Call Girl Teaches Teens How To Fuck

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Call Girl Teaches Teens How To FuckdeleteddeleteddeletedAfter my first sex experience as a call girl with Ali and sabu, I had plenty of sex experiences. let me tell you some of the interesting stories.It had been a month since my last sex experience in which I lost my virginity in Goa. I had had about 2 or 3 sex calls since then. But this is quite a sexy case. Rita and I had already decided to work separately.This call was about a month after I lost my virginity. I had had 2 more calls since then. The connected by one of my other customers. The deal was for 3 people. The rate was fixed for 25k and the location and time was decided. I was asked to bring something sexy to wear since I May have to put up a strip show. But I could wear anything comfortable till the place since I had to get there by my own. He also told me he might not be there himself.I was ok with all the instructions but he also said me to go easy on them which I didn’t quite understand till I reached there.On the told date I reached the place. It was a bit out of the town. Here, the houses were custom made rather than with same architecture as the houses nearby. All houses had huge surrounding lawns so it could give us privacy if things got loud. The house I had to go to was a 2 story luxury villa with 4 bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms. All the rooms were air conditioned.I ringed the bell and a teenager came to the door. I thought I had come to the wrong place. Thankfully I was in the right house.Sam: Are you Kat (changed name for these uses) ?I nodded still not sure about this.Sam: Hi. I’m Sam. I am one of three guys you were called for. Please come in and have a seat madam.I doubtfully entered the house. It was quite a big house with the drawing room even having a chandelier. I saw two other teens sitting on the couch. All three guys were wearing Bermuda shorts and loose collarless banyans. All three of them were slim and had medium height. Their skin was all of medium tone. Their faces were showing first signs of a bursa escort moustache and beard. They introduced themselves which kind of made me feel like a tuition teacher rather a call girl. Their names were Mike and John. The house belonged to Sam’s parents. Sam appeared to be the most courageous one among them. I asked finally what was bothering me.Me: You guys are 18 right?Sam: yes madam. We were in a boarding school till now. our parents are all abroad. since we turned 18, I wanted to lose my virginity. So one of our senior friends contacted you.I was seriously getting uncomfortable with all this. I asked them to call me Katy and if they had some beer. They looked at me like I asked for their k**neys. Then Sam went in the kitchen and brought out 4 cans of beer. I sat down in between Mike and John.As I drank my beer, I noticed Mike wanted to make a move but was very shy. John and Mike wrote also getting excited seeing me drink. All 3 of them were trying to cover tents in there shorts.After finishing my drink, I asked them which bedroom. They pointed out the master bedroom. I asked the first one top come when called.I entered the room hoping this would not turn out to be like boys movie where 5 friends call a call girl and get so scarred to fuck her that they just pay her and she leaves.I was wearing a pink long skirt and red top. then I heard a noise from near the door. It was half open. I realised they were peeping so I turned my back to them and started stripping. Soon I was naked. But my back was still turned towards them. i took the change of cloths and makeup and went into the bathroom. I wore just a red knee long nightie with nothing inside. I covered my lips in matching red lipstick and renewed my mascara. I let down my hair. The nightie was very right in the Boob and butt area since I bought such cheap ones for these uses to show off.I went into the bedroom and called out who wanna go first come with the money. In a minute Mike was sitting on the bed while I put the money bursa escort bayan in my purse.I could see his shyness. He stole peeps at my Boobs.Me: No need to peep. Feel the real thing.And then I stripped off my nightie. the poor thing just sat there with open mouth. I grabbed his head and moved my nipple into his mouth. He lost his shyness and started licking and squeezing my boobs. Soon they were covered in his drool. meanwhile I ripped off his cloths and started playing with his cock.When he had completely covered my Boobs with spit, he started licking up my neck and my face. It was a little gross but he was still a virgin. His only idea of this was from porn movies and magazines.It took me some time too realize the k** was trying to kiss me. I opened my mouth just for him to give me the wettest kiss ever. I decided to teach him. I didn’t say anything but I moved my lips and tongue properly. He understood and mimicked me.I was getting bored so I pushed him over the bed and sat so that his cock touched pussy.I asked Ready to loose virginity?He nodded fast and grabbed a pillow. I sat down on his cock. It was only 5.5 inch long and not too thick either. there was a black thick bush around it. As his went in his hold on the pillow tightened and he closed his eyes.Me: fuck me Mike.Mike bent his legs and grabbed my thighs for support and started pumping slowly. His speed did not rise. so I took over jumped up and down his cock. He was moaning loudly. After 10 minutes his moaning increased and I knew he was cumming.I took out his cock and started giving him an oral. He soon shot his cum into my face. He was too exhausted now to go on so I asked him to send the next.Next was John.He was little less shy. He was already naked when I came after cleaning up. but was still shy to start. I laid on the bed and spread my legs. He was amazed to see my juicy pink pussy. He didn’t bother licking or rubbing or fingering it. He placed his 5 inch long but thick cock on my pussy and fucked me escort bursa in slow strokes.He moaned loudly with each stroke. He still was quite a k** in this. After about 15 minutes he released his cum in me. But he was not exhausted fully yet. He still wanted a blow job. I wanted to make things interesting.So I made him lie down and I four on top of him in 69 position. At 1st he did nothing and I alone gave him an oral. But soon he started licking my pussy. Soon he shot cum into my mouth and now he was completely tired.So last came in Sam. I was still cleaning myself when he came into the bathroom.Me: I’ll be right there.Sam: I was wondering if I could fuck you here…I smiled and he got the hint. He stripped off while I got in the bath tub. It was a very big bath tub. He got in and started sucking my Boobs. I accidentally turned on the shower but none of us bothered to close it.Sam kissed me which was not so good. But before I could comment, he pushed his 6 inch long and thick cock into my pussy. I gasped as this was the 1st time that day when I was enjoying this rather than being a tuition teacher to virgins.He shouted ahhh and oooh during his strong strokes. He even started calling me names and insulting me.Sam: You bloody bitch… you like it don’t you… you like it when I slap and spank you… you just want top Get fucked huh?I didn’t complain since I was getting paid for this and this was the closest I was getting to having an orgasm that day. All this said he was still a k** in this. So in 15 He was done too.But he didn’t stop. He made me stand in the tub and bend with palms against the wall. He came from behind and put his penis into my ass hole and started fucking slowly but strongly. Soon we had an orgasm together.Sam called Mike and John into bathroom. Now they offered to clean me up. I agreed. They took shampoos and conditioners from the shelf and poured all of it on me. I was already wet from the shower so the shampoo lathered to my touch. They closed in and started rubbing my whole body. I rubbed their cocks. Soon they had another ejaculation. now Sam took out a hose from the washing machine and sprayed water on us.We washed up with them.I left the house by 11 pm. and before leaving I looked back at my students….

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