Breed Me; Part 1


The heavy hotel door closes with a thud. The jarring sound makes my heart race a little faster. I slowly walk into the room, taking in my surroundings. It’s a swanky, sexy hotel and the room doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for what I have planned. A big king size bed with sumptuous white sheets and comforter; six fluffy oversized pillows grace the leather headboard. Turning, I smile at the big windows overlooking the city. I immediately think of him fucking me up against the windows, my breasts smashed against the glass as he holds my wrists above my head. At night. With the city lights in front of us. And pedestrians walking down on the sidewalk who just happen to look up. The sheer thought of others watching us makes my nipples harden. I tell myself to focus. Its time to get ready. I shrug my overnight bag from my shoulder. I reach in and lay out my items on the bed. The main attraction: the most beautiful black and ivory bustier bodysuit. I bought it on my trip to NYC last month. I saw it in the lingerie section of a high-end department store and immediately knew it was perfect for The Night. The bustier and bodysuit was black lace with sheer ivory side panels which would show a hint of skin. Classy, but sexy at the same time.After seeing it on the hanger, I was a little disappointed it was a bodysuit. “I want easy access for him” I remember thinking to myself. But on closer inspection, the crotch had three snap closures. I smiled at the discovery. “Perfect”, I said out loud – to no one in particular. I noticed the bustier also had attached garter clips. Even better. I walk over to the stockings section and carefully choose black sheer thigh-highs. Ensemble complete. As the sales lady was ringing me up, I remember my thoughts turning over and over in my head, planning and visualizing what The Night would bring starting off in that sexy as fuck lingerie. I finger the lace that’s currently laid out on the bed. I remove the thigh highs from the wrapping and place them on the bed. Turning, I pull out the four inch black patent high heels that I’ve chosen. Ensemble almost complete – except for one last item. I pull out that item and place it next to the lingerie. I smile at the sight. Shivers of mixed excitement and nervousness race through me at the thought of using it.What’s that last item, you may ask? As a woman who has a proclivity for teasing, I’ll hold off on revealing that for now. Satisfied, I walk into the hotel bathroom. The bathroom is huge, with a big soaking tub and walk in shower that could fit a small party. “Hmmm, bubble bath or shower?” I ask myself. Feeling the urge to take my time and luxuriate in bubbles, I turn the bath faucet on, squirting some hotel bubble bath from a tube. I retrieve my razor, shampoo, conditioner and step out of my clothes. Sliding into the bath, I sigh contently at the warmth of the water. As I lie in the bath, I think about what has brought me – us – to this moment. I’ve been married fourteen years. As it normally happens in marriages, the focus turned from being an intimate couple to focusing on being great parents. We have become best friends, co-existing as roommates that just happen to share a child. One night over cocktails, my girlfriend and I were discussing our less than desirable sex lives. She surprised me when she admitted bahis şirketleri she’d had two affairs. At first I was shocked. They seemed so happy. But as she described how the affairs made her feel, I started wondering if an affair was something I could – and should – pursue. After some deep thought – and three vodka martinis – she showed me a popular online dating site for married people looking for affairs. By the end of the night, I had created a profile. I told myself there were two rules I had to abide by. One, I had to compartmentalize. Have a fun and intimate time with a man but leave it there when I went home to my family. Secondly, I would be as picky as I wanted to be. Selective. And if it took a year to find the right lover for me, so be it. I should be picky with so much to risk. Over the next eight months, I had several “meet and greets”. I ended up having my first affair which lasted five months. He was a divorced cop and a decent lover. But when he told me he was falling in love and asked me to leave my husband, I exited stage left. And added a third rule: married men only. They have skin in the game and as much to lose as I did. And so I patiently waited. Six weeks ago, after months of boredom from the prospects emailing me on the website, I received an email. The man had no profile picture, which immediately made me suspicious. But the message he sent me intrigued me: “Does co-parenting roommates describe your situation as well? Let’s talk”. I remember thinking “holy shit, that’s how I describe my marriage. What are the odds?” I replied back and after exchanging messages and a few pics, we were off to the races. Getting to know each other via KIK. Learning about what the other desires in the bedroom. It was a slow build up – somewhat of vanilla conversations until one night I sent him an audio file from a porn website. At a recent Girls Night Out, one of my friends played this clip. To say we left wet spots on our chairs was an understatement. The audio clip was a man describing – in a fucking dirty and sexy way – how he was going to impregnate his girlfriend with his seed and “mark” her. “Claim” her. That clip sparked something in me that I didn’t even know I desired. The thought of a man other than my husband cumming inside me, shooting his seed in me with intention of making a baby… God, it turned me on in a way I’ve never been turned on before. Curious as to his reaction, I sent the audio clip to him. I was a bit nervous because I assumed he’d run for the hills. It’s most men’s worst nightmare for a woman – married or single – to “trap” him by getting pregnant. But I was so turned on that I wanted him to know what I fantasize about and so I was willing to risk his reaction. I was completely floored when he responded. “So, you want me to fuck my baby into you, shooting my seed into your womb and mark you as mine?” he asked. I still remember that moment in time when I read his response. My pussy clenched. I read his words and my pussy literally clenched. Like it needed his seed pronto. Like the desert needs the rain. “Are you just saying that because you know it turns me in? Or is that really how you feel?” I asked him. “That’s how I feel. I want to breed you. Mark you as mine,” he responded. “Do you know what happens when a man shoots bahis firmaları his sperm into a woman? Their DNA is mixed. Forever. They literally become