Californian Summer With Aunt Clare


“I fucking hate you so much! Why can’t I stay with dad? You’re the reason dad left in the first place,” I screamed at my mother before slamming my bedroom door.Throwing myself on my bed, I started crying my eyes out. It wasn’t fair I had my entire summer planned out. Rick, my boyfriend, and I would spend the summer with our friends at the old quarry lake, swimming and hanging out. I had planned on giving my cherry to him this summer. And now I’m being told I have to spend the summer with some random woman I had never met.Just then, my bedroom door burst open.”Go downstairs and apologize to your mother right now, young lady. I might not be your father, but you will not speak to your mother like that. Not while I live under this roof,” my mother’s new husband said after coming into my room uninvited.”Just go away, James! You’re right; you’re not my father, and I don’t have to listen to anything you say. I’m seventeen, and in six months, I will be eighteen, then you two won’t be able to ruin my life anymore,” I said to him, not even looking up from my pillow.”No, you are right, Melissa. I’m not your father, and I know we have never seen eye to eye, but your mother loves you very much, and I love you both. And right now, she’s in the kitchen crying her eyes out because of what you just said. So I’m asking you not for me but for your mom, please go down and say you’re sorry,” James said, sitting on the edge of my bed and placing his hand on my shoulder.I looked up from my pillow; tears still welled in my eyes. “Alright, I will say sorry. But only because I love mom, not because you asked me to,” I said defiantly, not wanting to give in to James. He was the reason my summer was all going to shit.I stomped my way down the hall and then downstairs. Mom was sitting at the dining table. Her head was resting on her folded arms, and I could hear her crying.”I’m really sorry, mom. You know I didn’t mean it right. I was just angry, that’s all. I just don’t understand why you have to go to France with James or why I can’t stay with dad. It’s not fair. I had so much planned this summer. It’s the last one here before I graduate and all my friends go off to college,” I said, wrapping my arms around moms shoulders and hugging her tight.Mom sat up and hugged me back, and we both started crying again.”I love you so much, mom. You know I don’t hate you, right?””I know, pumpkin. I love you more than anything on this earth. I understand you are upset, but James’s work is sending him over there for two months, and they will pay for me to go with him. And we have only been married three months. I don’t want to be halfway around the world from him that long,” mom said.”But I still don’t understand why I can’t stay with dad or, better still, why can’t I stay here. I’m old enough to look after myself, mom,” I pleaded with mom’s sensibility.”Haha, nice try, but there bahis şirketleri is no way you are staying here unsupervised for two months. And I talked to your father until I was blue in the face. Even James pleaded with him for you. But your dad just doesn’t have time to look after you. He is extremely busy with work himself.”I knew that was a lie. Dad wasn’t busy with work. He was busy with his young secretary and didn’t want me in the way. I returned to my room to call Rick and tell him the bad news. I passed James in the hallway.”Sorry, James,” I mumbled under my breath as I walked past.”It’s ok, Melissa, but please be kind to your mom. She has had a hard time of it lately.”Saturday morning came around way too soon. James and mom drove me to the airport in the morning. I gave mom a big hug, and we both had a bit of a cry. Then James hugged me, handing me five hundred dollars.”Sssh, don’t tell your mom. It’s spending money just for you,” he whispered in my ear.After arriving in Los Angeles, I grabbed my bags off the carousel. Then looking up, I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walking straight toward me.She had long flowing red waterfall curls, the most intense green eyes I had ever seen, and she walked like a supermodel. She was dressed immaculately in a business suit and tight skirt. Her smile lit up her face exposing her perfect white teeth. Reaching me, she just grabbed me and gave me a huge hug.”Mellisa, it’s so good to meet you finally. I’m so glad you will be staying with me for the summer we are going to have so much fun together,” she said before letting me go.”Uh, hi, it’s nice to meet you as well, I guess. How did you even know who I was or what I looked like?””Are you kidding me? You look just like your mom; you are just as beautiful as her. No, you are even more beautiful. Welcome to the family,” Clare said.Christopher, will you take these bags from Melissa, please,” Clare said to the chauffeur standing behind her before hooking her arm through mine and walking off towards the exit door.I had so many questions. I didn’t know where to begin. So I started with the most obvious.”So Clare, mom, and James’s wedding, how come you weren’t there?””Hmmm, I so wanted to be there, I really did. I don’t know how much James has told you about his family. And I assume you met my mom and dad?” She said.”Yes, I did. They seemed nice. They are from Kentucky, right?””Well, once upon a time, I was as well. I assume the hypocrites are still portraying to be a homely church-going loving family? Instead of admitting they are inbred, Kentucky hillbillies.”I was shocked she spoke about her parents like that.”The truth is they are why I couldn’t see my brother, marry your mom. They are a pair of bible bashing homophobic judgemental fucks. They refused to go if I was there because I’m lesbian. We haven’t spoken since I came out bahis firmaları when I was sixteen,” she said, looking at me as Christopher opened the long