Brod: Nice Young Man Pt. 01


Sarkopheros Says:

Another Brod story! Sorry the pace has slowed down, but I’m not dead yet! Just busy with work and my other stories. This is the biggest Brod yet, clocking in at over nine thousand words. Old /b/ memes aside, the exact count is 9,357.

If you read the other Brod stories, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, expect an absolutely monstrous dick and balls, cum inflation, generalized seminal deluges, and at least in this story, interracial tones and a marked age difference. You can probably guess from the title that it involves an older woman. Also, these stories tend to involve objectification of characters—male, female, others, and Brod himself.

My stories have never had much to do with reality, and the obvious physiological incongruencies herein are entirely intentional.

Enjoy the story!


Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Music. I looked over as I heard “Vagabounce” playing. It was the ringtone Jessica had given herself on my phone. At least I finally knew her last name—her listing no longer said “Jessica from UTB,” but “Jessica M. Diaz.”

By this point, I’d been to her dorm several times to fuck her. On the plus side, she didn’t get jealous when I made my rounds to visit the other ladies I’d met the first time I was there. I’d even gotten introduced to the women on the other floors. If anything, she seemed turned on by my inability to keep my cock out of random ladies.

I smiled and answered the phone. “Hey, Jess.” Fuck, was that girl’s ass just epic! I was picturing it in my head.

Squish. Squish. There was a moist noise, a wet slapping. When she heard it, Jessica asked, “Did I catch you at a bad time, Brod?”

“No, I can talk,” I answered. Glisch. Glisch. There was a stinging-scratch against the flesh of my back

“Okay. Well. So, I was talking to my professor today. My English professor.”


“Well, I may have sort-of-almost set you up on a semi-blind date,” she continued, voice wavering in uncertainty.

I shook my head. “You did what?”

There was a shrill cry, “Oh god, Brod! Brod! Fuck, fuck! Mmmphhaahhh! Auugghh!” Silky flesh clutched my cock. Hot juices splashed my lower belly. Red nails lashed at my shoulders. A mane of blonde hair pressed against my cheek. Her thighs clutched my waist as she came all over me.

Jessica sighed. “Brod, are you fucking?”

“…I might be,” I told her. I grunted as the blonde’s bed frame squeaked and rattled. WHUMP. WHUMP. Her mattress bounced against the wall. It had scooted a foot off her bed while I pounded her womb. My gargantuan cock was bulging her belly out under me. My melon-sized nuts slapped her ass.

“Of course you are,” she sighed. “You’d better not answer the phone while you’re fucking me,” growled Jessica.

“I wouldn’t dare.” I chuckled, panting. The blonde howled.

“Who are you even fucking?” asked Jessica.

“She’s … uh … she’s a sister at. This sorority,” I explained.

“Do you even know her name?”

“…No,” I admitted.

“BROD!” howled the blonde, her pussy clamping onto my cock as she came again.

“She knows yours,” observed Jessica. “What sorority are you at?”

“Um. The one with a green house?” I answered. “I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. I think they had a triforce on the front.”

“Triple delta?”

“Is that what that was?”

Jessica sighed. “Do you want to hear about my teacher or not?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Well, I—”

“Hold on,” I interrupted. “Just one minute, then I can give you my full attention.”

My swollen nuts tightened up. I felt the familiar pulsing, the contracting of my sack. GLOOORCH. GLOOORCH. I let out a long, loud groan at the ceiling as I began to erupt into the blonde. Heavy bolts of jizz slammed her insides, spreading out, gushing and filling her womb. Liquid heat began to inflate her belly like a balloon, bulging upwards and out, expanding rapidly as I shot wad after wad. SPLURT. SPLURT. She dug her heels and nails into my back as she began to cum again.

White seed splattered around my cock’s thickness as I filled her. Her belly bounced and wobbled, pressing against mine. As the blonde’s eyes fluttered, she became slower, eventually relaxing on the bed, breathing heavily, half-catatonic as I finished my own orgasm. It took a solid minute or two, but finally, I put my hand on her belly and pulled my throbbing erection out of her. SPPPLLUURSCH. Inch after inch exited her, the forward ten inches of my organ painted white. She’d taken a little over half of it. My spunk immediately began to gush from her gaping, stretched-out entrance, feeding into the growing pool on the floor.

I sat in her computer chair, semen rolling down my still-erect cock towards my balls. I could smell the hot, obscene scent of my own cum, combined with the rich, sweet deliciousness of feminine nectar.

