Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 03


Everyone in this story if above 18. There is some extended play that involves bodily functions, so if that is not something you want to read about, you should not read this story.


As you know by now, I’m 21 and single and living at home and working full-time. I like my job, which is in the financial realm but I’m still thinking about getting my degree and then maybe doing a business degree while I’m working. My brother is two years younger and still in college but he too lives at home.

Beginning when I caught him jerking off in my panties, our relationship has developed in a very pleasant way. This little incident put me in control and now we have become fairly constant lovers. Our bedrooms adjoin a common bathroom and we are away from our parents, who really don’t bother us much.

I’ve always been close with my mother’s younger sister, Aunt Kay, who really is only a few years older than I am. We get along well and I suppose you may be starting to get the idea that I tend to be the one who’s in control because I first started exercising my natural command style with Aunt Kay.

She would visit us and end up spending more time with me than with Mom, probably because she’s ten years younger than my mother and has more in common with me, in terms of how she dresses and what kind of music she likes. Aunt Kay is somewhat diminutive in size, with sandy blonde hair and a nice, petite figure, so she looks younger than she is.

Once when she was over and we were sitting on my bed chatting as usual, she mentioned that she had gotten behind on handling the bills for her household, which only consists of her and my Uncle Lee. I told her that if she didn’t keep up with that and do what she needed to do, I might have to punish her.

“Oh, Susan,” she said rather surprised, “and how will you punish me?”

“My dear Aunt Kay,” I said with a touch of firmness in my tone, “I will have you lift up your skirt, and then I will pull down your panties, put you across my lap, and spank you until you understand your responsibilities.”

Aunt Kay giggled, which made me all the more inclined to make sure she was spanked soon, perhaps the next time she visited.

Not long after, I received a telephone call from her. It seems that she and Uncle Lee now had to pay a fairly substantial penalty because she had not renewed some promissory notes they had taken out. She sounded embarrassed to be talking about what came next.

“Susan,” she said slowly, “I’m afraid you are going to have to punish me the way you described the last time I was over at your place. Lee is furious with me but really is not the kind of man who would ever want to strike a woman. When he told me that something drastic needed to happen to straighten me out, I suggested that you might be the one to change my behavior, and I told him how you said you would punish me.

“He said that I really need a crash course in behaving like a mature person and that he had a lot of confidence in your ability to provide it to me,” she went on. “In future, he would like to be able to refer this directly to you and send you some sort of communication that indicates the kind of punishment he has in mind to suggest to you.

“This all took me by surprise,” Kay said pensively. “I do agree that I behaved badly and am willing to do what he says and ask you to punish me appropriately. I do hope you will say that this is all right with you and that I can come over to be disciplined by you.”

This was all happening very quickly. I was surprised by the formality of the way she was speaking but guessed that that was indicative of this being a serious matter for both of them.

I responded by saying that I had been worried that her carelessness could cause something like this to happen and that she should definitely come over here this afternoon and plan on getting disciplined in the manner I had described.

I listened to a gulp on the other end of the phone line and said firmly, “Kay, I expect you to be here in my bedroom at 4 P.M. sharp. You need to come in by our separate halkalı escort entrance so that my mother is not aware of your visit.”

Kay thanked me for thinking of that and clearly did not want her sister to know about what she had done nor that I was going to be the one to hold her to account. I reminded her to be on time and we said good-bye.

Promptly at 4 P.M., I heard a quiet knock on our door and I went down and let Kay in. She was wearing one of her usual dresses and low heels. I was pleased that her hair looked clean and had likely been cut not long ago. But her face was red as we walked into my bedroom.

“You know that I warned you this could happen if you didn’t start paying attention to your responsibilities,” I began lecturing her. “So now you’re back and I will be punishing you like a little girl, Kay.”

“Oh, Susan,” she said with almost a cry in her voice, “I’m so ashamed that it has come to this but if you don’t punish me, and write a note to Lee outlining what you have done, I’ll be in even more trouble, so I guess we might as well get on with it.”

“Very well,” I said. “Let’s take care of this and then we can chat. Kay, stand up right there and pull your dress up above your waist and keep it up there.”

I was surprised that she seemed so docile and willing to go along with what I had described to her the last time we had chatted here. When she had complied with my first order, I stood behind her, put my thumbs in her pale blue panties, and pulled them down to her ankles.

