But I am NOT Gay Pt. 02



Dan is a very large muscular young man with an extremely hairy body and a large cock. He was a football star football in high school and had his way with any girl he chose. Dan definitely loved everything about girls; their tits, their ass, their legs and their sweet smell. He had always thought of himself as a heterosexual man. He never had any doubts about his manhood until he started experiencing vivid sexual dreams his first night at college.


Dan met his roommate, Sidney, shortly after he arrived on the university campus. They got off to a shaky start, but have since become very close friends. Dan Smith is six feet two inches tall and weighs 225 pounds. His body is built for football, but he passed up a football scholarship because he wanted to show his family he could make it through school without all the alumni help that comes with a sports scholarship. He soon learned that foregoing the scholarship was a huge mistake. Sidney used his position as the football team’s trainer to help Dan get his football scholarship reinstated. He also helped Dan move all his personal belongings into the luxurious athletic dorm. Sidney rented an off campus apartment and Dan helped him move into his new residence. Dan had a standing invitation to visit Sidney’s apartment at anytime.

Sidney was the first person to introduce Dan to same gender sex. To Dan’s surprise he found it to be very pleasurable to have Sidney suck his cock. He justified letting Sidney suck his cock by telling himself that since it happened while he was sleeping, it doesn’t make him gay. Dan often reminded himself that all guys like getting a blowjob and it shouldn’t matter if it is a boy or girl who is sucking his cock. He has a harder time justifying to himself his delight at getting fucked in the ass. That’s why he always pretended to be asleep when Sidney slipped his long well lubricated cock up his ass each night. Since they are no longer roommates it’s harder to pretend.

Sidney has always loved being around big strong men like Dan. That’s why he works as a trainer for the university football team. The locker room is like a smorgasbord for Sidney. He gets to feast his eyes on all the cocks on the team. He occasionally gets to secretly hookup with a football player as long as it is done discreetly. Since his initial sexual experience with Sidney, Dan finds himself noticing the other cocks in the locker room and has to constantly reassure himself he is not gay. He still has no real doubts about his manhood, but is tempted to secretly steal glances at the other player’s butt when he knows they are not aware.

Dan stopped by Sidney’s apartment early Saturday morning to chat about his new latent sexual desires with Sidney. He is still bothered by the thought of possibly being gay. He knocked on the door and patiently waited to be admitted.

Sidney opened the door and said, “Dan…I was just thinking about you…come on in.”

“Good thoughts, I hope,” Dan answered.

Sidney licked his lips and said, “Always.” He stepped aside and allowed Dan to enter.

Sidney was always happy for Dan to drop by, but was beginning to become irritated with him because Dan only visited when he wanted his cock sucked or a dick up his rear. The so called relationship seemed to be only a one-way street. Sidney loved sucking Dan’s cock and fucking him up his ass, but he yearned to have Dan wrap his lips around HIS cock. He dreamed of the night Dan would slide his big beautiful cock up HIS needy ass. Sidney led Dan to the kitchen and motioned him into a chair.

“Would you like something to drink?” He asked.

“How about a cold beer,” Dan answered as he slipped his shorts and underwear off. “I have been thinking about your sweet lips on my cock all morning.”

Dan sat down and began stroking his cock. Sidney handed him a beer and said, “Dan…its time you started şişli escort pulling your own weight around here.”

Dan took a big chug of beer then belched real loud.

“What do you mean; pull my own weight?”

“I want to feel YOUR sweet lips around MY cock for a change.” Sidney moaned.

Dan sat up straight in his chair and set his beer on the table and said, “Wait a minute…you expect ME to suck YOUR cock?”

“That’s right, Dan. It high time I get to enjoy a nice blowjob from you.”

“But I’m NOT gay.”

“You don’t have to be gay to suck my cock. Just think of it as being a good friend helping out a good friend.”

“Hey…ME sucking YOUR cock sure sounds gay to me.”

“Answer me this, Dan. Do you love being with girls? Do you get excited watching their tits bob and jiggle when they walk?”


“Do you get an erection when you see a girl completely naked, or if you just get a quick glance at their bare tits or nipples? And do you love sucking their tits and licking their pussy?”

“You know I do.”

“And you enjoy it when I suck your cock?”

Dan stared I Sidney for a second and then said, “You know I do. Why else would I be here now?”

“Okay…my friend you are NOT gay, but you ARE a bi-sexual. You enjoy letting both men and women suck your cock; Right?”

“Yes. I can’t argue with you about that, but I am going to FEEL gay if I suck YOUR cock.”

