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brother in law1I couldn’t stand my brother-in-law. He wasn’t a bad guy, but quiet guys who hardly ever talk just freak me out. And that sure was Mark. He’s married to my wife’s sister who caused all the trouble. She thought it would do Mark good if I spent more time with him – help him feel more comfortable in the family. I obviously want to make my wife happy so decided to see if he wanted to go camping with me one weekend. Even if we didn’t get along or he was just quiet, at least I’d get to do something I enjoy. I love being in the outdoors more than anything. So off we went.I was right. He hardly talked the whole way up! Luckily it was only an hour’s drive. I did the talking; he grunted his replies – and short ones at that.I don’t think Mark ever camped much so I had to take the lead. We were going to hike a few miles into the woods, find a nice spot to camp, set up and chill. Problem with hiking to a spot is you can’t carry so much liquor, and I was feeling more and more like I’d need some to get me through the weekend!We lucked out. So I had some fun anyway, we took a new path and found a beautiful clearing right by a river where we could swim. Fantastic! Until I discovered he’d forgotten to bring a tent! How do you go camping and not bring a tent? Because he thought I would. Well, I did – my one-man tent for me! Fortunately for him the weather was good; he could just sleep in his sleeping bag under the stars.Truth is I felt bad for him. It’s never fun looking stupid in front of anyone let alone family. So I played it down. The weather was sweltering and we were both sweating by the time we got the tent up, a fire pit situated, and lots of fire wood brought near. So we were both ready for the river. Needed to cool off. I just started to shuck my clothes – he just stood there. I asked him what was wrong and he hadn’t brought his swimming gear. I just laughed and asked why he needed any; who did he think was gonna see him all these miles in the middle of nowhere! I just shucked my clothes and paddled off to the river buck naked. He finally got over himself and did the same. Slowly heading towards the river – trying to cover himself a bit without being obvious. Didn’t think there were men like that who cared. I was just loving the river and hardly noticed when he got there – just diving, floating, splashing around like a k** let free. I finally looked up and saw him trying to get into the water – he thought it was pretty cold. I just laughed and told him not to try to get used to it first just to dive in and it’d be fine. He hesitated but didn’t want to look stupid again so finally just threw himself down into the water. He came up spluttering and swearing and holding himself tight! I just stood there staring and smirking.”Come on man, it’s not that bad! You’ll feel the benefit in no time…” He didn’t seem to believe me and just kept squeezing himself. I just went back to enjoying the water and being free for the weekend. He didn’t last long and headed back to camp to lay out in the sun on his sleeping bag.I didn’t stay long ’cause I felt bad and paddled back to camp a few minutes later. He just laid there watching me return. I just asked if he was OK and he said he was. And sounded like he meant it. He had put on some underwear; I just laid down next to him buck naked as I was. We’re both men, so I didn’t care.I tried to get a chat going, and he was a little more into the conversation this time. Maybe he just needed to relax and get away from work and home life. I asked is he was hungry or wanted a drink. We decided to just have a few drinks and eat dinner later, so I got up and went to get two of the beers we brought – tossing one to him when I returned. It was just a passing thought, but I had the feeling he was looking me over when I walked away. ‘Course that’s totally normal with men – we can’t help comparing. That’s the a****l in us. Problem for me is I’m a big-time showoff, so I had to be careful. When I know someone’s looking, it gets me going. He was already weird about being naked, so I didn’t want to totally freak out the poor guy!He went to get the next round from his pack which gave me a chance to check out the other buck in the pack. Lol. I hadn’t noticed that Mark’s pretty nearly the same size and shape as me – both +6’ tall, about 180#, with good sized dicks, too. Big difference is he’s got a smooth body and I’ve got a hairy chest.”Do you work out, Mark? I didn’t realize you keep in such good shape. I got 4 or 5 times a week.”I think I finally hit on a subject that actually interested him because he gave a long report on his gym and how he works out all the time. What a relief to finally find something we have in common! That kind of opened things up a bit more and we compared notes on our gyms, the kind of people who we’d hang out with and workout with, and the results we were after. We both don’t want to overdo the body business, but we want to keep a sense of pride in keeping tight and laughed to discover that he actually is a bit of a showoff, too, just didn’t know how to play that with me. We were both laughing on that count because he finally realized that with me he didn’t need to be so uptight.We just laid there in the sun a while working on our tans – me with no tan lines, him with his underwear lines – when we decided that we were getting hungry. Mary (my wife) had packed everything we needed for our meals – tonight we’d have steak and potatoes done over the fire. We obviously didn’t have any chairs to sit on, so we ended up sharing a small log with a towel on it. I was surprised that he answered no when I asked if he wanted me to get dressed while we ate. Said he didn’t mind either way since it was our weekend to chill. Must be the beer talking I figured. Truth is, when