By Mutual Consent


Gordon, who always slept naked, was just preparing to get into bed when his mother, Zena, entered the room without even knocking. He was startled because she had not done this since he was twelve years of age. Entering like that she had a full frontal view of him for a few seconds before he got hurriedly into bed and managed to pull the covers over his lower body.

He’d had a partial erection and it had been his intention to masturbate, but his mother must have got at least a glimpse of his impressive manhood.

She was wearing a white dressing gown and she came and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him anxiously and unspeaking.

Gordon, puzzled why she had come to his room unannounced, and why having done so she simply sat saying nothing, finally broke the silence.

“Did…did you want something, mother?”

She smiled wanly, reached out to touch his cheek with her hand, and said, “I just wanted to be with you, to see you darling, just look to at you.”

Gordon decided not to point out that she had seen him only half an hour before. He tried again.

“Is there something I can do for you mother?”

“I…I…there’s something…something I want to tell you.”

Gordon could almost feel her tension through her cheek stroking hand as he asked, “What is it?”

“I’m not sure I should tell you darling, but I’ve got to tell someone.”

The bond between Gordon and his mother had always been very strong, and rather than growing weaker, during his teenage years the bond seemed to have got stronger. He was aware of her beauty, her dark curly hair, almost black eyes, the aquiline nose, full lipped mouth and her complexion that gave the impression of a permanent sun tan.

He thought of her as “Gypsy,” and he loved her dearly.

He remembered how as a child he always went to her with his troubles rather than his father, and she had always listened and comforted.

“I’ve always told you everything,” he said, “I’m nineteen now and Aso now it’s your turn to tell me.”

Zena leaned forward and kissing him softly on the lips and said, “Oh my sweet boy.”

Her kiss sent a frisson of pleasure through him. Had it been anyone else calling him a “sweet boy” Gordon, at nineteen, might have objected, but coming from his mother it seemed different, even welcome.

Picking up her theme he said, “And is my sweet mother going to tell me?” She kissed him again and said agitatedly, “If I tell you, you must promise never to repeat it to anyone.”

“But mother…” Gordon began to say, only to be interrupted by Zena.

“Promise…please promise…swear you’ll never tell anyone.”

“Okay,” Gordon said, “if it’s so important, I promise.”

“You swear you’ll never ever tell anyone?”

“Mother, I’ve just said so.”

Zena looking into his eyes hesitated for a few moments, and then as if it was bursting out of her said, “Your father and Meg.”

Meg was his older sister, and although he had never really cared for her, he couldn’t imagine how Meg could be part of such an apparently big secret, or his father for that matter.

“Haven’t you noticed anything?”

“Like what?”

“How they behave?”

“Not especially,” Gordon replied, trying to think of anything out of the ordinary he’d seen. “What about father and Meg?” he asked, are they sick or something.

“You haven’t seen…haven’t noticed.”

“Noticed what?” asked increasingly exasperated Gordon.

“Bedroom,” Zena replied.

“Bedroom, what bedroom, whose bedroom?”

“Mine, they using my bedroom.”

“You mean yours and father’s bedroom?”

“What used to be mine and your father’s room.”

“Used to be?”

“Darling,” Zena said, starting to cry, “Don’t you understand, it’s your father’s and Meg’s bedroom now.”

Light began to dawn; “You mean Meg and dad are sleeping together?”

“Not just sleeping,” Zena wept.

“Meg and dad are fucking each other?”

“I’ve been sleeping in the spare room,” Zena said.

Stunned Gordon said, “But that’s crazy mum, I’d have noticed.”

“We’ve tried to hide it from you, but I knew we couldn’t hide it forever, and I had to tell you, I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer, I feel so miserable.”

Gordon was staggered that he hadn’t noticed what had been going on around him, especially as it related to his mother. Trying to gather his scattered wits he said, “But why, why are they doing this?”

“It’s my fault…it’s all my fault,” Zena sobbed, “I caused it all.”

“You? Oh come on mum, how could you have caused it?”

“I did…I did,” Zena cried out with a touch of hysteria in her voice.

“How…how did you cause it?”

Zena moved from the edge of the bed and laid her head on Gordon’s chest. “Oh God, I don’t know how I can tell you this.”

Gordon put his arms round her and holding her close said, “You might as well finish it mother.”

“You remember the party your father and I went to at the Harpers’?”

“Yes, a couple of months ago, you dad and Meg.”

