Subject: GAY/INCEST “BROTHERS GO HUNTING” Chapter 3 BROTHERS GO HUNTINGby Mike hoo Dear Nifty reader. Authors enjoy your feedback, so if you will, please take a moment to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback. ALSO, please fty if you can make any donations. They deliver a real benefit to all, and especially in these days of pandemic and to shut-ins around the world. The donation details appear on the site’s home page. III. The guys hit Ducky’s Café soon after 9. The usual morning rancher-crowd had long since cleared out and a few locals, mostly older coffee drinkers, clustered at the far end of the diner sharing stories and tales and paid no attention to Bryan and his clients as they came in. The three took a table at the 4 seat set up near the front windows and waited for Elle, the dyed blonde waitress to bring water, coffee, set-ups and menus to the scruffy bunch of hunters with their hunky guide. Bryan and Elle spoke, did their play game of flirting and Bryan tongue-wagging tease, then she left them to the menu decision, before returning with coffee refills and to get their orders. Jim and Ed ordered Ducky’s Best Breakfast- a short stack, 3 pieces of bacon, 3 eggs any way, grilled potatoes and onions topped with cheese and jalapenos, a cinnamon roll, juice and of course coffee. Bryan was a bit more restrained and just ordered 3 scrambled eggs, wheat toast, fries and stuck with more coffee. As they discussed the morning hunt and whether they should get back out there again for a repeat or wait until Sunday, Elle brought their breakfasts and all three stopped abruptly to feed. The munching and gobbling sounds at the table were reminiscent of the hunting feasts of old, when mead was the favored drink of the Viking and Anglo-Saxons. Ed was ready to turn the post hunt lust into current play, but Jim prevailed and they agreed on a repeat hunt after lunch; giving the guys ample time to get their full bag limit later today and Sunday, if needed. Their meal done, bill paid, ample tip left, the 3 guys headed back to the cabin. Bryan’s cell lit up. Jack Meadows, the 32 year-old son was calling asking a packaging question, at which point Bryan asked the pair of clients how they wanted the meat and both agreed to a donation of the meat to a local charity, county food bank or any needy families the Meadows knew of, and for them (the Meadows and Game Warden Jeff) to decide. Bryan smiled and gave them a thumbs up for their gratuity. The drive went on, the sun now almost noon, Ed was edgy and needed dick, specifically Bryan’s. Jim’s cell went off before they could get back to the cabin. Uncle Bill was calling to ask if they were at the camp or when they’d arrive? Jim learned that Bill and his boys, Mitch and Mike were at the Super 8, which coincidentally is next to Ducky’s Café, and they were down for a hunt and were looking to line up Bryan as their guide. Jim relayed that they were headed back to the cabin, that Bryan had taken them out on a successful morning hunt, delivered the hogs to Meadows, just finished breakfast at Ducky’s and were going out on an afternoon hunt to try and finish up their bag limit. Jim handed the cell to Bryan, who agreed to help Bill and the boys out, but only after Jim and Ed were done. Bill explained his boys had a week off and the south Texas hunt was a spur of the moment decision and that he appreciated Bryan being able to fit them into the hunt schedule. As Bryan was pulling off the county road onto the gravel trail leading to the cabin, he dialed Mr. Higgins and asked about an afternoon hunt repeat and whether he had anyone kaynarca escort booked for Sunday as he had a new set of clients; and whether he had any nuisance feral hogs anywhere else on the ranch? As Bryan pulled to a stop at the cabin, he was noting info from Mr. Higgins about another location that had been decimated by a bunch of feral hogs the day before and gave Bryan the combination lock code for the gate near that new area. The call ended, Bryan had to pee and stood beside the big rig taking a long well-deserved piss. Jim and Ed mirrored the pissing scene on their side of the truck, before heading in the cabin. Their gear cleaned up and rifles stowed again, Bryan pulled out a county map and showed the pair where they could hunt next, or go back after the other two younger boars and the couple of sows left from their morning hunt? The pair settled on going to the new area for variety and left the other option for Bill, Mitch and Mike. Bryan agreed, suggested they kick back a bit in advance of the afternoon hunt, stretched his long legs out and in no time, Ed was on his knees blowing the guide; taking him full to the hilt down his throat. Bryan’s hands gripped Ed’s head and guided his throat down on the hard thick 9″ cock. He stood, began jack hammering