Brother and Sister have Sex Ch. 01


Starting out innocently enough, a 22-year-old, big sister teaches her 20-year-old, younger brother how to French kiss.

Twenty-year-old Michael sat on the couch beside his 22-year-old sister, Crystal, while watching TV. With their parents out on date night, they were home alone for the evening. No big deal, with them no longer children and able to take care of themselves and handle any emergency, they were adults.

Yet, unaccustomed to being along with her, he’s seldom home alone with his big sister. Popular with men, whether going to the movies, out to dinner, to a play, or having sex, she’s always out on a date while he’s always home alone playing with himself. Contrary to her sexuality, with her so very religious, she hides her attraction to sucking cock with her devotion to the Catholic religion. When she’s not on her knees praying for her salvation, she’s on her knees sucking cock and instructing men to cum in her mouth and all over her face.

The masturbation king, masturbating multiple times a day, every day, while imagining her naked and having sex with him, Michael’s sister is his favorite person to masturbate over. Although, sometimes, especially when she’s wearing one of her short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe, he’s masturbated over his mother, Angela, plenty of times, too. Whether unintentional or deliberate, his mother is always flashing him down-nightgown peeks of her big, naked tits, and up-nightgown views of her black, bushy, naked pussy.

# # #

With Crystal so very pretty, sexy, and shapely, he understood why men were attracted to her because he was sexually attracted to her, too. Feeling perverted to admit that he was sexually attracted to his sister, yet, unable to help how he felt, he wished that she wasn’t his sister. He wished she was his girlfriend. He wished she was his lover.

Yet, unless she was prostitute that he paid for her sexual services for the night, if she wasn’t his sister, she wouldn’t be sitting beside him on the couch and watching TV. He wished that she was sexually attracted to him, too. Seemingly making it all consensually right, in the way that he wanted to have incestuous sex with her, he wished she wanted to have forbidden sex with him.

Whenever he’s home alone and she’s out on a date, he masturbated over her while imagining her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. While wishing he could and wishing she would, he masturbated over imagining her having sex with him. Yet, knowing that his sister would never have sex with her baby brother, it was sexually exciting to imagine that she would. If nothing else, the thought of having sex with his sister gave him plenty to masturbate over while imagining that she would.

‘Suck my cock, Crystal. Blow me while I fondle your naked breasts and finger you erect nipples,’ he imagined saying to his sister.

Every time he looked at her, especially while staring at her big tits through her clothes when she wasn’t looking, she gave him an erection. As forbidden as it was sexually exciting, he imagined kissing his sister but not as a brother kisses his sister. He imagined French kissing her. He imagined taking her in his arms and making out with her while touching and feeling her everywhere that a brother should never touch and feel his sister.

He wished that he was one of her many boyfriends. He wondered what it was like to kiss his sister, really kiss her, French kiss her. Not stopping with just a kiss, he imagined making out with his sister while touching and feeling her everywhere through her clothes. He imagined stripping her naked and having his wicked, sexual way with her naked body.

While wishing that his sister was his lover, he wondered what she looked like without her clothes. While kissing her, he imagined stripping her naked. He couldn’t count how many times he masturbated over her while imagining having incestuous sex with her beautiful, naked body.

Just once he’d love to see his sister in her bra and panties. Just once, he’d love to see her big, naked tits. Just once, he’d love to see her topless. Just once, he’d love to see, touch, feel, fondle, grope, and suck her big, naked breasts.

Just once, he’d love to see her naked. He’d love to see his sister’s shapely, naked ass and his sister’s black, trimmed pussy. As convolutedly perverted as it sounded, just once, he’d love to have sex with his hot sister. His sexual fantasy come true; he wished his sister wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with her.

# # #

Yet, with her so very modestly moral, she’d never show him all that he so wanted and hoped to see of her sexy, naked body. With her not a slut nor a whore but a religious woman, she’d never allow him to see her naked. She’d never allow him to kiss her while touching her and feeling her through her clothes. A good Catholic, who was active in her church, she wasn’t sexually depraved towards her brother in the way that he was perverted towards his sister.

Instead of her moving to her knees to illegal bahis pray, he wished she’d move to her knees to suck his prick. Other than stripping her naked and having incestuous sex with her naked body, he’d love nothing more than for his sister to blow him. He’d love nothing more than to cum in her mouth. He’d love nothing more than to give his sexy sister a cum bath.

