Butt Sniffing At Wal Mart


Butt Sniffing At Wal MartIf you’ve read any of my other stories, you may know that I LOVE the smell of ass! Nothing is more of turn on to me then the smell of a woman’s butt sweat! My ass smell fetish started the same time as my panty fetish and it’s one of the main reasons I love sniffing them! Anyways, a couple years ago I happened to find another way to enjoy the smell of ass besides panties or a girl letting me sniff her bum. Quite simply, I just sniff women’s ass in public places without them knowing! Let me explain what happened the first time.I was in a bookstore, on my knees skimming through a book when all of a sudden I felt somthing brush against my shoulder. I turned to see what it was and was surprised to see a woman’s fat bum in front of my face! She was bent over going through some books and her ass was literally inches from my face! Now she was chubby, not quite fat, and was wearing a pair of brown spandex tights, and as she was bent over they became a bit transparent and I could see her bare butt cheeks and realized that she was pantyless! I couldn’t resist the urge to lean closer and take a sniff! It was heavenly to say the least! She had a bit of ass stink and I could clearly smell her musky pussy scent! I leaned back for fear of being caught and a moment later she straightened up and was reading the back of a book. Now I was turned on at this point and wanted another sniff before going to the bathroom to jerk off, and sat patient, waiting for my opportunity. I didn’t have to wait long as she bent over agian and put the book back and started going through some others, I took a quick look around and again leaned forward to sniff her ass! I could actually feel the warmth of her ass on my face, that’s how close I was! I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and half way though my sniff I felt her ass hit my face and my nose buried in her crack!! I quickly turned around just as she turned around and excused herself, saying she kadıköy escort was sorry! She didn’t realize it was my nose and face that had made contact with her sweet bubble butt!! I guess she assumed it was my shoulder and went about searching for a book! I hung around for a few seconds before grabbing a book and heading towards the cash, and when I was out of sight of her, ditched the book and headed for the men’s room! I went into a stall and dropped my pants and only rubbed my little dickie for about 30 seconds before spewing my jizz!! What a hot experience! I swear as I got into my car and drove away I could still smell her ass on my upper lip! Anyways since then I’ve always kept my eyes open for an opportunity to smell a girls ass! I found the best place was Wal Mart as there are a lot of diferrent places to catch a quick whiff, weather it be in the grocery department, shoes, housewares, etc! Women bend over all time to grab things! It’s just a matter of timing to be there when they do!Anyways, I’ve sniffed well over a hundred strange women’s butts over the last few years and only had a couple suspect what I was doing, but never said anything, just been given dirty looks! Most times it’s just a quick sniff, I think the longest was about 30 seconds, and I usually go to the bathroom or my car after and jerk off. But the reason I’m sharing this now is what happened today! I was in a Wal Mart across town that I never frequent, as I was on my way home from biking. Now I’m over wieght, and when I bike I don’t wear bike shorts for obvious reasons! But I do wear micro-fibre shorts that are actually boxers, but can be passed off as shorts. They’re pretty baggy, and loose and I never wear underwear with them as I love the feel of them against my little member! So I had just stopped by the store to grab some batteries and decided since I was there to üsküdar escort have a quick walk around to see if I could catch a sniff of some chicks butt! As I walked by the shoe department I noticed an employee up on one of those walk-up ladders, lacing up shoes for the display. No big deal, well it wouldn’t have been except for the fact that the employee was female and the way she was positioned on the ladder, left her firm little ass stuck out! To make things even more perfect was the fact that she was wearing those yoga stretch pants and they hugged her pert little cheeks perfectly, going up her crack a bit, giving her a wedgie! I scanned the area for cameras and people and figured I was safe to go in for a butt sniff!! It was perfect because, she was fiddling with the men’s dress shoe display and the work boots were behind her! Any other aisle and we wouldn’t have been alone with all the people back to school shopping! As I walked up behind her I heard her talking and realized she was wearing a bluetooth headset and was chatting away to her friend, at first I didn’t see it because it was hidden by her hair, but upon closer inspection I saw the thing sticking out of her ear! Now I was getting pretty excited as I figured she was preoccupied talking and lacing up dress shoes, and wouldn’t notice me behind her sniffing her perfect ass!I walked by and took a quick sniff and was shocked at how raunchy it was! All I could smell was dirty ass sweat and I was about a foot away! I knew it was going to be a treat smelling her and my little dicklette was getting hard under my shorts! I was glad I was wearing those and not regular shorts, as I knew from past experinces that I could easily rub one off under these quite discreetly! Anyways, I grabbed a pamphlet on a pair of work boots and pretended to read it as she turned around and seen me there, but quickly went back to chatting, saying to her friend, tuzla escort “No it wasn’t her, just some guy. I don’t really care if she catches me on the phone again, I just have a week to go before college, so what’s she gonna do….fire me?” So she was a college girl! Anyways, as she chatted non-stop on her bluetooth, I stood behind her, sniffing her bum sweat scented stretch pants and rubbing my tiny wiener through my shorts. Like I said before all I could smell was ass sweat and just stood there staring at her ass and indulging in the nasty aroma that was seeping from her tights! I don’t think I’ve ever been as turned on as I was today, standing in an aisle at Wal Mart, marturbating, smelling a young college girls dirty bum! I wanted it to last forever but knew I shouldn’t push my luck. At one point though I had to stop as another guy came into the aisle, and at the same time she climbed down the ladder and moved it over. I moved down the asile the opposite way and waited for the other customer to leave. The girl, climbed back on the ladder but unfortunatly wasn’t bent over. I figured my chance was over and was about to leave when I watched her climb off the ladder and start to straighten up boxes of shoes under the display, bent over!! I went and sat down on the fitting stool and pretended to try on a pair of boots, the other customer was gone and it was agian just her and I in the asile. To my surprise she walked over to where the guy had just been and had left two pairs of boots in the aisle. Right beside me!! She turned and almost in slow motion, bent over in front of me and her ass was less then a foot away! I knew I didn’t have much time, and throwing caution into the wind, shoved my hand down my shorts and grabbed my dickie with my thumb and forefinger and started whacking it as fast and as hard as I could, and leaned over to sniff her sweaty ass crack! I shot almost at once and kept my face in her ass until my orgasm had subsided! After, I realized what a chance I had taken and quickly got up and left. As I looked over my shoulder at her I SWEAR she was grinning at me! I left without incident, the front of my shorts wet and cum leeking down my leg, and came back home to write this! I did however stop at the corner store to buy a lottery ticket as today was definatly my lucky day!!

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