“Okay. Okay, I’m done with her.” I said.

“G-great. Mm. Yeah. That halkalı escort sounds good,” panted Jessica.

“…Are you fingering yourself?” I asked.

“…I might be,” she quipped. “I can hear you cumming over the phone. Do you know what that does to me? I’ve heard that up close and inside me!” Jessica groaned. “All that thick Japanese goo! A-anyway. Mmm. I wish you were here!”

“I can be,” I chuckled. “I’m done here.”

“No! I can barely move or think after you fuck me. I have shit to do tomorrow. Let me explain about my teacher.”

“Go ahead.”

“S-so. Mmm. Oh, that was good. Ah, yeah. Okay. My teacher who sometimes critiques my writing, we were having lunch today, and talking about stories and stuff. Then we started talking about this other girl’s writing, and eventually she asked about why that girl, me, and a few other girls missed class on the same day.” Jessica paused. “And I kind of. I let it slip it’s because we were all in the same dorm. And she asks, ‘What do you mean?’ Cause you know. That’s not really an explanation by itself.”

“No, it’s not,” I agreed.

“So I just said ‘it was a guy,’ before I realized what I was saying. And that’s not an explanation either. She’s smart, though. I tried to dodge the question, but she noticed we were all walking funny the day we came back. Finally, I told her about you. And I may have mentioned that you like older women, too.”

“Well, I do,” I confirmed.

The blonde twitched on her bed, moaning as my spunk leaked steadily over the mattress, the frame, and into a growing puddle.

“Yeah. Right. Good. Listen, she’s been having a long dry spell. It’s been tough for her. Basically, we just had a long girl-talk. And what I gathered was that she’d appreciate some male company, but no bullshit at all. Ms. Borgelin gets hit on regularly by the guys in my class,” Jessica explained. “She kind of implied she’d like to hook up with a younger guy. I mean, I think that’s what she was saying. But she doesn’t like how a lot of guys my age are just … jackasses? That’s not how she put it. I don’t know. I think she’d like to meet a nice young man that wouldn’t act like a complete moron. Do you know any?”

I burst out laughing at this. “No, I don’t.”

Jessica was chuckling on the other end. “So can I hook you up with her?”

“Sure, is she hot?”

“Oh, is that the only important thing in a girl besides your dick?” asked Jessica.

“If I’m getting into a relationship based on sex, I have the right to be superficial,” I chuckled.

“I was joking,” she chortled back.

“What does she like to eat?”

“I’d recommend seafood. Maybe sushi? What about the fish place you took me last month?”

I nodded. “Jenny’s? Sounds good. Just get me her address and find out what time she wants to eat. Text me. Any time after about 7 should be good. I think I’ll be ready by then.”

“Great! Don’t make me look bad, Brod. This woman is influencing my GPA. That might not mean a lot to someone who already graduated, but it sure as shit is important to me. Especially if I decide to go for the Master’s.” I could tell she was serious.

“Fine, I won’t whip my dick out and tell her to try the Japanese tubu-steaku. I’ll show your teacher a good time.” I reassured her.

“Good. Now get cleaned up, you look like hell.” She hung up.

I looked down. She was right. I was caked in layers of jizz and completely naked. When I looked into the nearby vanity, I could see that my hair had somehow turned into a blooming onion.

I also had no idea where my clothes were.

I looked around the room’s slimy carpet. Nope, not here.

I walked into the hallway. My sandals were mired in a pool of white spunk. I could barely see them. Okay, got those. I put them on and walked into the next bedroom, my own jizz squishing around my toes. Squelch, squelch went my feet.

One white girl was draped over her bed, ass in the air, jizz leaking down her thighs. Another was slumped into a beanbag, her belly jiggling with every breath. It smelled like perfume and sperm in here. Victory! I found my boxers.

I searched the rest of the bedrooms, sandals smacking slickly through semen as I strolled. I found a couple dozen bloated, leaking girls, but no more clothes. The story was the same on the second floor.

I descended flights of stairs as semen rolled down in waterfalls, making puddles on each step. I walked into the kitchen-mess-hall type area on the first floor. And believe me, “mess hall” was the right name for this place right now. A black girl and a girl who I believe was Chinese were laying on the dining room table, onyx hair saturated with seed. The latter managed a weak wave. I smiled at her. Another black girl was sitting with her ass in the sink, draining cum, barely aware I was in the room. Empty liquor bottles formed a forest wherever there wasn’t a woman recovering.

