Busines as Usual


While out of town recently on a business trip I had a very unusual encounter.

I’m not sure where to start but here goes.

After the end of the Third day of meetings all I wanted to do was have a drink and relax and wait for my flight back home to the wife and kids.

The flight didn’t depart until early the next afternoon so I had quite a few hours to kill.

I stopped in the lounge at my motel and recognized some of the faces from the meeting earlier that day.

Most were at a table and they were much younger than me so I cordially passed on the offer to sit with them and walked on up to the bar.

I didn’t even notice when I sat down but the gentleman to my left was from our Northeastern branch office.

This was the biggest and most prestigious of all our offices.

I introduced myself and offered to buy him a beer and he politely accepted and thanked me.

We had a few more drinks and deciding earlier we didn’t want to talk business we just exchanged thoughts about the table full of young up and comers that had just left the bar area for God knows where.

We both knew at our age (early Forties) that the young guys had a lot to learn if they wanted to make money in this business.

On the next drink delivery I asked the bartender where there was a good place to eat and maybe a little nightlife on a Friday night.

He told me of some bars and restaurants in the area and that there was a few gentlemen’s clubs in the area.

I asked my new acquaintance if he was up for a little excitement on his last night in town and he said why not.

We decided to go straight from the motel lounge to strip clubs without changing out of our suits or freshening up.

We had the bartender call us a cab and tipped him well for his information and assistance.

The cabbie took us just about ten blocks away to an area that had about three strip clubs and a regular bar.

On the cabbies tip of less crowded, lower priced drinks and women just as good looking we skipped on P.Ts and went for one of the others.

As with most strip clubs the room was dimly lit but that was okay after the bright lights in the meeting room all day.

We found a table pretty well centered in the club and took a seat.

It wasn’t long that we had a scantily clad waitress take our order and deliver our drinks.

We just sat and bullshitted about anything and everything for a while and then one of the dancers came over to our table and sat down. We both knew they worked mainly on tips but just couldn’t see giving $20.00 of our hard earned money to have something rubbed on us that we couldn’t have and basically didn’t want.

I told the girl if they could get a piece of the drink action they would be making as much as a union worker.

Over the next few hours we had quite a few girls approach us for drinks and lap dances but we politely turned them away.

We were having a good enough time drinking and going on about how we wished our wives could do those positions and moves.

We had been in there for about two hours and refused all advances from the dancers and after the last one I asked my friend if he figured the girls thought we were gay or something.

He fatih escort said he really didn’t care what the girls thought because he didn’t have to give them money just to keep from being labeled.

I agreed and we clanked our glasses and drank up and enjoyed the merriment around us.

My newfound friend took me totally by surprise when he said in a low voice that if he wanted to suck a dick it was his business and that if it didn’t hurt anyone then no one else should care.

It might have been the alcohol but I found myself agreeing and adding the comment that if it feels good do it no matter what other people thought.

I confided in him that once while in the heat of passion while my wife was playing with my ass she made the statement that she would love to see a cock buried in my ass.

He kind of chuckled and said me too.

I asked if he meant he would love to see a cock buried in my ass or his to which he replied “either way”.

With the next round of beers the conversation steered back to our antics about the girls, our wives unique abilities and the earlier remarks were soon forgotten, or so I thought.

After a few more drinks my friend suggested we leave before we got too drunk to tell the cabbie where we were staying and I agreed so we caught our cocktail waitress and tipped and thanked her for her hospitality.

We hailed a cab outside and headed for the motel with a pretty good buzz on.

We arrived at the motel and to our drunken amazement it was only 9:30 p.m.

I asked my friend what the rest of his night had in store and he stated he wasn’t sure yet but he needed a shower to get his head together and I agreed.

He told me after I showered to come up to his room and we would figure out something to do later so I bid him farewell and proceeded to my room.

After my shower my head did feel a little clearer but there was definitely still some clouds.

I dressed in some casual clothes and grabbed the elevator to the 35th floor.

I guess when you work for the corporate office you get a suite instead of a room like the rest of us.

I knocked on the door and in just a few seconds it opened and my friend told me to come on in.

I stepped in and looked around and whistled a low whistle and he asked if that was because he was still in his bath towel or was it approval of the suite.

I said it was for the suite but this guy kept him self in very good physical shape.

He asked if I would like a glass of wine and I said why not, it’s not like I have to operate heavy machinery or anything.

He poured the wine into two tall long stem glasses and brought them over to where I had sat down to see the view from his window.

I took the glass and gazed back out the window and I heard him ask me what I thought.

As I turned to answer him he had removed his towel.

Pretty impressive I said.

He then asked if I was talking inside or outside the window and I replied both.

He told me I was completely welcome to relax and lose some clothes if it might make me feel more comfortable.

My head spun, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I said what the hell when in Rome do as etiler escort the Romans and he said that’s the spirit.

He watched me intently as I slipped all my clothes off and sat back in the chair.