Ed’s mouth and throat and all too soon was blasting cum loads down Ed’s eager throat. Jim was unable to contain his own lust, had hauled out his meaty dick and was fisting it for all he was worth, watching the scene as his older brother serviced their guide. No sooner had Bryan cum down Ed than Jim too was launching cum rockets across the floor. At this sight, after beating off while sucking Bryan, Ed finally gave it up and shot his load across Bryan’s knee-highs then lapped his own nut off the guide’s boots. The three were spent, made a pot of coffee to recharge, finished it off and climbed back in the F-250 and headed back to Higgins Ranch and the new area for their afternoon hunt. It had been a few years since Bryan had hunted this spot on the ranch. It was more arid. There was an empty stock tank next to a disconnected windmill since the area wasn’t used for grazing this season. Signs of feral hogs rooting up the land were everywhere. Tracks were abundant and as Jim and Ed followed their guide, Bryan peered abruptly at the new sets of tracks, stopped and uttered “cougar”. Rounding the farther side of the tank, an angry flock of buzzards took flight and there the three guys found the remnants of a recent kill. The skull of a large boar with huge curved tusks was being picked clean by buzzards. The spine was bitten in half and hindquarters almost completely gone. Bryan began, “this killer cat is big, knew it from the size of the paw prints, but confirmed here, look at the boar’s skull and the width of the canines that crushed into it; big fucking cat guys we need to be alert” and with that, the trio stood then Bryan climbed the windmill and, hoisting his binoculars to his scowling face, scouted the distant trees for the cat or signs of the feral hogs that might still be about. The signs of the feral hogs led away in the opposite direction from the trees and off toward a rocky drop off and ultimately RR 1711 and gate where the F-250 was parked. Returning back to the hunters, Bryan began, “this cat is not finished with this kill and will be back, I need to reach Mr. Higgins and Jeff” and with that he redialed Higgins and relayed his findings and asked if there’d been any cougar kills or reports elsewhere on the ranch or neighbors? Higgins was negative on any kills on his ranch orhanlı escort or of any neighbors. Bryan ended that call and hit Jeff’s number, relayed his location and findings (including text pics of the paw print, skull — almost 5 ” canine to canine and spine bite marks) and shared that Higgins knew of no other cougar sightings or kills in the area. Jeff then relayed that a north county rancher had reported a pair of cat sightings two days earlier, but then nothing more and there’d been no kills up north. Bryan asked permission to take out the cat if they encountered it or found it threatening cattle or any locals; which Jeff approved and sent a confirming text and reminded the guide that he needed a certified nuisance kill license tag that Jeff would issue him when they next met? While eager and excited, Jim and Ed stayed back from the kill and remained beside Bryan at the base of the windmill, while he finished both calls. The trio then made their way back to the F-250, climbed in and headed to meet Jeff and get the official “kill release” as confirmation of Jeff’s text. Bryan still owed the guys a full hunt and he suggested another spot away from Higgins Ranch where feral hogs were doing major damage on a small Market Farm and the family was having some personal tough times. The guys agreed and Bryan was on the horn to the family, asking permission, even though he knew he needn’t from this family. The dad had been injured in a farming accident and was recovering, and Jared the oldest son, had returned from college to help out on the farm this semester due to his dad’s injuries. The 20 year old stud met the guys at the farm gate off county road 17A, shook hands and led the F-250 in his ATV back to the farmhouse. Jared introduced the hunters and Bryan to his mom, then they went inside to greet his dad Buster and other two siblings (another son and a daughter). Buster was still using a walker and unable to drive or do much, requiring standing or being ambulatory, having broken both legs in the accident. Bryan explained they still had licenses to kill a pair each of boars and sows, but that he had another set of hunter clients (Bill and his sons) who might also be interested in taking out more hogs if Buster agreed? Buster thanked Bryan and the two hunters for helping them out, then Jared led the guys out to a back area near a stock container they used to water 2/3 an acre of mixed vegetables. The hogs had destroyed the potato plants and melons in an adjoining acre and recently tore into this vegetable parcel. Jared led the guys to a worn path leading