Cabin Fever


Lockdown had been difficult for Adam Jameson, or about at difficult as things could be for an unemployed 18-year-old living with his parents. Months had passed now without him being able to see his friends or even leave the house, and most of his days now were spent just staring at his phone.

Usually this might not bother him too much as he would find other ways of entertaining himself. For example, he knew that the surround sound system in the lounge room lent itself to a truly immersive experience when watching his favourite kinds of videos, but the problem was his mother had become housebound as well, so this hadn’t been an option for months. Adam felt as though he never had a moment to himself anymore, and he was beginning to feel restless.

So here he sat in the lounge room on one end of the large sofa, eyes glued to the small screen in his hands, completely and utterly bored.

Adam’s mother, Susan, was feeling equally stifled. She wasn’t used to being stuck at home any more than her son and was left trying to entertain herself as best she could. She would often potter around slowly doing housework or mindlessly staring at her laptop, barely taking in dreary article after dreary article which did little to make her feel less miserable about the whole situation.

She dearly missed her husband during the day, craving someone to talk to besides her son, but Dr. Jameson was a busy man nowadays. He worked long hours at the various hospitals and clinics around town, sometimes not coming home for days at a time. And for what brief stints he was home he was tired and irritable, and not particularly good company. Susan loved him very much, and was very supportive of her husband’s important work, but it didn’t make her feel any less lonely.

Her only constant companion was Adam, and he showed no interest in spending any more time with her than he had to. Typical teenager.

Susan sighed, closing the laptop which was sitting on the kitchen bench and wondered what she could do. The house was spotless, the fridge fully stocked, and she could hear the washing machine whirring away in the laundry. It was barely 11am and already there was nothing to do. Giving up on wondering about the real world she decided she might as well try a fictional world instead. So she made a cup of tea, planted herself on the sofa, and opened up a book.

Adam hardly noticed his mother take across from him. His mind was a million miles away, annoyed that his summer was being wasted away here instead of at the beach as he and his friends had planned. He scrolled through photos of last year’s trip and remembered fondly sitting on the warm sand, he remembered the sound of the waves crashing to shore, the feeling of the sun on his skin, the sight of Milly Preston’s breasts as they struggled to escape her orange bikini top, which was at least two sizes too small. . . Adam smiled at this memory and felt a stirring in his body.

When he looked up and saw his mom sitting in the sun on the other end of the long white couch his heart sank. Any ideas he might have had at enjoying himself in the late morning sun had vanished. Despondently his attention turned back to his phone, but his arousal was annoyingly persistent.

Susan had started rereading an old favourite of hers from years ago, and she was slightly taken aback. She’d forgotten just how smutty it was. The book took great delight in describing sex scenes in detail:

‘Ella moaned as Jon’s fingers ran through her hair, gripping a handful and pulling lightly. She bit her lip in glee. An electric shock shot through her and she let out a sharp gasp. Jon’s fingers had found their way between her legs and he was expertly tickling her.’

Susan squirmed in her seat, feeling vicariously Ella’s arousal. She closed her eyes and visualised the man’s hand stimulating her, his lips kissing and nibbling her neck. She imagined reaching down to feel how hard he was, needing to know if he was as turned on as she was. Her hand wrapped around his thick cock; it was harder than she ever could have believed. A great heat was rising in her as she began to run her hand along his. . .

Susan opened her eyes, remembering her son in the room just a few feet away. Clearly she was getting worked up. It had been a very long time since she’d had sex and it must have been affecting her. She needed to calm down, she couldn’t have her son see her like this.

She shifted in her seat again, attempting to compose herself, chanced a look over at Adam to make sure he hadn’t noticed anything, casino siteleri and returned to the page she was on.

But wait! With a start she looked back up at her son lounging on the couch and saw what she thought was. . . no, surely not. But it was! Adam had an erection! Susan pulled the book up to her face, blocking her view. Her heart was racing and she stifled a nervous giggle. She had to laugh, she couldn’t help it, she accidentally caught her son with a hard-on. She knew she shouldn’t look, but felt as though she had to take one last peek, just to be completely sure she hadn’t imagined it.

Susan lowered the book and turned her eyes to Adam’s crotch once more. He sat with his legs spread wide, one foot up on the couch and the other resting lazily on the floor. This wide stance pulled the fabric of his pants tight and she could clearly make out his hardness outlined against them. There was no denying it, Adam was very much aroused by something.

Susan couldn’t stop staring at it, studying it inch by inch. Though it wasn’t huge but it certainly wasn’t small either- about average sized, really. But it was very nicely proportioned, at least from what she could see. Not too thin, no aggressive curves one way or another, good sized head. It looked like a perfectly good penis. She wondered what it might really look like, without the pants covering it.

Susan realised she had stared maybe a moment too long, because she looked up just in time to meet Adam’s gaze. She darted her eyes away back to her book and silently cursed herself. She’d been caught looking at her son’s penis! Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, wondering what on earth the poor boy would be thinking now. This was so humiliating! In that moment she wished she could curl up into a ball and simply disappear.

