Buddy’s little sister


Buddy’s little sisterMy buddy and I have known each other since we were k**s. We played on a basketball team together and we were around each other so much people thought we were brothers. My buddy had a younger sister who was like a little sister to me. When we were young she would follow us around and always wanted to hang out. Since we were always up to no good we would always ditch her so that she doesn’t get into the same crap we’re in. After a couple of years I began noticing her body. She started to wear those boy shorts where her ass would pretty much come out of the bottom. She used to drive me nuts but I would try to make sure she does not notice. One hot day I decided to stop by my buddy’s house to see if he and his sister wanted to go out for a swim. His sister Vicky opened the door in a white tank top and her little boy shorts. She told me that he is not home and she’s not sure where he went. I asked her what she was up to for today and as usual her parents took the RV and will be gone for awhile. She pretty much just hangs out at home alone. I went to the living room and just joined Vicky to watch some tv. The AC was trying so hard but just could not handle the heat. I took off my shirt and apologized to her and told her I just can’t help it. She then took off her bra and said well I am hot too…Her nipples was showing through her white tank top. We watched for a couple more minutes until she came an mariobet güvenilirmi idea popped into her little head. She asked me if I would join her in the jacuzzi but told me not to get any ideas because she will be in her bathing suit and I will be in my boxers. I said sure it is so freakin hot and I will pass out if I don’t go anything. She went up stairs to get it ready and also changed into her bathing suit. She called me up and said to get ready.I took off my pants and jumped in with my boxers on. She was still wearing the same tank top with her nipples showing through. I asked her what happened to the the top of her bathing suit. She said she couldnt find it so what ever. We sat around and just chatted about school and how things were going. Then the subject change to relationships and she then asked me if I ever kissed a girl. I told her like 5 different ones. Ofcourse I only kissed 2 girls and one was because of a truth or dare game. I asked her if she has and she said no she was too worried that she might suck at it. She told me that alot of the guys in her class were experienced and the guy she liked had so much experience from what she’s heard and it intimidated her. She said she heard he made out with 2 girls at one time in a party. To make her feel at ease I told her that it was a lie. She asked me how I know I told her that guys lie to impress a girl. I even told her that I did not mariobet yeni giriş kiss 5 girls and I only kissed 2. She then asked me if I can help her get with him. She asked me what do guys like and asked me for any advice. I told her everyone is different and for me the biggest thing is confidence. The sexiest girls know how to flaunt their stuff and not afraid to show it. She then leaned over to give me hug and her top got a little wet and her whole boobs just completely showing through her tank top. My penis began to grow and it started to poke out of the water. I am not gonna lie and say that I am enormous in any way but I was 6 inches long and I didn’t measure my thickness so I apologize to the women keeping track of that shit. She thought it was funny and started giggling. I told her don’t laugh her shirt does not exactly hide anything. She asked me if she would let me practice kissing. I told her I am not sure but if she wants it that bad I would do it. At first she game me a kiss like a grandma would give. I told her it was ok but she needed more passion. I told her do not be afraid to get messy. She then jumped on top of my lap and stuck her tongue in my mouth and I began kissing me back. At first her kisses was just off and did not deal right. I began kissing her back and told her to try it. She was a quick learner as she was beginning to get the hang of it. My dick was rising and mariobet giriş was just rubbing on her clit. She began to moan as we continually make out. She began riding me and just grinding on top of me. She apologized but she said it feels amazing. She asked me if this is what sex feels like I told her that it is much better and it is a rush that cannot be compared to anything. She said she would like to try but she was too afraid. O took my dick out of my boxers and showed it to her to explore. She began to jerk me off and asked if she can suck the tip. I told her she can do what ever she wants but I would like to see her v. She pulled the string on the side of her bathing suit bottom and I could not believe how tight it looks from the outside. I told her I have an idea. I asked her to sit on the sink while I give her a little surprise. I told her to close her eyes and just relax. I took her legs and put it on my shoulder I started to give her v a little lickin. She started moaning and asked me to keep going. I decided to focus more on her clit and soon she was having her first orgasm. She screamed and just scratched the hell out of my back.She then asked me if I wanted to have sex I told her yes only id she wanted to. She asked me to sit on the tub as she lowers her self down to my dick. I let her take her time and soon my dick was all the way in. She took two thrust before she had another orgasm. I began to thrust faster and faster and she just kept screaming. Her pussy was so tight and I wasn’t going to last much longer. So I took a big thrust in and just let it out as far in as I can get.We both collapsed and just cuddled for the next few minutes until we went back down to watch tv.

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