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“Don’t you dare fucking touch me,” Denise said as she gripped the gash in her arm. “We have got to get the bleeding stopped before you pass out or something.” Blake grabbed a towel and tossed it at Denise’s head. She hadn’t meant to hurt Denise, not really. But she was able to piss Blake off quicker than anyone, and this time, Blake had just lost it. “Wrap the damn towel around it. I’ll gather supplies to get it cleaned up and wrapped.” Denise grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her arm. She pressed her hand down against the deep cut and took a seat on the bench in the locker room. She should have just kept her mouth shut, but the way that Blake preyed after every female that walked through the door got on her nerves. It didn’t look good for their company or any of them as owners. She’d already received complaints from straight women who thought Blake had been a little too friendly. It needed to stop, and Denise had told her as much. Blake had the medical bag in one hand and peroxide and towels in the other. She sat everything down on the bench next to Denise and straddled it as she sat down next to her. “Give me your arm.” Denise tried to pull away, but Blake already had a good hold of her wrist which prevented her from getting free. “I’m sorry about your arm, Denise. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was only reacting to you grabbing my shoulder. I’m just tired of you all pointing out what a slut that I am. I don’t see how it is anyone’s business but mine.” Blake pulled the towel back enough to see how badly it was still bleeding. She wrapped the towel back around and held her hands tightly around it. “You represent this company when you’re here, Blake. Every time you make a move on another woman, you bring the gym down another notch. If you want to pick up numerous chicks and fuck their brains out, fine, I don’t have a problem with that. But do it somewhere besides here. I have received complaints on you, Blake.” Denise saw Blake’s head come up in surprise, but it was quickly lowered back down toward the bench. “I didn’t ask to be a part of this company. I don’t know how to be a business owner, and I don’t think I want to be.” Blake had received part ownership of the gym when her Aunt Traci passed away. Denise had received twenty five percent of the company as well. She wasn’t Traci’s actual niece, but Traci and Denise’s mother had been best friends for years. Denise had always considered her family and had called her Aunt Traci her entire life. Blake and Denise had known each other when they were younger. They had never been close friends, but they played together when they were both at Traci’s home. “This has been a surprise to both of us, I know that, Blake, but you can’t continue acting the way you have in the past. Our customers need to see us both as mature business owners, not twenty something sluts.” Denise cringed as Blake pulled the towel back to check her wound again. “It might also be a good idea if you take that ring off. I can’t believe it’s sharp enough to make a gash like that.” “I’ll take the ring off and become a nun. Is there any güvenilir bahis other requirements you have for me?” Blake opened the peroxide and poured some over Denise’s arm. She got the iodine next and used a cotton ball to clean the entire wound. “I’m not asking you to change who you are, Blake. I’m only asking that you remember where you are and stop sleeping with every woman that walks through the door.” Denise held the gash together as Blake started placing butterfly strips down its length. “I don’t get to sleep with every woman here,” Blake mumbled as she placed another strip on Denise’s arm. Blake couldn’t tell her that if she could have the woman that she wanted, she’d no longer need to pick up every other woman that she saw. “Name one woman that you really wanted to sleep with that your charms didn’t work on,” Denise said as Blake placed a bandage over her cut and started wrapping her arm. Blake kept her eyes down on Denise’s arm and tried to keep her breathing normal. She didn’t want to have this conversation, especially with Denise. Right now, all she wanted was to sneak away and pretend this never happened. “That’s what I thought. You have the entire game all figured out don’t you? I doubt you’ve ever been told no by a woman.” Blake taped off the bandage on Denise’s arm, quickly gathered everything up, and rose to leave. She made it to the door but stopped with her hand on the knob. “There is one woman that I have always wanted, and I still can’t figure out what it will take to get her.” “Who’s that?” Denise asked as she took off her bloody shirt and pulled a fresh one out of her locker. Blake turned around, leaned against the door, and watched her as she carefully pulled the clean shirt over her arm. “You,” Blake said softly. She paused a few seconds before turning and leaving Denise alone. ** Denise hadn’t seen Blake all week. At first, she was glad to have the space as she tried to come to terms with what Blake had told her. Denise was straight and had never even fantasized about being with a woman. She could look at a woman and see her beauty, but it never turned her on. The more she thought about Blake and what she had shared with her, Denise realized she should have seen it long before now. After Traci had died and the company had become theirs, the other owner of the club was more than willing to show them both how everything worked. From the mundane office work to each of the machines, she continued helping them until they were both comfortable with it all. Eventually, she let them help run the company. Denise was better at the office work. Blake got the responsibility of helping the women when they first joined the gym. At the beginning, Blake was always making her way into the office to see how Denise was doing or see if she needed anything. They had even spent some time together in the gym after closing one night. Blake took it upon herself that night to make sure Denise knew how to work every machine, even if it meant physically adjusting her body into the right position. She could still remember the way that Blake stared güvenilir bahis siteleri at her. Somewhere deep, she must have known what was