Camp Boring

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Camp BoringStory is done is FP PoV. Follows a Femboy and has a lot of flirting and some oral in it.I watched my mom and my step dad drive away with a feeling that was a mix of excitement and abandonment. This was going to be my first time at a Summer Camp, which was what was making me feel so excited right now. But at the same time I was really going to miss my step dad’s attentions he’d been showing me for a last month or so. I mean, I was really going to miss that!And of course Brad wasn’t going to be here either. He was off at some stupid football camp, probably having the time of his life right now. And here I was stuck at Camp Boring. I’m k**ding, I’m sure it had a way better name than that.Before we’d even left home my mom had insisted that I show up here wearing my boy’s clothes, but judging from the amount of stares I was getting as I made my way to the main lodge I didn’t think it was having the effect that she’d been shooting for. I was pretty sure my body was changing more and more into the form of a gently curved girl the more I matured. At least that’s what Brad and his dad have been saying lately. I was going to have take their word for it because even I could feel the subtle changes from time to time. Like wearing boy’s jeans didn’t seem to matter much at all anymore. They still hugged my hips and ass just as tight as a lover might. Plus, the way I walked just sort of threw any signs of me being masculine right out the window. I had even been letting my hair grow out a little more, so now it went well past my shoulders in straight blonde strands. I especially liked the way I had it styled now. Having it parted off-center and with the right side of my bangs long enough to cover my eye was just straight-up sexy looking if you ask me. I made it to the main lodge in one piece, but I was positive I’d been eye-****d at least three times during that short walk. The guys here sure did seem a little more aggressive than your usual bunch of teenagers. Maybe Camp Boring won’t be so bad after all.Walking in the front door of the lodge, it took me few seconds to get my eyes to adjust to the darker interior, and when I was able to see again, I was immediately aware that I was being eye-****d yet again. This time it wasn’t a teenager, though, but a full-fledged adult. And a big one at that!“Um, hello.” I said into the silence. “I’m Sam Smith. I guess I’m here to sign in.”The guy finally closed his mouth and cleared his throat. I suppressed the knowing grin that wanted to creep across my elfin face. Having this sort of reaction on guys was just never going to get boring, I swear.“Uh, sure sure. Come on in, uh, Sam.” He was nervously tidying things up on his desk as I made my approach. I signed the register that he handed to me, then had to suppress another grin when he bounced to his feet and happily greeted me to his Camp. Apparently he was the owner, which surprised me more than a little because he only looked in his late twenties. Of course, running a camp like this wasn’t an all-year thing, so maybe this was just his Summer job.The owner came around his desk and offered me his hand. “Sam, I’m Tom. I’ll go ahead and show you to your cabin, then give you a little tour of the place. How’s that sound?” I grinned and shook his hand, and did a pretty good job of not staring at his crotch. I did look a little, of course, since it was just something I automatically did with good looking guys. And Tom was definitely that. At six feet tall, he was solid foot taller than me, and he was doing a fantastic job at filling out the t-shirt and old-style gym shorts. He looked more fit than he did muscular, and with his shirt and shorts being as snug as they were, it was pretty damn difficult to drag my eyes away from his sexy curves.We took a left as soon as we stepped back outside. “I was going to have you staying with the other boys your age,” Tom said with a quick apologetic look my way. “But I think I’ll move you over to the other side of camp where the older boys are staying. I think you’ll have a little less hassle if you stay in one of their cabins.”Ah, so my feminine looks didn’t go unnoticed I guess. “Oh, but are you sure the older boys won’t get upset?” Tom shook his head. “Nah. There’s only a couple of them this year anyhow. Shouldn’t be a problem.”We only walked maybe a hundred yards when he suddenly steered me towards a medium sized cabin, then walked right in the open front door like he owned the place. Inside, I found myself interrupting a conversation between three other boys, all of them coming to a complete stop at whatever they were doing as soon as they caught sight of me. I suddenly felt like I was the only piece of prime meat in the display case, and these three boys were all potential buyers. I really hoped they were into sharing because all three of them were pretty good looking in their own unique way. “Isaac, Tanner, Darin.” Tom hollered out unnecessarily. “This is Sam. I’m going to have him shack with you three during his stay. You all good with that?”As one, the three be-spelled boys nodded. The only Mexican of the group, I think Isaac was the most likely of names, was the first to shake himself out of his trance. Stepping forward with a grin that was a little too eager, he offered me his hand.