Buttons on the Printer


I was standing by the printer waiting for my print job to queue when I noticed him out of the corner of my eye approaching me. He walked slowly behind and past me letting his left hand ever so gently slide along my back before his hips and thighs gently brush against my ass through my floor length dress.

My skin tingled with excitement from my toes all the way to my scalp as I glanced at him and blushed slightly before turning back to my work. Smiling slightly as I bit my lower lip.

He casually moved to the right side of me, his left hand sliding off the small of my back as I suddenly felt his lips centimeters away from my neck as he whispered, “Did my work not print out? I must be pressing the wrong buttons…”

I felt goosebumps raising on my skin as I squirmed slightly, “Maybe you should try pressing all the right buttons then…”

He glanced around the room to make sure no one was watching as he reached for the door and slightly closed it. His eyes slid back to me, as his hand likewise slid up my sides touching every inch of me. “But there are so many buttons to be pushed…”

My hips swayed slightly as I pressed back against him lifting a hand up and back over his head sighing softly as I felt my nipples harden in my dress. “Press all the right buttons,” I whisper back in a husky voice.

His hands moved up, feeling my breasts over my dress. HIs fingers moved over my hard nipples as he groped my tits with both hands pulling me against him.

I gasped softly, my mouth opened in a silent O before slowly forming into an excited smile. Thrusting my chest forward into his hands as I pressed my ass back against his crotch. His cock throbbed in his scrubs, the material so thin that only a layer separated me from his growing bulge. His lips pressed against the right side of my casino oyna neck, hovering slightly over my skin as I felt him breathe hard against me, feeling him taking in my scent as his lips gently grazed over my soft skin, all while my ass continued press hard against his thick bulge.

I laughed lightly as I felt his hardening dick against my ass. Following his motion, I eagerly moved my ass up and down and side to side as I stroked him with my cheeks.

He slowly pulled down the straps of my dress as he started to kiss and nibble on the right side of my slender neck. My breathing picked up as I moaned softly from his lips. His tongue wiggled against my soft neck as his right hand moved down my body. His fingers reaching for my inner thighs as my dress fell off my curves. His other hand reached up and squeezed my hard nipples in turn between his index and middle fingers. His right hand groping my thighs as they inched closer to my panties. Tugging at them and rubbing them, pressing them against my pussy.

I gasped and moaned as wendless sweet sensations surged throughout my body. Grabbing his hands in mine pressing them harder against my breast and pussy as my volume slowly increased. His touch so demanding and firm, grew more vigorous at the sound of my moans.

He felt my ass continuing to move against his throbbing cock as his right hand slid under my panties feeling my bare pussy, his fingers began to slide back and forth over my wet pussy lips. I moaned louder, gasping as he bit and sucked on my neck. Feeling his saliva on my skin as he squeezed my tits harder holding me ever so closer against his body.

I moved my hips so his cock slide between my ass cheeks, pressing back into him hard as I started to bounce my ass hard up and down. My nipples rock hard in his hand as I squealed in delight canlı casino as his fingers made my pussy start to drip.

His hands moved in motion with my body, he curled the fingers of his right hand as he moved to push them inside of me, my pussy squeezing tight as his left hand moved up to my neck. The tips of his fingers reaching for my bottom lip as he began to finger-fuck me.

My moans come out short and fast staccato-like as I moan with each thrust he made into my dripping cunt. Feeling my pussy and nipples ache with nearly overwhelming need as he nibbled on my sensitive ear. My hands slide behind me to awkwardly push down his pants as his hard cock flopped out. He pulled out his fingers briefly to peel down my soaked panties as he continued to lap at my earlobe vigorously with the tip of his tongue. His left hand moved back to my tits groping them tightly as he grabbed his hard throbbing dick with his right and guided it to my dripping pussy lips. Pushing my upper body down over the scanner as I stuck my ass out for him.

I grinned at him and opened the scanner plate as he pushed me over the top. My large breasts pressing against the glass as I looked over my shoulder and wiggled my hips, my pussy quivering with excitement.

He thrust his hips forward. Pushing his hard cock inside of me so I could feel every fucking inch of him. His eyes fixed on mine as he pumped his cock inside of me. Back and forth, in and out the entire shaft while he grabbed and spanked my ass cheeks.

My eyes widened and mouth hung open as I squealed sharply, looking back at him as I felt his long hard throbbing cock pumping relentlessly in and out of my dripping wet pussy. My nipples scraping over the scanner glass as I held on for dear life. He continued to bury his cock into my pussy faster, grabbing my waist and kaçak casino pulling me back towards him to meet his hard thrusts. Hearing him let out a guttural moan as my tight wet pussy slid over his length.

I squeezed my pussy hard around his dick as he pumped deep into me. Feeling his hot throbbing cock pressing hard inside as my hands slid and scrambled over the printer, pressing the Copy button as it starts to scan with him fucking me. My breasts pressed against the glass as papers start to come out with various prints of my jiggling tits pressed against the scanner. He pushed me hard against the printer as he continued to pound my wet pussy as he watched each page print out. Reaching for my hair with his left hand as he wrapped it around his wrist and pulled back until my head rested against his chest. I moaned, panted and screamed incoherently as his throbbing dick pounded deep inside my pussy feeling like it was jutting out of my stomach as I started to cum hard on his shaft.

He continued to kiss me, lifting my right leg up onto a nearby seat so he could give me more of his cock, “I fucking love all of your buttons.”

“Mmmmm YES Cum inside of me, I want to feel your fucking hot load! Fucking cum inside my dirty tight pussy!!” I screamed as he continued to pump his shaft in and out of me.

“Mmm fuck mmmm!”, He moaned loudly trying to hold out as much as he could as he gave my tight dripping pussy 3 more pumps before he shot his load and explode deep inside of me over and over again. I screamed out loud as I felt his throbbing head pump its load directly against my cervix. His hot seed pumping directly into my womb as my eyes rolled back and my body trembled. He continued to hold me against him as he quivered as he finally stopped shooting loads into me as he fought to catch his breath against my soft skin.

I moaned softly as I looked down… looking at all of the scanned pictures of my titties… milking his cock as it slowly softened inside of me. Getting every last drop of cum.

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