Cable guy story , my first time with an older woma


Cable guy story , my first time with an older womafirst off let me begin by saying this story is true and i’m going to make it as detailed as possible.I’ve been a cable guy for a year now, they tell us not to sleep with customers but fuck that shit, sometimes it’s your only option. this story occurred my second week on my own, my office sent me on a 7 room install which was highly abnormal for a new guy to be sent on, the job was a nightmare but i got it done, i was there for 15 hours. Now about my customer, lets call her Alice. Alice was in her 40’s as far as i could gather, but she sure as hell didn’t look a day over 30, She was a widowed insurance company owner and appeared to be doing incredibly well financially. Her body was exceptionally fit for someone her age, she wore a dark blue track suit with a double stripe going up the sides, her hair was long and black was kept up in a bun and i only saw her let it down once. For the first few hours i was there i could tell Alice was Making passes at me just by the way she gazed at me when we spoke or the way she bent over in front of me, always positioning herself so that her ass was always right there for me to see when she did, it was a good thing i had a tool-belt on because it would have been nearly impossible to cover up my raging hard-on.After i had gotten everything outside squared away, all the cables ran and all of her receivers were downloaded,I wanted to ask Alice for the kadıköy escort signatures i needed so that i could be on my way, But had to wait for her to get out of the shower. when she finally did get out i was seated at her kitchen counter putting in my notes about the job,and had just gotten off the phone with my manager,it was very late and everyone at my office had already gone home,and my manager told me to just go ahead and drive the company vehicle home. Alice was wearing a bathrobe and had a towel wrapped around her head like women do when they get out of the shower,she walked into the kitchen and grabbed two wine glasses and filled them both slightly, normally i would have said no, however i was going home after this and figured one glass of wine wouldn’t impair my ability to drive, not to mention Alice was persuasive in her asking, she almost begged me to have the drink. I obliged her and she questioned me about a few personal things as she signed all the paper work, standing abnormally close to me, she finished signing and i finished putting my things away and packing up, when i came back in to ask if she needed anything else before i left she said yes and asked me to come to her bedroom to look at something, i figured there was something wrong with her tv. I got there a few seconds after her and when i did she turned around and dropped her robe and let her long black hair down, i looked away and said oh sorry thinking ümraniye escort i had made a mistake, she said “i’d really like to repay you for all the hard work you’ve done today, i feel terrible you had to spend your entire day here.” I told her i didn’t think that was a good idea due to company policy, and she laughed and said “i won’t say anything if you won’t,we’re the only two people here, and i’m not gonna say anything”, she walked over to me and put my arms around my shoulders almost as if she was afraid i would walk away if she didn’t, and i almost did, but against better judgement i slid my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. We stood there kissing for awhile and i took off my tool belt and dropped it on the floor and began to unbutton my pants while she was working on unbuttoning my shirt, this wasn’t fast paced like you see in the movies, it seemed passionate and sincere. We worked our way to the bed, both of us butt naked her walking backwards with her arms still around me, she flopped backwards onto the bed and spread her legs,I told her i don’t have a condom and she scoffed and told me not to worry about it because she had an operation done a few years back so she couldn’t get pregnant any more.It was almost pitch black now and all i had to see by was a distant hallway light, i couldn’t quite find where to put my cock and she grabbed it and stuck it in for me, i started off slow but then i really ataşehir escort started giving it to her hard, i got bored with missionary and flung her legs over my shoulders for a better angle letting me hit it just right, we stayed in this position for a few minutes when she rolled me over on my back and started riding me, moving her hips in ways i didn’t even know was possible, then she flipped over and said “fuck me from behind”, i did as she said, slid my cock in and pounded away, I grabbed her hair and used it like a horses reigns with out her telling me to and that really seemed to drive her wild.She rolled over next to me and spread her legs back open and told me to “come here”, she grabbed my head as i came closer and pushed me down towards her pussy, I ate her out but i couldn’t really tell if i was doing a good job because i had never done it before, but she seemed to enjoy it, her legs and lower body shaking every so often, she asked me to get up for a moment and when i did she squatted down and began sucking my cock and she sure seemed to know what she was doing to,again i grabbed her hair an pulled it ever so slightly, she moaned pleasurably and told me to cum in her mouth when i was ready and when i did she swallowed it and chuckled, i slumped down along side the bed, wore out and checked my phone for the time while she walked to the bathroom.When she came back in i told her it was really late and i had to get going, she said she understood and helped me get my things, as i was walking out the door she said “one more thing”, reached into her purse and handed me a 20 dollar bill and a kissed me goodbye. thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed my story.

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