“Hey, I’m Isaac.” he said giving me little hand a firm grip. “The big one there is Tanner, and obviously that only leaves Darin.”“Hello.” I gave them all a nod and a nervous smile. “Thanks for letting me stay in your cabin.”Isaac waved that away, then looked over at Tom. “You give Sam the tour yet?”“No, not yet. Was just going to do that next.”“Bah, we can do that, right guys?”Tanner and Darin both nodded. Tom seemed a little undecided about the whole thing, and I was pretty sure that he’d been looking forward to spending a little more time with me before he had to take his leave. I knew right away that he was going to fold, because if he insisted on taking me on the tour himself then it was going to look suspicious to every one else.“Alright, guys.” he relented. “I’d appreciate it if you all kept an eye on Sam here. I don’t want to hear about of anyone picking on him or starting any shit, got that?”All three boys nodded, their eyes a little big over Tom’s demands. As soon as he turned and left the cabin, Isaac turned to me with a big grin on his handsome face.“Holy shit, Sam.” he said with a little chuckle. “You sure did make an impression with Tom.”I felt my face heat up a little.“Yeah, no shit.” Darin added as he plopped down on one of the cabin’s centrally located couches. “On the other hand, I can totally see why he was being so protective over you.”My face heated up a little more. He was having fun with me, but I could still see that he was interested all the same.“All right, put your dick away, Darin.” Tanner demanded good-naturedly. “You ain’t impressing anyone with it anyhow.”I snickered right adana escort along with the other boys, and I think they all rather enjoyed how girly it sounded. I was already confident I was going to like it here. These guys were just fucking cool as hell to be around. And it didn’t hurt that they were all pretty damn hot, too.Isaac came over and wrapped his arm around my shoulders as he faced his two friends. “All right, guys. Let’s give Sam the tour of the place, then show him some of the funner things to do here at camp.”I soon learned that the camp was actually pretty impressive. It was catering to something like 50 other boys at the moment, and being run by somewhere around 15 staff members. The camp itself was a sprawling 200 acres that consisted of woods, trails, a small lake, and even a section dedicated to rock climbing. The rock climbing wall was man made, though, but it was still damn cool. And you should know that throughout the tour Isaac kept a protective hand on my shoulder, or my lower back, and one time he brushed my upper asscheek with this fingers before catching himself. And during this whole time Tanner and Darin were walking right in back of us, adding their input from time to time, but mostly they just followed along behind us and made quiet little remarks about the view, or how they were hoping they could have fries with that shake. You get the idea.By the time we got back to our cabin about half an hour later I was sure every single one of us were sporting a semi. I know I was at least.“Sam, we got the day to ourselves today,” Isaac said as he handed me a can of pop from the fridge. “So you can do whatever you want, but I’d still stick with one of us if you go out and about.”The other two boys nodded in agreement so there really was no point in me arguing about it. And it’s not like I didn’t want to hang out with them anyhow, right?“Thanks.” I said to all of them. “Um, so where do I sleep? Do we all have our own bedroom or something?”“Shit, I wish!” Tanner blurted and gave Darin a push. “I could do without listening to this guy’s snores all night long.”