Subject: Buck, Part 6 (gay: incest) Where we left them: “But, I thought…Well….” Benji didn’t know what to think. He was so confused. “You thought that I was so drunk last night that I would forget I had you stay with me last night and that I held you all night and had the best sleep I’ve ever had? Is that it?” Buck said with a grin. Then he jumped into bed and pulled Benji back into him again. “Now be quite and go back to sleep little bro.” Benji laid there thinking of what to do when Buck spoke up again. “Dad and Oscar sure look cozy sleeping in like they are. Oscar is right in front of Dad just like you are right in front of me.” Then Buck seemed to sigh heavy and go back to sleep. He knew! Buck knew that Oscar and Dad were together! Part 6: About an hour later Roy stopped by Buck’s door and said, “Buck, you’re helping out today at the station, right?” A very groggy Buck replied, “Oh yeah. I forgot. What time you want me there?” He pulled Benji tighter into him. “Eleven o’clock should be good. And I probably won’t need you past three. Just ride your bike there when you get up.” and then Roy was gone. Buck snuggled back in as Benji said, “What time is it anyway?” “It’s only seven. I don’t have to get up for three hours. Snuggle with your big brother.” Buck held him tighter and kissed the back of his neck. Benji’s eyes flew open. What was that about? Buck sure is acting weird he thought. But eventually he fell back to sleep in the embrace of his brother. A few hours later Buck was climbing over Benji and getting out of bed. Benji opened his eyes in time to see Buck cock and balls over his head and he left the bed. Benji closed his eyes real fast and rolled over. “Don’t sleep too late little bro. Don’t waste a good Saturday just because the rest of us have to work.” Buck said as he reached into the closet to get out his coveralls. Buck stopped for a minute and sniffed his pit. He shrugged his shoulders and put on the uniform anyway. He wasn’t really ripe. Just musky. He sat back on the bed as he put on his socks and boots. As he did he leaned back into Benji. Benji slid away and moaned in irritation. Buck laughed, finished getting dressed, then headed out the door. When Buck arrived at the station on his bike he noticed he was a little sweaty and he was beginning to be riper than he thought. ‘Oh well, no biggie.’ he thought. Buck went into the garage and parked his bicycle in the parts room and then went to talk to Oscar and his Dad. “This is a good time for me to go get us all lunch. You hungry Buck?” Oscar said. Roy and Buck both looked at Oscar like he just said the stupidest thing ever. “Yeah, yeah. I get it. He’s always hungry. Growing boy. Blah blah blah.” Oscar said as he shook his head on his way to his truck. Roy and Buck went into the office. They had a full view of the pumps from here. Buck could see if anyone needed help or take their payment for them. As they stood there looking out Buck said, “So you and Oscar eh?”. Roy turned to him with a surprised look on his face and said, “What do you mean son?” “Oh come one Dad. Besides the fact that I saw you basically wrapped around each other this morning while you slept I sort of caught the two of you here a couple weeks ago.” Buck was smiling as he looked out the window. “Caught us? What does ‘caught us’ mean?” Roy asked. “After school one day I rode my bike over to see if you needed any help since I had no practice. The bay doors were closed but the office was unlocked. I came in and then as I was coming around the corner I saw you leaning Oscar up against a car and making out with him. It was pretty obvious it wasn’t the first time.” Buck chuckled. “Oh. I see. I’m sorry son. Um. How did you feel about that?” Roy said with a concerned voice. “It’s no biggie to me Dad. I just want you to be happy.” Buck looked at Roy and smiled. Roy shyly smiled back not believing what a great kid he had. He was hoping Benji escort would feel the same way. “Well I’m sure it bugs you to just find out you have a gay Dad.” Roy said in almost a whisper. “Well Dad. I’ve known for a long time. Grandma and Grandpa were talking one day when I was about 8 or 9. They were talking about your relationship with Uncle Roy. They were sort of upset about it but they loved the both of you and wouldn’t interfere. They never knew I heard what they were saying.” Buck had a satisfied smile on his face. Just then a car pulled up and Buck was going to go out and great them. Roy grabbed his arm and said, “Are you sure you’re ok with all this son?” Buck looked at his Dad in the eyes and then gave him a peck right on the lips and turned to go out the door. “More than ok Dad.” The next thing Roy heard was Buck greeting the customers. Oscar returned from getting lunch and walked in to see Roy in the office. Roy was frozen in place and had a shocked look on his face. “What’s going on man?” Oscar said in confusion. “Buck” Roy said. “Yeah, what about him?” “He knows about us. Has known for weeks. And more than that, he has known about me for years. Knew about me and my Uncle. It doesn’t bother him. As long as I’m