I found it interesting that Kay had put on a white garter belt and had stockings attached to it. She really looked kind of cute in her lingerie. I took a look at the crotch of her panties and was not too surprised to find that Kay had not taken much care to wipe herself properly after using the toilet as evidenced by the several stains in her panties.

A little embarrassment about this at the start seemed in order.

“Kay,” I began, “if Lee had not indicated that you needed to be punished, I would have come to that same conclusion because your panty crotch is shameful. If you report to me in future for disciplining with panties stained like these are, I will add extra punishment for you and may require you to come see me when you need to use the toilet so I may supervise your wiping,” I said very directly.

Kay’s face was now very red with humiliation and I decided not to comment further except to take her across my lap, which she assisted me in moving there, and then couldn’t resist saying, “Kay, I see you are dressed like a big girl but you have been acting like a spoiled little girl who doesn’t do what she needs to do. We’ll see about correcting you so that this won’t need to happen again.”

“Oh Susan,” she again began, “I’m so sorry that it has come to this but please go ahead and do what you have to do.”

I was staring at her bare bottom which was fairly prominent for her small size and I put my hand in between her thighs to get her to spread her legs a little. This made her whole private area visible from the rear and I could see her slit and the hair between her legs and her very cute little anal rosette, which also had some hair around it. It was clear Aunt Kay had not joined the ranks of the shaven down there.

Now I started spanking her bottom cheeks with my right hand, alternating cheeks as the spanks grew stronger in intensity. I felt Kay start to whimper and after I had brought her bottom to a very rosy color, I reached for my hairbrush and began using that to spank her. Now she began to cry and at the same time, she seemed to be turned on because she was moving her bottom in a sort of rhythm.

“Kay,” I said, stopping the hairbrushing for a moment, “are you getting off on this?”

“I guess it excites me a little, Susan, although it does hurt, especially when you use the hairbrush,” she said in a very embarrassed tone.

I decided to up the ante a tad. I reached down between her legs and ran my finger into her furrow and when I reached her vaginal opening, I let my finger penetrate başakşehir escort into her vagina. It was very wet and she was clearly turned on and maybe even near cumming.

I removed my finger and now inserted it gently into her little anal rosette in the rear. I slowly insinuated it into her rectum and she started to complain but then exploded into what was obviously a rather major orgasm.

“So punishing you and fingering your back door turns you on, sweetie?” I inquired.

Kay was still coming down from her explosive cum but managed to murmur that she appreciated my attentions.

“Now I need to report on this visit in writing for you to give to Lee,” I said as Kay seemed more embarrassed. “I hope I can rely on you to give this to him and I will seal it so he gets to see it without your viewing it beforehand. That is part of your punishment, sweetie,” I added.

I sat down at my desk and took out some notepaper and penned a short note to Uncle Lee:

“Dear Uncle Lee,

“Kay has reported to me today for disciplining in accordance with your request she transmitted to me. I spanked her on her bare bottom and then applied my hairbrush to finish the punishment. Her bottom was quite red after this punishment.

“I am sorry to report that her panties showed significant staining in the crotch, primarily, it would appear from her carelessness in wiping after she uses the toilet. In future, you may wish to advise me in your requests for her discipline as to whether you have found any improvement in her state of cleanliness after bathroom usage.

“When you send me e-mails requesting her punishment, it will be most effective if you give me an idea of the level of punishment you would like me to impose and any description of the offenses or misbehavior that occasioned your request.

“I very much appreciate your confidence in having Aunt Kay report to me for disciplining and will always try to be supportive to you in improving her behavior.



I handed the note, now sealed in one of my envelopes, to Kay and told her I expected her to give it to Uncle Lee without opening it.

“Now I think we need to go into my bathroom for the final part of your punishment,” I announced as I saw my aunt’s face cringe with shame.

I took her by the hand, since her walking was made more difficult by her panties at her ankles, and escorted her right into the bathroom Rob and I share. I told Kay to sit on the toilet facing the back so that I might check on the cleanliness of her bottom hole area.

Kay sat down although her red bottom cheeks made any contact with the seat obviously painful. I bent down to hold her cheeks apart and took a small white cloth which I pressed into her crack and even into her anal rosette. I then brought it up to both examine visually and to smell. Kay failed on both accounts.

“Kay,” I stated, “you have clearly not wiped properly as your bottom hole is dirty. I can even smell the doody on this cloth.”

