B,W and Bi on the Farm


This is a true story and I have decided to remain true to the actual events as best I can remember them.


I have always had voyeur tendencies. Not exclusively, but for as long as I can remember I have always gotten very excited at the sight of sexual activity.

There were some good friends of our family that I always knew as “Uncle Bill” and “Aunt June”. (I think June was, in reality, a cousin of my Dad’s.) Anyway… they had a small farm in rural Alabama we used to visit. I loved my time there. There was a creek and pond to swim in. Two barns to explore (one was storage and the other housed a workshop). And about 50 acres of land to roam in. At the time of this story, Bill and June were in their late forties and had two children of their own, both of who were grown up and gone. Bill was under six feet tall and slender built June was not fat but she was not skinny either. She was more of a mature curvy type. She has shoulder length brown hair and full (not huge) breasts. She wore little makeup and was generally dressed in a house dress. Both were really nice, wonderful people that treated me as if I were their son. There was also a 40ish black man named Samuel who lived with his wife in a small house on the edge of Bill’s property. Samuel helped Bill with farm chores. He was also an affable man with a big smile and raunchy sense of humor.

The summer right after I turned 18 and graduated High School, I spent two weeks at their farm. I was excited illegal bahis to go because I knew this might be my last summer of leisure. The first few days were routine. I would help out with some light chores around the house or with the farm and then be set free in the afternoon to go swim, hike or relax. I especially liked that there were so many places for me to be alone to masturbate. Something I did daily. Sometimes two or three times a day.

On about my 3rd day there I told Bill and June that I was going swimming. But the water was cooler than expected so I cut my swim short and headed to one of my favorite jack off spots, the storage barn. I slipped up a back path so I would not be seen (and interrupted). As I approached I noticed the back door was propped open, which was usually only done when someone was working inside. I also could hear that the exhaust fan in the loft was turned on to circulate air. Before I could retreat to an alternate site, I heard voices inside. I crept up to the door and peeked in. What I saw made me dizzy for a moment.

Bill was naked and bent over a stack of hay bales with a blanket under him. Samuel was standing behind him, also naked, and slowly stroking his cock in and out of Bill’s ass. I am guessing they had just started because Samuel appeared to still be working the length of his cock into Bill’s exposed ass. While Bill groaned and grabbed the sides of the hay bales, Samuel had a hold of his hips and was talking while he illegal bahis siteleri slowly pulled partially out and pushed back in.

As he worked, he talked… “Uh uh… You take it. You know you can. Oh that feels good. Glad you wanted to get corn holed today. My lady is on the rag and I was thinking I might have to empty my nuts by hand. But this is much better.”

Then he gradually picked up speed. I could see his long cock come almost all the way out of Bill’s ass and then be buried back to the hilt. The skin color contrast of his black dick disappearing into Bill’s white ass made the visual even more intoxicating.

While Bill gasped and groaned, Samuel continued his relentless stroking and talking… “Oh man that is some good ass. You are tight! Might need some more lube in a minute.”

Both men were sweating and grunting. Finally Bill managed to utter “Change. Change”. Samuel took a step back and his dick slipped into full view. His cock was the largest one I had seen. He was a solid (and I do mean solid) nine inches. He was also pretty thick. I was astonished to think that would fit up an ass. But Bill seemed to be accommodating it quite well.

Bill shifted around and lay on his back on top of the hay bales, with his legs up in the air. Samuel reach down and picked up a can of Crisco that had been at his feet the entire time (I hadn’t even noticed it). He smeared some on Bill’s ass and some on his own cock. As Samuel stood between Bills’ canlı bahis siteleri legs and lined up his cock to reenter Bill’s butt, I noticed Bill’s dick for the first time. He was not as large as Samuel, but a very respectable six or so inches with a mushroom head. His cock was hard even though it had been untouched for the 15 or 20 minutes Samuel had been plowing him so far.

In the new position Samuel became even more intense and increased the rate of his thrusting. He held Bill’s feet up by the ankles which appeared to make it easier for him to fuck deep, hard and fast. His black ball sack slapped against Bill’s butt cheeks as both men increased their grunts and noises. Bill had been tweaking and rubbing his own nipples but then he move one hand down to stroke his own cock.

Samuel said “Come on now. Come on. You ready? I am about to dump my load. Come on. Get that cum out.” Bill suddenly set almost upright and his cock released two or three pops of cum that landed on his chest and stomach. Samuel wrapped his arms around Bill’s thighs and unleashed about eight or ten hard, slamming thrusts into Bills already well fucked ass. Samuel let out an “AWWWW… SHIT!!” And then stopped moving.

Both men were still and gasping for breath. I suddenly realized they might see me now so I slipped away in a hurry. After I was a safe distance away, back at the creek, I realized how hard my own cock was. I pulled it out and came in just a few seconds of stroking. I jacked off two times before heading to the house. That night, while eating dinner and carrying on normal conversation, I kept looking at Bill and remembered him with a large black cock being run up his ass.

I jacked off again after I went to bed.

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