“Don’t worry about that, once you get into sucking my cock on a regular basis you will get so engrossed with the pleasure, it won’t really matter.”

Dan didn’t say anything. He appeared to be mulling it over in his mind. Sidney quickly sprang to his feet, slid his shorts and underwear down to his ankles and stepped close to where Dan is seated before Dan had too much time to think about it. He stroked his cock a bit and then calmly asked Dan to open his mouth.

Dan stared at the cock that was just inches from his mouth and said, “I don’t know the first thing about sucking a cock.”

“Don’t worry about that I will teach you,” Sidney assured him. “Just open your mouth and do what feels natural to you, and I will talk you through the rest of it.”

Dan shook his head and refused to open his mouth. He stared up at Sidney with defiance in his eyes. Sidney smiled and gently rubbed the head of his cock against Dan’s closed lips. Dan hesitated a minute and then reluctantly opened his mouth and closed his eyes as Sidney slid his long narrow cock into his mouth. He pushed until it bumped against the back of Dan’s mouth. He gagged a little and Sidney eased his cock back an inch and then slid it forward again. Dan felt a thrill move through his body. He decided he liked the way it felt in his mouth and it didn’t taste gross like he thought it would.

“Okay…Dan you are off to a good start,” Sidney encouraged. “Just keep doing what you are doing and listen to what I say.”

Dan tried to say okay but couldn’t talk with his mouth full so he just nodded his head and kept on letting his mouth pleasure Sidney’s cock. Dan placed his hands on Sidney’s hips and began pulling him deeper into his mouth. Sidney coached him on in a soft calming voice.

“Always start slow. It’s fun to start with a soft cock and let your partner get hard in your mouth, without any motion. Just let them experience the warmth of your breath and the wetness of your tongue then gently begin to suck and swirl your tongue. Anticipation will make your partner even hotter.” Sidney continued in a low reassuring voice. Dan responds to his soothing tone.

Dan found himself getting into a rhythm and started bobbing his head, syncing with the motion of Sidney’s hips. He decided that it wasn’t as bad as he had always thought. It was nice to feel a hard cock slide in and out of his throat. He liked the little chill he got when Sidney’s cock hit the back of mecidiyeköy escort his throat. The chills got more gratifying as Sidney’s cock moved deeper down his throat. Each inch it went deeper the bigger the chill that moved through his body.

“People often think that their own saliva will be enough lubrication to get the job done,” Sidney advised. “It’s actually best to add a bit of lube to get started: either water-based or silicone. After a few minutes, you may build up enough of your own saliva to keep the action going. I find that sucking on a hard, sugar-free candy before starting the blowjob can also help you build up saliva, but you really didn’t need a lubricant this time because your throat is taking my cock without resistance.”

Dan enjoyed this new experience so much; his mind drifted and he unconsciously paid little attention to what Sidney said. He still couldn’t get over how delightful it was to have a cock in his mouth. He felt it was something he should have tried long ago.

Sidney praised Dan for the good job was doing. “Remember, Dan…a good blow job is 50 percent hands. Using your hands, with even pressure and friction in concert with your mouth, does more than what your mouth can do on its own. It can make or break a blow job experience; humming also so adds to the overall pleasure.”

Dan encircled Sidney’s cock with both hands and moaned. He grunted and then resumed his loving assault on Sidney’s cock. He took Sidney deep into his throat and began to experiment with clenching and unclenching on Sidney’s cock head with his throat. Sidney liked the feel of Dan’s throat squeezing his cock. It almost made him climax.

Sidney almost as an afterthought added, “I didn’t think to mention it earlier, but ask questions before you start and even during the blowjob if you aren’t sure your partner is having a good time. Every man is different. They don’t all like the same thing. Don’t ask broad questions like ‘am I doing it right?’ Instead, ask yes or no questions that give you concrete information, like, ‘Would you like it faster?’ Also learn to work with the curve and angle of your partner’s cock. Deep throating isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you want to do, having your mouth and throat match the angle of your partner’s cock can help. Some men have cocks that curve.”

Dan pulled Sidney’s cock out of his mouth and said, “What are you talking about? Your cock is straight and narrow. It fits down my throat perfectly.”

Sidney pushed his cock back into Dan’s warm mouth and said, “If they are curved or angled upward for instance, being on your knees below them would not work as well because their cock would be more likely to hit the roof of your mouth than go smoothly down your throat. In that case, you should lie down on your back on a bed with your head hanging off. Let him stand by the bed facing your feet. That way he can lean down or forward until he is totally comfortable. From there, open your throat like you would for a yawn…now your partner’s cock can slide down your throat at a more natural and comfortable angle.”

