Business , Pleasure Ch. 03


I have not written for a while, despite several unusual and pleasurable experiences. I wanted to share my third “business with pleasure” experience. The interesting difference here, my business colleague happened o be a first timer, much like me a few months prior.

It all started with an extended corporate assignment in Montreal Canada, where I was staying in a very well appointed hotel. I was working regularly with a colleague (Jim) about my age that was also staying in another hotel. We were at dinner one evening with a group, and got chatting about sports. He mentioned that he enjoyed playing basketball and had taken a short term membership at the local YMCA, where he went 2 or 3 evenings a week to shoot hoops. After I told him I was also in Bball, he invited me with a guest pass the following Wednesday.

We met in the lobby and proceeded to get into our gym wear, and had fun playing a little one on one. After we were done, we were planning on hitting the showers, then using the whirlpool and steam room. However when we got back to the locker room, my cell phone was buzzing. I had an issue that needed some attention. So we grabbed a quick shower before I left. While we were in the shower, I glanced and noticed Jim was nicely endowed and in pretty good shape. I apologized for my quick departure and asked Jim if he wanted to get together on Friday evening at my hotel. I mentioned we had a large pool, whirlpool and sauna. Jim said it was a plan and he would bring a bottle of wine.

On Friday, Jim showed up at my room with his bathing suit and wine. I welcomed him in and put the wine on ice. I suggested we get changed in the room to avoid lockers. Jim agreed, and we started to undress. I watched Jim out of the corner of my eye as his pulled off his briefs revealing his nice cut cock. He then put on his Speedo, which suited his trim body. I had a longer leg spandex suit which I also put on, being a little embarrassed by my semi hard cock. I tried to fix it in my suit, and saw that Jim was watching.

We boarded the elevator to the spa, and when we arrived, we both went in the pools for a couple laps. Friday is a very quiet night as most business people are not in town and only a couple people were in the area exercise room. From the pool we went to the Whirlpool and were the only ones there. I sat across from Jim and we chatted about everything, fatih escort Sports, food, etc. I was sliding under the water, when my foot, glanced off Jims foot. I moved it away. A few seconds later, Jim’s foot brushed mine. I was leaning back and purposely let my leg, slide up against his. And left it there for a second or two before moving. Again a few seconds later, Jim’s leg brushed against mine, and it slid down. I was turned on by the touches. A couple minutes later Jim suggested we try out the men’s Sauna.

We got out and headed a few feet to the private men’s area where I slid off my suit and wrapped a towel around me to hide my cock. Jim saw this and also got out of his suit and followed me into the 100 degree empty sauna. I climbed to the second bench level and parked myself against the corner wall and Jim sat on the same level a few feet away. I put one foot on the same level which forced my towel open exposing my cock and balls. Jim and I continued our random discussions but I noticed he was glancing between my legs from time to time. I decided to discreetly test the waters so said I had a good story about the sauna. His eyes perked up as I told Jim that a couple weeks earlier, I was in the Sauna alone when another younger guy came in and sat at the end of the same bench I was on. The guy seemed to be looking at me and I felt a little uncomfortable as he stared at my cock. Before I knew it the guy was playing with himself and proceeded to jerk off in the sauna. I was shocked and amazed, but also watched him shoot his load on the floor. The guy got up and left smiling at me as he passed. Jim was notably intrigued and turned towards me and also put his leg up on the bench. I saw that his cock was aroused as it fell out of his towel front. Jim said he also saw something unusual, that when he was in Chicago, he went to the pool and after in the shower area, a black older gentlemen in the shower opposite was jerking his 8 or 9 inch cock knowing that Jim was watching, the guy finished unloading every ounce of his juices on the wall. Jim admitted that it was an exciting experience and went to his room and jerked himself off.

I told him, that I had walked into a steam room at another hotel and realized in the fog that two guys were in there with me sitting together. I realized that they were nude and after I relaxed a ways away, the proceeded etiler escort to play with each other, and that one guy went down on the other, which I had never seen before. I looked over at Jim and saw he was rock hard as was I. I grabbed my cock to try to cover my embarrassment. Jim was stumbling to do the same.