türbanlı escort I hike and camp on my own, I’m usually buck the whole time anyway. I was glad Mark wasn’t going to mess up my routine!It turned out to be a great meal – huge steaks and good fillings. And a few more beers, too! Was starting to wonder if we’d run out considering how fast we were going. But I had some liquor with me, too, so figured we’d be OK. We just sat there next to each other – still talking about our workouts and gyms. I asked more about the guys he’d hang with and workout with at the gym and was glad to find out that he had more than a few. Maybe that’s where he’s most comfortable with people. He talked about all the stuff they had at his gym – great weight room, huge sauna, steam-room, sauna, and shower-rooms, and all the other benefits. Sounded like a great gym. I joked a bit about all the hot women in lycra, but he didn’t bite, said there were mainly just men at his gym; had a women’s gym nearby in their town.I was really chilling by now and we were kind of reclining as we ate. Ended up being so close that our knees and eventually legs were touching but neither of us cared. He moved his leg away the first time we touched, but after that it was OK. He obviously was getting more comfortable with me which made me really glad. (Was hoping to be able to give Mary a good report at the end of the weekend or at least convince her I’d tried my best! Lol.) It was all just normal and natural and easy-going.I think the beer was taking over a bit because we started getting more and more silly in our conversation – and a bit dirty too comparing notes about our wives. They were a lot alike physically – but very different in their personalities. Turns our we’re a perfect mix the four of us – all married opposites in personality. We were able to clear the air a lot about him being quiet and all – turns out he was just intimidated because I’m so outgoing. We were both able to apologize and acknowledge this new beginning.I don’t know if was talking about the girls, the beer working, or what, but I did go semi during the conversation and did my best to hid it – till I realized Mark had the same problem. We obviously didn’t say anything, but he must have felt the same because he stopped hiding his, too.It was such a beautiful night I asked if he wanted to forget the tent and just sleep outdoors together. We would have been very tight in the tent if it rained, but we could relax properly like that. In fact, because it was so hot, I said we could just lay the sleeping bags out and sleep on top of them. Seemed sensible. And fortunately where we were there weren’t problems with bugs and all.With the clear sky we ended up laying out early and watching the stars, moon, planets, and satellites. Sometimes we’d just chat – more and more easily; sometimes we’d be wild with laughter; sometimes we’d just lay there quietly – which finally wasn’t painful at all. In fact, in those moments we could even hear each other breathing – both relaxing and enjoying where we were.I was relieved when he finally said that he didn’t usually wear clothes to bed and just shucked his underwear – threw them towards the tent without making it which made us both laugh. Flying underwear! Guess it was dark enough and he was chilled enough that it didn’t matter any more; he could just be himself with me and relax. I was feeling really great about things.Seems like we both just dozed off at some point because I woke up a while later needing to pee. But when I woke up I couldn’t believe that I had rolled over at some point and had thrown my arm across Mark’s chest! I just froze and tried not to let him know what was going on – hoping desperately that he was sound asleep! I slowly moved my arm off and went to the edge of our campsite to do my business. Walking back to where we were sleeping I could see in the moonlight that his dick was rock hard. I just laughed to myself. Good man, I thought. I laid back down as gently as I could then realized that he wasn’t asleep after all. He laughed and asked if that was where the camp toilet was because he needed it too. I laughed and said it was. I watched as he went off to do his business knowing it’d take a minute ’cause it’s always hard peeing with a hardon. But I had turned my back and was facing him when he came back and could tell he was still pretty hard. The whole bathroom business seemed to wake us both up again, and we were talking about things again – and this time he was talking a lot more about his wife and their sex life. Guys are so free and easy with that kind of stuff which I really like. I was hoping it was dark enough with the shadows that he couldn’t tell I was getting a proper boner and was giving my dick and balls a tug now and then – wishing I could just jack off properly. That’s when it hit me that he was doing the same. I could tell his arm was moving but wasn’t paying attention because of my own hardon! He was talking about his wife being good at giving head but not really liking it too much. He was feeling let down when I told him how much Mary liked sucking my dick. We both laughed when he asked if Mary would talk to her sister for him!I decided it would be best just to be honest with him that I was getting boned big time and said I was going to have to jack and did he want me to go to the “bathroom” to do that. He told me not to bother because he was going to have to do the same. What a relief. I always prefer jacking off laying down flat rather than standing. I laid right back and gripped by dick tight. I could just barely see in the light that he was doing the same. We about lost our bones though when I stupidly said that I didn’t realize he’s left handed! But we just kept türbanlı escort bayan pumping – even chatting a bit while we did. This was really wild. And really fun, too. I had never been so close to