Subject: Brothers/Best Friends Chapter 2 Brothers/Best Friends Chapter Two Welcome to Nifty. It is a great site for reading about all kinds of experiences. Please donate to help keep this wonderful site up and running. This is a story that is somewhat true about two Brothers having sex. All the legal stuff is in effect. If this offends you, please do not read it. Chapter Two Little more information about Mark and myself. We both have a love for music as I mentioned in chapter one. I love to sing and I can play anything that has a keyboard. Also play a banjo. Marks plays the guitar and also has a great singing voice. Now let me introduce a few of our friends. There are the twins Jerry and Gary 11 years old both blond hair blue eyes and they weigh all of 100 pounds very active, The two girls (Sisters) Karen and Jenny. Karen is 13 long black hair pretty green eyes and loves to swim as much as I do. Jenny is 12 short black hair and also has green eyes and is into dancing and gymnastics. And two more friends that live on the same block as us Timmy who is also 12 around 100 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes and he like motocross like myself and then there is David almost 12 and just likes hanging with whoever he can. Likes anything that has to do with water. Ok on with the story We were woke Saturday morning and took a shower together and I had different feelings for Mark after our little fun last night. We didn’t talk about it at all in the shower. When we got out we could smell the breakfast that Mom was cooking. We knew for sure we were having bacon. We put on a pair of shorts (No undies to hot) and a t-shirt and practically ran downstairs to the kitchen. Mom said we sounded like a herd of Elephants. We laughed and sat at the table. Morning Mom Mark said, good morning Mom I said. Mom turned and looked at us and said good morning my two little handsome men. Mom asked us what our plans were for today. I told here we were going to me up with our friends (Mentioned above) at the park and just ride. That is when I asked her if we can have out pool party this coming week like maybe Tuesday or Thursday because she works Monday and Wednesday Friday. Mom said ok how about Thursday I can change my Friday with one of the other nurses and work Saturday, so I won’t be so tired when I go in. Mark and I said yes and gave each other a high five. Mom put the food on the table which consisted of French toast, home fries, sausage, bacon and of course eggs. We ate our feast helped Mom clean off the table and wipe down the table and told her we were headed out and will be back for lunch. “How many will be here for lunch”? I’m not sure might be the whole group I said. She looked at me and said NOOOOOOOO. Mark and I laughed and went out the garage door hopped on our bikes and we were off. We were at the park first. There was baseball practice going on and Mark wanted in so bad. That was out of his league. T-ball were practicing. His practice was next Monday the same as my motocross. The other kids started showing up. First it was Karen and Jenny then the twins and then Timmy and finally the one who seems like he has no care in the world David. We got on our bikes and just rode wherever we felt like going. A couple of times around the park then up and down the neighborhoods. Karen and I rode together I kind of have a crush on her. Mark rode with Jenny I think she has a crush on him. The other four took turns swapping riding partners. After about two hours we were dying of thirst and headed to the convenience store. When we got there Kevin was working and we all said hi at the same time. He looked up and said OH NO hells angels. We all laughed. We went to the coolers and looked them over and I grabbed a Pepsi, Mark grabbed his usual cream soda. I looked around for Jenny and Karen and did not see them. I went back outside after putting my drink on the counter and they were there just waiting. “You girls aren’t thirsty” I asked? We didn’t bring any money. OH man come on I will buy your drinks. They both smiled at me and walked in and went to the cooler. Jenny of course grabbed a cream soda because that is what Mark had and Karen grabbed orange soda. Mark told Jenny she might not like that, so she put it back and grabbed grape. I paid for the four of us and out we went to sit on the tables with the rest of the crew. While we were sitting there Mr. and Mrs. Chase pulled up and got out. They were and older couple in there 70’s but were great. They looked our way and said”Hi Kids”. We all said hi and waved to them. “Nice kids” Mrs. Chase said. After about a half hour we finished our drinks threw our bottles away and off we went for the second part of our ride. This time we were headed for the trails. It was cooler there with the trees. We ended up at the creek as usual and dropped out bikes took off our shoes and waded in the water. It was cool and refreshing. Felt great. We got out and went and sat in the grass. Chatting about everything from music to school to food and all kinds of things. I looked over at Mark and he wasn’t looking his happy self. I was wondering what was on his mind. I walked over to him and sat next to him and Jenny was on the other side talking to Karen. I whispered in his ear, “what’s up”? “I miss Dad” and I could see a tear forming. Karen looked at me and Mark and started to say something. I looked at her and shook my head kocaeli escort no and mouthed