BubbleBottom Pt. 02



‘BubbleBottom’ recounted the events chez Norma of the first morning of the second Covid lockdown. My transwoman lover, Dulcinda and I had noticed and spoken to a woman in her fifties who seemed to be alone and depressed. She had taken up our offer of any assistance we could render by appearing on the doorstep clearly in need.

We agreed to form a bubble, and what ensued was a three-way session of activity involving revelations for Sylvia and delight for Dulcinda and me. After which we called a halt and crammed into the shower, where there was, naturally, renewed activity as we soaped each other’s breasts. For example, as my hand pushed between her thighs to cleanse her quim, Sylvia grabbed it and squirmed herself to climax.

Once clean and dry, Sylvia asked as we dressed whether she should put on knickers, and we told her she should from now on say and do exactly as she wished and wanted us to do. She was venturing into new territory, and we were her porters and guides, whose pleasure it would be to help her into ecstasy, exultation and exaltation.

She put on knickers from the holdall she’d brought, because she suspected she’d need them to absorb her exudations as she thought about what we might do. She also put on my dressing-gown and went to set up her laptop in the spare room. She didn’t want to interrupt the flow of data for too long.

Dulcinda and I went downstairs to prepare lunch. She said, ‘I think we’ve released,the crouching tiger and hidden dragon.’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘We’ll need to tame them or ride them. The orgasm-dam has burst after forty years and we’re surfing the flood.’

‘She’s so lovely, isn’t she? Those delicious tits, and as for that bum…’

‘We’ve seen a few stupendous botts in our time, my darling, but that one is…’

‘Compelling, compulsive, compulsory,’ she said.

‘I’m already obsessed with it. I want to hug it, stroke it, caress it, lick it, rub my clit and cunt on it…’

‘I want to come on it, come in it, come between it…’

‘And she will be avid for us to do all that and more, my dear. We just need to keep eating light, nourishing meals, take other forms of exercise and have plenty of soft drinks.’

‘Indeed. We’ll be expressing a lot of liquid.’


Sylvia came in then and said, ‘Almost as great as my need of sex, is my longing to satisfy my curiosity. I know all the theory, but I want to see what really happens. Of course, you’ve shown me a lot already, but there’s so much more, isn’t there? I’m a scientist, remember, a biologist who does field-work.’

Dulcinda said. ‘What would you like to investigate first?’

‘Well, I felt my clitoris grow and my labia swell, but I couldn’t properly see them. Can I see Norma’s clit and lips engorging?’

Arrived in the bedroom, I took off the long tee-shirt I’d put on after the shower and sat on the bed. ‘You’re in charge,’ I said, ‘You may take notes and sketch, or shall we video?’

‘I’ll get my phone and maybe Dulcinda could stimulate while I video and comment?’

She fetched her phone and we awaited her instructions. ‘If Norma lies on her back, legs wide open, and Dulcinda works the clitoris, and draws back when I need a close-up to check progress…Norma could comment, too, to record the stages of arousal.’

I lay back as required, and said, ‘It’ll help if you and Dulcie are naked. Just show me that perfect bottom to get me going.’

She took off the gown and knickers, but kept her spectacles on. She was the observant scientist and the visual stimulator. She flashed the bum, laughed, knelt on the bed between my knees and positioned eryaman genç escort the phone to capture fuzz and vulva. ‘Starting from rest,’ she said, ‘The clitoris largely within the hood and the labia closed.’ She titled the phone and said, ‘The breasts, areolas and nipples also at rest. Now, please begin the stimulation.’

Dulcinda knelt beside me, took the nearer nipple between her lips and began rimming the areola with her tongue. She put a hand on my stomach, just above the hairline and awaited further orders.

After a few minutes, Sylvia brought the phone close to my breasts, told Dulcinda to withdraw a moment and said, ‘The nipple has erected, increasing its length by half. The areola has gathered and puckered. Arousal may now be communicating to the pudenda.’

‘Certainly is,’ I said.

‘Track a finger along the vulva,’ Sylvia commanded, ‘But stop short of the clitoris. I’m checking that for engorgement. Yes, the glans is protruding further from the hood and has swelled. The shaft within the hood has enlarged to form a ridge. Arousal is increasing..’

‘It’s increasing all right,’ I said.

‘Keep tracking the vulva digitally,’ Sylvia said, gazing through the phone. ‘The vulval lips are slightly enlarging and opening, folding outwards onto the labia majora. Vaginal secretions are increasing, laving the vulva and seeping into the buttock-cleft.’