‘Blow me, Crystal, blow me,’ he thought while masturbating himself multiple times a day. ‘Suck my cock.’

He couldn’t count how many times he masturbated over his sexy giving him a blowjob. He’d love nothing more than for his sister stroke his cock while sucking his prick as she stared up at him with her big, beautiful, brown eyes. He’d love to cum in her mouth. He’d love to give her a cum bath. Not nearly done, he’d love to make love to her before fucking her.

Having heard her gossiping about her various boyfriends to her girlfriends, unlike him and with him still a virgin, he knew that his sexy sister wasn’t a virgin. Even though she was religious, she was somewhat of a slut. Moreover, from all of the conversations that he overhead his sister having when talking to her friends, he knew that she sucked cock.

‘My sister sucks cock. She’s a cocksucker,’ he thought. ‘I wished she’d suck my prick.’

It sexually excited him to know that his sister was a cocksucker. Further, from all that he heard from her giving her boyfriends blowjobs, he knew that she liked the taste of cum. He knew that she swallowed. He knew that she’s had more than one cum bath, too. After hearing his sister discussing stroking cock and sucking cock, he was sexually hungry for her hand and for her mouth on his stiff prick.

‘Suck my cock, Crystal,’ he imagined saying to her while stroking himself harder and faster. “Blow Sis, blow me. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth. I need to watch you swallow while I fondle your naked breasts and finger your erect nipples. I need to give you a cum bath. I need to cum all over our face, in your beautiful hair, and across your naked tits.’

# # #

Not feeling guilty for being sexually attracted to her, who wouldn’t be sexually attracted to his sister? She was so pretty. She was so sexy. A natural beauty who didn’t need help from a plastic surgeon, she had the shapely body that movie stars and celebrities all wished they had.

Michael would give anything to see his sister naked. He’d give anything have forbidden sex with his sister. Yet, sexually frustratingly, with her receiving plenty of sex from others and him not receiving sex from anyone, he knew that she’d never have sex with him. The best that he could hope to do was to masturbate himself while imagining seeing her naked and having sex with her. Maybe, one day, with her coming home drunk and undressing for bed, she’d forget to close her bedroom door, and he’d see something more of her that he always hoped to see.

If her breasts were just a little bit bigger, not that they weren’t plenty big enough, an F cup instead of a D cup, and if she was a little taller, she’d look like Sofia Vergara. As degenerate as that may sound but, if he had a steady girlfriend, he’d want someone who looked just like his sister. He’d not only want a girlfriend who looked like her but also, he’d want a girlfriend who talked like her, sounded like her, and laughed like his sister.

Obviously, Michael was in love with his big sister but not in the way that a little brother should love his sister. He loved her in the way that a man loved a woman. Something that was forbidden for him to do, he wanted to have incestuous sex with his sister. He wanted to finger her pussy, lick her pussy, eat her cunt, make love to her, and fuck her. He wanted her to stroke his cock, suck his prick, make love to him, and fuck him.

‘I’d love to give my sister multiple, sexual orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock. I wonder what she looks like when sexually aroused. I wonder what she sounds like when cumming. I’d love to watch and hear her cumming,’ he thought.

While making love to his imagined girlfriend, a girlfriend that he’s yet to have, and a woman who he imagined looked just like his sister, he’d love to pretend that his girlfriend was his sister. He’d love to pretend that his girlfriend was his sister whenever she sucked his cock. He’d love to pretend that he was having incestuous sex with his sister. With his imagined girlfriend a clone of his sister, he’d imagined cumming in his sister’s mouth while cumming in his girlfriend’s mouth.

With her long, brown, lushly shiny, beautiful hair, and her big, mahogany, brown eyes, Crystal was, by far, the most sexually attractive woman that he knew. All of his friends sexually lusted over his big sister and, no doubt, masturbated over her in the way that he masturbated over her. Adding to her sexuality, it helped that she had big, D cup breasts, and a shapely ass in the way of Kim Kardashian. At 5’3″ tall, looking more like Kim Kardashian than she looked like Sofia Vergara, she was the same height and had the same color hair as the world, illegal bahis siteleri famous celebrity.

‘If Kanye West saw my sister, he’d definitely want to fuck her. Who knows, maybe he’d leave Kim Kardashian for Crystal,’ he thought?

