Subject: Bruce the Olympian (Bruce Comes Home (3) This is a continuation of the story that I finished some time back about the big gorgeous olympic wrestler from the 80s. I had just seen a video of him on the upcoming olympics and passed glories. And it made me think if the gorgeous bear hunk again. So I figured I would revisit the wrestling God. Again this is complete fiction and does not try to presume Bruce B would have a gay relationship. That would be a gay mans wettest dream. So I hope you enjoy. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Bruce the Olympian (Bruce Comes Home (3) … I had assumed that the magnificent wrestling God had forgotten about me. But nothing could be further than the truth. For as I sat there one evening in my lonely apartment, just staring at the light of the television. Watching but Not really watching something on there when I heard a knock on my door. It was late and I really had no idea who could be there. “Some solicitor” I huffed in annoyance I pondered whether to bother and answer it. But I had one of those peep holes to see who was out there. So I went to the door and pressed my eye to the viewer. And I looked into it to see who was knocking on my door so late. “Ohh my God!” I literally shouted “Bruce!” There he was, standing there at my door. The man I adored. Bruce. But why was he here? I figured he had all but forgotten who I was. But there he stood, big and beefy and as handsome as ever. He was in a buttoned down shirt and jeans. He looked at me and smiled. “Hi” he said as I opened the door “How are you?” “Him. Oh hi” I stumbled to get out “What. What are you doing here?” “Can I come in?” He then asked as i hesitated “Oh. Shit. Sure, yeah come in” He stepped in and then I closed bursa escort the door behind him. I turned and looked at the big man in my place. It had been ages since I had seen him in the flesh. And I felt an ache as I saw him. A longing that had not been quenched by hus absence. Bruce then started by apologizing for not being around. Talking about how busy he was. And I knew it. I had seen it and heard about it. The career and coaching and if course his life. “That’s okay” I said cutting him off “You are a busy man” “And its not like we are. Uhm anything.” “You are married” “So please. Don’t. Don’t worry about it” He looked at me his eyes getting softer. I half smiled at him and asked if he wanted some water or something. “Sure” he said back to me I went to the kitchen and to the fridge. Grabbed a bottle water and turned to head back to him. But as I did I saw him there at the doorway to my kitchen. He looked so massive and imposing. He was close too. Very close. “Uhm, here” I said as I handed him the bottle “I missed you” he then said “Uhm” I spit out. Not sure what to say Bruce then placed his hand in the fridge door. Then he placed the bottle on top of the fridge. He then grabbed my arm softly. He pulled me away from the fridge and closed the door. Then his strength easily pulling me to him and into his arms. Bruce pulled me in and hugged me. I felt him against me and I sighed. My body loosening up in his huge arms. I gave in to him. And he felt soo good and smelled so good. So I placed my head on his shoulders and let him hug me there in the kitchen After a nice long hug. A long quiet hug with Bruce’s hands caressing at my back, he pulled from me. We stopped and I looked at his soft tender eyes. Then I looked at those lips under escort bayan that mustache. Those very kissable lips. My eyes then darted between the lips and his eyes. Back and forth until bruce made the first move. His meaty hand reached up to my face and then he pulled me to his lips. And then we did kiss. And instantly I was lost in it, in him. “Bruce!” My head was shouting “Ohh God Bruce. I love you!” We stood there kissing in my kitchen. Bruce’s huge arms wrapped around me. Mine reached around his broad back trying to hold on to him. It was wonderful and how I missed it. How I missed him. Then he pulled from me. His hand holding my face again. His thumb caressed at my cheek. “I did so miss you” he again said “I love you, you know” And there he said it. Bruce loved me. I know it was honest as I could see it in his face and eyes. But did he not live his wife. Or did he love us both. Which would be a big conundrum if ever there was one. And it would be one I would lose on. But then Bruce said more. More than I expected him to say “I love you very much” he reiterated “Since the last time I was here with you I have missed you” “No one has made me feel as great as you do” “Abd it sucks.” “I love my wife..” He added And there i thought was where he would tell me that I would lose if he had to chose one. So I pulled back from him. But he did not say those fatal words. He said (again) something i had not expected. “Or at least I used to” he then added ‘Huh’. He used to. Does that mean that he loved me more. It would be great but I cpuld tell that it was tearing him apart these feelings. I could see in hus handsome face that he was torn with me and the life he had. The wife he has. And the family he has. And I did not want him to destroy that bursa escort for me. It was what he has worked for. So there indeed I would probably lose. As I wanted his life not to change because of me. His hand continued to stroke my face. “I want to somehow quit it all” he then said “Because I live you now” “And it has been so hard not to see you” “Please don’t mess anything up for me” I finally spit out. “I don’t want to be the cause of anything bad for you” He smiled and then he kissed me again. I pulled him into my arms and hugged my hunky man again. It was very hard what he was going through. And I did want him to be okay. All I knew was at this moment he wished to be here with me. And I would enjoy it (whatever I had) while he was here. So we hugged for a bit longer. Then I took his hand and lead him to the living room. Grabbing his water and bringing it along. We say down and i turned to him “I love you so much too” I said as I grasped his hand “Since our first moments together” “You have been all I can think about” “And all I want” “And being your only is a dream” “But you can’t mess up your life for me” “Please” “I will accept what i can from you. And that’s okay” “What ever you can give me I accept” “Because I do love you Bruce” I then took his hand and brought it to my face, then I kissed his knuckles. My eyes closing as I I told him we would figure it out. ‘Whatever it may be’. I then felt that meaty hand in my face again. I looked up at him and Bruce had a tear in his eye. Then he sat back, pulling me down to him. “Come here” he said I lay my head on his huge shoulder and he kissed my hair. I felt his brawny arm hold me then. “You are so damned good to me” he said “We will figure this out” he replied to me “We will”…. Then he pulled my fave to his and he kissed me again. Soft and tender as always. Then I leaned back into his big shoulder and sat there with him. Just enjoying this, him… :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: To be continued

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