By Day Jeans… By Night A Dress

Big Tits

I have a secret. If my family, friends and co-workers ever found out I’d become an outcast. My wife Monica knows and thankfully enjoys it as much as I do. I like to wear women’s clothing. I’m not gay, I just enjoy putting silk and lace next to my skin.

It all began innocently enough. One night Monica decided to tie me up. Still wearing her panty hose she began rubbing her body along mine. The feeling was intense, so much so that I asked her to put a pair on me. The idea made her even hotter than she already was. It was a struggle getting hose meant for a 5’6 125 pound body on my 5’8 200 pound frame but she did it. As she rocked back on her heels to look at what she had done I could see that Monica’s pussy was dripping wet. I’m not sure who was more turned on.

Looking at my hard cock poking at the tight nylons Monica slipped first one finger and then a second deep in her hot snatch. I could only lay there and watch as she finger fucked herself to orgasm, all the while keeping her eyes on my member straining against the pantyhose she had put on me. With her body still convulsing from her orgasm she lay down next to me and fell asleep. Still tied up, I lay there with a raging hard-on, amazed out how hot my wife had gotten. When she woke up and saw that I was still rock hard she began to stroke my cock through the nylons. Sliding her hand into her still wet pussy, she began to finger herself , moving both of her hands in the same rhythm. Never going faster I lay there enjoying the sight of my wife giving me a hand job at the same time that she fucked herself. When I came, the sight of my cum trapped in the silky material put her over the edge and she came again.

This became a major turn on for her. She began masturbating when she was aroused. Soon she needed less and less actual sex from me. If I told her I was horny, she would give me a hand job or make me wait until she had phone sex with anther man, me masturbating watching her finger herself. At the same time, whenever Monica was not home, I was experimenting a little myself. I would wear a pair of her sexy panties. Being that I am larger than her the panties I modeled were becoming stretched out. Monica taksim escort had to notice that her panties were getting loose, but if she did she never mentioned it to me. Perhaps she suspected what I was doing but chose to wait until I told her myself. During one of our infrequent (once a month if I am good) love making sessions I blurted out the truth. I was wearing her panties and I found them very sexy. The idea made her so hot that she came right then. As I continued to slide my cock in and out of her hot, slick cunt, she urged me on with talk of how seeing me in panties would be an even bigger turn on for her. She came several times that night.

Within the next few days Monica came up with an idea. We would go shopping and get me my own panties so that I would not keep stretching hers out. That first trip I came home with several pairs to model for my wife. I stood at the end of the bed wearing the first pair, loving the feel of lace and satin rubbing against my balls and dick. As Monica watched me start to get hard she told me to put another pair on. When I stood back up she was slowly rubbing her clit and I could see the wetness from her pussy glistening on her fingers. The combination of the panties and the knowledge that it was making her horny made my already half hard cock jump. Standing there watching her I begged Monica to let me fuck her. With a laugh, I was told no. I could put on another pair of panties and stroke my cock while she watched.

When I turned back around with yet another pair of panties on my wife had two fingers in her dripping pussy, fucking herself. I began to rub my hand up and down my member, the lace feeling rough and erotic. While one hand worked in and out of her hole the other reached up to play with her nipples. I was rock hard and the sound of my wife’s hand pounding in and out of her now drenched pussy drove me wild. With one last pull I came. Monica lifted her head slightly to look as my cum spurted through the lace onto my hand. She ordered me to keep going. With my panties soaked with cum the lace took on a different texture as I continued to stroke myself for her. While I watched Monica moved her hand just enough so kadıköy escort that as she rammed her fingers into her love tunnel her thumb brushed across her clit. The way she was moaning and whipping her head back and forth I knew she was close. With a cry her whole body convulsed as the orgasm hit her. Seeing all that cum shoot out of my wife had to be one of the hottest things ever, and I was startled to realize that I was cumming again.

A few days later Monica was up early and left for work before I awoke. She left a little surprise for me. When I was ready to dress I opened my drawer and my jaw hit the floor. Instead of my usual briefs I now had a drawer full of panties. Monica had done some shopping. I know owned panties of every imaginable type. lace and satin, cotton. Thongs and bikinis in a variety of colors and patterns. I couldn’t wear these under my clothes when I was at work. Shit, what if I had to use the restroom and one of the guys was in there. I called her at work wanting to know what she had done with my underwear. With a giggle she told me to wear the panties. She refused to even tell me what she had done with my briefs. Even when she was not home she managed to make me hot. The urge to jerk off was strong. I stood in the shower, stroking myself, thinking about my wife forcing me to wear women’s panties. It wasn’t long before I shot my load. Even after cumming I was still turned on by the whole thing.

Soon I was wearing a long nightgown to bed. Monica bought it and told me it was sexy for her to see me in a nightie. From panties and nylons to a nightgown. It seemed natural then when Monica brought me shopping for a complete outfit. Panties, bra and hose, a pair of high heels and a skin tight spandex minidress. In the dressing room I donned the outfit she had chosen. It was difficult for me to hide the fact that I was again hard as a rock. As Monica inspected me there was no way she could miss my erection. With a smile and a nod she leaned forward and kissed me. When she poked her tongue in my mouth I was shocked. She had not kissed me this way in over a month. I pulled her closer as I sucked her tongue. She ground halkalı escort bayan her pelvis against my cock. Good thing we were both wearing skirts. I slid my hands under hers and grabbed at her ass. She was pulling my panties off. Dropping to her knees she licked across my balls and up the shaft. When she reached the head she licked all the way around covering me with her spit. Then in one quick motion she took my cock in her mouth and buried me in her throat. It felt so good I almost lost it right there. I had to struggle not to cum in her mouth. As she sawed her mouth up and down she was squeezing my sac. As I ran my hands through her hair I warned her that if she kept it up I would blow my load in her. With one last lick she stood and turned around. As she bent towards the mirror her skirt rode up exposing her ass and her hot wet pussy.

“Fuck me Rob.” It was an invitation I had not heard since I had confessed to wearing her panties. Stepping up I ran my cock head up and down her pussy. When I reached her dripping tunnel she pushed her hips back. I slid up and in. I started pumping in and out of her, loving the tight feel of her snatch. Reaching around I took her tits in my hands , pinching her nipples as I rammed deeper into her pussy. I could feel her muscles sucking at my cock and knew she was going to cum. As I continued to hammer in and out of her I whispered in her ear how much I loved what she was doing to me. How hot it was that she kept me wanting her all the time, the way she had taken my experimenting with her clothing and brought it to new levels. She turned her head to look at me, and with a load moan started cumming. With one last thrust I began to cum with her. Her convulsing pussy milked every last drop of sperm from my balls. We stood, still locked together, panting from our efforts. Finally Monica pulled away from me and began to adjust her skirt. As she patted her hair into place she told me to get dressed. She folded each garment as I removed it and took them to the register. When the clerk asked if she had found everything she was looking for Monica giggled.

This was the beginning for me. Monica continues to keep me in a state of perpetual horniness. My one outfit has turned into a collection and on weekends I must dress in women’s clothes. As we have gone farther with this we have also learned that I enjoy Monica’s control. She finds ways to humiliate me. I enjoy it. That’s another story.

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