“Ed Harper, he…he…”

“He what?”

“He’s şişli escort always hinted how he wanted to…you know…do it with me…”


“Yes. Well things got a bit wild and the room was hot so Ed suggested we went out to the summer house for some air. I knew what was going to happen and…you won’t hate me will you?”

“No mother, I won’t hate you, I don’t think I could hate you whatever you did,” Gordon said, as he stroked her hair.

“You see, I wanted him to, he’s very nice and…well…I needed it.”

“You needed him to fu…have sex with you?”

“Yes; he was very sweet, very gentle and it was beautiful and we were nearly finished when your father and Meg came into the summer house.

“My God, what happened?” Gordon asked.

“That’s just it, nothing happened. Ed took his penis out of me and tried to pull my dress down and Meg and Hector just stood there looking at us.” “Not a word?”

“Nothing, and then they turned away and left me and Ed. We thought they’d gone to tell Ed’s wife but I’m sure they didn’t because she’s never said anything and is as friendly as ever. The weird thing was that during the drive home, and when we got here, neither Meg nor Hector said anything, and they’ve not said anything since.”

Gordon drew her even closer and kissing the top of her head said, “Why did you do it mum, did you need Ed so badly?”

“It wasn’t a matter of Ed; I think any decent man would have done that night. I just needed it. I hadn’t had anything for months and I’m…I’m just that sort of woman.”

“What sort of woman?”

“Darling, there are some people…women…who don’t seem to bother about sex, but I’m not like that, I need it, I need a lot of it.”

Gordon was reluctant to talk about his parent’s sex lives, but nevertheless I felt he had to know.

“And father doesn’t give you what you need?”

“No, not for months.”

Gordon was amazed. His mother such an attractive woman and clearly needing lots of sex, his father not being interested seemed incredible. He imagined if he had a woman like Zena, even Zena herself, he would not have trouble keeping her sexually satisfied.

“What happened, why did dad stop having sex with you?”

“Can’t you guess, darling; Meg, he’s in love with her, and catching me with Ed gave them the excuse to go ahead and openly become lovers.”

“You mean they didn’t start having sex until they caught you with Ed?”

“Oh no, I’d suspected for some time but they’d been very careful. After Ed they didn’t care any more. Your father used to come to bed smelling of her, and I couldn’t stand it and moved out, and she’s moved in.”

Gordon’s world seemed to be collapsing around him. His mother an adulteress, his father an adulterer in an incestuous relationship with his daughter, it seemed impossible that he hadn’t known.

Then he remembered that one of his close friends had confided in him that he had been having sex with his mother for a long time and his father was completely oblivious to what was going on. There was a slight difference in their situation however, because the mother had been able to keep both of her men satisfied.

Zena interrupted his thoughts, and reverting to her brief affair with Ed, she said, “It only happened once and it would probably never have happened again. I was vulnerable and it was a spur of the moment thing and would have been lovely if we hadn’t been caught. And so you see, I gave Meg and Hector the excuse they needed not to hide what they were doing from me. It’s all my fault and in a way I suppose I’m being punished.”

“That’s ridiculous mother,” Gordon protested. “You’ve already said that dad and Meg were having sex, the only difference was they didn’t mind confirming openly what you already suspected. Did you think that you might have liked a longer term relationship with Ed?”

She sighed and said, “It was lovely until we got caught, but we both knew that nothing would come of it. We weren’t in love or anything like that; it was just seemed like the right moment.”

Zena smiled through her tears and said, “It’s a bit like crimes in the detective stories. The detective asks, ‘Who had the motive, means and opportunity.’ This time the detective caught the criminal in the act.”

Gordon stroked her cheek and said, “You’re not a criminal mother, you just gave way to a need you had, and for which there seemed a handy remedy.”

“You don’t think I’m a slut then?”

Gordon laughed gently and said, “Of course not, or if you are, then there are a whole lot of us who might be classified as sluts.”

“You are a sweet boy, Gordon. Have you got any tissues?”

Gordon was in the habit of keeping a box of tissues beside his bed in order to clean up his sperm after he’d masturbated. He handed her the box and she proceeded to wipe up her tears and blow her nose.

She handed back the box and asked, “Do you still love me?”

Gordon kissed her on the cheek and said, “Of course I still love you, I always will.”

“And I’ve always loved you, Gordon, and it’s for ever.”