the word Dad. Karen shook her head and went over to the rest of the kids and got their attention to make sure that it would not focus on Mark. I told Mark that I did to and comforted him by wrapping my arms around him. I let him sob for a little bit and brought him up to where his face met mine and gave him a little kiss and he perked up. I had him wipe his eyes and go wash his face in the creek. The other kids asked where he was going and I told them he was going to wash his face because he was sweaty. They all got up and did the same. Jenny made a bee line right for Mark. It was so funny. Karen came to me and I thanked her and gave her a kiss on the cheek for keeping the other kids attention. I told here that today was our Fathers birthday and he just remembered. She had a sad look on her face and gave me a hug and I had all I could do from loosing it myself. When all settled down that is when I got everyone’s attention and mentioned the pool party. “Does anyone have plans for Thursday”? heard a bunch of no’s. OK we are having a pool party Thursday at our house and ALL of you are invited. They yelled and hollered. Mark and I looked at each other and smiled. That is when I whispered to Mark, Mom said we can invite any two we wanted to spend the night. Mark looked at me. “Who do you want”. I said “well the twins haven’t stayed over in a while. Timmy and David have, and even Karen and Jenny have. So, he said “twins it is”. I told him not to say anything to the others and we will tell the twins when we go home. OK he said with a smile and we ready to hit the trail and head back. We got to our house about 11:30 and were hot and sweat so we went straight to the backyard and in the screen room. Again, we took off our shoes and sat with our feet in the water. Mom came out and said, “anyone want pizza for lunch”? We all raised our hands. Next was what kind. We all started talking at the same time. I heard pepperoni sausage cheese mushrooms bacon, I looked at Mom and she was shaking here head. I started laughing and she came up behind me and pushed me in the pool. Well it game on everyone was in the pool. Mom laughed and went in and ordered the pizza. She came back out with a bunch of towels and put them on the table. Ok everyone out of the pool your Mom’s are going to kill me if they find out you went in the pool with your regular clothes on. All of us had shorts and t-shirts on so I don’t think it mattered. “I can call all of your parents to have them bring you dry clothes. Everyone said at the same time “NO” it will keep us cool. OK mom said and went back in the house to wait for the pizza. It was about 40 minutes when the pizza arrived, I grabbed the money from the stand and went to meet the driver. It was Terry. He was 17 and worked at the pizza place because his grandad owned it. Even though he is older the me I hung out with him sometimes. He was a good guy kind of kept to himself and had very few friends. I gave him the money and he was about to give me change when I told him that Mom said keep it. He smiled and put it in his pocket and pulled the bag from his car. You think you can handle these. I looked in the bag and saw 4 pizzas. I sure I would be able to but I called for Mark to come help me. He came out and Terry gave him two and I took the other two. He said thanks and started to get in his car. “Hey Terry” I said. “Do you have to work Thursday?” “No” he said to me with a curious look on his face. “Chris is working Thursday why”? “We are having a pool party and you are invited; you can bring a friend if you want” Terry looked at me and said “sure I will be here, what time”? “Anytime after 10”. “OK I will bring some pizza’s”. OK see you Thursday. I went in with the other two pizza’s and everyone was staring at me. I thought they were going to attack. I set them on the table and opened them up. Even though we were in the pool Mom made us wash our hands and then we grabbed plates and we formed a line and went around the table grabbing the pizza we wanted. There were different kinds of drinks on the table with a bunch of cups filled with ice. Mom picked up the telephone and started calling the parents to tell them their kids were here eating lunch. We chowed down and some of us went back for seconds. I almost forgot to tell Mom that I told all the others that we were having a pool party Thursday. Mom looked at me and said “you could have mentioned that earlier while I was on the phone the parents” I looked at her with my puppy eyes and said “OOPS” sorry. She picked up the phone and started calling again. I knew some of the parents would show up, but I also knew some would not. As she was on the phone, I also told her that I invited Terry giggled and walked away. She shook her fist at me and smiled. I went out to the tables by the pool and sat next to Mark across from Karen. Jenny was on the other side of Mark. I winked at Karen and moved my head in the direction of Jenny and Mark, and she smiled and shook here head yes. I don’t know if Mark realizes it or not, but I think he has a crush on Jenny. We finished our lunch and threw our plates and cups away in the recycle bins. Mark and I went in to help put the rest of the pizza away. There wasn’t much left. WE CHOWED DOWN. Mark took the pizza boxes to the trash and Mom and I were going to darıca escort wipe down the tables, but the others used the towels and wiped them down. They were old towels, so Mom did not