“I do not fucking snore.” Darin countered. “You do!” Isaac and Tanner corrected in unison. Isaac then turned to me. “Come on, you and I got the top floor bedroom. I’ll help you carry all your stuff up now that it’s all here.”I spotted Tanner and Darin giving each other a knowing look as Isaac and I walked by. I kind of figured it had something to do with me and Isaac sharing a room. I was willing to bet some good money that they would’ve done just about anything to trade places with him right about now. All three of them hadn’t exactly been bashful about eyeballing my gentle curves when we’d been out on the tour, and it seemed that as time went on they didn’t even try to hide their interest at all. Tanner even turned in his seat so he could watch my ass during my walk to the stairs that ran up the right side wall to the second floor. Isaac stepped by me as soon as we made it up to the second floor landing. “You are going to be quite the distraction this year, Sam, I can tell you that.” I skipped a couple steps so I could walk beside him. “Um, in a good way or bad?”Isaac grinned openly. “From what I’ve seen so far, definitely good.”Ok, that was definitely a come-on if I ever heard one. “Here was are.” Isaac said as we walked into our bedroom. “It’s not the biggest of bedrooms, but it gets the job done.”No, it definitely wasn’t big. In fact, there was just barely enough room for the two of us to stand side by side between our two beds. Probably be better off to just push the two beds together and make one big king sized one instead. I made a note to suggest that in a day or two. I’d wait that long to be sure that I had him good and broken by then. Isaac threw himself down on his bed where he laid there and sighed with feigned exhaustion. I flashed him a grin before turning my back to him to do my unpacking. “It ok if I ask you some questions, Sam?” Isaac asked me right away.“Go for it.” I already knew where this was going. And I’m sure it wasn’t going to be the last time this happened either.“Hmm, well, I’m not trying to offend you or anything, but…”“Yes, I’m gay.” I said to try and help the questions along, and the smile I flashed him said I wasn’t the least bit offended by his line of thought.“Yeah ok.” Isaac sputtered around a chuckle. “I guess that’s one question answered. Huh, now that I think about it, that was pretty much the only question I had.”Now it was my turn to snicker. “You ass.” “Hey, I am what I eat.” he deadpanned.I rolled my eyes at him but still felt my face warm up over the fact that he’d been looking at my ass when he’d said it. Yeah, I think I was going to have to come up with a much better name than Camp Boring. After all, it hadn’t been the least bit boring since I’d stepped into the main lodge about an hour ago.I was putting my clothes away in my dresser when Tanner and Darin came barging right into our room with us. Tanner plopped down on my bed while Darin threw himself on top of Isaac, where they then set to wrestling around. I finished up with the last of my clothes, then turned around and threw myself on top of a surprised Tanner. The other two boys started howling with laughter when I didn’t so much as budge the big bastard. That didn’t stop me from climbing all over him, though.“Don’t make me hurt you!” I growled as I wrapped him in a choke hold. Isaac and Darin were pointing and laughing their asses off as I wrapped the immovable Tanner in hold after hold. “God damn, Sammie.” Tanner said after a minute or so had gone by. “You may not be making too much progress, but it ain’t from lack of trying. You actually got some of these moves down pretty good.”I grunted as I tried to put him in an arm bar. “Yeah, I wrestle around with my step brother quite a bit back home. He’s short, but he’s built a lot like you.”The other boys were quiet now while they listened in. “He a wrestler is he?” Tanner asked as he easily pushed me away.“Nah.” I got back up and tackled him again. Or maybe I should say I threw myself at him bodily for all the good it did me. “He just likes to manhandle me and mount me all the time.”For two full seconds there was complete silence in the room. Then Darin and Isaac busted up laughing all over again. In response to their laughter Tanner grabbed my arm and pulled me around until I was laying across his lap. Then he gave my ass a good smack. I squeaked in delight and even arched my back a little, which made the other boys start rolling around on the bed they were laughing so hard now.Tanner was a little rad faced, but seemed to be taking the situation pretty well. And I’m not sure he even knew he still had his hand on my butt.Slipping his fingers under the waistband of my jeans, the big k** picked me up one handed and set me off to the side. I think I may have adıyaman escort squeaked again, because that was quite the display of strength on his part. I may have only weighed about 120 pounds, but come on. He did it one handed! I think I may have let slip just how hot I thought his show of strength was, because as soon as I heard the laughing suddenly disappear from the other two boys, I realized right away that I was on all fours and crawling back towards Tanner. And if my expression showed half the arousal I was feeling right now, then it was no wonder he was looking at me like I was wild a****l as I made my way towards him.I caught myself before I could really make a spectral of myself, like maybe throwing myself at him with a much different intent in mind. “Oops, sorry about that.” I said with a half-smile. “Guess I got carried away there.”Tanner just nodded at me and swallowed hard. “Holy shit, Tanner.” Isaac blurted with another laugh. “I thought your goose was cooked there for a second.”Darin was nodding and smiling from ear to ear.