# # #

He couldn’t count how many times he masturbated over imagining his sister naked and having sex with him. Yet, something that would never happen. She wasn’t sexually attracted to him in the way that he was sexually attracted to her. Moreover, with her modestly moral combined with her religious beliefs, it would be a challenge to convince her to have sex with him. He’d have to get her drunk but she doesn’t drink.

For him to see his sister naked and have illicit sex with her, he needed to come up with a plan to trick her to sexually seduce his sister. The only thing that he could think of to sexually seduce his sister was to drug her. Yet, with her so loving, so kind, and so submissive to his needs, perhaps, if he just asked for her help, she’d willingly and consensually agree to help him.

Besides, instead of drugging his sister, he preferred having her wide awake when sexually seducing her. Deciding on the latter instead of the former plan, instead of drugging her into submission, he decided to ask for her help. Giving her his pathetic look, he’d give her a sob story when asking for her help.

“Crystal, I need your help,” he said turning off the TV before turning to his sister with a soulfully, pitiful look.

As if begging her for her help with pleading eyes, with her so very submissive and with him confident that she’d do whatever he asked her to do, he was ready to sexually seduce his sister. Albeit, a big step and, perhaps, too big of an ask, yet feeling emboldened to ask for her help before, he suddenly felt embarrassed now. Playing out his hand by playing his cards and revealing his true, incestuous feelings for his sister, before even asking for her help, he felt as perverted as he felt vulnerable.

‘What if she said no? What if she was angry with me? I’d be so embarrassed. What if she’s outraged by my inappropriate, sexual solicitations, intentions, and demands? What if she thinks that I’m the incestuous pervert that I am,’ he thought? ‘What if she tells my mother, her friends, and my friends that I solicited her, my big sister, for sex?’

Awkwardly clumsy with women, no longer feeling like the player that he pretended to be, instead, he felt like the virgin that he was. Michael looked at Crystal with sad eyes. Instead of telling her what he needed her help with, while thinking of what to say and how to say it, he fell silent. Not knowing how she’d take his question, he feared that she may laugh at him. He feared that she may tell everyone they knew that he sexually propositioned her. How awkward would that be to be painted as an incestuous pervert?

# # #

“What is it, Michael?” When she saw his expression, she put her hand on his hand and looked at him with concern. “What’s wrong? Tell me. How can I help you?”

‘How can you help me,’ he thought?

Dozens of sexual thoughts flooded his horny brain. He imagined her stripping herself naked. He imagined seeing his sister naked. He imagined touching and feeling his sister’s hot, naked body everywhere that a brother should never touch and feel his sister. He imagined having sex with Crystal. He imagined his big dick in her mouth. He imagined cumming in her mouth and all over her pretty face. He imagined his cum dripping from her lips.

Oddly enough, with her showing her compassionate understanding, he was suddenly as awkwardly uncomfortable with his sister, someone he’s known all of his life, as he was with women that he yearned to date. Yet, with him the man and her the woman, he was the one who was supposed to be confidently in control. With him her brother and them part of the same, close knit, immediate family, he should, at least, have the confident self-assurance that she had to ask her his question.

“When I ask you this, please don’t laugh,” he said looking at his sister before looking away from her with shame. “No judgement please. Just say yes or no. If you say anything else that would prolong my agony,” he said looking up at his sister as if he was about to cry. “I’m uncomfortable enough asking for your help with something that’s so very personal.”

She put her hand on his shoulder.

“Michael. Tell me. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together,” she said. “I love you and there’s nothing that’s so terrible that you can’t tell me, your own sister,” she said hugging him while squishing her big breasts against his muscular chest. “Trust me. Whatever it is, I’ll understand.”

He looked down at his hands as if he had been arrested, was wearing handcuffs, and was going to jail.

“I don’t know how to kiss,” he said looking down with shame.

Crystal looked at her brother while stifling a laugh. Seemingly, she was unsure if he was serious or kidding. Who didn’t know how to kiss? No one taught her how to kiss. Kissing was the most natural thing canlı bahis siteleri to do.

“You don’t know how to kiss?” Making a face of disbelief, she looked at him as if he was kidding. “What do you mean, you don’t know how to kiss,” she asked? “How could you not know how to kiss,” she asked while suppressing another laugh? “Everyone knows how to kiss.”