mind. She was ready to tear them up and use them for rags. After lunch we got back on our bikes and took off to the park where we rode around for a while. Eventually everyone had to get home. I reminded them that pool party Thursday. They waved and we went our separate ways. Gary and Jerry rode with us back to their house and that is when we told them. “Hey guys our Mom told us we could have a sleepover Thursday; do you guys want to spend the night”? I never seen two happier boys in my life. They both said yes and had great big smiles on their faces. “OK I said but you have to promise you can’t say anything to the others”. “We don’t want to make them jealous OK”? They both nodded their heads yes and I said that my Mom would call their Mom to make the arrangements. OK they said and off to their house they went. Mark and I got home and went in through the garage door as usual and Mom was in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. We walked up to her and through our arms around her and gave her a big hug. “What was that for”? “Just because” we said. “Awe that is sweet, now go get your trunks on and get in the pool you stink”. We laughed and Mark lifted his arm like he was going to put his armpit in her face. “Don’t you dare mister”!!! We ran upstairs and got into our trunks and grabbed fresh towels and headed to the pool. I thought to myself that we were going to have to do all our cleaning tonight (because we had to do it on Saturdays). I yelled over to Mark to strip his bed and we will do that load first. Then we will do the rest of the laundry. “Oh man I forgot”. “So did I”. We grabbed the clothes off our bedroom floors and put them in the hamper as well as what was in the bathroom. When we got downstairs went to the garage and put the sheets off our beds in the washer along with the towels and face clothes. We had one of the new-fangled ones where you did not have to worry about the size of the load the washer knew it so to speak. Mark looked at me and said,” do you want to do our cleaning now so we don’t get all sweaty when we get out of the pool”? “Good idea” I said and back upstairs we went. We cleaned our rooms (except for making the beds) we hated trying to fold those damn fitted sheets, so we put the same ones back on when they were clean. Then came the bathroom. We did rock paper scissors for the toilet. I lost. Mark laughed and he got the bottle of spray and went in the shower and sprayed everything down. He had to let it set for about 10 minutes for it to foam up. I put bleach in the toilet and put on the gloves and used the brush to clean it and then used an old sponge to wipe down the outside and around the base. When I was done, I threw the sponge in the small can we had in there and pulled out the bag. Mark finished wiping down the walls and tub and took the sprayer and rinsed it all down. We were done. I grabbed the trash and we headed downstairs and went to the garage. I put the trash in the can and Mark took the sheets out of the washer and put them in the dryer. We separated our clothes pants shirts shorts shirts and undies and socks which went in the same load. They went in first. We went back in and Mom was standing there and said “I thought you boys forgot today was Saturday”. “Nope” we said looking at each other giggling. We went out and jumped in the pool because we still stunk. Mom surprised us by getting in as well. She usually waited because we splashed around too much and she usually wanted to just relax and swim. She joined in on the fun and we all had a good time. Mark got out and said he was going to put another load in the washer. Mom told him just to put the sheets on the sofa and we can take them up later. He dried off and wrapped a towel around himself and went on his way. I told Mom about him breaking down and telling me he missed Dad. She looked at me and said she was glad I was there to comfort him. He came back in about 10 minutes took off the towel and jumped back in splashing both of us. We fooled around for about half hour more before getting out and sitting on the chairs to semi dry off. I wrapped a towel around myself and headed for the garage to put in another load. I put the boxers and socks on the sofa with the sheets and put the shorts and shirts that Mark put in the washer in the dryer. I then put our school clothes in and started both machines. That just left us with towels and face clothes. We finished drying off and went to our rooms with the sheets and undies and socks and just threw them on my bed. We went in the fresh cleaned bathroom and rinsed off the chlorine and dried off. We put on fresh (Still warm) boxers and t-shirts and went back downstairs. When we got to the kitchen Mom was putting stuff out for sandwiches for dinner. It was about 7 and we were starving. Mom told me to go to the fridge in the garage and get us some drinks. I already know what Mark wanted, I grabbed Kool aid for me and Mom. We made our sandwiches and had chips with them and chatted about the party Thursday. Mom was telling us that Tuesday we would have to go shopping to get the stuff for the party so not to make plans. All the other families will be bringing things as well. I told here that Terry will gölcük escort be bringing pizza as well. Mom wrote everything down and we cleaned up and went into the living room. I went to the garage and dragged Mark with me so he could bring the clothes in from the dryer. I threw in the