Breast Fed


Right after Christmas the house next to us sold to a couple in their early 30’s. She(Sally) was prego with their first child and he(Rick) was in middle management with a local tourist attraction. My wife(Sharon) is very outgoing and it wasn’t long before I regularly came home form work to find Sally and Sharon sitting out by our pool talking and having a cool drink. Our youngest was off at college and I think Sharon enjoyed having someone younger around to chat with in the afternoons.

Sally was radiant in her pregnancy, and in May delivered a whopping 9 pound baby boy.

Things appeared to be progressing quite nicely for the new family and while we continued to socialize with them, it was not near as often, since the baby took up so much of her time. Sharon and I settled back into our lifestyle-we own our own business-I usually work Tues thru Sat at my 4 locations and my wife Sharon will sometimes ride along or sometimes go to a different location than me just to help out where needed. Mondays are spent in my office at home doing all the admin stuff and paying the bills. My wife Sharon belongs to a ladies gold group and they play every Monday morning, have a little luncheon and then she rolls back home around 3.

On days when Sharon decides to stay home, I usually return to find Sharon and Sally sitting out by the pool talking while Sharon loves to rock little Ricky. About a month ago, I came in thru the garage, and I guess they didn’t here me. As I approached the kitchen, I could see the 2 esenyurt escort of them sitting in the rockers talking. Little Ricky was crying, so Sally picked him up and then popped her blouse open and put him to her breast. Oh my goodness, was this breast gorgeous and her nipple looked to be at least an inch long. He started draining that puppie, so I just stood off to the side of the kitchen and watched, wishing it was me on that teat. I waited until little Ricky was full and back asleep. She got u p and put him in the porta crib and then took a baby wipe and cleaned her full B bosom and pulled her blouse back up.

I backed off a bit and then made some noise as I came in thru the kitchen and out onto the porch. I didn’t think they ever even knew I was there. The phone rang and Sharon got up to answer it, as I sat down and said my hello’s. I hadn’t seen sally in about a week so I asked her how things were going with Motherhood. She said fine, except that she seemed to produce more milk than little Ricky could eat. Half jokingly, I told her that anytime she needed a stand in, I was available. She told me I was a dirty old man, we both had a good laugh. Sharon returned and Sally asked her if she could help her gather the baby and get home as her hubby would be home soon.

I can tell you over the last month I have had many a fantasy about me feeding at those magnificent tata’s. I have tried without success to catch her feeding the baby again. She has caught me looking at her chest a couple of times and zeytinburnu escort given me a funny look, but said nothing. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it was a one time deal and it was time to move on to the next fantasy.

Yesterday(Monday)morning around 10 my door bell rang. It was Sally and she looked a mess. It was obvious she had been crying, and she was there without little Ricky. I thought for sure something must have happened to him, but as she buried her face into my chest and sobbed, I was able to get out of her that he was fine and next door asleep in his crib. After a couple of minutes she started to calm down enough for me to get her to the couch and ask her to explain to me what was wrong. I got her a glass of water and sat across from her on a foot stool, and said okay Sally lets have it.

She took a deep breath and then told me that she didn’t feel like she was a very good Mother, as her little Ricky no longer wanted to nurse from her. I assured her that this was a normal progression in a baby’s life. I told her, her Dr should be able to give her a shot to dry her up. When I said that she wailed, and said they no longer give those shots, and that she would have to wrap herself and let her breasts dry up naturally. She then told me she had seen me that day about a month ago watching her breast feed-I immediately apologized, but she waved me off, and then reminded me that I had told her I would gladly sit in if she ever needed help taksim escort bayan in draining her tata’s. She said she was here to take me up on my offer. I was stunned, here before me was a 32 year old young Mother, who’s boob s I had fantasized and wanked off about-and she was offering them up to me.

Before I could say another word, she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra and let those 2 beautiful puppies flop right out in front of my face. Her areolas were a dark tan, and her nipples stood out like the rock of Gibralter. She patted the seat on the couch next to her and as if I were in a trance I got up from the stool and moved to the couch. She had me lie down with my head in her lap and then brought my mouth to her engorged mamarries. At first, I just sucked like a man possessed, but then once I got into a pattern, I licked and nipped at her breast. She leaned back on the couch and moaned as I worked them over. When it appeard that the first one was empty, I got up and changed sides for the other breast. I had a tent in my pants, which I was sure she must have noticed, but she never said anything. I laid back across her lap and tool the left one in my mouth-slowly devouring it and doing everything in my power to make it as sensual as I could.

Suddenly without warning she tensed up, her body convulsed and then she let out a loud moan. I could smell her sex and knew she had just cum. She was very embarrasessed and apologized profusely. I told her it was great and I was glad I was able to help on all fronts. She seemed to have a glow about her as she put her bra and blouse back on. She hugged me, asked me to keep this our little secret and left. I ran to the bathroom and wanked myself to a monstrous load.

I can’t wait until next Monday to see what happens.

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