Subject: Buck, Part 2 (gay: incest) Where we left them: Roy took the boy’s head in his hands and brought their lips together. What started as nervous kissing turned into a tongue twisting make out session. Finally Roy Denton felt all his resistance fade. He let his Uncle in. As Roy fell onto his back the boy pushed the older man’s hands above his head and tasted him. Every bit of him. Starting from his lips to his pits. Down his chest and across his navel. Avoiding the man’s crotch at first and diving down to his feet. Tasting each toe. Every thing he has been studying for the past four months was now on his lips, the taste on his tongue, saving the man’s cock and ass for last. That night the Uncle taught the Nephew what he had been taught by men before. How to make love to another man. Part 2: Missy had the baby at the end of October. So close to Halloween in fact that Roy Denton was relieved that he was born several days before. Roy Denton made it back to Grand Island while the event was taking place. He rushed to the hospital just in time to see a nurse putting the baby in the viewing room. Roy Denton Greer Junior was born that night. And Roy Denton beamed like the proudest Dad of all. The boy was big. He looked like Missy gave birth to a linebacker. In fact the labor had weakened Missy quite a bit but she soon recovered. No known complications at all. Soon Roy Denton took Missy and the baby back to Omaha with him. She had only met Roy Denton’s Uncle a few times and didn’t know what to expect. When the finally arrived at the duplex Missy was underwhelmed. It was in a lower class blue collar neighborhood. It was small and only had two bedrooms and a small bathroom. The kitchen was nothing more than a galley kitchen. Nothing at all like the grand house her parents raised her in. At that moment, if she felt she would be welcome at all in her parents home, she would have taken the baby and ran away to home. But she knew her fate was sealed. She would have to stick it out with Roy Denton and live in this less than charming home. Roy Denton resumed working with his Uncle right away. In fact Roy Denton found any excuse he could to be with his Uncle rather than his unhappy wife. A year went by quickly. And Junior’s birthday was approaching. Even though Roy Denton didn’t enjoy being around his wife at all anymore his son was still the apple of his eye. The baby was always smiling. Especially when his Dad was around. That child could do no wrong and Roy Denton basically just thought of Missy as the child’s care taker. Not much more. As for his carnal needs, they were being satisfied elsewhere, by his Uncle Roy. Although he did have relations with Missy once every few months or so. But they were usually escort lacking of passion and very boring. Just before his birthday Missy noticed that Junior was getting teeth. Two upper teeth right in the middle. When Roy Denton got home she showed him. As the days went by and the teeth grew Missy became afraid he was going to have buck teeth. Roy Denton found this amusing, even though he wasn’t as concerned as Missy was, and he started calling his son Bucky. Missy was appalled at first. But then another tooth appeared on his lower jaw. And then a few more. Her unnecessary fretting was now forgotten. But the boy’s nickname stuck. Everyone, including Missy, began to call him Bucky. When Bucky was two Missy realized that she was pregnant again. She was horrified. She was already in a loveless marriage with a two year old that ran her ragged. She was a prisoner in this godforsaken duplex and with her husbands crappy salary it didn’t seem as though she would ever live properly. Roy Denton didn’t take the news too well either. He wasn’t sure he wanted to have another child with this woman. He didn’t even want the woman. Bucky, however, was everything to him so he would never get rid of her as long as she was good to Bucky. Then he was hoping she would eventually just leave when Bucky was old enough to be taken care of by just him and his Uncle. But now with another one on the way he would never be rid of her. Missy became bitter. Even more so than she already had. Half way into her pregnancy Roy Denton came home and found her drunk on whiskey. He was enraged. She not only put the baby she was carrying in danger but she was starting to neglect Bucky. He did a complete search of the tiny home and found more and more bottles of whisky. Some were full but most were empty. He didn’t know how long it had been going on but his young wife now seems to be a complete drunk. He called his parents, not knowing what else to do, and they assured him that they would come to Omaha right away. Roy Denton told Missy that his parents were coming to help her with the stress. What he didn’t tell her was that he was hoping his parents would take Bucky home with them until after Missy had the baby. Then he would sort out the rest. The Greer’s arrived and were shocked at the condition of the house. Missy had barely kept the place clean much less organized. Mrs. Greer did her best to tidy up the place and a few hours after her arrival she had the place spotless. Roy Denton had almost forgotten what it was like to live in such a tidy home. Mrs. Greer convinced Missy that it would be