bro n sis


bro n sisOne night, in a city called Brockton, Massachusetts, a brother recently moved back into town. His name was Matt, and he decided to spend his first night back in town with his family. Matt had finished moving his stuff into his new apartment down the street, and then hurried over to his parents house. Problem was his parents weren’t home, just his sister Jessica.Jessica answered the door, and smiled, “Oh Matt, what are you doing here?” Jessica was beautiful, she was eighteen, her breasts were small, but her figure was very shapely. She had short wavy, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and very fair skin. She was still in high school, but she would be preparing to go to a local college just two towns over, Bridgewater State College. Matt cleared his throat and said, “Well, I was hoping for a warm meal, and some time with my family. Where are mom and dad?” Jessica shrugged, “They went out of town for a wake. They’ll be back tomorrow. But if its a warm meal you want I got some hot pockets in the freezer.” Matt merely shook his head and said, “No thank you. I’ll be fine.”Matt was a very handsome man, he worked out and his facial features were very chiseled. Now some time ago, just before Matt had left for college, some four years ago. Jessica propositioned him with sex. Of course, tempobet yeni giriş Matt said no, saying it would be too weird, and he had a girl friend. Half-way through Matt’s junior year of college, his girl friend and he moved into an apartment together. Only recently did he walk in on her and another man sleeping together. So needless to say, Matt was fairly hurt at this point. Jessica shrugged and said, “Well do you want to watch a movie?” Matt was just sitting down when he said, “Sure why not? Go pick one out.” Jessica rushed up stairs and came back down quickly putting the DVD in, “This one is from my private collection.” The opening credits came on and Matt realized that it was a porno. Matt jumped up, “Jessica this is from YOUR collection?” Jessica giggled the way that only a little girl could normally giggle. “Yep.” They started watching, and Matt suddenly saw his sister in a new light. He was suddenly becoming attracted to her. Maybe it was that she’d grown since he last saw her, or maybe it was that he was still in shock by seeing his girl friend of five years sleeping with another man, or perhaps it was that he hadn’t had sex in over a month, who knows.He started thinking, then he thought some more and finally dared to ask, “Hey Jess… you remember that tempobet giriş time just before I left for college, that time in my room?” Jess looked at him, her plan was working, “…Yea…” Matt went red, “Does that offer still stand?” Jess got up and went over to him, she straddled his lap and gently kissed him on the lips, “It still stands, but you have to be willing to take my virginity.” Matt was in shock, he couldn’t believe that this pretty girl sitting on his lap had not had sex before now. “I see no problem with that.” They started kissing deeply, Matt massaged Jessica’s breast and eventually, lifted her t-shirt off of her body. Her breasts were small enough that she didn’t need to constantly wear a bra, she was a small B-cup. Jessica broke the kiss and undid her brother’s pants, pulling them down and releasing his stiffening cock. She looked at its size in both fear and awe, she licked it up from base to head and took it into her mouth.Matt threw his head back, it felt so good. Much better than his ex-girlfriend. Up and down she worked her brother’s cock, until Matt lifted his sister’s head off and pushed her onto the floor. Matt hurriedly worked to get her pants and panties off. Moments later he’d achieved his goal, and for a moment he just sat and watched tempobet güvenilirmi his sister’s beautiful body, before driving his nine inches of flesh into her untouched crevice. With one swift thrust, he buried himself in his sister.Jessica hissed in through her teeth as it hurt a bit at first, but as her brother’s strokes became smoother the pain subsided into pleasure. She began to softly moan, then louder and louder. This only spurred Matt on, “Oh God Jess, your pussy was just made for fucking! Any man would be lucky to fuck you, too bad I’m gonna ruin it for them.” Jessica, in between moans questioned this, “What OHHH! do you UHHH! meEEEEEEEan?” Matt only went faster, “You’re mine and no one else’s, you’re gonna be my little slut, every day after school, you’ll come to my place first. Got it?” Jessica smiled, her plan to become her brother’s lover had worked, “Yes.” Matt grew faster and thrust into harder, “What are you?” Jessica moaned out, “I’m your little slut.” That threw Matt over the edge and he sprayed his hot white seed into his little sister. He fell ontop of her naked body. In between pants he managed to say, “When ever I want it, you’ll give it to me. If I’m horny in the middle of the night, you’ll come to my place and fuck me. Got it?” Jessica panted and moaned out, “Yes my brother. But what if I get pregnant?”Matt smiled, “Then I’ll fuck you until the doctor says you can’t. And you’ll tell mom and dad it was some jock who tricked you into doing it with him.”Jessica breathed a sigh of joy and relaxation, “I love my brother.”

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