An Asian girl was laid out on the next başakşehir escort counter—I think she was Asian, anyway. I was having trouble telling through the thick layers of spunk rolling down her face, but she had the right cheekbones and complexion. Thick layers of goo rolled down the walls and dripped from the ceiling. It was cascading off the table and onto the chairs. The sink next to the draining girl was completely full of my seed, and I can only assume she’d filled one till it clogged and moved to the next one. One of the sisters was stooped over the full sink, gulping down spunk by the double-handful. She looked up when she heard me, smiled, and kissed my cheek. Her lips left a sticky lip-print. Her red hair was matted to her head and hung in tendrils.

“Thanks for coming to the party, Brod.”

“Any time!” I wasn’t sure what her name was. “You should get some rest.”

She shook her head at me. “What about you? There were like, almost sixty of us, I think!”

“I’m gonna go home and get some sleep once I find my clothes. Have you seen them?”

She pointed over my shoulder. I looked, and saw my shorts draped over an open cabinet door. My car keys jingled when I pulled them down. “Thanks!”

The redhead nodded. “Thank you. That party would have been lame otherwise. Stacy said that the frat guys and ones from campus refuse show up to the same party you’re at. I didn’t believe it! Hah! And we all got wrecked by you. Mm. I won’t forget that tongue or that cock,” she giggled as she affectionately caressed my glans.

I chuckled. “Well, the guys that don’t want to be fucked don’t show up, anyway.”

“You’re bi?”

I nodded. “I fuck whoever’s hot. Boy, girl, herm, you name it.”

The redhead raised both eyebrows. “Huh. Guess you’re too big for one gender to contain.”

“Something like that.” I smiled and squeezed her ass, giving her another kiss on the cheek. “You seen my shirt?”


“I’m gonna look for it.”

In the common area, I found my Cabbage Corp. t-shirt and several pints of semen on the television, as well as half a dozen more ladies laid out and laden with spunk. Four on the couch, one on the coffee table, two in the armchairs, another laying on the rug. Well, not half a dozen, but I was never good at math.

Fortunately, I’ve done this enough times to plan ahead. I pulled on my squishy boxers and walked outside to Sovereign. Yes, I named my car. Bird were chirping, and the crisp morning air was starting to warm up.

I lifted the Escalade’s tailgate and got out the duffel bag I’d put in the back. I went inside and used one of their showers, changing into the fresh clothes and putting the spunk-soaked ones in a plastic bag.

Another twenty minutes, and I was pulling into my garage. I sighed, a placid little smile on my face. I felt … peaceful. I guess. I just felt content. Not horny, maybe a bit hungry. I felt like I was floating around, like my legs were moving me unusually easily. Like everything was fluid.

I knew it wouldn’t last, but it was a unique feeling for a while. It’s nice not to feel horny, but it was pretty inconvenient that it took a whole sorority and about fourteen hours to do it. Thanks to Yara’s training, at this point in my life, it took a lot more than a couple girls to sate my cock.

I went inside, had a snack, and went to bed.

Jessica texted me a few hours later, but I didn’t see it until my alarm woke me up around six. Apparently, Ms. Borgelin wanted to be picked up at 7:30. I went back to sleep for another hour.

I woke up and got dressed. I didn’t want to embarrass Jessica, so I decided I’d dress like a decent human being for once. See, my problem is that, while I can afford custom-cut pants, I don’t like wearing slacks. Or jeans. Or … any pants, honestly. My slacks had to have this weird pouch-thing in front to contain my gargantuan nuts and cock. You try stuffing a couple of cantaloupes and a summer sausage down your pants right out of the box. I want to know how comfortable it is for you.

Anyway, I shaved and trimmed my fingernails. Made sure I was groomed. I put on a pair of dark grey slacks, a dark purple shirt with silver pinstripes, and an anthracite waistcoat. This was my fairly standard “look like I’m not a college student or homeless” outfit.

A while later, I rolled up to Ms. Borgelin’s address and got out of the Caddy. I walked to the front door and rang the bell. Ding-dong. It was a fairly normal house with a lot of flowers in the front and a well-kept lawn. It was painted a sort of eggshell color.

A few moments later, the door open. There she was. All five feet of her. Ms. Borgelin was a petite thing, but she had some very nice curves. Her breasts were modest, but her hips flared out dramatically under her short empire dress. And forget the little black dress—Ms. Borgelin looked fantastic in purple. It complimented her chestnut kadıköy escort bayan complexion and jet-black braids. A pair of glasses with gold frames was perched on her nose. When she looked up at me, her full lips parted in a bright smile.

