busy day2

Adriana Chechik

busy day2I grab your hand and pull you back to the house i ask you to lock up as i rush upstairs to get a few items! Where are we going what are we doing i hear you ask. I am keeping you in the dark and avoiding the questions as i run down stairs with a bag of items grab the keys and pull you from the house. Lucky where we are its surrounded by woods i take you down a little track across the road from the house. We stop and i take an item from the bag i kiss you hard as i slide the item over your eyes so you are blind folded. “You like” i ask “not to sure” is your reply I unbutton your dress and expose your fantastic breasts and hardening nipples to the cool air. Kissing then sucking biting pulling on them “ you like” i ask “fuck yes” I guide you to a fallen tree bend you over the trunk. I reach into the bag another item I slide them on your wrists and tie them to the tree pulling them gently but tight. “ little slut do you çankaya escort like being tied” “Hmm not to sure what if some one comes” you reply a little nervous. I reach into the bag and remove a couple more little items i lift your skirt pull your cum covered knickers to your ankles and kiss up and down your legs and thighs. My hands stroking your arse legs and so so close to you pussy but just not touching. “you like” i ask “oh fuck yes” So my little slut bent over a tree tied down panties at her ankles tits exposed i pick up the last two items “oh whats that?” you ask as i drip strawberry lube on your arse and watch it run down. “strawberry i think i might taste” i reply “Please” you softly moan. I take the second item and switch it on it buzzes into life as i tease your hard clit and cum filled pussy. “ Fuck thats so good “ as the little vibe slides in and out and teases your clit. “Cum cebeci escort for me please” i whisper in your ear then start to fuck your pussy with the vibe. your moans and breathing give away that you are fucking loving this. “Oh god i’m fucking cumming” I keep teasing you as you climax your wetness running on my fingers i must taste i lick them fuck you taste so good my cock is so hard i want one more thing i need just too do one more thing with my dirty slut i take out my hard cock and rub it up and down your wet pussy “can i ?” i ask “ oh fuck please please fuck my arse i want your cock in my arse” you reply those words seem to make my cock double in size as i start to press against you tight little hole. Fuck i slowly push feeling my cock just slide into you as you take control and push your willing arse onto my cock fuck “my cock is in your arse you naughty little slut” “I want all of demetevler escort your hard cock in my arse Fill my arse” fuck i push deeper into you and start to fuck your arse deeper and deeper as you take all of my cock “ fuck” you moan as i start to fuck your harder My climax builds “Im gunna cum” i moan “ fill your sluts arse “ as you push your arse onto my cock. Oh god did i cum i could feel my spunk spurting out so hard so much of it i pulled my cock from your arse and let the last few drops squirt over your pussy then without warning i plunged my whole hard length deep inside your pussy and held you tight as the last waves of my pleasure subsided.Minutes passed my cock inside you our bodys entwined in the warm glow of our passion. I started to untie you and remove the blindfold kissing and touching you as i did. I pull you knickers up over your wet cum covered and filled arse and pussy. Collected the items up and we headed back to the house. “oh god that was fantastic” i whisper in your ear as i kiss your neck “ Oh god yes and btw your cum is all over my knickers and dripping are you sure you dont want to do anything more”. “ Darling who said i had finished????………………………………………

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