Breaking Mistress Dana Ch. 01


A quick note before we begin: This is only the first in what will eventually be a long series of stories that we’ve cowritten focused on the humiliation of Mistress Dana. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome and should be emailed through the link below. Thank you and enjoy.

Mistress Dana was in a fine mood as she stepped out of the low black limousine and into the elegant chrome and steel foyer of Mistress Sarah’s downtown palace- a sprawling boutique for the whips-and-chains set coupled with a studio and party room and god knows what else, scattered through the three stories and the underground chambers. It gave her a shiver to know the heights of pleasure and pain that had been achieved here… all orchestrated by the petite redhead whose invitation into the upper echelons of professional domination had brought her here today.

She marveled inwardly at the scope of the younger woman’s operation… since her debut as a dominatrix, the whole of the local fetish scene had embraced her and made her the center of their own leather and latex little world.

The receptionist behind the counter seemed to have been expecting her. Gesturing to a long stairwell that ascended behind her desk she said, “Mistress Sarah is expecting you… go along upstairs, Mistress Dana.”

“Thank you,” she replied, giving the woman a broad and predatory grin, simply seeking her reaction. However the woman simply sighed… as Dana moved closer she saw that the woman was naked from the waist down behind her desk and a simple remote control vibrator in her pussy had just turned on. The familiar buzz of toy against flesh filled the air and the receptionist let out a low moan- being rewarded for her work by Mistress Sarah herself, or maybe one of her subsidiary dommes.

Mistress Sarah took the idea of full commitment from her employees a step further, Mistress Dana thought, her respect for the woman redoubling.

As she walked up the stairs leaving the woman to her pleasure she suddenly heard a muttered curse… looking back to see the receptionist clenching her fists in frustration, she grinned. Full commitment from all, but the rewards came few and far between, she thought.

The helpless receptionist, denied orgasm again, sagged against her desk for a moment. Mistress Dana turned to walk up the stairs, wondering what kind of woman could be so consistently and conscientiously cruel.

She found Mistress Sarah sitting in a black leather recliner, wearing a black corset and latex shorts, having her feet rubbed by a slender man in a full face hood and business suit. One of her slaves, she surmised, and judging from the tented front of his pants one who found his duties utterly engrossing. The keen-eyed redhead was looking through an account book, toting up her earnings for the month, with a studious expression that turned into a broad smile as Dana entered.

“Mistress Dana! How nice to finally meet you in person!” Carelessly pushing the sub aside with one foot she rose and extended her hand esenyurt escort for Dana to kiss. Dana shook it instead.

“Of course it is,” she said, smiling. She watched the younger woman’s dark brown eyes fill with something hot and surging, saw her lip struggling to curl, and waited with a mocking grin for some external sign of the obvious anger. So passionate, she thought, looking the younger woman up and down… such a shame that she was a mistress and thus beyond the grasp of Dana’s control. She found herself imagining pinning the younger woman down and straddling her mouth… or making her walk a mile in those high heeled boots with weighted clamps hanging from the delicate rose of her pussy… Dana shook her head to clear it. This little bitch, she thought with an inward smile, she had her lost in fantasy already. Someday, she promised herself… someday.

But instead Mistress Sarah summoned a broad and friendly smile and said, “So are you ready to plan your social debut?”

Settling back into another of the chairs, mentally chalking up one point for herself, Mistress Dana rested her booted feet on the kneeling slave’s shoulders and said “Absolutely… it’s so nice to have a friend in my new town. And your agreement to help with my introduction to the local, ah… scene… well, when I saw you’d invited over 100 people to see my first public performance as a domme… I’m very thankful to you.”

The broad smile on Mistress Sarah’s face acquired a certain brittleness at Dana’s subtly antagonistic tone. Then, controlling herself, she said “Well of course. Always eager to help a fellow Mistress to establish herself.”

Dana leaned forward eagerly. “Is it true that you’ve invited several of my old customers and competitors to come and see?”

“Yes, of course. I’m sure they wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“Mmm, good… I hope that they’ll see me in action and realize who’s really in charge…” Making eye contact with the younger woman, “It’s so good to have other Mistresses know who’s top dog.”

That same dark fury, again subsiding slowly. That same brittle smile. “Yes, I’ve heard you were particularly vicious… some of them will no doubt be harboring resentment. I’m sure that after tonight they’ll have no questions about what kind of dog you are.”

There was a power-line moment between them as they both realized another minute’s polite conversation would have them at each other’s throats or between each other’s legs and then Mistress Sarah said “I’ve prepared a catalog of everything I have available for the slut you’ll be using at tonight’s party… shall we go through it together and decide what you want to do with the centerpiece of tonight’s event?”

“Mmmm, tell me all about her… is she a degraded little whore? Is she gonna be able to take whatever I want to give her?”

Grinning back Mistress Sarah said, “Well, to be honest… not at first. I understand she’s incredibly poorly behaved and has a terrible attitude… not very experienced, and zeytinburnu escort she has a lot of limits but, with my help… you’re going to get rid of all of them.”

