Busting Broncos Pt. 06


*This Story contains gay incest*

It had been over two weeks since I’d seen my favorite sheriff. My accounting business was doing so well that I was considering hiring part-time help, the horse ranch was busy every day with day trippers and kids taking lessons and Steve was working on the rental house in addition to his regular chores. Every day was filled.

So, that afternoon that I was in town and passed the sheriff’s office, I thought I’d stop in and catch up and maybe get some dick.

I parked out front and walked into the office. Whereas there had always been one desk in the middle of the room, there were now two desks facing each other from opposite walls. Behind one sat the sheriff. Behind the other sat a stranger.

“Hey, Sheriff,” I said, “am I interrupting?”

The sheriff looked different, more stressed. And he’d always been bright and cheerful in the past but was now glum and unhappy looking.

“What can I do for you, Andy?” he asked.

I looked at the other desk and its occupant and replied, “Well, it’s not business, just a personal matter I was hoping you could help me with.” The sheriff didn’t reply, nor did the other man, so I turned and held out my hand to shake.

“I’m Andy Russell.” I said. He didn’t stand up but after a moment he shook my hand.

“I’m Lester Chabot.” he replied, staring at me. “I’m the new deputy.”

My first impression was of a toad. Don’t get me wrong, I love toads, but he was like some fat malignant species that had no toad-y charm. His skin was flushed and looked oily, as did his hair. As the British say, he had more face than features, little piggy eyes, a snub nose and a tightly screwed mouth. Plus, he had an odor. I could only imagine what a hell it was for the fastidious sheriff to have him in the office every day.

I glanced over at the sheriff and saw that he was watching with a blank face. From the corner of my eye, I saw Lester Chabot write my name down on his desk blotter. That, I definitely didn’t like.

“I’ll catch up with you later, Sheriff.” I said, turning to the door. “It was nice to meet you, Deputy.”

No one replied and I hurried out to my car. Since when did a town as small as this one need a full-time deputy?

I had just pulled away and was driving up the street when my phone indicated a text. I pulled over and opened it to find that it was from the sheriff.

“My place tonight” was all it read.

* * * * * *

I waited until 11PM before arriving at the sheriff’s house. I had no sooner stepped onto the porch than he flung the front door open. He was nude and it was almost as if he’d been watching for me. He opened the screen door, grasped my arm, pulled me inside and gave me one of the deepest and most passionate kisses I’ve ever received.

“Where have you been, I’ve needed you.” he said.

Before I could make a reply, he began kissing me again while picking me up bodily and carrying me into the bedroom. He fell on top of me on the bed, still kissing me while tearing my clothes off. Usually the sheriff had always wanted to be the pursued one; this new development left me speechless.

When he had me naked, he hitched my legs up so that my knees were over his shoulders. Never taking his lips from mine, I felt him lubing up his big stiff cock and then the fat head of it pressing against my tight ass hole. Being taken so forcefully was a whole new kind of turn on, I meekly allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

His big cock opened my ass and the long shaft slid inside me. He must have been really turned on, too, or else really needy. His cock felt twice as long and hard as usual.

Without any preliminaries he began to fuck me, the stiff piece of meat boring into me, spreading my fuck hole. The fat head bumped against the back wall of my ass with each sharp thrust, sending showers of stars spraying behind my closed eyelids. The sheriff is always a great fuck; this was a whole new level. His cock slid in and out like a piston while his mouth raped mine, his tongue probing my throat. It was like he was trying to climb inside of me via both holes. His cock was doing amazing things inside of my ass and I could feel my precum slick between our bodies.

I lost track of time or how many times his huge meat pounded in and out of my ass. All I was aware of was the sensation of being fucked like a willing piece of meat.

Eventually his thrusts sped up and became almost frantic. His heavy balls were slamming against my ass with each plunge, hard enough that I could hear the sound of them slapping against me. His cock was entering me deeper than it ever had before, spreading my loose insides around his steely shaft. After a particularly hard thrust that I could feel up into my stomach, his back arched and he lifted his upper body above me.

I felt his hot juice explode deep in my ravished ass, his cock throbbing as it spit out each load. My fuck chute felt flooded with hot cum.

When his dick has ceased bucking and twitching in my guts, he put one hand over my mouth şişli escort and slowly withdrew the exhausted meat from my ass hole. When his massive cock head popped free, he slid down my body while still holding his hand over my mouth.

