Cabin Adventures Pt. 06


After about an hour which felt like half a day to James, he was still tied up on the mattress. James was panting and sobbing softly, he had given up his attempts to break free after 10 minutes. Another electric shock went through his legs, lasting about 30 seconds. James sobbed, he was exhausted, but so aroused, he wished his dick could go soft, but thanks to that cockring it didn’t. James had trouble keeping his eyes open, he was so tired. But because of the electro stimulator, that went off on random times, he couldn’t get some sleep.

At that moment, the guys returned, all playfully laughing and joking around they came in. The 9 men gathered around the bound James and smirked at him for a few seconds. James said nothing, just sobbed, hissed when the electro stimulator was activated again, and resumed sobbing softly.

“Isn’t this the most pathetic faggot you have ever seen?” Chris asked and everyone agreed.

“Well, he was begging for it wasn’t he?” Timothy smirked.

“Yeah, look at him, he has a boner, he fucking likes this!” John said, pointing at James.

Troy and Jay went on their knees, Troy near James his face and Jay at the control panel, turning off the electro stimulator. Troy patted James his face, “Now, I think you have learned your lesson, filthy little slut!” he smirked.

James nodded, “Ye…yes.” he panted, Jay removed James his cockring, and immediately a moan of relief came from James.

“We have decided that we will let you cum.” Jay smirked to James, who made an exciting gasp.

“Really?! Oh, thank you! Thank you!” he said excitedly.

“But only if you repeat the following sentence.” Troy smirked while grabbing a piece of paper.

“My name is James, I am the proud and shameless fucktoy of these 9 men. 9 real men, who can fuck my slut holes whenever they please. I should be way more thankful and humbled when I get the honor of sucking these precious cocks. Because I don’t matter one bit, I am a worthless cumdump to these men, and I love it.” Troy read.

James had his eyes widened, this was way more than just one sentence. “Now repeat it and we let you cum.” Troy said. Andrew grabbed the camera and made sure James said it on film.

“I…I am James…” James started but Troy nodded his head.

“That’s not what’s on the paper, again!” he demanded.

“My name is James, I and the proud and shameless whore for…” James said.

“Wrong! again!” Troy demanded. James got a little frustrated but did his best to concentrate. He kept quiet for a while and tried to remember the sentence as best he could.

“My name is James, I and the proud and shameless fucktoy of these 9 men. 9 real men who can fuck my slut holes whenever they please.” James started, Troy and the others smiled and nodded.

James was on the correct path. “I should be way more thankful and humbled when I get the honor of sucking these precious cocks.” James continued.

Jay activated the electro stimulator and set it on ‘3’ as intensity, disturbing James his concentration. “Because I…Aaah!…Because I don’t matter one bit, I am…Aaagh!…I am a worthless cumdump to these men, and I l…love it.” James said, ending the sentence.

“Correct” Troy smiled, with that, all the guys went on their knees and gathered around James. Jay removed the pads on James his legs and joined the circle. Ahmed and Nick untied James his legs.

Chris placed the vibrator in James his ass and activated it, setting it on a low humming, “This will make it way more intense.” he smirked.

At that moment, the guys brought all their hands and faces to James his cock, like wolves to a piece of fresh meat. Troy and Andrew brought their lips over James his shaft, John and Timothy played with his balls. Ahmed teased James his top with his fingers and Nick took it in his mouth every now and then. Aron teased James his shaft with his fingers and Jay sucked his balls when John and Timothy şişli escort had their hands away. Chris played with James his ass and teased him underneath his balls.

James moaned from great pleasure, this felt just amazing. He had his eyes closed, his head back and moaned loudly. He didn’t know what feeling to focus on the most, it felt all just so great. A smile grew on James his face when he felt the heat rising in his body. He moaned louder and louder when he felt his orgasm coming closer until he reached the point of no return. His body spasmed when an intense, scorching cumshot, fired from his cock.

“Wow! That’s a big one!” Andrew chuckled.

Troy grabbed James his cock, opened his hand, and jerked the remnants in his hand. James moaned and shuddered while he was being milked for everything he got.

When he was empty, James gasped loudly and panted with a big smile on his face. He felt so much lighter, so much better.

“Damn, that must have felt good.” Timothy said softly, looking at the spent James.

Troy fed James his own cum that he had caught in his hand while Aron and Jay untied his arms. James stood up, a bit wobbly from his lack of movement. But when the blood was flowing in his limps again he was pulled in for a tight bro-hug by the guys.

“Alright, Jamesy!”

“Our little man has done it!”

“You’re a tough son of a bitch, James!”