“Are you Brod?” she asked, right before her eyes went down. “Yup, guess you are.”

“Ms. Borgelin, I presume. Jessica said this was a blind date on my end, but I can safely say I’m very glad that I’m not blind,” I chuckled.

She smirked up at me. “Estelle, please.” She followed me as I waved her towards Sovereign. I’d turned the underbody lighting off—I figured I’d keep it somewhat classy, even though the Escalade was still murdered out and obviously modified. Estelle spoke as her heels clicked down the path, “I must say, Brod, I’m a bit surprised. Jessica insinuated that you have the fashionable trappings of a vagrant.”

I liked her voice. It wasn’t what I had expected with her small frame. It was a dark, husky sort of voice. The kind that made the hairs on your neck stand up when it purred in your ear. I laughed. “She’s just never seen me when I feel like looking decent. And all she told me was that you were her English teacher. I have to wonder. Am I a bribe?”

She chuckled. “You might be. Do I look corrupt to you?”

“Only a little,” I said. I opened the door and offered her my hand, but she ignored it and stepped up herself.

“Did you lift your Escalade?” she asked.

“Just a little, I wanted fatter tires so I could go offroad better.”

Estelle raised an eyebrow. “You bought an Escalade to offroad?”

“No, I bought it because it’s big and roomy and nice. I carry around a lot of people sometimes. But I like having the option to jump medians or drive in the grass if I need to.”

“At least they aren’t donk rims,” she chuckled.

“Yeah, none of that,” I agreed. I went to the driver’s seat.

A few minutes later, we were on the highway.

“I don’t mean to be brash, but I have to say, you’re even bigger than Jessica said,” Estelle told me, looking down at the hugely distended bulge taking up most of my lap. The custom-cut slacks didn’t allow me a lot of freedom.

“She was telling you about my cock?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, the way she put it to me was that it was something I should know about if this date went beyond dinner. And you are enormous! I don’t mean to sound bigoted, but I had no idea that Asians could get so big.”

I shrugged. “This one does. And I don’t care, most people just say something like, ‘Holy shit, when did Chinese get so huge?!’ ‘Are you related to Yao Ming?’ I’m not even Chinese! Hell, a lot of people refuse to believe that I’m even Asian. That when I talkey rike this! Make-a many accent! Havey good accent, then I Asian enough!”

She issued a charming chortle. “Fair enough, I suppose. My family’s Haitian, but I get called all kinds of things myself.”

“Like what?”

“Well, Jamaican, or African is the main one. Not even a specific country. Because, as you know, Africa is just one contiguous, massive country,” she explained.

I chuckled. “Oh, right.”

She nodded. “Not to deny that I can trace my heritage to some part of it. Honestly, I don’t mind all that much. It’s just a bit disconcerting to hear, is all. I’m sure it’s the same with you.”

“Yeah, it happens to me too.” I shrugged. “I get accused of being African all the time.”

Estelle laughed.

A bit later, I was handing the valet my car keys. I slipped him a ten. Jennifer’s Fishery was a regular place of mine. Most of the locals just called it “Jenny’s.” We walked through the heavy, portholed door.

Flatware clinked against plates, and a general murmur reached our ears. We could smell the heady aroma of the food. The lighting was comfortable and the walls were wood, decorated with a lot of old maritime gear.

My heavy, bouncing bulge lead Estelle and I into the restaurant. I smiled at the hostess. Marcy knew me well.

“Do you want to sit outside?” asked Marcy.

I looked at Estelle. “Where would you like to sit? They have a bay view at the tables outside.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely,” she answered, taking a slow look around. “You know I’ve never been in here before, as long as I’ve lived in the bay area?”

“That’s a shame, they have some really good food,” I commented as Marcy lead us to the deck out back. My hand unconsciously fell to Estelle’s waist as I escorted her. If she minded, she didn’t give any sign. If anything, she seemed to grin a bit at this.

I sat down at the little square table with my back to the bay so that she could see the water. Marcy left and our waitress showed up to take our drink orders. A moment later, she was back with a glass of pinot noir for Estelle and a pint of hefeweissen for me. “Do you need another moment?” asked the waitress.

“Please,” I told her. She left again.

We began browsing our menus. “And what do you recommend here?” asked the teacher.

“If you want an appetizer, we should get a plate of calamari. It’s really good here. If you’re into Spanish food, they do a good paella. And you can’t really go wrong if you get the fish of the day blackened or grilled.”

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