Brutal Dog Sitting (Revised and edited)


My name is Jade; I am a 18 year old woman with 32E breasts and a nice slender body. My eyes are a wonderful shade of light green, which seem to get more vibrant when im outside in the sun. I am 5’ 8” 98lbs. with long straight blonde hair. I keep it long and always wear it up in a ponytail.
My parents decided it would be a dream come true for us to move to the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We moved because our house had been broken into and I had almost been raped by our neighbor.
My friend Julie and I were walking to my house one day after school and we got to the front of my neighbor’s house, and we saw a large tractor in front of his house, of course it being almost autumn, he was packing up and preparing to go back to his farm for harvest. He had 2 English Mastiff’s and a small beagle. I didn’t get to know the dogs very well, but well enough to know that he wasn’t taking his 2 Mastiffs with him, which of course meant someone had to take care of them. I was hoping he would not pick me to take of those things, obvious reason, because those things were massive.

We continued past his house and I smiled to him, and he waved his hand “hello”, he was a very nice guy of course. I looked at my friend who seemed intimidated by the 2 big dogs. I laughed because I knew they would not attack as they were generally calm dogs. One of the dogs though, out of nowhere saw my friend, and how edgy she was and for some reason, became aggressive and ran at her. The farmer saw this and called “Rambo! Stop! Get the fuck back here!” It was unusual to see the dog completely ignore him, and continue charging. At first I was calm, but when the dog did not stop charging, I became afraid. My friend got extremely scared and panicked and started to get ready to run. Before she could move, that dog just jump at her. That dog must have weight at least 300 pounds, because when he came into contact with her, she fell so fast I thought she was blown away, she hit the pavement hard and was knocked unconscious. Just when I couldn’t think that the situation could get any more worse, I saw his small penis grow, and the dog started humping her. The farmer got 2 of his friend, and started pulling the dog away. I just stood there frozen like a statue, refusing to believe what I had just witnessed. I saw my friend lay on the ground paralyzed from fear and the massive impact she took, eventually after a few seconds, I got the nerve to get down to her to try and help her.

After a few minutes the ambulance arrived and took my friend to the hospital. It took a few seconds for the guys to get her onto a stretcher and into the ambulance and leave. However it took me hours to compose myself, the fact that my friend got knocked out, and humped by a harmless dog? That won’t leave my mind at all. I went the rest of the way home just crying. I was just a mess, and decided that I would just try and watch some television or something, just to try and get my mind off of it.
I woke up the next morning feeling strange, not sick, not even light headed, and not even a head ache. What was strange is that the first thing that came to my mind was 2 things; the dogs penis and how big can it be? It looked pretty big when it was coming out of its sheath. I tried to get rid of the thought quickly but I was unsuccessful and it became worse. I go into the bathroom and undress, and as I get into the shower, I start to day dream. I let the hot water soak my back for a bit, as I start fantasizing about the dog. Without knowing it, I start to take my right hand and rub the base of my vagina. I still was a virgin, so I didn’t want to press my fingers into my vagina because I was scared I might break my hymen. My sex ed teacher told the class that if a female was still a virgin, she would have a hymen. If broken could become very painful. This to me was of no concern because I had no intention of losing my virginity until after I was married.

It took me a long time to finish up, of course having a miniature masturbate took it’s sweet, sweet time. My brother was knocking at the door telling me to hurry up. So I quickly dried myself off and out the towel around my waist and tied it. my brother yelled at me banging on the door, and of course I told him to shut up and hold on. I opened the door and immediately he shoved my Ankara escort aside out the door and into the bathroom and closed the door and fast as he could. Of course I couldn’t help but notice his crotch was bulging, and I giggled a bit to myself about it. I continued into my room, of course because my towels tied to my waist, my breasts were left out in the open, which I didn’t mind of course because it just felt good, the cold air bristled through the hallways and I forgot to dry my breast, so the cold air ran across my breasts onto the warm water on my breasts and it tickled me. But it did make my nipples go hard in a hurry, so I just hurried to inside my room, thankfully it only a short distance.

I drop the towel from my waist, and I start getting dressed. I was pulling my panties on when I heard the phone ring. I was about to get my bra on, when my mother called me. Of course me not being very well dressed, I just decided to improvise and use my towel to cover my breasts. They still stuck out but it was enough. So I got out of my room and walk into the kitchen, I grabbed the phone from my mom who was waiting for me in the kitchen. It was a portable phone, so I just decided to take it to my room; my mother didn’t have much of a problem with it usually. When I got in my room I answered it and said “hello?” A short time passed when I heard an all too familiar voice. The voice said “Hello,” and instantly I knew it was the farmer.