going on, to be able to remember the look on her face that clearly. Denise pulled her car up in front of Blake’s apartment and turned it off. If they were going to be able to run a business together, Denise knew it was important for them to at least talk about things. She grabbed the beer from the passenger seat, got out of her car and headed toward Blake’s door. Blake opened the door after Denise knocked but immediately tried to shut it again. Denise had been ready and stuck her shoe in the gap. “We need to talk, Blake, please. I have beer,” Denise said wiggling her eyebrows. Blake gave her a look but opened the door and allowed her entry. “Where have you been all week? Your fans have been asking for you.” Denise realized how that sounded as soon as it was out of her mouth. She looked over at Blake and saw the hurt on her face. “I didn’t realize how that sounded until after I said it. I’m sorry, Blake. But people have missed you. I told them that you were out of town for the week.” “I’m sorry. I just needed some time.” Blake took the beer that Denise handed her and twisted the top off. She threw it across the room and straight into the trash can. She gave Denise a small smile when she turned and looked at her with surprise. “You got a basketball hoop around here somewhere?” Denise asked and took a drink of her beer. “Sure, it’s on the garage. Why? You think you’ve got a chance of beating me?” Blake teased as she looked over at Denise. “What do you want to bet? If I win, I want a day off with you working in my place.” Denise got a rubber band out of her pocket and pulled her hair up in a ponytail. “What do you want if you win?” “A kiss,” Blake said without ever moving. She brought her beer up for another drink but never moved her eyes off of Denise. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m confident, or you’d have me a little nervous.” Denise stood and turned her back to Blake and took a deep, nervous breath. Blake got the basketball out of the garage and pulled the door back down. She counted of steps and used white spray paint to mark out half a court. Since this was all for fun, she didn’t worry about exact dimensions. “You realize that your three foot steps are probably more like four and half feet, right?” Denise asked as she watched Blake mark the half court line? “Do I need to make it smaller for the shorter people to feel like they have an actual chance of winning?” Blake walked backwards and set the spray can down by the side of the garage. She picked the ball up and dribbled it while she downed the last of her beer. As she walked toward Denise, she tossed the empty bottle by the side of the porch. “Since you are horizontally challenged, you get the ball first.” “You’ll regret that later,” Denise said as she walked out to the half court line that Blake had painted on the driveway. She tossed the ball in to Blake who bounced it right back to her. Denise knew she should probably be more worried than iddaa siteleri she was. Blake’s height gave her a distinct advantage, but everyone knew that point guards were the best at handling the ball. Denise had never had any trouble when it came to holding her own against the taller players. While they had the slight advantage in height, she could outrun and outplay everyone she had ever come up against. She dribbled the ball and walked in toward Blake. As Blake settled down to block, Denise made her move, faked Blake one direction and made an easy layup to score the first two points of the game. Blake caught the ball and smiled at Denise as she stretched her legs out quickly. She could already see the competitive side of Denise, and they had just started. Blake checked the ball and casually made her way closer towards the basket. She didn’t bother getting in a hurry. She just brought her arm up and let the ball fly straight in for a three point shot. She blew on her fingers and buffed them against her shirt as she walked right by Denise. That got her a casual shove, but it made her smile. The stayed close in points the entire game. Blake decided that she could use this opportunity to get close to Denise. She stopped with the three point shots and made Denise stay right on top of her as she moved all the way in to the basket. When Denise had the ball, Blake made sure her long arms were everywhere they shouldn’t be, including brushing up against Denise. If it had been an actual game, she would have long fouled out. But in this game, she would use whatever she could think of to be close to Denise and win. They had agreed before starting that the first person to reach thirty points would be the winner. It was tied at twenty eight apiece. They were both panting and sweating but having a blast. Blake had made the last point. So, Denise took the ball out and sat it on the ground. Denise stood there bent over with her hands on her knees. Blake stood across from her in much the same position. Denise pulled the bottom of her shirt up to wipe of her face, but then she stood and pulled her shirt off completely, leaving her in her white sports bra. Blake didn’t move, but her eyes did. Denise couldn’t help but notice her eyes as they took in every curve. Blake had seen her without her shirt before, but something was different about this time. Denise should probably feel guilty about using her body to distract Blake, but she didn’t. She found she actually liked having Blake look at her like that. She threw her shirt over by the porch and picked up the ball. Blake stood as Denise did and pulled her own shirt over her head, casting it up next to Denise’s. She didn’t have the soft curves that Denise did, but she had large enough breasts to be distracting. The fact that they would be right in Denise’s face every time she went to block her made Blake feel she might have hope in distracting her. Denise dribbled toward her, and Blake blocked her every move. When Denise dribbled and took a step back, Blake was right on her with her arms straight up in the air, which put her breasts right in front of Denise’s face. As she headed back out with the ball, Blake could see the frustration on Denise’s face. When she made a move to get around Blake and jump for a shot, Blake made her move and blocked the ball completely.

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