A few minutes passed and she continued, ‘Now begin clitoral frottage, in the manner the subject finds most arousing.’ And after a short time, ‘Withdraw for me to assess the degree of engorgement. Yes, the clitoris has further emerged and enlarged, possibly doubling in its dimensions. Resume arousal process, and I’m inserting digits in the vagina to assess its condition before and during orgasm. Is orgasm imminent?’

‘Move those fingers about,’ I said, ‘And if Dulcie sperms onto my tits orgasm will become more than imminent.’

Dulcinda was, of course, already engorged and I reached up to take her in hand.

‘Pause a moment,’ Sylvia murmured as she drew back to increase the area in view. Then, ‘Proceed. The ejaculate is impacting the breast. The vagina is now copiously lubricated. Orgasm is in progress, with vaginal contractions.’

Dulcinda and I were breathing hard, but the video wasn’t yet finished. ‘Release the clitoris,’ Sylvia ordered. ‘I shall note the post-orgasmic condition of the genitalia. The clitoris remains engorged. The labia minora are maximally parted and suffused to a dark red. The vestibule is open. The penis will be the subject of a subsequent study.’ She switched off. ‘I’ll send that to my laptop, of course, and edit it.’ Then she took off her specs and put them and the phone on the bedside table. ‘You know,’ she said, ‘It’s not always easy to be the detached observer. That was so exciting.’

She lay beside me and took Dulcinda’s now half collapsed cock in her hand. ‘Of course, I’ve never masturbated a penis and I’m longing to do it.’


‘Scientist experiencing vaginal secretions and engorgement of clitoris?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes.’

‘What would you like to happen now, then?’ Dulcinda asked. ‘Give me a minute or two and you can try it. You could prepare the way by squeezing the last drops of cum onto your breast.’

Sylvia ran her hand to the base of the semi-erect organ and stripped it. A last ooze dripped onto her right breast. She murmured, ‘Oh, look at that. Sperm on my nipple for the first time. I must have done it right.’

‘You certainly did,’ Dulcinda said. ‘More where that came from.’

‘Norma, can you video when I masturbate Dulcinda? Of course I’ve seen ankara escort bayan it on the internet, but to do it myself, in the flesh, that’s different.’

I picked up her phone and positioned myself kneeling on the bed ready for action.

‘Can I help to make you hard again? Sylvia asked. ‘I’d love to be able to do that.’

‘Just squeeze and move the loose skin to and fro, and let me see your charming pussy. Yes, like that. You are such a tidy body, Sylvia, everything about you so neat. You pussy-fluff is so curly and clear-edged.’

‘Oh, it’s getting harder,’ Sylvia said. ‘I’m really getting it erect. It’s getting longer and the bulb is sliding out of its sheath, like a clitoris out of its hood. And look how it’s standing out now. Am I doing it right to make it ejaculate?’

”Yes, you are. Don’t speed up. Hold it just rightly enough to move the foreskin back and forth over the shield. There’s a specially sensitive area just below the edge of the bulb. Yes, there. A steady stroke. Yes, that’s it.’

‘Will you say when you’re going to…cum?’

‘Not this time, because you’ll know. I hope you’ll find that exciting.’

Through the phone I could see not only Dulcinda’s tool sliding through Sylvia’s fingers but her vulva, which was slightly parted and shining pinkly with her lubricant. Or we sometimes said, ‘lubricunt.’

It wasn’t long before Sylvia said, ‘I think it’s coming. It/s swelling, getting harder. Oh yes, it’s going to come on my tits. Here it comes!’

As the first spurt dolloped onto her right breast she let out a little cry of surprise, ‘Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. It’s making me cum.’ As five more gobbets of sperm followed the first, she reached up her other hand to rub the semen across her bosom, smearing it round her rigid nipples, uttering little exclamations of pleasure and celebration.

Dulcinda said, ‘There’s another skill you’ve acquired, sweet Sylvia. That was perfect, and when you came it was delightful. ‘Some women can come when they see someone else’s orgasm. My sister does that a lot. Norma does sometimes.’

We lay together, Sylvia sandwiched between us, caressing and kissing each other.


Again we crowded into the shower, and this time Sylvia ran her hand up my thighs, urged them apart and said, ‘Norma, you didn’t cum just now, so I want to cum you now.’ She homed in on my expectant clit, and Dulcinda joined in by rolling one nipple between finger and thumb and soaping my bottom, knowing well that it is a whole, large, erogenous zone.