I knew what he wanted, even before he started speaking. he talked to me and said “hey I need you to help me with my 2 dogs. And of course because it is almost being harvest time I need you to take care of them.” I froze for a second and he resumed, “if you come over I’ll show you teach you all you need to know.” I looked over at my clock which said 10:34 am. I replied back to him and said “sure! It’d be great. I’ll be over there in a moment.” And with that I hung up the phone I get myself dressed and ready.

The walk over was short, and I saw both the dogs laying down on the patio deck. I got to the door and rung the doorbell. It didn’t take long for him to answer the door and he said “hey! Your here, and now we can get started.” He let me in, and it kind of looked like an older house, but kind of like one that you would think a typical farmer would live in. I whistled for his 2 dogs and they came over and he introduced me to them. The first one, which I’m already familiar with, is Rambo. The other is his brother, Rocky. I let then sniff my hand, and just like that they started sniffing like crazy. I giggled and laughed, and would have preferred to enjoy it a bit more but was dragged away by the farmer. He commented to me “they both seem to like you, which will be very helpful when dealing with them.” Without saying anything, I knew what he was getting at, and all too clearly. He took me around the house, and told me he had someone who was going to take care of the house while he was gone, but just needed me to take care of the dogs.

It took the rest of the morning, you know with stuff like feeding the dogs, the amount of food, where to get the food, how to help them support their weight so when we go for walks, and so on. So with that I just thanked him briefly and left and enjoyed the rest of my day.

A few days had passed and it all was normal, and just the daily routine, I even found that over all that it took a good part of the day all by myself. I even met the guy who was taking care of the house once or twice. However something was strange, it was a slightly cloudy but nothing too much. But when I came in, I was greeted by both Rambo and Rocky. They seemed happier to see me than usual. Of course I filled their dish bowl as usual, however when I bent down to pour the food into the bowl, I felt something between my butt cheeks which immediately alarmed me. I quickly stood up and found Rocky trying to sniff my Butt. I filled the bowl and made my way to the living room, however I was quick to learn that was to be my biggest mistake.

That day I decided to wear my panties, with no bra, as well as a tank top and a short skirt. The living room had a soft floor that was made with fabric, so it was soft and with modern like wooden coffee table, and 2 nice leather sofas. The dogs were usually at the patio door, but they were interested in me, Ankara escort bayan so they just followed my around. However on my way to the living room, I felt both Rockies and Rambo’s nose between my butt cheeks, which became very uncomfortable. However A thought in my mind came into my mind, about the size of the 2 dog’s penises. It made me wet between my legs. I became slightly scared, which was enough to trigger of them. Now usually English Mastiff’s are not usually aggressive, but these 2 in particular for one reason or another became unusually aggressive at once. One of them Charged at me and filled me up with fear, and quickly before I even had a chance to react, he jumped and his massive weight just made me hit the ground hard. I was quickly knocked out. Thankfully it was a soft floor, I was not out for very long. At least it did not feel like it. When I became conscious again my vision was blurry, and I felt a cold breeze run across my body. I quickly gained what I could and looked over my body. I became very frightened when my clothes weren’t on my body. Instead they were torn up and on the side. The only that was still on me, was my panties. They were big enough to cover my vagina, and weren’t thin, they were a thicker pair.
I examined where I was, and I was barely able to make out a bed, because the lights were off, and the door was shut. Were these dog’s smarter than I had anticipated? When I saw the bed I recognized it, and figured out quickly I was in the master bedroom. I lay on the floor puzzled as to how I had gotten there. I began to get up, when I saw a body come over to my head. I looked at the other end of my body to see one of the dogs just standing there. I knew the other was on top of my head, which prevented me from getting up. I knew I was in deep trouble.

I looked at the dog at the end of my legs more frightened than ever. He came over toward me till he was just at my waist. I felt something poking and sliding onto my body. I could not see how long his cock was, nor did I care. Though the width of felt like the size of a tennis ball; and it seemed to be getting bigger. At the same time I could feel a cock sliding over the top of my face. I was very disgusted and very scared. I was still at a statue, not knowing what I could do, I wasn’t even thinking about the situation. I felt something instantly poking at my underwear; I felt extensive pressure on my legs from the strings on my panties pressing against my legs. The last thing I saw was the dog raising his butt into the air and then slamming it onto my panties. Then I felt his cock ripping and tearing violently through my panties. That force he used went further than that, I felt my hymen tear and the flesh of vagina and vaginal walls tearing apart to try and accommodate the now enormous cock that was now inside my body. I thought I felt a bone in my body also dislocate. From there the pain became too great for me to endure and I blacked out screaming.