best for Bucky to go home with them for a while while she “got better” and then had a healthy baby. Missy didn’t really care at this point anyway. izmit escort bayan All she wanted to do was sleep. And drink. But she hid that from everyone during the Greer’s visit. After the grandparents took home the boy Roy Denton spent as little time as possible in the duplex with his wife. He found himself falling asleep at his Uncle’s more times than not. Missy took up her drinking again with a new dedication. She watched soaps on the small TV they had and drank away her afternoons. Roy Denton had paid little attention to her anymore. In reality he had buried his head in the sand hoping his troubles with Missy would just go away even though he knew they never would. He would sneak back to Grand Island on weekends to see Bucky. He would never tell Missy when he was going because she had become so intolerable that he didn’t want his son exposed to her. And he was also ashamed to let his parents see his wife. While he was at his parents home one weekend, about seven months into Missy’s pregnancy, he got a call from his Uncle. Missy was in labor and had been rushed to the hospital. The doctor’s were very concerned because of how early it was. Roy Denton’s father drove with him to Omaha. Bucky and his grandmother stayed behind. By the time the Greer men got to Omaha Missy had already given birth to another son. Missy’s small body however, abused by alcohol and a hard delivery, was not doing well. When Roy Denton got to speak to the doctor he found out that his son was born very small and would have to stay in the hospital for a few days until he gained some weight. He seemed healthy but small and weak. Missy on the other hand was a mess. She was very weak and was slipping in and out of consciousness. He didn’t think she would last the night. Roy Denton was conflicted by all this news. Didn’t know what to do. His Dad and his Uncle held on to him until the shock of the situation wore off a bit. After a few hours he turned to his Dad and said, “We have to call the Walkers”. His Dad agreed even though he had a bad feeling of the reactions of the girls parents. They had already disowned her three years ago and never bothered to contact the Greer’s or their daughter again. But he knew that they would have to know that their daughter is dying. Mr. Greer put in the call from the hospital to the Walker’s. When Mr. Walker answered the phone and listened to what Mr. Greer had to say he simply said, “Thank you for the information but our daughter had been dead to us for a few years so this does not matter.” Shocked Mr. Greer started to hang up the phone until he heard a woman scream out. Mrs. Walker took the phone from her husband and wanted all the details. Her husband was izmit sınırsız escort trying to order her to hang up and for the first time in her life she turned to him and said, “Shut the fuck up. Because of you I have never gotten to see my grandson. And now I have two grandsons and no daughter. I’ve heard enough!” Mr. Greer heard Mr. Walker retreat and Mrs. Walker resumed her questions. Mrs. Walker was quite upset to learn of her daughter’s fate and the drinking. But by the end of the conversation she asked Mr. Greer if he thought Roy Denton and Mrs. Greer might let her visit with Bucky. He turned to his son and asked what he thought and he just shook his head yes while he sobbed. After the call was made Mr. Greer called his wife and told her all the news. She was heartbroken, not because of Missy, but because her grandchildren were not going to have a mother. Even Missy was better than nothing. When she heard Mrs. Walker wanted to visit Bucky she was taken aback for a moment. Not wanting to forgive the Walker’s for walking out on their children like that. But then she remembered that she and Mrs. Walker were friends for years before all that happened and that she wasn’t the cause for the abandonment. It was that brutish husband of hers. So she agreed. Roy Denton finally had the strength to go see his new son in the nursery viewing room several hours later. He was shocked to see his little son in an incubator. It was necessary for his first few days until the boy gained some weight and some strength. But the boy was beautiful, in Roy Denton’s eyes anyway, and right then and there he pledged to care for both this little boy and Bucky with all that he could. Mr. Greer turned to his son and said, “What are you going to name him son?”. Through misty eyes, as he gazed on that little human that was his son, he answered his Dad and said, “Benjamin, for good luck and strength”. That is when Roy Denton fell into his Dad’s arms and wept. Wept for his children. Wept for the woman that gave birth to them. Wept for his own strength. Missy died two hours later. Part 3: Family of men. Coming soon. This story comes from something that has been working in my head since I got writer’s block on the “Searching for my Identity” story. So here it goes. Sorry for the lack of sex on the first part but if you’ve read any of my stories you’ll understand. Emails are welcome. Love to know how you guys are liking the story. I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. 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