Brotherhood is Forever, Part 2


Angie closed her eyes a moment, then opened them again, her resolve doubled in the time it took her to slow blink. The action gave me a moment to study her beautiful eyes. Almond-shaped, they were accentuated by her carefully and expertly applied makeup. Eyeliner reshaped each eye slightly, evening out the differences between left and right, and elongating the ends. Eyeshadow faded smokily into the smooth, flawless skin around each eye. Barely reaching two perfectly tweezed eyebrows, swooping like the gentle path of a paper airplane gliding through still air. The whites of her eyes were like freshly washed old porcelain. With fine, barely perceptible güvenilir bahis lines breaking the surface of a glistening, pure white. Her eyeballs were a hazel green, glinting with flecks of gold, arranged in rows and rays, at the center of which were her dark, narrow pupils.She was in full command of her faculties. Sober as a judge, this time. And twice as resolved again as when I began to study her lovely eyes. I knew, right then, that she would never disobey us, her Mistress and I, by default her Master. I could ask for her life, and she would give it with only as much hesitation as it would take to muster her courage. I knew I was in love güvenilir bahis siteleri with Sandy, and in that moment I knew that as much as I loved that woman, I would never, could never love her or anything as much as my little sister loved the love of our lives.Something like that, you just have to accept. And I felt that piece click into place. Never to come loose.I stood and reached for her. She was trembling, and not with fear. I drew her close, and she drifted to me until we stood inches apart, my manhood resting against her belly. I took her lovely face in my hand, gently, and tilted those gorgeous eyes up to look into mine.”We’re iddaa siteleri in love with the same woman, little sister. I won’t give her up and neither will you.”She nodded, holding my gaze. “We’re a package deal, Mike. She and I.””I love you, too, you know.””And I love you. Let me show you…”She slowly sank to her knees before me, her fingernails gently raking over my bare, bulging chest, over the ripples of my stomach, until her pursed lips made contact with the rampant head of my manhood. She sank evenly, her motion unslowed, unbroken, parting her lips just enough to drag them delightfully along my length as she took me in. As my crown slid over her soft tongue and reached the back of her throat, she tilted her head forward, and continued taking me deep. Never slowing down or breaking pace, until my balls rested on her elegant chin and I was as deep inside her as she could get me.

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