away from the acre and the 2/3 acre tracts down toward a creek. There they found shade and abundant soil “turnups and wallers” (evidence of hogs wallowing in damp cooler soil). Bryan urged Jared to keep the family in the house until they left, as he felt the extensive soil debris indicated the hogs were still active and may be nearby. The hot 6′ stud returned to his house with Jim looking after him with an eager urge to get him out of his jeans. Bryan set up the hunt. They’d lay low near the “waller” and asked how both were about being up in trees. Both guys were athletic and Bryan held their rifles as both crawled nearby mesquite trees to stage the ambush, after handing the rifles up, Bryan then found another mesquite and clamored up. They waited. Bryan again used hand signs to give Jim and Ed, their respective signals. The three remained up their trees and tried to remain quiet. Bryan listened intently as the wind stirred the mesquite limbs and the slow creaking noises were rhythmic tepeören escort and peaceful, almost lulling the guys who had been awake now over 12 hours, into a nap. There was muffled racket from underbrush at a distance and the three stirred alert. Bryan’s hand went up to gain the hunters’ attention as he strained to hear then use his binoculars to scope out the area of the noise for movement. The noise grew clearer and Bryan knew there was a pack of hogs approaching the “waller”, still out of sight but coming their way. Using his right index finger he directed Jim and Ed to the source of the sound and direction of the approaching pack. Again using the binoculars he saw the 4 lead boars, followed by a pair of younger boars and 6 sows then 4 piglets. He knew they could take 2 boars and 2 sows without impacting the piglets. The shootings might dislodge the rest of the pack from the farm and if not, Bill and his boys would be candidates for a hunt here tomorrow; and get 2 more boars and 2 of the sows; leaving 2 sows and the 4 piglets. Braced in the tree and using one hand on the binoculars and the other to signal Jim and Ed, Bryan held 5 fingers wide- Hold Still, the pack grew closer and now within range, his thumb and index finger formed the “O” Be Ready To Shoot. The full pack entered the open wallow and the hunters made quick work of the 2 forward boars and 2 large sows. The rest dispersed in a wide, loud, squawking frenzy into the grassy underbrush. Bryan scrambled down, took the hunters’ rifles so they could come down from the trees and let them take pics of their kills. It was then that Bryan saw the paw prints. The same big pawed cougar was here, had been here and may be near right now. He didn’t want to alarm anyone else. Buster’s cell rang and Bryan asked if Jared could bring the ATV and a flatbed to the area to help haul out the kills to the F-250? Soon after, Jared and the ATV were headed to the kill zone and the hunters. Once there, Bryan pointed out the paw tracks to Jared before making their way back to the farmhouse. Jim, Ed and Bryan spoke as they made their way to the family and all agreed that if they wanted the meat, they were welcome to it. Bryan extended the offer to Buster and before he could reply, his wife accepted with a huge smile and thanks, freely giving hugs to Jim, Ed and Bryan. Bryan then asked if Buster minded him bringing any other hunters to the property and got a thumbs up agreement. Bryan alerted Buster and his wife to the cougar prints and urged caution when outside. Now it was time to get official and Bryan sent Jeff a text and pics of the kills and decision by the family to accept the meat and would also process it personally. Jeff asked for confirmation and Buster’s wife used her cell to send a confirmation request to Jeff to close the deal. The carcasses still had to be tagged and pics taken to confirm, but once done and more celebratory pics shot, the hunters and their guide helped Jared, his mom and younger brother relocate the hogs to a prep area and they began their slaughter and prepping; then Bryan and the client-pair loaded back in the F-250 and headed into town to meet Jeff to make it official. Back at Meadows’ place, the hunters, Bryan and Jeff did their protocol “thing” and Jeff signed off and update Jim and Ed’s licenses before discussing this cougar finding further. It was supper time and Lone Star time and the three men deserved both. Jeff concluded his visit with Bryan, which confirmed the dimensions of the skull bite as having to be from a huge male, to be careful out there, got the kill certificate, then gave another wink about dropping by later after he finished with his wife’s function, pulled out and headed home, as Bryan, Jim and Ed made their way to the Super 8 to meet with Bill, Mitch and Mike for supper and plan their hunt.

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