My cock was as stiff as his had been, my piss slit gaping open with the flow of precum that had been forced out of it by his thrusts. When I felt his burning mouth close around my dick, I almost passed out. The sheriff had never blown me before, he always liked to lie back and let me worship his body. Having his mouth on my dick was something I’d never expected.

He proceeded to give me one of the most expert blowjobs I’ve ever experienced, his mouth and tongue playing over my dick like he had been doing it every day. Between the Olympic grade ass fucking I’d just received, the working over that my cock and balls had gotten while being fucked and the outstanding suck job being performed on me, I could barely hold back from cumming for even five minutes.

When my jizz started blasting out of my cock head, he took it deep into his throat and milked it with his throat muscles. His hand had never left my mouth, otherwise I probably would have howled like a banshee from the sensations. He pumped the juice out of my balls and swallowed every drop, never taking my cock out of his tight throat.

I felt like he’d sucked the fluid out of my spine.

When my balls had emptied, he let my cock free from his hot mouth and slid up to lay on top of me. It took me a few minutes to come back to myself from wherever he had sent me.

I pushed his hand away from my mouth and said, “Jesus Fucking Christ, maybe I should take a break more often.”

“Don’t even say that.” he replied. “The last couple of weeks have been total shit and I needed you to make me feel better.”

“All you had to do is call me, you big dope.” I said. “I would have dropped everything.”

“I’ve really been feeling fucked up.” he said. “I didn’t know which way to turn.”

I waited until he seemed more settled and then I asked, “Is this about your new deputy?”

“That miserable piece of shit, I’d murder him if I thought I could get away with it.”

“Then why in the world did you hire him?” I asked. “And can’t you just fire him?”

“I didn’t hire the cocksucking bastard. I was forced to take him. The first I knew about it, I got a call from our state senator, John Booth, telling me that he’d pulled some strings and gotten funding and approval for me to have a deputy. Not only that, but he’d be starting the very next day. I had no say over the matter.”

“Can he do that?” I asked.

“Well, he did. The next morning that fat piece of slime was waiting when I opened the office and he’s been there ever since. It’s like sharing an office with Jabba the Hut, only not as pleasant. He actually smells.”

“I noticed.” I said. “Why do they want him here? There’s hardly enough to keep you busy.”

“I told the senator that. He just told me to work with him. There’s something going on and I don’t know what.”

“What does he do all day?”

“He’s been going over the old files ‘to get up to speed’ as he says. I feel like he’s looking for something but I can’t think of what.”

“Maybe he’ll get bored and quit.” I said.

The sheriff snuggled up against me and said, “I don’t think so. I feel he’s on a mission.”

He wrapped his arms around me and asked, “Can you stay the night?”

“Try to stop me.” I replied.

I noticed that he’d left the heavy inside door to the porch open, so I slid out of bed and went to close and lock it. As I was doing so, I saw a flash of something outside like an animal eye. I didn’t think about it, the sheriff was waiting for me.

* * * * * *

The next morning I drove home and fixed breakfast for the family. As I looked around the table I was struck anew at what a handsome bunch of men I lived with.

Steve saw me looking at all of them and asked, “What?”

“I was just thinking that I must have the most attractive family in the country.” I said.

“No accounting for taste.” daddy said. “I know that Cody and I are damned hot but the three of you put me in mind of frog spawn.”

“You ever heard that saying ‘chip off the old block’, old block?” Steve replied.

“No, but I’ve heard that beauty skips a generation, Quasimodo.” daddy said with a grin.

“Then it must have skipped you and Cody because my brothers look like porn stars.” I said.

“And if they don’t get their asses to work, they’re going to look like they got beat with a table leg.” Cody said.

“He’s just jealous.” I told Steve and Tony. “It’s like Cinderella and her ugly step sisters.”

Everyone went off to work in good humor. I did some work on my accounting and then decided to tackle a job I’d been dreading. I still had all of the crates I’d gotten from the Reverend’s basement stacked in the barn, waiting to be opened. I got a small pry bar and went to work.

I’d hardly made a dent in the mass when it was time to feed mecidiyeköy escort the fellows lunch and by hurrying I had it on the table when they returned. We sat talking about the morning’s events and when it was my turn, I told them about starting on the crates.