I asked if he wanted to head to the showers as the Spa was closing in 15 minutes. He agreed and we wrapped the towels around us and headed to the showers carrying our suits. We got there to find the spa attendant scrubbing down the showers. I said to Jim, that we could just use the shower in my room and he agreed. We headed up to the room, with the towels still wrapped around our waists. We arrived and I asked him if he wanted a glass of wine before the shower. We slurped the wine while sitting on the king size bed, when I asked Jim if he had any other unusual stories. He shyly said, just one, when he was booked at a conference, but with hotels oversold, he was sent to a small bed and breakfast. He did not realize it until he checked in that it was a clothing optional gay B&B. He said he went to his room, and then went to the have dinner. He had had a few beers with dinner and was light headed when he arrived back at the B&B. It was early so he decided to go to the Den where the TV was. He mentioned that there was one other guy there, who was just wearing his boxers. He acknowledged him and asked if he wanted a beer and Jim agreed. The guy asked if he wanted to watch a video, Jim said sure, not expecting the guy to put a gay porno one in. Jim said he watched in awe, and the other guy played with himself. Jim said he went to the room and had an amazing orgasm.

I asked Jim if he enjoyed it. He cautiously admitted that it was a turn on. I was hard and could see Jim was as well. Not sure what to do, I asked if we wanted to take that shower. I offered to scrub his back if he did mine. We jokingly agreed and got up. I got the water temp right and motioned Jim to get in. I gave him a bar of soap. He was still semi hard as was I. He got under the shower and started soaping up. I soaped up my hands and started on his shoulders, neck and back. He commented that the massage and soap felt great and seemed to relax. I went further down his back, letting soap run down the crack of his taught ass. I got on one knee, and washed one left they beşiktaş escort the back of his other. As I moved up his legs, my hand went under his ass and then washed his ass lightly abs I moved back to his back. My hard cock was touching his ass crack.

Jim commented that it was my turn and turned around. His hard cock was pointed up and was covered with soap. Our cocks touched as he turned towards me, in the shower tub. I slowly turned around and Jim did the same to me, but let his cock linger between my legs more then I did. I pushed back a bit on his cock. He let it stay between my legs. After he appeared to be finished, I turned towards him and commented that he looked turned on. He commented that the shower was a real turn on and he was thinking of our stories. I told him that I often jerked off in the shower and stated to play with my cock. He started with his, as I watched him. I asked if I could touch his, he looked at me, said “I guess” and took his hand off. I soaped up my hand and slid it over his rigid cock, gently moving up and down, paying special attention to his throbbing head. His eyes closed and his head leaned back and he let out a gentle moan or pleasure. I used my other soapy hand to massage his dangling balls, which with came a deeper moan. He put one hand on my shoulder as I played a little quicker. To my surprise, he leaned towards me and placed his head next to mine. His hand went down to my thigh, and then gently grasped my ass, pulling me towards him. He then let his hand touch my cock and in a fumbling way, played with my cock. Our faces were close, and I kissed his cheek, and he turned to me, and our lips engaged. He seemed so enthralled and overcome. I moved my lips towards his chest then towards his waist.

I had my hands on his ass, when I opened my mouth around his beautiful cock. He almost fell over in excitement as I welcomed his cock in and out of my mouth. After a minute or so, I came back up to his welcome lips. He grabbed the soap and with some lather, he grabbed his cock and quickly exploded all over my waiting leg. I followed while he watched. We both stood there worn out, relieved and very clean. He smiled at me and said that this was great. That he had been very curious and interested and was glad it was with someone he knew and was comfortable with. We dried off and had some more wine laying nude on the bed.

I suggested he stay over, but he had an early meeting, but we agreed to another rendezvous the following week. Our little secret, out mutual pleasure, got lost when our assignment was over. I still think of him when I shower to this day.

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