‘You’re going to come, aren’t you?’ Sylvia asked, her finger interpreting the state of my clitoris correctly, and she forced my legs further apart in order to thrust two fingers of the other hand into my cunny. They both held me, squashing their breasts against me, as the orgasm shook me.

After the shower we dried and dressed, with Sylvia putting on her knickers again, because, she explained, she couldn’t work, as she now had to do, bare-bummed, as that would distract her completely. We agreed we would have some supper and go to work for a while, since we all needed to keep up our schedules. But we would reconvene later.


Fortunately we could continue working during lockdowns. Dulcinda was a counsellor, employed free-lance by medical services, for those considering, or in the process of, transitioning. Email, zoom and phone were not as good as face-to-face consultations, but they were the best that could be done. She was in the spare room.

Sylvia, we learned, was writing up the results of several environmental research projects, collating sincan escort the data and applying statistical analyses. She would rather have been engaged in the field work, but she was, it was agreed, the best person to complete the report, working to a deadline. The material was still in process of coming in by email attachment and website posting. She was in the sitting-room.

I was also zooming and emailing the conduct and checking of on-line English language courses. I was in the kitchen.

At nine, without need for consultation, we closed down and went to the bedroom. Dulcinda and I were eager to learn what Sylvia would now wish to do, and she herself was already trembling with anticipation. She said, ‘All my life I’ve been so damn refined and ladylike, as my mother taught me. The roughest I ever got was letting that man use me. Now it’s time to find my crude side. I’ve already been cruder than ever before, but now to be really basic. I want Dulcinda to mount Norma like dogs, no foreplay, it’s called, isn’t it? Just straight in, do some inning and outing and pull out, while I video. Then, at once Dulcinda mounts me and cums as soon as it happens, and Norma does the video. As crude as possible.’

‘We can do that,’ Dulcinda said, ‘But I’ll make a suggestion to make it even cruder. Suppose you and Norma kneel side by side, cheek to cheek, and jam into Norma and start to cum, and pull out and slam into you, still cumming, and I do the video from above?’

‘Oh, that sounds even better, yes! Let’s do it. Off with the knickers.’ She passed Dulcinda her phone as we stripped off.

‘The idea’s got me up already, as you see,’ Dulcinda said, holding her erection and kneeling one the bed, and Sylvia and I were soon kneeling in front of her, my left cheek against her right, a contact so sweet I was half way to orgasm.

‘That is the best pair of bums I’ve seen for years,’ Dulcinda said. ‘Starting the vidding, and here I go.’

I felt her cock end push through my lips and up my cunt in one swift thrust. Without pausing the cock pulled back a little and slammed home again, twice, thrice and, ‘Cumming!’ Dulcinda said.

I felt her cock pulse once and then it was gone. Sylvia jerked against me. ‘Splashing,’ she said, ‘Oh, and now, yes, right in, and there’s more, I can feel it pumping, and, oh, yes, I’m cumming.. It’s lovely, lovely.’

Suddenly I felt Dulcinda move again, and to my surprise she was sliding into me again, greased by her cum and two wet cunts. As she’d hoped, the idea of it and the fact of it sparked my orgasm. I felt my cunt spasm around that glorious prick. Then it was gone again and as Sylvia’s bottom jostled mine I sensed Dulcinda was using the continuing erection to enter her again and vigorously piston within her.

‘Come again, Sylve, come now,’ Dulcinda said.

‘Yes, yes I can. Oh, I can. Here it comes. Wonderful!’

After a few minutes, Dulcinda withdrew, but said, ‘Don’t move yet. I’m getting the spillage down the thighs. That’s it. Cut!’

We lay again with Sylvia between Dulcinda and me. ‘She said, ‘If you post that on some porn site you’d set off a million orgasms in the first hour.’

‘I’m going to store it in my laptop,’ Sylvia said. ‘Like before.’.

‘Better keep it away from your report’ I said.

‘I can be good and crude, then, can’t I, and just do it?’

‘You certainly can,’ I said. ‘You are a naturally sexual woman.’

‘Are all women as full of curiosity as me?’

‘Not all, but many would or could be if they allowed themselves.’

‘My next curiosity is about, how Dulcinda became a transwoman, if I may ask.’

For a moment I though Dulcinda might refuse, because she had never given me a complete biography. What followed merits a new narration, and I will make that my next Literotica story, called, ‘In the Bosoms of the Family,’ which will need to posted as an ‘Incest and Taboo’ opuis.

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