The use of the juvenile word (I can’t stand the euphemism used with children and now others—poop) embarrassed her still more.

“I’m horribly embarrassed, Susan,” she said as she tried not to cry, “and I actually do feel good that you have taken the trouble to correct me and try to improve the way I behave.”

“Do you need to make a doody now, Kay?” I asked, in my fairly dominant but concerned voice.

“Yes…,” Kay answered haltingly, “can I go ahead and do that, and then yes, it would be so nice if you actually did wipe me. I know it’s very embarrassing to be wiped at my age by someone younger but it seems to be what I need.”

I was amazed at Kay’s docility in wanting to go ahead and have a bowel movement in front of me, and then to have me wipe her bottom-hole clean. I can’t imagine having anyone (well, maybe Rob, now that we’ve become so close, but still…) watch me do that or wipe me afterward.

“You may go ahead and make your doody,” I told Kay, purposely using the childish word.

She strained kadıköy escort bayan a little but soon a medium-sized sausage slid out of her little hole and fell into the water.

“Is that all for now?” I asked.

“Yes, I think so,” she said in small voice reflecting her embarrassment.

I took some tissue and wiped her, reaching between her legs to wipe her front to back. Then I wiped her again in the rear a couple of times and did look at the tissue to see I had gotten her clean back there.

“You may pull up you panties now, Kay,” I said in a very friendly way. “Today’s activity is over and I hope we can now behave as the friends we have been for so long.”

“Oh, yes, Susan,” Kay said with a lot of emotion, “I’m so sorry that this did happen but you have really helped probably save my marriage, Susan, and I’m grateful to you even though my bottom does sting.”

“Kay, I’m just pleased that I was able to be of help when this happened,” I said with genuine caring. “I love you very much and hope that this will have the effect we both are expecting.”

I made sure no one was around when she left and walked quickly down the street to where she had parked her car so my mother wouldn’t spot it.


After Kay left, Rob returned home from his afternoon class at the university. He was in a good mood when he came into my room and took me in his arms and hugged me. It really felt good.

“Susie Q,” he said, “did I see Aunt Kay leaving a little while ago as I was driving home?”

“Yes, she was here visiting me,” I said.

“Was this something special? Did she spend time with Mom, too?”

“No,” I replied, and decided to tell him what had happened. “She actually came here to be disciplined by me.” Then I went on and described the whole visit in some very specific detail.

“Wow,” he said with a huge grin, “I’d have loved to have seen that, Sis.”

“I may let you be here the next time and I’m fairly sure there will be a next time,” I answered. “I had to write the note to Uncle Lee telling him what happened and I expect he will decide to have her come to me again when he feels she needs some ‘maintenance’.”

Mom and Dad had again gone out for the evening so I started unbuttoning Rob’s shirt and he proceeded to unzip and remove his trousers. I went ahead and unbuttoned my blouse, took off my skirt and stood there for a moment in bra and panties, with my thigh-his and pumps still on.

Rob slipped off his cotton undershirt and his boxers, as well as his socks and shoes and I immediately started lavishing my attentions on his marvelous tool, which quickly began to get firmer and harder and longer.

I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and began to lick it from the base to the tip. Rob managed to unhook my bra and start playing with my boobs as my nipples got harder and pointy.

He came in my mouth with rather little effort on my part and yes, I managed to swallow it although it will never be my absolute favorite.

Rob now had his fingers in my pants and slowly edged them down and worked his fingers into my bush and started teasing my clit, which was getting larger very quickly. I also found myself wet, probably from when I was disciplining Kay.

“Did punishing her turn you on a lot?” Rob asked as we both found our way under the covers and I decided to be the one on top. I sat facing him and reached down to aim his cock right at my vaginal opening.

“Yes, I admit that it did,” I said. “It was this incredible feeling of being in control. With you I love the way we know what each other wants but with her, I wasn’t too sure so I mostly did what I felt I would want to happen in that kind of situation.”

“I’d like to be there next time, if you don’t think it would freak her out too much,” Rob observed.

“I think we can do that,” I grinned at him as I started moving up and down on top of him and feeling his wonderful large cock fill me up as I moved myself up and down on it.

“I’m going to be more careful about whether or when I decide that you can have sex with her,” I added, knowing that his desire was certainly great enough to encompass getting inside his docile aunt.

And then I felt him spurt deep inside me and I myself was off into the stars of my mind and I slowly came down and rested on top of my darling brother.

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