When I awoke, it was at the worst time possible. He was getting faster and faster, I could feel his cock really deep inside me, and it burned my insides. I could feel a bunch of wet substance on the ground as well at my stomach, I came to the conclusion it was my blood. He kept thrusting, harder and harder, I felt something growing at the base and it hurt every time it got closer to my vagina, with his final push he shoved his entire cock and his big knot, the size of a grapefruit, deep inside me and did not take it out. I felt something growing into my stomach, and it felt as thick as a fire hydrant. Oh my god, how was I able to fit all of that cock deep inside my stomach? It did not matter, because it was soon accompanied by was felt like a fluid deep inside me was filling up inside me. I lay day with my face open trying to breathe. Bad idea because my mouth was soon shoved in with another cock. My eyes began to bulge, and I was too tired to do any moving what so ever. I felt his cock beginning to ram into the back of my throat with extensive force.

At this point, my mind was completely blank from all thoughts. There was a dog at my vagina with his enormous cock pumping fluid inside me. At my head, the other dog was fucking my face. The lower part of my body was covered in blood, and felt my body was being bent unnaturally. And my throat was throbbing in pain Escort Ankara as the dog was trying to get deeper. I could no longer feel any part of my body really, and all this had taken all the energy out of me, so there was nothing I could do.

When I thought I couldn’t get worse, I felt the cock in my throat dislocate the bones in my neck. I began choking as the enormous cock went past my throat. My reaction was blank, I couldn’t even react except to blackout. That enormous cock to grew to the size of a fire hydrant past my throat, and started pumping fluid inside my lunges. Thankfully I could not feel any of it because I was unconscious. When I became conscious again I realized the dogs had switched sides.

The other dog was trying to poke his cock into my vagina. At least that’s what I thought until I realized that my panties were already ripped there. That drove me to the startling conclusion that he was trying to rape my ass. But was there anything I could do? Even if I had energy, these 2 dogs weighed more than me and pinned me to the ground. And I knew what was going to happen and my efforts were useless. Of course that dog destroyed the lower half of my panties, destroying my ass. I felt my back lift off the floor by millimeters, which isn’t much really but still noticeable. I felt my flesh tear, and rip to forcefully to make room in my body for the cock. I even felt my bones dislocate just to make way. But all this resistance, and still the dog came on top. In the meantime my throat was being occupied by the other dog.

None of this mattered, because I was just hoping to live. The dogs were both fucking me in sync like a saw. As one dogs cock went in, the other came in and the other came out. This continued on for a while which I grew accustomed to. However I was too late to grow into the violent rhythm. I felt both the cocks come out, and them slam back in once more. Both their cocked grew to a fire hydrant size and locked in place, and started filling me up with a fluid. Oh god the thought of being pregnant with puppies. What would everyone say about that? It was hours before I found the energy to lift my head, and even further, use my arms to prop myself up. What I saw was the most disturbing thing ever.
Blood all over the lower part of my chest, all over the bottom of my legs. Between my legs there was a large pool of blood, mixed in with what looked like a white, sticky, gooey fluid. My stomach indeed made me look like I was pregnant. But I saw my vagina still pooling out with the white sticky fluid, and my stomach was getting ever so slightly smaller in return. I tried breathing, but found it difficult. So I put one of my hands on my next, just to see it had expanded. Sure enough my neck had dislocated. So I just decided to press on my neck with my hand to snap the bones back into place. The fragile bones easily snap back into place. I couldn’t do the same thing with the lower half of my body unfortunately. And I still felt as if I was in extreme amounts of pain, even so I couldn’t even begin to describe how badly I felt all together.

I gathered enough strength to get up, and looked out the window to see it was night time. I got here at about 10 am and it was already the evening? Nothing I could do besides get back to my house unnoticed, get dressed into new clothes and get myself a shower. When I was in the shower I tried squeezing my stomach which in return gushed even faster from my pussy. In the back of my mind I could help feel something odd, something in the back of my mind was telling me that I was now the 2 dog’s bitch. Like I was their property and they could do whatever they wanted with me. Oh my god this disturbing feeling of being owned by a dog? Yet somehow I felt like it just felt right, like it really was the truth, and it was the way it was meant to be. Like I belonged to them, like the bitch I really am. Then only one thing came to my mind. I am Rockies whore, and I am Rambo’s whore. Just as simple as that, and no matter what I did, I would always know this to be true.

Of course this was not the end of it all. Because each day after and no matter how I felt, and no matter if I wanted them or not or even if I felt like it. They owned me and every single day until the farmer came back in the winter. I was always being fucked by the 2 dogs. Even then, when the farmer was away, I would sneak over and have sex with them. Even today I continue going over there in the autumn to “baby sit” the dogs and enjoy it.

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