Adam felt much the same. He’d swiftly pulled his other leg up onto the couch, shielding himself from his mom. He didn’t dare move a muscle now, and he sat completely still hoping not to draw any attention to himself, like a field mouse which had spotted an owl sitting on a high branch. Thoughts began to swirl around in his head, sending into a spin.

What on earth had happened? He’d been looking at his phone, daydreaming about Milly Preston, when he noticed his own mother staring between his legs! Maybe absent-mindedly? What if she was just daydreaming and happened to be looking in that direction. That sort of thing happened to him all the time, his eyes would glaze over and he wouldn’t realise he was staring at someone until they brought him out his daydream by talking to him. But she didn’t look spaced out, she actually seemed very intent on him. . . On it! But it was him mom! She couldn’t have been looking at him, it’s silly, he was just being paranoid. . .

Slowly he parted his knees just enough to see her through the gap, and saw she was doing something similar; carefully peering at him over the top of her book. Both retreated back behind their barriers.

Yup. She definitely saw. A pit grew in Adam’s stomach, he would never be able to look her in the eye again. His life as he knew it was now over, he would never live this moment down. This was every teenager’s nightmare.

Why, then, was he still hard? In fact, if anything he was harder now than he had been before. His heart was fluttering in his chest, he could feel his ears growing hot. He was humiliated, so why did he feel such a rush? This was all very confusing. He desperately wanted to escape to the safety of his bedroom but didn’t dare to, terrified that any kind of movement would draw more attention to his ever-growing erection.

Susan’s mind was and body were in overdrive. He’d caught her looking, twice! Adrenaline was being pumped through her body and her breathing was growing faster. She was furious with herself for a number of self-evident reasons, but most of all because she could feel a flame, burning hot, deep down inside her. . . one of excitement. Desire. She attempted to ignore it, and tried reading her book again without looking up, but now she couldn’t focus. Words on the page were forgotten as soon as they were read, all she could think about was the penis.

No, this wasn’t just a penis- a penis is a neutral, innocuous body part- this was a cock. Long. Hard. Pushing against the fabric, trying to escape into the open. It dominated her mind. She had no control over it, she needed to look.

Adam looked back toward his mother and they locked eyes with her once more, but this time he didn’t shy away. He tried to read her expression slot oyna and didn’t see anger or mockery as he had expected, but something else he didn’t at first recognise. Something non-hostile. Something almost. . . eager. The tension in the air was palpable. His head was spinning. Someone had to make a move.

He had no idea why he did it, it was like he wasn’t in control of it, but as if in slow motion he began to lower his leg back down to the ground. In a few moments he was sitting as he had been before, legs spread before his mother. And she looked. Her eyes drifted down to his crotch and settled on his cock, which twitched in anticipation of. . . something. He didn’t know.

He could see her breathing heavily, her chest moving up and down in a swift rhythm. He noticed her breasts now for the first time. They were large, very large, and they sat comfortably in her white linen shirt. If he looked hard enough through the thin fabric he could make out the white lacey bra which kept them in place. Her hand came to her chest, as if she intended to cover herself up, but then she hesitated. Quivering, apparently unsure of herself, his mother moved to undo the top button of her shirt. The fabric gave way and he had a clear view of her cleavage. Adam looked back up to his mother’s eyes and saw a mix of anticipation and what may have been fear.

For a long while they looked at each other like that, wondering who would make the next move.

It was Adam. He lowered his hand onto his lap, simply resting it on his cock, not wanting to push it too far but unable to stop.

The moment hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity and Adam began to panic, thinking he’d crossed a line. But then his mother parted her legs, and there, right between her thighs, showing dark against the mid-grey of her panties, was a small wet spot. Adam’s heart skipped a beat. Unconsciously he gripped his hard cock and a shot of pleasure ran through it. Instinctively he began rubbing along his shaft, never taking his eyes off the slowly growing spot between his mom’s legs.

Susan undid another button on her shirt, then another, her eyes glued to her son’s hand gliding across his stiff penis. She craved stimulation. With her shirt unbuttoned she could feel her nipples poking out from her unpadded bra. After tracing circles around one for a while she grasped it between her two fingers and squeezed it hard. Intense pleasure shot through her body. Her back arched and she involuntarily let out a moan, which cut through the silence like a knife.

It was like a switch had been flipped. Now that someone had made a noise, the tension was broken. The flood gates opened, mother and son alike sprang into action. Susan shrugged off her shirt and deftly unclipped her bra, allowing it to fall to the ground. She hiked up her skirt and plunged a hand into her panties and began to finger her slick, aching pussy. Rubbing herself in circles, feeling her clit dance for joy at her touch.

Adam pulled of his shirt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down in one motion along with his underwear, tossing them on the floor next to the couch. His cock sprang free, and a drop of precum glistened in the mid-afternoon sun. Using it as lube he rubbed his head and began stroking himself, admiring his mom’s enormous tits, her long blonde hair cascading over them, catching the sunlight and framing them in a golden glow.