another guy jacking like this and it was kind of hot hearing him breath so heavy – don’t know how he was feeling about me being right there doing it, too. We must have been spreading our legs wide, though, while we pumped because our legs suddenly were touching. Funny thing was, we both reacted the same way – instead of moving them back, we both shoved our legs together! Must have been the electricity of them touching, because my dick jumped and got even harder – made me leak even more pre all over my hand as I pumped. Neither of us had a towel or anything, so I just did what I do at home and licked my hand clean and went back to work. He must have seen me do it because it made him laugh so hard he stopped jacking off.”Did you just lick the jizz of your hand, Paul?” He was laughing so hard I thought he’d choke. “I thought I was the only person who did that!” I hadn’t seen that he’d been doing the same thing. Just trying not to let his hand get too sticky while he leaked all over himself. I just laughed, too, because I’d been doing it for so long I didn’t even realize or think anything of it and told him so! Just trying not to make a mess so that Mary found out I was a big-time jacker. He said he didn’t want to freak me out, but a few times he’d even tasted his load after he shot just to see what it was like. I just answered that I think all men do at some point or another – I know I do.After that he just laid back down and went back to work – don’t think he realized when he did he was lot closer to me and we were actually touching – body to body. But neither of us moved! We just were there jacking off together, bodies touching, like it was the most normal thing in the world. We could feel each other’s body moving in rhythm while we pumped. In fact, it was almost like we were making our bodies rub. And I was getting more and more horny with all this happening at once and with all the horny talk and with being naked and jacking right there with my brother-in-law! I didn’t want to loose the moment or my bone, but I had to ask if he’d ever done this before, and for the first time in a while he didn’t answer. I just figured he was too into his jack session to hear me so didn’t think badly about that. But then a minute later he gave an answer I never expected. He said he jacked with some of his gym buddies like this all the time. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and turned towards him to ask what he meant. I could tell he was nervous about saying – when he turned towards me and we both stopped jacking – that he and some buds at the gym would jack off together a lot – sometimes at the gym, sometimes when they were chilling together at his friends’ houses, and when they were out spending time together other places. I couldn’t believe it! I asked him to tell me about it – saying that whatever we talked about was totally between just him and us. And I started to play with my dick again when he told me.It all started when he first joined the gym and discovered that the guys would sometimes jack off right in the shower room. Then he found guys playing in the sauna and steam room, too! He said at first he thought it was pretty disgusting, but then he found out he liked doing it, too. He started to get into knowing there were guys staring at him and liking what they saw. They’d get hard and jack off right there staring at him which made him start getting hard, too. I could tell he was hesitating about saying any more till I asked if that was all. He was quiet for another minute then said the sometimes they’d actually end up jacking each other off if the gym was quiet or if everyone in whichever room was into it, too. Then they jerk their own or each other! “Wow, Mark, I can’t believe that; I never saw anything like that at my gym! Me being such a big-time showoff, I think it would be bad – I’d be loving knowing the guys like checking me out. No point keeping a hard body if no one’s there to admire it!” We both laughed at that one…When I pumped a few more times I asked him what it was like – and asked if he like it. He said it was really fun. It was a different kind of horny. When you’re with friends or someone you feel totally safe with, it’s just easy. And yeah, I do like it. With that things got really quiet for a while. We were both jacking but didn’t say a word. Too many thoughts whirling. I finally broke the silence and asked Mark if he felt comfortable and safe with me. He answered yes at the same time that I felt him put his hand on my shoulder. I answered that I was glad he was comfortable and safe with me when I reached over and put my arm on his shoulder. He didn’t say another word but immediately moved his hand off my shoulder – and down to my dick. He just shoved my hand aside and grabbed it. Tight. And man did that feel good. I couldn’t help it. I just let out a moan. I wanted more so I followed his lead and reached down. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt when I first touched Mark’s cock. It was wild feeling another man’s dick – so different from my own. I’ve had plenty of girls touch mine, but this was totally different. Mark obviously knows what feels good where girls never really know. We were both just holding on when I started to pump his a bit. He took the hint and started on mine. At that we both budged in closer together – close enough to hear and feel each other breathing – heavier.”You OK, Mark?” I didn’t want to ruin anything, but I didn’t want to ruin our new-found friendship either. I couldn’t quite tell, but I thought he just smiled. The escort türbanlı moan was the confirmation I needed though. He moved again, and his hand felt like sandpaper when he started playing with my balls. And it felt amazing! Mary’s really hot – don’t get me wrong – but she never thinks about my balls! Mark did, and it was