The guys congratulated him, patting his shoulder, rubbing his hair, hugging and kissing him. James kept quiet, but clearly enjoyed it, he had a big smile on his face and couldn’t be happier. This night had been amazing.

After he had taken a warm, soothing shower, James joined the other guys to receive some aftercare. Some mattresses were placed together with the sleeping bags on top. James laid in the middle of the little platform, with the guys all around him, cuddling, caressing, and kissing him.

“This had been such an amazing night.” James murmured while drawing circles around Troy’s hairy, muscled chest.

“Oh, It was just as fun for us.” Timothy said, rubbing James his leg.

“Yeah, never knew that torturing a faggot could be so amusing!” Nick chuckled, having James his head in his lap and massaging his shoulders.

“Man, you being tied up and helpless, begging like a little whore, I never want to get that image out of my head.” Chris whispered, caressing James his butt.

“Good thing you brought that camera then Andrew.” Troy complimented him.

“About that video, you guys are not going to do anything with it, right?” James asked.

Troy chuckled “Of course we are, we won’t let such great footage fo to waste.” he said.

James came up, “What?” he asked.

“We have decided to put it on the internet and let everybody enjoy this great movie.” Jay smirked.

James gasped and looked around the group of smirking guys, “You’re…you’re kidding right?” he said, panicking a little.

“No” Chris shook his head, “It is being uploaded right now!” he said, pointing at a laptop on the table.

James looked at it and gasped when he saw the laptop with a loading bar and the camera near it. “NOOO!!” he screamed and jumped up.

“We started when you were showering, nice surprise hah!” Nick chuckled and everybody laughed.

James ran forward, but Timothy grabbed his legs and pulled him down. “Let me go! LET ME GO!” James screamed really panicking.

“Alright go then,” Timothy said nonchalantly, “But I doubt you’ll be in time!” he said.

James ran towards the table, hyperventilating and with tears in his eyes. The bar was nearly full. James tried to find the uploading program, but he couldn’t see it anywhere. He didn’t see any uploading software anywhere and the bar was nearing completion.

“No, no no no ” James cried, panicking. The guys behind him watched amused at the scene and laughed. The bar was full, the upload was complete.

James mecidiyeköy escort grabbed his hair and cried, “No! My life, my job! my family.” he sobbed, “I can never show my face again” he said, while he laid his hands for his eyes.

“Ah, that’s too bad Jamesy, but look on the bright side, you always wanted to be famous!” Aron said and the guys laughed at him.

James felt enraged and clenched his fists, he didn’t want to show the guys his tear-filled eyes because that would only satisfy them. He kept looking at the laptop, defeated and powerless.

But then something caught his eye. The video camera was not connected to the laptop with a cable or anything. James wiped a tear away and took up the camera, “Wait a minute, the…there is no USB cable connected to the camera and the laptop.” he said.

James took a closer look at the camera, it was a pretty old model. “Also it doesn’t have any wifi, so how did you guys…” James tried to ask. His eyes widened when he looked on the screen of the laptop. A youtube clip was on, titled ‘progress bar’.

James turned around, “You fooled me!” he shouted.

The guys burst out in laughter, “You should have seen your face!” Ahmed laughed.

“Fucking priceless!” John said.

James started blushing heavy. He didn’t know what to say, he was angry and relieved at the same time, but slowly a smile grew on his face.

“You…I…Tha…You bastards! That was not funny!” James yelled, crying and laughing at the same time.

“Did you really believe we would do such a thing?!” Timothy chuckled.

James calmed down, though still a little shaky from the shock.

“James, come here.” Troy said, holding his arms open, inviting James over. James smiled and crawled into Troy’s arms, he exhaled relieved when the guys gave him a tight group hug.

“What’s rule number 2 of the cabin?” Troy asked James.

“What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin.” James spoke softly, snuggling against Troy’s strong body.

“Exactly, and nothing is going to change that, not even you being a filthy slut.” he said while giving James an assuring kiss on his cheek.

James smiled, glad that the guys were just pulling a prank on him, “You mean it?” he asked on a cute tone.

The guys chuckled and kissed James all over his body, “Of course! We are on that footage as well,” Timothy said, “I don’t want my girlfriend seeing me fucking a guy behind her back.” he said.

James chuckled, that was true. “Besides, you are our little faggot, and no one else’s.” Chris smirked while slapping James his ass.

“You’re reaction was just gold though.” Jay smirked, “I guess we have to scare you more often!” he said.

“Now we know what the next grand finale is going to be!” Andrew said and everybody laughed.