Susan slipped off her panties and exposed herself fully to her son. He stared mouth agape at her as she slipped her middle finger into her dripping pussy. She threw her head back as the feeling of blissfulness flowed through her body, months of sexual frustration cascading away from her. The smell of sex permeated the air as mother and son pleasured themselves. For a moment Susan’s mind screamed at her, telling her to stop, but when she heard her son make a low guttural moan and saw the look of hunger etched into his face, all thoughts of that nature were gone, all she felt was desire.

The pleasure began to build inside Susan, her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pure bliss. Her finger slid in and out of her pussy with vigour, and she savoured every moment. She had never seen her son like this before, her beautiful little boy. He was smart and clever and innocent- as every mother thinks of her only son- yet here he was; sitting on the couch, throbbing dick in hand, watching as her finger disappeared inside her own cunt. She felt so naughty, so dirty, so utterly exhilarated. It took everything in her not to pounce on Adam as he sat there with canlı casino siteleri her pumping his cock.

These thoughts were causing Susan’s desire to build swiftly to a climax she hadn’t experienced in months. She pinched her nipples and slid a second finger into herself, anticipation her orgasm. She fucked herself hard, getting in deep, trying to reach her g-spot. Her other hand jumped between her clit and her nipples, desperately rubbing and pinching, feeling the pressure mounting.

Higher and higher the sensation grew inside her, and she looked into Adam’s eyes. Her gaze locked with her son’s as the first shuddering waves of ecstasy hit. She cried out in a frenzy, body rocking back and forth, legs twitching and spasming under the force of her quaking orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed down onto her, flowing through her body. Lust had completely overtaken her thoughts.

Adam gawked at Susan as he watched his own mother scream and cry out as she orgasmed before him. He gripped and massaged his balls with his left hand as his right slid up and down his shaft. He looked into his mother’s eyes and the friendly sea-blue tint had disappeared, instead he saw only deep dark wells staring back at him. They squeezed shut now as another orgasm hit. He watched as his mother writhed before him, cumming so hard she seemed not to breath for a full minute before screaming so loud he was sure the neighbours could hear. It was too much to handle, his orgasm was coming.

Susan sensed the moment approaching and sprang into action like a lioness; swiftly, gracefully, and without warning. She leapt forward and engulfed Adam’s cock, pushing her head down to his belly, completely swallowing his length where she bobbed up and down on it.

Adam cried out in shock and pleasure as his cock erupted, sending cum directly down his mother’s throat. Spurt after spurt of hot semen poured forth, and she hungrily milked him for everything he had, expertly sucking the cum from him as fast as he could shoot it. His fingers clawed the leather of the couch as he braced himself on it. It seemed like his orgasm would never stop, it kept going and going, far longer than any he’d had before.

Finally, it began to subside, and as his pulses began to slow, so too did his mother’s grip on him. But still he could feel her throat contracting around his head. After what seemed like a lifetime, Susan allowed her son’s cock to slide free of her mouth. She rolled back and collapsed on the couch, mindlessly fingering her sensitive labia, her legs entwined with his.

Mother and son lay still for several minutes, panting heavily, gradually returning to the real world. They sat up and looked at each other, regarding one another for a while. Adam saw her nipples, still hard and pointing toward him. With her legs spread wide he could see her pussy, puffy and red, still dripping lubrication down until it coated her dark pink asshole.

Meanwhile Susan looked at the sweat glistening on her teen son’s chest, and the thick, spent cock which sat lazily twitching on his left thigh. A final drop of cum had beaded at the head.

Neither one knew what to say. Should they talk about it, condemn each other for what they had done in a moment of vulnerability? Did they actually feel that bad about it?

To Adam it seemed that Susan opened her mouth to say something, but couldn’t find the words. After a few moments more of silent contemplation she looked at his penis and smiled, making a decision. Leaning forward she licked the last droplet of cum from his slit, then with a playful look on her face kissed him passionately.

Silently then, Susan stood, licked her lips, smiled in satisfaction, and walked out of the room. She strolled toward the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Susan turned on the shower and took a moment to study herself in the mirror. Her hair was a tangled mess, her breasts swollen, her nipples pink and puffy, and her face was flushed red. But there was a glow about her, a happiness in her eyes she hadn’t seen in a long time. Smiling again, she mouthed a kiss to herself in the mirror, tied up her hair, and stepped into the shower.

Adam lay naked, gazing at the ceiling of the lounge room for a long while more. Trying to make heads or tails of what had just happened. All thoughts of guilt he’d immediately started to experience flew out the window when his mother had sucked that last drop of cum from him. In fact, just the image of her doing that sent his heart aflutter again.

He could hear the shower running from up the hallway and a thought crossed his mind that maybe he should go in there. He did actually need a shower himself, so it couldn’t hurt. Perhaps this lockdown thing wouldn’t be so bad after all?

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