When she looked at him with confusion, he offered her his enlightenment albeit with a bit of qualification.

“I don’t know how to French kiss,” he said correcting his statement. “I don’t know how to French kiss a woman using my tongue. The first and only time I tried to French kiss someone with my eyes closed, when she turned her head away from me, as if I was her dog, I ended up licking the side of her face.”

Crystal laughed.

“Obviously, she didn’t like you enough to want you to stick your tongue in her mouth,” she said laughing. “Sorry. That must have been really embarrassing for you.” Then, she looked at her brother with questioning eyes. “So, I’m not understanding how I can help you. What are you asking me to do?”

# # #

Michael fell silent again while staring down at his hands as he fidgeted with his fingers. No doubt suspecting what he wanted her to do, his sister looked at him as if he was crazy to even ponder the question. While he still remained silent, she spoke.

“Correct me if I’m wrong and forgive me for misreading you but,” she said with a pause. “Are you asking me to teach you how to French kiss?”

Michael looked up at his sister with a look of hopefulness mixed with embarrassment and sexual excitement.

“Yes,” he said with some confidence enamored with hopefulness.

He looked away from his sister and looked back down at his hands.

“Of course, you know, that for me to teach you how to French kiss, I’d have to kiss you. I’d have to French kiss you. I’d have to French kiss my own brother,” she said with a nervous, little laugh. “Are you okay with that?”

He nodded his head.

“I know that you’d have to kiss me, French kiss me, but I’m okay with that,” he said. “It’s okay if you don’t want teach me. I understand. Since you’re the only woman that I know, other than Mom, it was just a thought out of desperation.”

She looked at him as if she was thinking about it.

“I don’t know Michael. I’d feel a little weird making out with my little brother,” said Crystal.

Thinking quick, he pleaded his case.

“All my friends have made out with women while touching them and feeling them everywhere through their clothes. I’ve never even held a woman,” he said. “All of my friends have already had hand jobs and blowjobs,” he said. “Some of my friends have even had sexual intercourse. And I’m still a virgin he said with dejection and shame.”

She looked at him with shocked surprise while making a face of disgust.

“If I agreed to kiss you, French kiss you, I’m not giving you a hand job or a blowjob, Michael,” she said with an uncomfortable laugh and making a face of disgust. “And I’d never have sexual intercourse with you, my own brother. That’s just wrong. That’s just nasty.”

Michael shrugged.

“I’m not asking you for sex. I’d only like to learn how to French kiss a woman,” he said lying while hoping for sex, incestuous sex.

# # #

While imagining himself kissing them, in the way that he stared at his sister’s big breasts through her clothes, he stared at her red, full lips.

“In the eyes of God, if incestuous sex isn’t a sin, then, it should be,” she said. She fingered the crucifix that she always wore around her neck while firmly standing on her soap box to preach her religious beliefs to her brother. “Furthermore, if I agree to teach you how to French kiss, I don’t want you touching me and feeling me through my clothes. That’s so gross,” she said shaking her head from side to side. “That’s just nasty for a brother to touch his sister in a sexual way.”

Then, when he looked so sad, as if she was the man and he was the woman, Crystal put her arm around her brother’s shoulders. She remained quiet while sitting like that. They stared at the blank screen of the TV while studying their reflections.

“If I teach you how to French kiss, you mustn’t tell anyone that I French kissed you,” she said. “I’d be so embarrassed for anyone to know that I was making out with my little brother,” she said with an uncomfortable laugh.

Michael hung his head in shame while thinking about all that his sister had said.

‘Instead of saying kissing, she said making out again. Making out with me,’ he thought? ‘Wow! She’s willing to kiss me, French kiss me while making out with me. I can’t believe that I tricked my sister into French kissing me. I can’t believe she’s willing to make out with me,’ he thought.

Yet, disappointed that she mentioned it and was disgusted by the thought of it, she’d never give him sex.

‘She’d never give me a hand job, a blowjob, or have sexual intercourse with me,’ he thought. ‘While kissing her, she doesn’t want me to touch her and feel her through her clothes. For now, I can agree to that. I’m okay with that,’ he thought. ‘Willing to just kiss her, French kiss her while making out with her, I’ll cross that bridge later when she’s French kissing me.’

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