Mistress Dana had to fight down the surge of fire between her thighs, the sudden desire… she knew she was cruel but this thin, lovely redhead, with her curling hair and wide smile, was something different and vicious.

To avoid revealing the flush on her cheeks spreading down to her cleavage she turned to the leather-bound catalog that Sarah had placed on the desk. “Let’s start with an enema… what should we use?”

“Well, I understand that urine or cum is traditional for these situations… but I have something special,” Sarah said, her grin broadening. “It’s a special formulation one of my clients made for me… a thin blue liquid. It’s a lubricant and a stimulant, as well as an aphrodisiac but here’s the best part… it has no psychoactive effects. It simply makes your body incredibly sensitive, to both pleasure and pain, and in women makes orgasm both much easier and much more dramatic.”

Dana couldn’t believe it. What an incredible invention! Trying not to stutter, she said, “That’s fantastic, how perfect for degrading an illbehaved slut like this! How much should we give her?”

Sarah turned momentarily to make a note. In a bored sounding voice she said, “It works best in vast amounts. I’d say two gallons.”

“Oh my god that’s vicious! I bet with that on our side, we could really stretch this bitch out… do you think we could work her up to taking a whole fist?”

Sarah grinned, looking back at her, a sudden charge of common purpose between them. “That’s what it’s for. I love making stuck-up bitches realize that I own every part of them, can make them feel however I want them to feel, make them take whatever I want them to take, and there’s nothing they can do about it…”

Sarah clearly had someone in mind. But Dana, lost in imagining the night’s activities, was pacing with excitement- looking over Sarah’s possessions, her many trophies and curios, until she found one that sparked her curiosity. “Is this a picture of Jessica? That slave of mine who moved here?”

Sarah looked up. “Ah yes, Jessica. I remember she bought her freedom from you but she wasn’t able to stay out of trouble… she’s been mine now for awhile, to varying extents.”

“I remember that little cunt. You know that her ass was virgin until I got to her? God the things she threatened me with… I’m glad to hear she’s back under control.” Dana had a sudden flash of memory of her own gloved fist moving incrementally deeper into the tall blonde’s pussy while she moaned and helplessly threatened revenge, her freshly shaved lips parting obscenely while the crowd cheered… and suddenly the face and body wasn’t Jessica’s tanned blonde but Sarah’s athletic redhead, the lips that curled in pleasure and pain were her full sensuous ones, the breasts that bore long red stripes from the cane were her taksim escort bayan small firm mounds, in Dana’s imagination tipped with pink nipples like flowering buds, just demanding to be teased and tortured…

Sarah’s voice snapped her out of the reverie. “Now of course we’ll need clamps.”

Dana paused in her perambulation and walked over to Sarah’s desk. With utterly deliberate but very practiced nonchalance, she sat down on the other Mistress’ desk- almost brushing Sarah’s face with her ass- and took the book from her hand. “I’m sure you have all kinds of clamps, Sarah. Let’s see what’s best,” she said, turning and looking down at the younger woman with a patronizing expression.

Sarah said nothing. In her mind, though, she could only calm her fury by remembering that all this was a prelude to something so much more satisfying.

“Mmm… let’s have alligator clamps. One on each nipple, wired for electrical, and one on each labia, with let’s say… two pounds of weight on each, on a foot of chain so they sway when she walks. That ought to keep her mind occupied.”

“Excellent.” Sarah made another note. “And of course all of this is being recorded. The party room is wired for video and live feed… people will be paying to watch you perform. Judging from the anticipation online, you may have an audience of hundreds. And we’ll be selling recordings, of course.”

Dana cooed with pleasure. “That’s fantastic! I’m sure that with your equipment and my ability, we’ll make a real splash. After all, tonight is the first night of my life in this new city. I want to make sure that it will define me, make sure everyone knows my name and just what I am.” She stood up and stretched briefly, luxuriously, before turning back to Sarah and saying, “Let’s go check out the setup! I’m so excited to see the place that all

Thank you so much for arranging all of this! I hope you understand how grateful I am.”

Sarah stood too, and with a broad smile she hooked her arm around the taller woman’s waist. “Oh, it’s my pleasure.” Giving her a squeeze she said in a mock gruff voice, “I intend to make good money off you, Mistress Dana.” Returning to her normal voice she said, “Oh don’t worry, babe. After tonight everyone will know exactly what you are.”

The touch was electric and suddenly Dana found herself dampening imagining the younger woman with tears in her eyes and a cock in her mouth, her tender young pussy spread out by clamps, her wide eyes blurring with the latest load of cum or piss to be splashed onto her, those sensuous lips and that delicate tongue used like a wet fuckhole by a stranger under Dana’s command…

Sarah must have noticed the sudden change in Dana’s character and leaned into her a little. Looking up at her, she turned gently towards the taller woman until they were face to face. Then she leaned up and placed a single delicate kiss on Dana’s lips, their mouths meeting for only a second but it was long enough for Dana to realize her panties were wet and that this younger girl was in every way a goddess.

She renewed her ambition to own her.

Sarah broke the kiss first and smiled up at the taller woman, then taking her hand, led her down to a maze of corridors, down to the studio, where the show was almost ready to begin.

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