great. Again, I followed – eagerly trying to learn from him what’s right. I don’t know what possessed me, but we were just laying there playing with each other’s cock and balls when I threw my leg over him! I must have been feeling totally comfortable to do that. He laughed and said just that! In fact, so comfortable that I just flipped him on to his back and sat up straddling him.We were used to the moonlight enough now that we could look clearly into each others eyes – he was smiling; I was looking at him with a thousand question marks in my eyes! “What are we doing?” was all I could ask as I sat there with his cock and mine just standing there hard together. He just kept smiling and asked if I was having a good time. I answered that I was but said I didn’t want this to come back to haunt us. He laughed and answered that the girls wanted us to spend more time together – and that’s what we’re doing!It was funny how we were reversing roles – I was getting stupidly uptight; he was chilling and just enjoying himself. He reminded me that it was all just for fun and if it feels good, let’s enjoy it; and if it doesn’t, we’ll stop! When he said that he just gripped our two dicks together and started pumping – making me throw my head back and moan. Couldn’t believe that quiet Mark was taking control of strong Paul! But I sure was glad he was. This was amazing. It really did feel good; it really did feel right!I did ask where he thought this would lead and he said it could lead anywhere we wanted. We could just jack off together – or we could try some other things they do at the gym he goes to. He asked why we needed a plan or a map. Why couldn’t we just enjoy this and see who wanted to do what?With that I shoved his hand aside and started pumping our cocks together. Hard and horny like I’d never been hard and horny in my life! I decided to take this chance to do some exploring and used my other hand to feel his smooth body – especially his pecs. “I always wondered what it would feel like to be smooth. I’ve been hairy since my early high school years!” He laughed and reached up with both hands for my chest. “And I always wondered what it would be like to have a hairy body! I think it looks a lot more masculine – but not much I can do about it!” We both laughed at being intrigued by our differences.I don’t know what hit me, and I’m still surprised at my bravado, but without warning I leaned down and kissed Mark! Full on the lips! I quickly sat back up – I couldn’t believe what I’d just done! He just how nice that felt. With that approval I leaned back down and hesitated – almost lips to lips – wondering what would be OK and what would freak him out. I took my chance and planted my lips on his again. Leaving them there a long time – pressing – kissing more properly – until he shoved his down in my mouth which made me wild! I’ve always been a big-time kisser – makes me so horny – but sure never kissed a man like this – and never expected it to be so wild and hot! I don’t know how long we made out like that – but it felt like forever! As we did, we both just naturally started grinding our cocks together. It was wonderful. And I could feel our slime mixing as we both leaked all over each other. And when he planted his hands on my tight, hard ass, I could have lost my load right then! No one has ever played with my ass before, and I wanted to know what it felt like. I was grinding my ass back at him without realizing it – just to let him know that it felt wonderful. He just gripped tighter and started massaging my tight cheeks and spreading my ass wide open. Over and over again – it felt amazing. I knew there had to be a reason more than just the look of a hot ass for working on it for all these months and years! And that it was Mark to show me was amazing!Without warning, Mark pulled back. He just looked up at me panting and asked if he could do something else to me. I just nodded and he seemed to disappear. The next thing I knew, I was on my back and he was straddling me head to toe. He didn’t say a word or give me any warning, he just grabbing my cock and started sucking it! My brother-in-law Mark was sucking my cock! Deeper and better than any blowjob I had ever received anywhere with anyone! I was slow on this one, though; I didn’t realize at first that the way he was straddling me put his dick right in my face, too. I didn’t know what to do but know I wanted to do something. So I just grabbed it. Tight. And licked his dickhead. He moaned which I took as a vote of encouragement for took my first proper taste of cock and sucked as much as I could. My head was spinning and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. But I wanted to! I wanted to do as good for Mark as he was doing for me. So I went for it – I opened my mouth wide, and sucked hard and deep – gagging a bit, but just trying again more carefully. I liked it. I wanted more. I was totally lost in my brother-in-law’s cock and balls – the taste, the feel – amazing! Slurping, licking, sucking kissing – using all the tools I had on offer – lips, mouth, tongue, hands. This was wild and fun and horny all at the same time! And those hands of his. They just probed and prodded and worked my ass – and I was never so horny in all my life! I was desperate for anything he wanted; I was aching for him like a wild a****l in heat! But it was all too much. I had to pull my cock out of his mouth or I was going to cum! And I shoot huge loads. I didn’t want to do that to him. So I pulled out and explained to him right away. He just laughed! “You stupid fuck! Why do you think I’m doing this? Just for fun! You think I’m sucking your cock and don’t want your cum?” And he went down on me again, not worrying that I wasn’t doing anything for him. (More to follow)

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