?”, he said fiercely. “Its yours please! Oh god please make me cum, please!”, I pleaded. He thrust back in hard driving as deep and hard as he could. The had my breasts in his hands using them as leverage. “Don’t you forget it girl!”, he scolded ramming into me. I came if that word even equates. My body shook so hard. It felt like the orgasm lasted for an hour. “Take that nut bitch!”, is all I heard as he bottomed out holding me tight. My body was still shaking as he finished cumming and pulled out. This is when I felt his cum inside my sliding out. He must have taken off the condom the last time he pulled out. My head was still spinning as he left the room.

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