He mecidiyeköy escort bent to kiss her on the cheek but she moved so that their lips met. They held the kiss for a few moments and then drew apart, looking searchingly into each others eyes.

“I wonder if you know just how much I do love you, Gordon,” she said softly.

Her hand was on his chest, stroking, as she snuggled closer to him. Do you think I’m still attractive darling?”

“You are the most beautiful mother anyone could wish for,” he said hoarsely. His penis beginning to harden.

Zena’s hand began to roam down his body stroking and pressing the firm muscles of his stomach. She passed her left thigh over his right thigh and Gordon felt her hand touch and then take hold of his penis.

“You don’t mind, do you darling, I just want to hold it and feel it; it doesn’t bother you, does it?”

Gordon felt as if something was stuck in his throat and he was breathing heavily as he said, “Ner-no…no…”

“It feels so lovely, so warm and firm, so…so long, I didn’t realise you grown so…you don’t mind if I…”

She didn’t finish what she was saying because she had moved down his body and holding his penis firmly she took its head into her mouth and commended sucking and licking.

Gordon looked down at her at first in astonishment until he started to groan softly, “I love you mother…I love you…”

She released his penis and almost pounced on him, kissing him frantically, her tongue alternately exploring his mouth and her teeth biting his lips.

She broke from the kiss and tearing open the front of her dressing gown to expose her breasts she cried out, “You don’t know what I’d do for you…what I’d give you…touch me darling…touch me…suck me…”

“You’ve got such beautiful breasts mother,” Gordon cried and his hands fondled her and then his lips closed over a delicious pink nipple.

“Oh my sweet boy…my baby…” Zena gasped, “Suck me hard…hard…bite me…”

Gordon gently bit the nipple drawing a cry of ecstasy from Zena.

She withdrew her breast from him. Gordon was still sitting up and Zena placed her thighs over his and guided his penis into her vagina.

Gordon gasped as he felt her warm wet tunnel close over is penis, clinging to it, sucking him into her.

“So long…it’s been so long…” Zena wailed as she began to move over his length. “I love you…I need you…I’ll give you anything you want…anything…”

Gordon had still been fondling her breasts, but now he took hold of her hips and began to lift and lower her onto him.

“Oh yes…yes…it’s coming darling…it’s coming…come with me….put it in me…deep…deeper…”

Gordon had been struggling to hold back his orgasm, but as Zena was signaling the approach of hers he released the first spurt of semen into her. Zena’s climax was approaching and feeling his sperm starting to fill her she wailed,

“Beautiful…beautiful…oh my sweet boy…my baby…my darling…oh…oha…eeeeowaaa…”

As her orgasm slowly subsided she leaned forward and began to press moist butterfly wing soft kisses over his face. Gordon placed his hands on her breasts again and gently pressed their firm warmth.

As peace temporarily settled over them, and with Gordon’s penis till in her vagina, they sat looking into each other’s eyes, murmuring word of love and commitment.

Gordon knew he had found in Zena what he had always wanted in a woman, and it was made all the sweeter because she was his mother. She was the fantasy and was also the reality.

For Zena, who had initiated their sexual union, she knew that she would need no other male for as long as Gordon wanted her. For her too the fact of mother and son incest added indescribable pleasure to their love and sexual union.

* * * * * * * *

It was two o’clock in the morning, and Zena had just finished taking Gordon’s sperm into her mouth, when they heard the car arriving.

“Your father and Meg,” Zena whispered, “He’s taken her out somewhere.”

Car doors were slammed, the house door opened and closed, and they heard faintly whispered conversation, giggles and suppressed laughter.

A bedroom door was opened, and then apparently only partially closed. There was a long pause, and finally they heard a female voice cry out, “Yes…yes daddy…oh daddy…daddy….” There was a groan and a wailing noise like an animal in pain, more whispering and then silence.”

“You see,” Zena said thickly, some of Gordon’s un-swallowed cum still clogging her mouth.”

“Mmm,” Gordon replied sleepily. He had come four times and he now drifted off to sleep with Zena’s hand still holding his penis as if she was afraid it would disappear.

Zena lay awake for a while longer still gently fondling his penis, content now that her son had become her lover, and that he was so potent.

* * * * * * * *

When Gordon woke in the morning it was to find Zena awake and still touching his penis. Without a word he began kissing her nipples as Zena parted and raised her legs, bending them at the knees. His penis already hard Gordon came over her and guided by her hand he slipped into her tunnel.

