Brown Sugar

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Val could feel the bass thump in her bones as she stood cheering in the crowd. It was a local band, but well-known and it was standing room only. She was pressed up against the chain link fence, moving with the tempo, wiggling her body in time with the music.

The crowd was pressed in around her, total strangers rubbing shoulder to shoulder as the band played every song in its repertoire. The smell of sweat and the proximity to others bodies had Val turned on. She had always wanted to be fucked in a crowd, in complete view of everyone. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to live out a fantasy.

She glanced at her boyfriend beside her. He was busy trying to light a joint, fighting to get enough room to get the flame to his mouth. Val frowned. She didn’t like the fact that he smoked weed. She was allergic and had asked him to stop. He didn’t even refuse. He just ignored.

Vale was horny and wanted action. She reached over and grabbed his hand as it went up again, and held it to her crotch. She was wearing bursa escort a miniskirt, and she slid it up so he could feel her panties, already damp with her excitement. He pulled his hand back absently and went back to lighting his joint.

Val huffed and tried to move away, angry, but she felt resistance as she did. As she tried to push back, she felt the unmistakable bulge of someone’s clad cock rubbing against her ass. Her breath caught in her throat. Someone was pressing against her, purposefully moving his bulge between her cheeks through the fabric of the miniskirt. She pressed backwards again, this time rubbing the cock teasingly with her ass. Whoever was behind her grabbed her hips and ground against her.

The band began to play the Stones’ “Brown Sugar” and the crowd went wild. It was a local favorite. Everybody’s eyes were on the stage. Val felt a finger slide her panties aside and slip into her hot pussy. She rocked against it, clenching her walls around the finger. Another finger slipped into her, thrusting bursa escort bayan in deeper. She relished in the feeling, still rubbing her ass against the bulging cock behind her.

She could feel the sudden urgency in the hand that held her, and felt as he pressed backwards against the crowd to unzip his fly. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock push into her ass. She met his push and his long cock slid all the way in.

Val looked at her boyfriend as she rocked against her mysterious lover. He was busy shouting at the band, already stoned. He didn’t notice his girlfriend being fucked by a complete stranger right beside him. Val bit her lip as man behind her continued to fuck her ass, his finger playing with her clit.

She made it good for him. Every time he slid in she relaxed, letting his long cock bury itself as deep in her as he could get it. When he would start to slide out, she would clench, milking his cock with her tight ass. She moved her ass around, giving him different angles in which escort bursa to penetrate her. His finger was soaked as he slid it back into her pussy.

The band played louder and the crowd kept pushing in. Someone knocked her mysterious lover in the back, and he thrust in as deep as he could possibly go, the head of his cock twitching deeper in her than she had ever felt. He ground his hips against her ass, and she squeezed him again as hard as she could.

She felt him begin to shake and as the song wound down, his hot cum spurted up into her hold. The feeling was exquisite and with him fingering her clit, she came with him. She bucked against him, squeezing her ass to get every last drop of cum from him.

He held her to him for a moment longer, and the quietly withdrew. He slid her panties back in place, and patted her ass. She never looked back. She would never know who her mysterious lover was.

Later, at home, her boyfriend was ready to make love. As he slid into her ass, he commented on how juicy she was.

“I really enjoyed the concert,” she said.

“Oh, yeah? Let’s go see them next month.”

The thought of another mysterious fuck sent her over the edge. She came without her boyfriend ever knowing why.

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