black limousine door.I was dumbfounded to hear that, plus I was in shock from the revelation she was a lesbian.”So what about you? Have you ever been to LA before? I certainly hope you like shopping because we are hitting Rodeo drive tomorrow and spending lots of cash. I just know we are going to be best friends. It will be like having the little sister I wish I had,” Clare continued.We talked about lots of things, and I found out that Mom and James had spent three days with Clare after their honeymoon to Hawaii, and before long, we were leaving the city and driving along the coast.”Clare, where do you live? It’s so nice out here. The houses are huge,” I said.”Malibu, I have a modest house on the beach in Malibu,” she said minutes before we pulled into a big circular drive.”Oh my God, Clare, modest! This is the biggest house I have ever seen. It’s amazing. Is this really where I will be spending my summer?” I said as we pulled up in front of a vast mansion.”Afraid so cutie. Now come on, let’s grab a drink, sit by the pool and watch the sun go down. The sunsets here are the most beautiful thing about California,” she said, taking my hand.”Wait, you have a pool as well. Holy crap, this place is amazing.””I like it, Clare humbly replied.”Clare, pinch me. I think I’m dreaming. This can’t be real, surely?” I said as I stood next to the enormous pool, which overlooked the ocean.”Melissa, it’s no dream. This is all yours for the next two months. I’m going to make us a jug of Margarita’s,” Clare shouted from the house.”Wait, you are going to let me drink alcohol?” I said, running into the kitchen to clarify Clare was serious and I had heard her right.”What happens in Malibu stays in Malibu, Ok? If so, you can have a drink with me,” Clare said.”I hugged her tight. Wow, you’re the best Aunty in the world. I wish you had come to the wedding. It would have been much more fun,” I said, over the moon about how the day had turned out.”Easy with the Aunty thing. I like to think of us more as sisters. Yeah, sisters, that’s much better. Aunty makes me sound old. Christopher has put your bags in your room at the top of the stairs. Why don’t you put your bathers on, and we will go for a swim,” Clare said, hugging me.I quickly raced upstairs to check out my room. It was ginormous. It had glass doors that opened to a balcony overlooking the pool and ocean. I really had died and gone to heaven. Putting on my one-piece bathers, I headed back down to Clare.”What on earth are you wearing?” Clare exclaimed.”These are my bathers. Why, what’s wrong with them?””Nothing. I guess if you live in a retirement home, take them off. You aren’t going to get a Cali tan in them.””Wait, you want me to take them off right here?””Right kaçak bahis siteleri there or in my bedroom, it doesn’t matter,” she said, pointing at a door to my left.”But what will I wear?””I have the perfect outfit for you. ” Go get undressed while I finish mixing our drinks,” she said before the blender kicked into life.I walked into Clare’s room which was as big as our lower floor at home. I nervously peeled my bathing suit from my body. Just as I was stepping out of it, Clare came in with a Margarita in each hand.She wolf-whistled at me, making me feel even more self-conscious. I quickly pulled my arm across my exposed breasts. She placed the drinks on a bench and then proceeded to take off her clothes, throwing them on the bed. Before I could blink, she was as naked as I was. I don’t even think she was wearing underwear.I hadn’t seen many naked women, but Clare looked perfect and completely tanned. Unlike me, she wasn’t trying to hide her nakedness at all and was comfortable walking around with no clothes on. But I guess if you looked that good, why not.Clare disappeared into a walk-in robe before coming out a couple of minutes later with a bright pink and a white bikini, both of which were so small you could hide them in one hand. Holding them up, she said.”Which one do you prefer, pink or white?””I prefer one that actually covers something. What if someone sees us?” I said nervously.”Look out the window. Can you see another house? No one can see us. When I’m here on my own, I don’t wear bathers at all,” she replied.”The pink one then, I suppose. If going naked is the only other option.”I slipped the bikini on. It was something called a Wicked Weasel, and it covered nothing except my pussy lips and nipples. I felt as naked as I had before I put it on.”Wow, you look so hot in pink with your long dark hair. That color is my favourite on Lin as well,” Clare said.”Who’s Lin?” I asked as we walked to the pool.”Lin is my current lover. She will be here soon. She’s going to cook dinner for us.””Oh really! I should put my bathing suit back on if we are having company.” I said nervously.Clare looked at me strangely, over the top of her sunglasses.”Firstly, she’s my partner; secondly, she’s a girl who has seen much more than you are displaying. Can you just relax for one minute, please? You have a stunning face and a perfect tight young body? Live a little and show it off for a change.”I agreed to try and relax and started by taking a sip of my drink. Wow, the margarita sure did have a kick to it. I was only used to drinking lite beer or hard lemonade. This was real liquor, and I could feel it go straight to my head.I was in the water, leaning on the pool’s edge, talking to Clare, when a beautiful Asian girl walked out of the house carrying an empty glass.She was completely naked and not a tan line in sight. Her body was so petite and perfect. I had never seen an Asian girl naked before and was intrigued by her long thick dark nipples and the long dark labia easily visible from between her legs. She had no pubic hair and was either waxed or shaved smooth.

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