“About that,” James said while sitting up. “I was so surprised that you guys wanted to go through with this. The last hike you did seem uncomfortable with the idea.”

he said.

The guys smirked and giggled a little, “Yeah, I did…lie a little to you that night.” Troy admitted, “I told your idea to the guys and everyone was up for it, but we didn’t want to spoil anything,” he said.

Previous hike:

“Hey, guys listen up!” Troy said, walking into the cabin.

The guys were scattered across the room. James was still outside by the campfire.

“Whatsup?” Chris asked, looking at Troy.

“Jamesy told me this…little fantasy he had, I want to know what you guys think of it because honestly, I am excited about it!” Troy smirked.

The guys came closer to Troy and listened to what he had to say. “James would like it if we treat him like a little slut.” Troy smirked. “You know, tie him up, fuck him roughly, call him dirty names, things like that.” he said.

The guys reacted enthusiastically: “Ah heck yeah!” Chris said.

“I thought he would never ask!” Andrew said.

“So istanbul escort Jamesy isn’t that sweet and innocent after all.” Timothy chuckled.

When everybody had said their part Troy made a wide grin. “So everyone agrees?” he asked, grabbing two beers from the fridge.

“Yes, sure!”

“Let’s go for it! The guys said.

“I am gonna tell James the good news.” Troy said and wanted to walk outside, but Andrew stopped him.

“Wait, don’t tell him.” he said with a devious smirk.

“Why not?” Troy asked.

“Let’s surprise him, tell him that none of us agreed with it.” Andrew said, “Don’t give him time to prepare for it, then he will have quite a thing coming to him next hike.” Andrew smirked.

Troy was thinking for a moment “That sounds mean,” he spoke softly, “I am in for it!” he eventually smirked.

Troy looked out of the window, James was still sitting near the fire, waiting for Troy to return. “I will James the ‘bad news'” he smirked, walking to the door with 2 beer bottles. “I will be back in a few minutes, then we can make some plans for Jamesy!”

“I knew it!” James said when the guys had finished their story, “I knew you had something up your sleeve!” he said smiling.

The guys nodded and smiled, admitting their little scheme. “So that’s how you guys came up with all that stuff!” James smirked.

“Oh yes, we had put our minds to work on this!” Nick said, rubbing James his hair.

“We wanted to make sure it was a surprise you would never forget!” Jay smirked.

Aron stood up, “Speaking of surprises…” he said and walked to the bar.

Aron got behind the bar and grabbed something, he came back with a wrapped present in his hands. “Happy birthday Jamesy!” he said while handing James the present.

“Happy birthday!” the rest of the guys said, hugging and kissing him.

“Ahh, guys, that’s so sweet, thanks.” James said, looking at the present.

“Something small from all of us.” Chris said.

James opened the present, and smiled when he saw 3 folded shirts. “Oh nice, some new T-shirts,” he said, touched by the little sweet thing.

“We expected that we would rip one off your shirts, so this is a compensation.” Ahmed said.

James looked at the first two shirts, a black and a white one with some beautiful prints on them, the kind of style he liked. James took the third one which was a rather revealing tank top. It was in a silvery-grey color and made of some transparent nylon, on the front was the text ‘Toy Boy’ visible in white letters.

James giggled and blushed a little while looking at his new clothing. “Awh guys thank you! This is such a nice present.” he said while giving each man a kiss.

“Come on, try it on ” Nick said and James pulled the tank top over his head.

It was rather short and reached onto his waistline, however, it was quite fitting and felt comfortable. James looked at his lower body, it actually revealed his ass quite nice and his dick wasn’t shown in any half awkward way, when guys usually wore tank tops. It suited him quite nicely.

The guys complimented James and slid their hands over his body, “Nice!”

“Looks good!” they said.

Chris laid his large, rough hands on James his covered upper body and slid down, “So sexy…” he growled. He laid his hands on James his round little ass and kissed him in his neck, “Sexy little faggot.” he whispered in James his ear. James got immediately aroused again, from these words alone.

Chris laid himself on the mattress, with James on top and the two started kissing. James his small body and little hands gently caressed the naked man, while Chris had one strong arm over James his back and another one on his butt.

“Guys, it’s 4:00 a.m, we should probably get some sleep.” Timothy said, looking at his watch.

James broke the kiss with Chris and looked with puppy eyes to Timothy, “Please daddy, I don’t want to go to bed, I wanna play.” he said innocently.

Those few words were enough to get Timothy and the guys aroused and pumped up again. They all gathered around James, eager for a piece of their sweet meat boy. “Fuck sleeping” Troy smirked as the guys prepared for a second round.

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