“There’s a lot of stuff that I’m going to need to research already.” I said. “There’s a colored glass lamp, a gorgeous thing, that I think could be Tiffany.’

“If it’s Tiffany, it will be marked on the base.” Tony said. “Sometimes there’s also a mark on the shade. Even the stuff that Tiffany bought from other vendors, they marked ‘sold by Tiffany’ or some such.”

We all sat with our mouths hanging open, staring at Tony.

“What? I’m not a total idiot. I’ve always been interested in antiques; I just never said anything because I was afraid you’d all think it was faggy.”

Finally I said, “Could you take a look and tell me what you think?”

“Sure.’ Tony replied. “There were other makers who are almost as good; if it’s not Tiffany I’ll find out who made it.”

That was probably the first sensible discussion I’d ever had with Tony. My mind immediately started working.

“Daddy,” I said, “I’ve been thinking. Your business is growing and at the same time, the boys are starting to have more responsibilities of their own. How would you feel about hiring a man to help out?”

“Can we afford it?” he asked.

I noticed that Steve had suddenly become laser focused on our discussion and I wondered why.

“I was thinking we’d throw in bed and board. Then, we can keep the pay lower and have someone around all of the time when he’s needed.”

Steve said, “That sounds like a great idea. How soon were you thinking?”

“As soon as possible, if daddy and Uncle Cody agree.”

“Sounds like it might be worth a try, we can use the help.” Uncle Cody said.

Steve jumped up and said, “I’ve got to go check on the new house, I’ll be back in half an hour.” and hurried out.

I knew that he had something on his mind but I just turned to Tony and said, “Ready to help me out?”

Amazingly, that afternoon Tony gave me an accelerated course in Antiques. He was surprisingly knowledgeable about many different objects and told me what to look for and how to judge quality.

“Maybe I ought to just hire you to unpack all of this stuff and sort it out.” I said.

“That would be fun.” he replied. “I always wanted to do something like this.”

My plan I’d been thinking of all afternoon became too good to pass by.

* * * * * *

The next morning, I decided to get an early start. I wanted to place two ads in our town paper and I was just about ready to leave for town when there was a knock at the door.

When I answered it, there was a young man standing on the front porch. He looked younger than me. At about six foot, he was also taller. He had an innocent child’s face and the rangy body of someone just becoming a man. He was dressed in an old western shirt and a pair of soft jeans and wearing a beat up pair of boots. “I understand that you’re looking for a hired man.” he said.

Surprised, I replied, “Yes, I was just about to go place an ad.”

“I’d be obliged if you’d interview me, first. There’s nothing that I don’t know about horses.”

“Word sure travels fast in this town.” I said and then it dawned on me how he’d probably learned about the job.

“Did Steve tell you what you should say to me?” I asked.

He actually blushed and then he said, “No, he just told me not to piss you off.”

“Well, come on in.” I said, holding open the screen door. As I did so, I saw Steve duck around the side of the house. “How old are you, anyway?”

“I’m nineteen. I know I don’t look it.”

What he looked like was raw sex.

“So how long have you and Steve been getting together?”

He blushed again, even darker this time and said, “We just met about a month or so ago.”

“Follow me.” I told him. “Do you want something cold to drink?”

He shook his head and as I led him to the back door I said, “It’s not me who’ll interview you. It’s my father and uncle you’ll have to impress. It will be alright if you tell them up front that Steve referred you.”

As I led him out to the corral, Steve ducked into the barn.

“Daddy,” I said when we arrived, “we already have an applicant for the job opening. You and Uncle Cody can interview him; I have to get into town.”

“I like a fellow who’s eager to work.” daddy said as I walked away. Steve was leaning out of the barn door, watching what went on.

I drove into town and parked near the newspaper office. I was confident that I no longer would need to place the help wanted ad so I only placed the other.

“Antiques and Estates Bought for Cash” it read. “Contact Tony Russell and Associates…” and then our landline number.

I had finally come up with a plan to set Tony up in his own business, just as I had Steve.

I placed my ad and then started to walk back to my car. The new istanbul escort deputy was standing with his back leaning against the driver’s door.

“Good morning, Deputy.” I said.

“I thought this was your car.” he replied. “You’re an interesting young fellow, Andrew Russell.”

