Breastfeeding My Husband’s Brother


Cindy Norland sat in the rocking chair in her baby son’s room. He was latched on to her breast and he eagerly lapped up her milk. As usual, her husband was at work doing god knows what. Cindy usually got the suspicion that he was cheating but often brushed it off. Unfortunately, her husband’s brother was living with the young couple and Cindy thought of him as kind of a pervert. But he was kind of cute. He was fit, unlike her husband. Not that he’s fat or anything.
“Oh Willy, I wish your father was home.” she said to the young infant. The baby just closed he eyes and continued to suckle.
“Cindy?” It was Jack, her husband’s brother.
Suddenly, the door opened and Cindy blushed as he stared at her open cleavage.
“Oh sorry. “He said.
“It’s okay.” Cindy said as she covered herself. Suddenly an image of Jack sucking her breasts flashed through her head and she blushed violently.
Instead of leaving the room like a gentleman would, he walked closer to her breast.
“Yes?” she asked, her heart beating faster.
“Can…Can I see your breast again?” he asked. Cindy was shocked and surprisingly turned on.
“Cindy please!” he begged. Cindy looked at him and sighed.
“Alright fine. You can see my breast.” She said.
Jack looked at her excitedly as she revealed a perfectly escort round C-cup breast. Daringly, Jack stepped forward and cupped her breast.
Instead of shooing him away, Cindy let him. She actually kind of liked him feeling her breast.
“Can I suck your breast?” Jack asked. She moaned yes and jack got on his knees. He opened his mouth and began to suckle on her breast while Willy sucked at the other one. Cindy moaned in approval and Jack lightly grazed her nipple.
“Jack, don’t stop!” she moaned breathlessly.
“I don’t plan on it.” He mumbled as he sucked harder. Cindy found her hand moving toward Jack’s pants, where a raging hard on was.
Now it was Jack’s turn to moan as she found his cock.
She suddenly stood up and Jack whined.
“I’m just putting Willy in his crib.” She whispered. Jack nodded and Cindy put Willy in his crib and the pair began where they left off.
“I’ve always dreamed of this.” Jack said with a moan as he began to suckle on her tit again.
Cindy didn’t answer and instead, pulled his zipper down, then boxers down. She gaped at his size and a smile bore on his face.
“You’re so much bigger than Jimmy. Can I….can I touch it?” she said.
“Be my guest.” Jack replied.
He kissed her passionately while she gripped her hand around his member.
Jack moaned as she began to lick it.
Jack tugged izmit escort bayan at Cindy’s panties until they were wrapped around her ankles.
He plunged two fingers in her hole and she moaned.
“Don’t stop.” She said breathlessly as she stopped kissing Jack’s cock.
Suddenly they heard the door open and Jimmy’s voice.
“I’m home!”
Cindy got up quickly and pulled her panties on. Jimmy pulled his jeans back up and scrambled out of the room.
That was close.
* **

After dinner, everyone went to bed. Well except for Cindy and Jack.
Jack couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her wonderful round tits, her curvy body, the long brown hair and hazel eyes. And who could forget that gloriously tight pussy?
He got a hard-on just thinking about her. Finally, he couldn’t take the pressure of his hard on in his boxers and he pulled them off. He stroked it and he felt his member rising. Suddenly the door creaked open and he saw Cindy entering. He relaxed for a moment and felt his hard on getting even more harder.
Even in the darkness, he could see the young woman blushing.
“Jack, I can’t stop thinking about you!” she said guiltily. She crawled into bed with him and suddenly felt his hard on.
“I guess you couldn’t stop thinking about me either.” Without another word, Cindy grasped izmit sınırsız escort his raging hard-on with her fingers and massaged it.
“Jack, do you want to know what I want you to do to me?” she said seductively.
Jack was in too much of a haze to answer. Was this actually happen? Was his brother’s hot wife actually giving him a handjob?
Without an answer, Cindy continued. She let go of his cock and cuddled up next to him and whispered in his ear.
“I want you to fuck me.”
Without another word, Jack pulled Cindy onto his stomach.
“Are you sure about this?” he asked.
“Of course! No hurry before Jimmy wakes up.” She said.
Jack tore her panties off of her and laid them on his bed; he might want them later on.
She kissed him on the lips as he lifted her bum above his cock. In one swift moment, he entered her pussy.
She gasped and then moaned quietly as possible as he slowly entered him.
Her breath became more rapid as he pound into her faster.
“OHhhh!!!! Yesss! Don’t stop Jack!! Harder! Faster!” she moaned into his ear.
He grunted and pushed faster and harder. Suddenly he felt his balls convulse and in a quick second he expelled his hot cum into her awaiting pussy.
He grunted as he did this and she moaned before closing her eyes.
“Mmm, Jack, your brother is nowhere near as good as you.” She whispered.
Jack nodded and cuddled with her on his bed and kissed her.
“Same time tomorrow?”
“Of course.” She replied with a giggle.

To be continued…

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