one.”I was floored. This sexy alpha man was so attuned to what my sexual preferences were. And they were his sexual preferences too. Not just empty words to appease me. Not surprisingly, I was so turned on that I masturbated later that night and came twice in less than ten minutes. A record for me. Over the next few weeks we continued to text until one day he asked to talk on the phone. Wow was his voice sexy. And I felt better knowing it was a “him”. You never know with online dating! Texts and phone calls led to finally making plans to meet in person. We agreed to meet in a parking lot after work one night. I pulled up to the agreed upon spot and parked. I got out of my car,and saw him for the first time. Tall. Muscles that made me want to run my hands up and down. Which I actually did – I ran my hands over his muscled pecs and he chuckled. I hugged him and when I pulled back, he leaned down and gave me the sweetest kiss. “Thank God, he’s a great kisser”, I thought. Bad kisses make me sprint away. I’m convinced that bad kissers means they’re bad in bed. Not this man. For privacy, we got into my car to talk. He didn’t have much time as he had family obligations. As he was chatting, I took him in. Observed how strong his jaw was. How full his lips were. His hands were big and sexy. I love a man’s hands. I imagined them cupping my breasts or holding my face as he kissed me. We were getting a lot more comfortable with each other as we chatted. “Play your audio clip you recorded for me last week as you masturbated,” he said. I picked up my phone and hit play. The sounds of my moaning his name filled the quiet car. I felt a little shy at first but that soon dissipated as he grabbed my face and tongue kissed me. That kiss turned into a passionate make out session, all the while the audio recording of me ogasming filled the car. I remember moaning into his mouth and feeling my pussy getting wet. Super wet. I could feel the wetness between my legs without even putting my hand down there. I wanted to feel his cock. He had been dodging my questions over the past few weeks when I asked how big he was. I placed my hand over his jeans – now was my chance to find out. And when I felt it, I pulled back from the kiss and my eyes dropped down and immediately went wide. This man’s cock was big. Thick. And when he unzipped his jeans, the pink mushroom head poked out from his boxer briefs. Unconsciously, licked my lips. I needed to taste him. Feel his girth in my mouth. I leaned over the console and put my lips around it. He groaned. I licked the pre cum from his head. Fuck it tasted good. Just like I knew it would. I was laser focused on his pre cum. I started to suck him between my lips. His hands went to my head and he fucked my mouth, going deep into the back of my throat. I gagged after a bit – his cock was so thick I couldn’t help it. “Finger yourself,” he ordered me. My alpha man comes alive. I sat up and put my hand down my pants. I was wearing tight as hell leggings but managed to get my finger on my clit. “Rub it – come for me,” he said. The wetness from my pussy hole leaked out on my finger. I circled the wetness around kaçak bahis siteleri my clit. Round and round in circles. I locked eyes with him. He was intent on watching me cum. I could see it in his eyes. Turned me on even more. I felt the orgasm build up as my finger circled my clit. I eyed his lips, fantasizing about his lips and tongue licking my wet pussy. Flicking my clit. Tonguing my pussy. I came so intensely that I squirted. Highly unusual for me as I usually can only squirt from missionary fucking. I lost myself as I was orgasming but I had a keen sense he was enthralled watching me. As my body came down from my high, I pulled my finger out and sucked my pussy juices. I leaned over and put my finger between his lips. I wanted him to taste me too. “Mmm,” he whispered. “Your pussy is delicious.”I glanced down at his cock. He was stroking it, his beautiful masculine hands pumping it up and down. I was fascinated. I wanted to observe and see what he liked. So that I could do the same for him. Yet again, pre-cum leaked from his head. I needed to taste. Badly. I leaned down and started sucking him again. His hands went to my head and lifted my face to look at him. “Tell me you’re mine,” he said. “Tell me.”I was so surprised. I thought he may be more brave behind texting when he talked dirty like that. It turned me on even more that he walked his talk. Literally. “I’m yours,” I whispered as I looked at him in the eyes, my mouth full of his cock. “I’m going to fuck my baby into you, aren’t I?”, he asked. “Yes,” I whispered. “Yes you are.”“Say it. Say ‘you’re going to fuck your baby into me’. Now,” he growled. “Your seed is going to explode in me and you’re going to get me pregnant with your baby,” I replied. He groaned in response, putting both hands on my head and lifted his hips, fucking my mouth. Fucking his cock deep into my throat. I gagged again, his thick cock filling my mouth. “I’ll get used to his thickness eventually,” I thought to myself. I continued to lick and suck him, my saliva spilling on to his shaft. “I want your pussy on my cock and shoot my load deep inside you,” he growled at me. I wanted to feel his warm seed shoot inside me more than anything. It’s all I could think about the past six weeks. I wouldn’t be satiated until I felt his baby batter in me. But, that moment had to be perfect and I didn’t want to look back and remember the first time his seed pumped into me was in an uncomfortable car with fogged up windows. “Please – I want to savor that moment in a bed with you. Taking our time. Please?” I asked. He nodded. “I understand,” he replied, smiling at me. He looked at his phone, reading texts – probably from his wife. “I need to head out,” he said. I understood. Family will always come first, before each other. Time with each other was a rare gift. That’s the nature of an extramarital affair. We both got out of the car, walked up to each other and embraced, kissing softly. We told each other we would make plans for a preplanned hotel rendezvous. Which brings me back to the present. As I lie back in the bubble bath, I smile, thinking about that fucking hot kissing session in my car, his tongue swirling with mine. I remember the taste of him. The moans. The sounds. As if he were in the bath with me, my hand moved between my legs. My index finger parted my pussy lips, seeking my clit. Even though I was sitting in water, my pussy juices were warm and sticky from my arousal at the memory. I stuck my finger inside my pussy, then two. Grinding on them. Pretending it was his cock.

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