“I’m flattered that you think so.” I said, edging around him in hopes that he’d move.

“I keep wondering why a city kid would want to come live in this little shithole.” he said, not budging.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing about a big city cop.” I said. “Now, could you move your ass so I can get in my car? Some of us have work to do.”

With a show of theatrics, he moved away from the door enough to allow me to slip inside. I rolled down my window in preparation for driving and he leant over and said, “I have my eye on you. I bet I can find out all sorts of interesting stuff in your past. And then, you and I are going to be best buddies…not like you and the sheriff, ass hole buddies, but you’re going to be happy to do whatever I say.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” I replied. “The only way you and I could ever be ass hole buddies is if you become a necrophile because you’d have to kill me first.”

He smirked and said, “I’m watching you.” before stepping away from the car.

I waited until he was out of sight before pulling over and phoning the sheriff.

“Why is your deputy investigating me?” I asked as soon as he answered.

“I wasn’t aware he was. He’s been going over all of the old files and making notes, I figured it would keep him out of trouble. Should I tell him to lay off?”

“Don’t bother, he’ll never find anything to hold over me.” I said. “And, by the way, he’s referring to you and me as ‘ass hole buddies’. Has somebody been talking?”

“Not that I’m aware of. What business is it of his, anyway?”

“There’s something really off about that guy, so watch your back.” I said.

“And you do the same. In the meantime I’ll see what I can find out about his past. Try to stay away from him.”

“I will. I don’t suppose he has a resume’ on file that I could accidentally get a copy of, is there?”

“If there is, I’d be an idiot to accidentally leave a copy on my porch tomorrow, wouldn’t I?” he replied.

We ended the call and I sat for a few minutes thinking before hitting the road again. Instead of going directly home, I decided to stop by the Nomads headquarters.

When I pulled down the drive my friend Bennie stepped out of the doorway smiling.

“Is there something I can do for you?” he asked, stroking his fully packed denim crotch.

“There’ll always be something you can do for me.” I said. “But right now, I need to talk to you and Ronnie.”

His serious look mirrored my own and he led me inside to where Ronnie, as usual, was reclining on the sofa.

“Pardon me for barging in.” I said. “Have you had any run ins with the new deputy?”

“What a flaming asshole.” Bennie said. “He gave me a ticket his first day because he said my muffler on my bike is too loud.”

“He’s been making cracks about how he’d love to make a big drug bust, too.” Ronnie said. “He’s a dickwad.”

“He just tried to threaten me, too, and said he’s going to put me to work for him. I think we need to be on guard.”

“We’re always on guard.” Ronnie said. “Do you know where he came from?”

“I’ll know more information tomorrow.” I said. “Do you have connections who can find out about him?”

“No problem, a friend of a friend is always ready to dig up dirt on a cop.” Ronnie replied. He got up from the sofa and went over to a chest against the wall and opened a drawer. When he turned around he was holding a new pay as you go phone.

“Start calling me on this, I don’t trust that fat pig as far as I could spit him. Call me with anything you find out.”

I took the phone and programmed his number into it.

“Now that you bring it up, things have been going funny for the last few days. People are acting weird and things just aren’t as steady as they were. Do you think he’s part of that?” Ronnie asked.

“My gut says yes.” I replied. “It hasn’t steered me wrong yet.”

“We need to talk.” Ronnie said to Bennie. “Get everybody in here.”

I took my leave of the two and headed for home. I had no sooner pulled out of their drive when I spotted the deputy parked on the opposite side of the road. He gave me a shit eating grin and a limp wave as I drove past him.

Back at home, I prepared a cold lunch for the fellows. The deputy had disturbed me and I needed time to think about what my next step should be. He was definitely pissing me off, though.

The family came in at lunchtime with the young man who’d stopped me earlier. I waited until everyone was seated and eating and asked, “Isn’t anyone going to introduce me?”

“Sorry,” Steve said, gulping, “this is Will McDonald, he’s going to be staying on, I think.”

I glanced at daddy and he gave me a slight nod.

“When will you be moving in?” I asked Will.

“All of my stuff is in my car, I just need to bring it in.” he replied.

“Are you always so sure of yourself?” I asked.

“No.” he said. He glanced over at Steve and they both blushed. “I was just really, really hopeful that you all would take me on.”

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