Dan grunted and pulled Sidney deeper and deeper into his mouth. He wanted Sidney’s cock as far down his throat as possible. The deeper it went the better Dan liked it.

“Give your partner your undivided attention, not just his cock. Let him know you desire his pleasure and satisfaction by giving frequent eye contact, saying his name, asking him how he likes it or if he wants anything special. Eye contact also allows you to read his body language, to see how he responds to different techniques.”

Dan is at a point where he wanted more than anything else to please Sidney and to hear Sidney praise him for a job well done. He wanted very much to feel Sidney’s hot salty cum rushing down his throat.

“By the way…don’t overlook ‘the boys’. To give a really glorious blow istanbul escort job, you have to pay really special consideration to his balls. Go back and forth, popping each one into your mouth and going back every now and again to lick the whole sack area. I recommend starting your blow job there, actually; spending a bit of time with ‘the boys’ helps enhance his excitement prior to your start bobbing …the part where you’re most likely hurting your jaw.”

Dan began caressing Sidney’s balls with his right hand while jacking his off with his left hand and it added to the excitement of both. Sidney was pleased that Dan is so quick to adapt the suggested techniques.

“Just remember you’re putting your partner’s most sensitive and most treasured body part in your mouth and between your teeth. That takes a colossal amount of trust on his part. Delight in the experience. Show your partner how much you recognize this by treating their blow job with enthusiasm, focused awareness and very high regard.”

Sidney’s cock began to twitch and pulsate in Dan’s mouth. They both knew that this is a sign that Sidney is close to an orgasm. Sidney wondered if he should warn Dan or pull out, or just let his cock explode in Dan’s mouth. Dan wondered if he should stop and jack Sidney off or should he let him cum in his mouth. He wondered what cum tasted like. He wondered what it would feel like to let Sidney cum in his mouth. So many things passed through his mind that the decision was made for him. Dan had waited too long. The hot salty cum was flowing. He started gulping every sweet drop of Sidney’s juices. He was determined to not lose a drop. He was exhilarated and happy he was able to please Sidney in that manner.

Sidney placed his hands on Dan’s face and pulled him up into a standing position. He leaned forward and placed his lips to Dan’s lips. Dan gasped and opened his mouth. Sidney took that opportunity to slip his tongue into Dan’s mouth. Dan started to resist at first, but decided he like to feel of Sidney’s tongue exploring his mouth. He returned the kiss. Sidney pulled away from the kiss after a minute and took Dan by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Sidney crawled onto the bed on all four.

“Dan, I want you to experience what it is like to stick your cock in my ass and fuck me.”

“No…I can’t do that, Sidney. I would really feel gay if I did”, Dan said.

“Just close your eyes and picture yourself fucking your old girlfriend, Molly, doggy-style. I assure you it will make all the difference in the world. Then later, after you feel more comfortable doing this, you can just fuck me without pretending.”

Dan reluctantly agreed to give it a try and Sidney handed him a tube of lubricant. Dan coated his cock with the lube then applied a liberal amount to Sidney’s ass hole. He took a deep breath and positioned his cock at Sidney’s hole and applied a small amount of pressure. It slipped right in with no sign of resistance.

Dan liked the feel right away. Sidney’s anal muscles gripped Dan’s cock and it felt marvelous to him. He closed his eyes and started sliding his cock slowly in and out of Sidney’s ass. He could see Molly in his mind immediately. It was obvious she liked the feel of his cock in her pussy because Dan could feel her pressing back against him; matching the rhythm of his strokes. It only took a couple of minute for Dan’s orgasm to build toward a magnificent explosive climax.

“Oh my God, Molly…I am going to cum in your pussy!” Dan moaned.

Just as he was ready to release his cum into her, Dan saw Molly’s head turn slowly toward him, but it’s not Molly he saw. It’s Billy, the team Quarterback. Lustful excitement rushed through Dan’s mind.

“Oh…fuck…Billy…I’m cummmmmiiinnngggg. I’m cummmiiin your ass.” His orgasm exploded with such force, Dan collapsed forward onto Sidney’s back.

Sidney smiled to himself. Dan’s most secret desire came out during the passionate act of having a major orgasm. Sidney’s suspicions had been confirmed. He knew all along that Dan had a secret crush on Billy, but would never admit it in a million years, because he thinks he is NOT gay.

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