towels and face cloths and we were almost done with laundry. We finished the laundry and brought our school clothes up and put them on hangers and folded our underwear and socks and put them away. We folded the towels and face cloths and put them away. I helped Mark make his bed and he helped me with mine. We went back downstairs and sat on the sofa together and Mom was in her chair and we watched tv for a while. I looked down and Mark was asleep. I looked at Mom and she also was asleep. I nudged Mark and told him lets go to bed. I walked over to Mom and kissed her on the cheek and she opened her eyes. “Sorry Mom didn’t mean to wake you”. “Its ok honey I need to go to bed too”. Mark gave her a kiss and a hug and we headed to our rooms. When we got upstairs Mark asked if he could sleep with me. I kind of think it was because he was remembering Dad and didn’t want to sleep alone. I said ok and we went to my room. I pulled back the top sheet and we crawled in pulled the sheet up to our waist and chatted for a little bit. Mark was so cute and I started getting really weird feelings for him. It was sometime around 11 when we fell asleep. I woke up with Marks back pushed into my chest and my arm around him. I looked at the clock and it was 2:27. I had to pee but did not want to disturb Mark. Me having to pee won. I slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom closed the door and turned on the light. When I was done I shut the light off before opening the door and went back to the bed. Mark was facing the other direction when I crawled back in. He looked at me and smiled. “I love you David” “I love you to Mark”. “You ok”? “Yup” just a little problem he said. “What’s that” he pulled the covers down and showe me that he had hardon going. I asked “do you have to pee”? “Nope” he grinned. I smiled back at him and asked if he wanted to take care of it. I could have swore he took off his shirt and undies off at the same time. There he was naked just as the day he was born. I was thinking he was going to start stroking his pole while I watched. Next thing I knew he had his hand in the waist band of my boxers pulling them down. I took off my shirt and put it on the pole of the bed and rolled over facing him and said that he should go get a towel or face cloth so we have something to clean up with. He went to the bathroom and came back with one of the old towels and put it on the bed pole on his side of the bed. I asked Mark if he wanted to try something a little different this time. “OK what is it” I told him it would feel just as good as what we did the last time if not better. “OK” I was scared to do this but I could not help myself. I rolled over on my back and told Mark to get on top of me. He looked at me and that is when I thought I may have crossed the line. Next thing I heard was “are we going to hump each other”? I asked him how he knew what that was. “Some of the guys told me about it”. “That is how it is done with girls”. I said ok jut making sure. Mark got on top of me and I told him to make sure that our dicks are together. He moved around so that we were dick on dick. I then told him to start moving his butt up and down and gave him a little sample by moving so that our dicks were rubbing together. He started humping me in a slow manner and it felt great. I didn’t think I was going to make it to far. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and started pushing up while he was pushing down. We had a great rhythm going. I was really feeling good at this point and Mark was well. I could tell by the moaning he was doing. He was really moving so slow humping me that if felt like I was in heaven. I could feel the wetness between us from both of us sending out precum. That was turning me on as well. Next thing I knew I heard Marks breathing getting faster he was moaning a little louder which made me do the same. And suddenly without picking up any speed he blew. This time it wasn’t just four little spurts, it was like he was pissing on me. I shot my load as well and man it was a big one as well. Mark finished and relaxed on top of me mixing our juices together. I could have sworn I shot another stream when he did that. Our bodies relaxed and he was on top of me looking into my face. He had the biggest smile that I have ever seen on him. “Mark I don’t know how you did that but man that was awesome”. He gave me a kiss and rolled off and grabbed the towel and started cleaning us up. I have to say it took my dick a little bit to go down after that. I think I could have gone another round. I looked at the clock and it was 3:15 and we still had time to get some more sleep. Mark got up and put the towel in the hamper and took a pee and washed his hands and came back in. I got up and did the same. When I got back to the bed Mark said he wanted to stay in my bed. I said ok and we pulled the covers up to our waist after putting our undies back on. Now it was my turn. “Mark” “Yeah” “I love you very much”, “me too David’. When we woke the next morning, we had one of the longest kisses we ever had. Climbed out of bed put on our t-shirts and went downstairs. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed chapter two. Another chapter is in the works (if I get good comments) which will be the finale chapter. It will be much longer. If you wish to make comments please feel free to email me hoo Be safe all.

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