He said it looks like you take pretty good care of yourself also and I said that I didn’t as much as I should.

He said look at most men our age with their pot guts and flabby asses, we should be commended he said, I agreed.

The more wine I drank the less strange I felt about sitting in a room naked with another man.

He went to get us another glass of wine and I watched him move with confidence and an air of dignity.

When he came back with the wine he stopped directly in front of me and handed me my glass. Here’s to new found friends he said, we clinked glasses and he drank, I on the other hand couldn’t take my eyes off his cock, which was only a foot or so from my face.

Like the man himself his cock was very impressive. It hung straight down and I would guess probably 8″ flaccid with some girth to it. Before I knew what I did I reached out and dipped it into my wine glass. I thought this might startle him but he just smiled at me and said someone is going to have to clean that off.

Again, before I knew what I was doing I lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth and cupped his balls in my left hand.

He let out a slight moan and for some strange reason this made me feel good too.

I licked and stroked his cock, as it grew larger, I teased his balls and the tip of his dick with my tongue. It wasn’t long before pre cum started to ooze from his cock and I gladly licked it up.

I was sucking and licking like a newborn calf on his mother.

After a short while he pushed my head away and I just looked at him.

He lowered himself to his knees and said it was my turn and he started to work on my throbbing cock.

Suddenly he stopped and led me to the oversized King bed and we laid down side by side.

As we stroked each others hard cocks he asked me what I thought so far and I told him that I would have never dreamed that being with another man could make me so horny.

He said he knew what I meant because he had fantasized about it but never experienced it.

He lowered his head to my cock again and I shifted around to get to him so I could return the favor.

I don’t know how long we sucked and licked but it seemed to last forever.

I pulled away from him and he asked what I was doing and I told him to just close his eyes and relax.

As he lay there on his back his cock looked massive and seemed to be calling me to it.

I took some spit from my mouth and worked it all over his cock and then repeated the process with my ass.

I straddled him and took his cock in my hand and ever so slowly guided it into my quivering ass.

I slid myself slowly down his shaft until I felt his pelvic bones against my ass cheeks.

He let out a slight moan and I took this as a sign of approval.

I just sat there a minute adjusting to his size and enjoying that stuffed feeling.

If a woman’s’ pussy was as sensitive as my ass was at the present time I envied them to no end.

I raised myself beşiktaş escort up letting his cock slide almost all the way out but stopped just short and continued back down to the hilt.

The first ten strokes were very slow and deliberate but it wasn’t long that the feeling stirring in my ass took me over and I was riding his cock up and down like a street whore trying to make a fast twenty bucks.

He reached up and started jacking my cock so hard I thought he was going to pull it off.

I looked down at his face and could see the emotions running through him making his eyes dart wildly behind his closed lids.

My tempo increased to the point that it felt like my ass was on fire and I could feel his cock start to spasm. As if I were unaware he suddenly cried out that he was Cumming and as I felt the first gush of cum hit the walls of my rectum it sent electrical like waves through my entire body.

I could feel his cock exploding like a geyser and this made my cock explode spewing cum from my cock all over his chest and some as far up as his face.

There was a small amount on his lower lip and after he opened his eyes and smiled at me he licked it into his mouth and approved with another smile.

We got up from the bed and took separate showers and headed for the motel lounge together.

We ordered a couple of beers and when the bartender asked if we had found any excitement we just smiled and said enough so that this was a trip we would remember for a long time.

When we ordered our forth beer the bartender told us that this was our last call.

We drank them and left the bar area and headed for the elevator.

Once inside my friend asked if I wanted to come back up to his suite and finish off the wine. I told him that too much wine made my ass hurt and we just burst out laughing.

After we regained our composure he said the second half of the bottle would be a little harder on his if I knew what he meant and I did.

Once we were in his Suite Again we immediately stripped our clothes off and started sucking madly at each other until he laid me on my back and rode me as I had him before.

I don’t know who took who or how many times but I knew when we both collapsed we were spent.

It must have been the alcohol coupled with the sex but the next thing I knew I was waking up still in the suite and my friend was asleep beside me.

He was lying on his left side facing me so I reached over and found his cock, which was rock hard. (That happens to older men, more hormones in the morning and a piss hard on).

I arched my ass toward him and guided his cock to my awaiting ass.

I guess some of his cum had oozed out of me because my asshole was slippery enough for his cock to slide easily in me.

I don’t know if he was awake when I started this but he certainly was now.

There wasn’t a word spoken between us. I just thrust back against him as he thrust forward against me.

The only sound in the room was his pelvis slapping against my ass and a few soft moans escaping from us both.

I felt his cock swell and throb and then felt the spasms as his cock spewed another hot load of cum into my ass.

Without speaking a word I got up and dressed and headed for the door.

He asked if I were scheduled for any more meeting this year and I told him that if there was anything I could do about it I would make them all.

Satisfied with upper management!!

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