happy.” Roy said while seeming like he was still in shock. “Well that’s good isn’t it?” Oscar asked. “Well, yeah, I guess. But when he told me he was ok with it he kissed me.” “Well that was sweet I guess.” Oscar replied. “On the lips.” Roy said as he looked right at Oscar. “Oh. OH! What did that mean?” “I don’t know” Roy said. When Buck got home that afternoon he went from his bike straight into the pool after removing his uniform and boots. Benji came out of the house when he heard the splash. “How was work?” “I told Dad that I knew about him and Oscar” Buck said grinning from the pool. “You did? What did he say?” “Nothing really. Everything is cool. Looks like we have a step dad!” Buck laughed. After than nothing really changed. After the New Year the boys went back to school and were busy with their lives as Oscar and Roy built up the business at the garage. By the end of the school year they were operating pretty much as a four person family though Oscar hadn’t officially moved in. He kept his apartment but spent most of his off time at the house. When the school year came to an end Roy said he had to go back to Omaha to take care of some properties and he would be gone for two weeks. He was actually going to sell everything there and invest in some stuff in California. The Grandparents had asked if the boys wanted to come to the coast for a few weeks. Buck declined saying he would be helping Oscar at the garage while Dad was gone. But Benji said yes. So Roy drove Benji to San Diego and took a plane from there to Omaha. They left on a Monday. Buck started to work full time at the station that Monday. The heat was really bad this time of the year but he was hoping to learn more from Oscar than they taught in shop at school. Buck and Oscar got into the rhythm of working together pretty quickly. Oscar said it was almost like working with Roy. That made Buck pretty proud. He wanted to be just like his Dad. By Friday Buck was beat. Oscar had been staying at the house and they basically ate dinner, went to bed, went to work and started it all over again. Buck decided being a grown up was going to suck. On Friday night though, on the way back to the house from the garage, Oscar asked him if he was going to be seeing his friends or what. “Nah. None of my football buddies are around and besides them I only have you guys. So unless you were going someplace you’re stuck with me.” Buck smiled. “So if I give you a few beers you’ll behave?” “Hell yeah! What an awesome step dad!” Buck replied. “Step dad? Really?” Oscar laughed. “Would you prefer Uncle?” Buck laughed along with him. “How about just Oscar for now.” Oscar said as he parked in front of the liquor izmit escort bayan store. He came out with a case of Budweiser cans and put them in the bed of the truck. “Don’t tell your Dad I’m corrupting you. But you did a good job this week. This is sort of your reward. Don’t make me regret it.” Oscar said as he got back in the cab. “Now you sound like a parent. I guess Step Dad it is.” Buck laughed. “Very funny kid.” He pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the house. When they got into the house the first thing Buck did was take off his boots and socks and let his uniform drop in the kitchen and then he headed to the pool. Oscar was pretty use to Buck’s exhibitionist tendencies. Roy was basically just as bad except in front of Benji. For some reason he stayed in control around the younger boy. Oscar grabbed two beers and put the rest in the fridge. He then took off his boots and let his uniform fall as well. He thought about going to get some shorts but then he thought the hell with it. Oscar came out with the beers and Buck looked up surprised from the pool Oscar was naked. Not that he minded. Not at all actually. Its just that Oscar never did that before outside of the house. “Come on in. The water is still refreshing.” Buck said as he took a beer. “Don’t mind if I do.” And Oscar dove in. They swam and drank for a little while and then Buck got out to get them another round. When he came back out Oscar was on a lounge in the sun. Buck could see what his Dad saw in the guy. That brown skin glistening in the sun was a turn on. And that small compact, yet muscular, body was hot. Buck had yet to answer any questions on why he was so comfortable around a gay couple. He didn’t want to freak anyone out. And he didn’t want anyone at school to know. But he liked guys with bodies like Oscar’s. And Benji’s for that matter. The girls he dated didn’t interest him. Even when they put out. And they always put out for him. But it sort of bored him. Oscar didn’t bore him. In fact he felt himself getting hard as he stood there with the beers looking down at Oscar. He set Oscar’s beer down next to him and hurriedly went into the pool to hide his cock. Oscar was having his own impure thoughts. ‘Why does this kid have to be as hot as Roy? We have over another week to get through and this kid runs around naked all the time. Going to drive me crazy.’ He closed his eyes and drank his beer. Hoping his hormones would calm down. After they had a couple more beers the guys decided to go inside. They found a couple of towels and dried off and then they both wrapped the towels around their waists and went into the living room to watch TV. They both sat on the couch talking and deciding what to watch. At one point Oscar had it on some stupid show and Buck said, “This sucks” and went to grab the remote from Oscar. A wrestling match ensued. The towels fell off. Both guys were hard. Buck kissed Oscar. Oscar searched Buck’s mouth with his tongue. They were both sweating like crazy. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. At one point Oscar tried to stop it. He was ten years older than the kid. He had to be the adult. But he didn’t know Buck had learned a few things spying on them at night. Buck pushed the smaller man down on his back and lifted his legs. Oscar thought he was going to suck his cock but what Buck went for was his ass. Oscar’s weakest spot. Buck ate his ass with determination. Better than he had ever eaten pussy. Buck had almost no experience in man on man sex but he knew he liked the smells and the tastes better. After eating Oscar out until his spit was dripping all over the floor Buck put his ass back down on the ground and crawled back on top of him. He started to kiss him again. Oscar was tasting his ass on Buck’s lips. “This is so wrong.” Oscar said. “I don’t think so. I just wish Dad and Benji were here with us.” Buck said. “You do” izmit sınırsız escort Oscar was surprised at that. “Oh fuck yeah. I love the three of you so much. I want to be with all of you always. You all effect me differently.” Buck said as he licked Oscar’s neck and chest. “So you want to make love to all of us too?” Oscar asked. “Oh yeah” “You want to fuck me?” “Oh yeah” “You want to fuck your Dad?” “No, I want him to fuck me” “How about Benji?” Oscar asked. Buck stopped licking and looked up at Oscar, “I want to make love to Benji. As sweet as I possible could. I want the love I have for him to just surround him. So he never forgets it.” “So, Buck, you’re gay too?” “Duh. Totally. I mean. I only have fucked girls. But I’m not really thrilled about it. This thrills me. Tasting you thrills me. Smelling you guys around here thrills me. If you let me fuck you that would thrill me as well.” Buck shifted his eye brows and grinned at Oscar. The boy had charisma. Oscar had to give him that. “Man, as much as I want to. And trust me, I want to. You are a fucking carbon copy of your Dad. He is the sexiest man I’ve ever met. You are a very close second. Very close. But how about we jack each other off. We even kiss while we do it. Then when your Dad gets back we talk about this.” Oscar brought some sanity back to himself. “Will he be mad?” Buck asked. “Doubt it. Your old man is a bit of a pervert. It’s not like I haven’t caught him eyeing you and your brother up. He’s caught me too. We give each other shit about it a lot. But we both thought you were the straight one. Benji on the other hand….” Oscar finished. “Yeah, I know. I’m waiting for him to have more confidence in himself. Don’t want to push him. But he has a hot little ass. But I can wait. Especially if you and Dad are on board.” Buck grinned. “Boy. You are something. Sexy, cocky, self assured. But so young.” Oscar said. “So I guess we get to that jacking off part now?” Buck laughed as he dove back into Oscar’s neck. “Sure man” Oscar relented. And that is what they did. They both laid on the floor jacking each other’s cock as they made out. Oscar limited total physical contact. But it was still hot none the less. After they were done they went to the shower in the master bedroom and cleaned each other. For a sixteen year old, that was going to be 17 in a couple months, it was pretty erotic for Oscar. Afterwards they snuggled in the master bedroom and went to sleep. They slept together every night after that until Roy got home. But only slept. Buck totally respected Oscar’s thoughts on wanting to have a family discussion before anything got out of hand. They worked another week very well together. Business had slowed down as all the snow birds headed home for the summer. By the next weekend they were both tired though. Saturday afternoon Roy and Benji pulled into the driveway. Oscar and Buck ran out to meet them in just shorts and flip flops. They helped them with their luggage and Oscar made lunch for everyone. Roy told them how successful his trip was and Benji told them of all the cool things he did with the Grandparents. Then Roy said, “So how did you two get along?” Oscar and Buck just looked at each other and then busted out laughing. “What the heck is so funny? What’s gotten into the two of you.” Roy was confused. Oscar grabbed Roy’s hand and led him up to the master bedroom. “We have to talk babe.” “What was all that about?” Benji asked. “They probably just miss each other.” Buck said. “Oh” Benji said as he finished his lunch. Part 7 Coming soon. Emails are welcome. Love to know how you guys are liking the story. I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. 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