With each thrust into her he whispered, “I love you…I love you…”

They were both drawing close to orgasm when suddenly Meg entered the room without knocking.

“I want to borrow…” she began, and then stood staring at them for several seconds as Zena and Gordon seemed to freeze. Meg gasped, and without waiting to complete what she had begun to say, ran from the room.

“She’ll tell father,” Gordon said anxiously.

“Of course she will,” Zena said calmly.

“There’ll be all hell,” Gordon said.

“Why, what has your father got to complain about, or Meg for that matter. They’ve got each other and now I’ve got you, so what can they say or do?”

Gordon had no answer to that, and Zena said, “Do you think we can finish what we started?”

The interruption proved to be an advantage in that Zena and Gordon started from the beginning and thus their coupling was extended.

When they finished Zena said, “You go and have a shower while I fix the bed.” The bed certainly needed some fixing because it was redolent of their activities, with patches of their mingled fluids on the under sheet. In fact the whole bedroom seemed to bear witness to their couplings.

Gordon showered, dressed, and then made his way to the kitchen for breakfast while Zena took her shower.

Hector and Meg were already sitting at the table wearing their dressing gowns and eating porridge. They glanced up as Gordon entered and said “Good morning.”

Given the situation Gordon thought it was bizarre that everything seemed to be so normal. Nothing was said about the night or the early morning activities. True, Meg and Hector had been lovers for some time, but Gordon felt that his night with Zena should have elicited some comment. There was nothing, unless the silence could be classified as something.

As the others were finishing their breakfast Zena entered looking bright, cheerful, and ten years younger than when she had first entered Gordon’s bedroom the night before.

“Good morning,” she said cheerfully to which she got a response from Hector and Meg. They cleared and washed their own breakfast things and then left Zena and Gordon on their own.

“Did they say anything?” Zena asked, sounding unconcerned.

“Not a word,” Gordon replied.

“You see, I told you so. There’s nothing they can say without making complete hypocrites of themselves.”

“Where have they gone?” Gordon asked.

“Where do you think, darling,” Zena laughed. “Now they’ve seen us together they feel free, and it’s Sunday and so they can do what they want, and without having to try and hide it anymore.”

“Do you mean they’ve gone back to bed?”

“Most likely,” Zena chuckled. “If we listen we’ll probably hear their wails and moans shortly. I suppose we’ll be going back to bed?” Zena queried.

“Is…er…if that what you want to do?” Gordon asked, wondering if he was going to be able to cope with Zena.

“Well you don’t suppose I went to the trouble of seducing you just to have a one night stand, do you?”

“But with Ed…” Gordon began to say, but was interrupted by Zena.

“Darling, with Ed it was entirely different, we both knew it was to be just that once, but with you it’s different again. You’re my son and now we’ve got started you don’t think I’m going to let that lovely penis go to waste, do you?”

“No more Ed’s?” Gordon asked.

“Not as long as you can give me what I need darling.”

“But Meg and dad, surely they’ll have to say something, I mean they…”

“My darling boy,” Zena chuckled, “don’t you understand, it’s a matter of mutual consent. Meg and your father have got what they want, and I’ve got what I want, and I hope you’ve got what you want, and as they say in the children’s stories, ‘They all lived happily ever after.'”

* * * * * * * *

Despite Gordon’s initial doubts that he could cope with Zena’s libido, she seemed to inspire a greater potency in him.

Certainly Gordon had got what he wanted, but later when he thought about Zena’s words, “it’s a matter of mutual consent,” he wondered. Had it been a matter of mutual consent, or had it been also a matter of collusion?

Had Hector, Meg and Zena agreed that Zena should try to seduce Gordon so that they could all have what they needed and wanted? Was the story about Ed and the summerhouse true, and had Meg and Hector been lovers for some time before the alleged summerhouse incident?

Gordon, since he was having a very satisfactory sex life with Zena, decided not to rock the boat by questioning her about the matter.

To begin with the atmosphere between the four of them was not exactly hostile, but constrained. This gradually loosened up and they began to behave like a normal family again, only with the changed sex partners.

There was one brief period when Gordon thought things might break down, and that was when Zena announced she was pregnant.

Gordon thought that his father might balk at this, but the fact that Meg was also pregnant gave him little to object to, even if he had wanted to, and so the mutual consent continued.

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