“As if I could ever hurt the big lug.” I gave Tanner a solid punch to the shoulder to help defuse the situation. “Did you see how easily he picked me up? That is some scary shit right there.”“You didn’t look too scared to me, Sam.” Darin said. “Yeah I didn’t see any fear either.” Isaac added.Those guys weren’t helping at all. “Oh shut it, you two!” Tanner suddenly grabbed me and effortlessly pulled me onto his lap. “Hey, no picking on the new girl… er, guy.”Isaac face-palmed himself, while Darin just cringed and waited for my response.“Yeah, don’t be picking on the new girl, guys.” I said and gave Tanner a wink. “Or else I’ll sic my man on you.”That got Darin to laughing again while Isaac seemed to deflate a little at my words. Getting to his feet and taking me with him without so much as a grunt of effort, Tanner started for the door with me in his arms. “Come on, I think it’s close to lunch time.” he said over his shoulder.I was cradled in his big arms as he carried me down the stairs, and while the other two boys were still in my room getting their shit together and talking softly with one another, I took the opportunity while I had it. And by that I mean that I reached over and started to run my middle finger around Tanner’s left nipple in little, suggestive, circular motions. It wasn’t hard to find it since he was wearing a muscle-hugging Under Armour shirt. And his only response to this was to give me a crooked grin.“Thanks for being cool with me up there.” I said softly so only he and I could hear. He nodded. “You let me know when you want to wrestle again.” he said. “I have some moves I think I’d like to try out on you.”I pinched his nipple to show that I liked where his head was at. “Mmm, I’m definitely going to take you up on that, big boy.”“Ok, you need to stop now before I get too hard that I can’t hide it.”I pouted sweetly. “I bet I could find a place for you to hide it.”“Oh my God, you really need to stop now!” Tanner growled and looked over his shoulder to where Isaac and Darin were coming down the stairs. I snickered as he set me down on my feet, and because I knew I could get away with it now I let my hand brush up against his arousal as I was stepping by him. Mmm, judging by the feel of things it looked like he had a lot of muscle everywhere. Nice!“Alright, Darin and I are going to go see if we can round up some lunch for us all.” Isaac announced as he and Darin made for the front door. “We probably won’t be long so don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”“Oh ha ha.” Tanner said as a comeback. I just snickered and watched them go. When the front door closed, I turned to Tanner and found him sitting on one of the two big couches that were positioned around a short, round, party table in the center of the room. I walked right over and plopped down next to him, my right hand settling down on top of his big, meaty, left thigh. “I have a question.” I said to his nervous face.“What, uh, what’s that?”Now that we were alone it looked like Tanner was a little uneasy around me. I was used to this and actually kind of liked it, because it gave me an opportunity to try and break the guy I was after.I let my fingers start to wonder around on top of his thigh. “Well, as you might have noticed by now, I kind of look like a girl more than I do a boy.” Tanner nodded and gave my roaming hand a quick glance.I looked down so I could target his erection bulge with my wondering hand, which wasn’t hard to find thanks to the stretchy workout shorts he was wearing. And as soon as I pushed my fingers up and over it’s length I kept right on talking.“To be honest I didn’t know if I was going to get the opportunity or not while I was here,” I started to explain. “But I actually did bring some girl’s clothes along with me just in case. Think it would be ok if I dressed the part every once in a while in front of you and Isaac and Darin?”“What, you’re talking about just here in the cabin, right?” Tanner asked while gaping down at my massaging hand.“Of course, silly.” I teased. “I wouldn’t embarrass you guys by going out in public like that.”I wasn’t just going easy on him anymore, but was actually gripping the hell out of his manhood through his workout shorts. Fuck, Tanner looked and felt pretty damn thick down there and I was getting pretty eager to get that baby out in the open.“Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t mind.” Tanner said distractedly. “Can’t speak for the other guys but I seriously doubt they will either.”“Ah, that’s nice.” I said in double meaning. “Now, think we have time for me to suck your cock before they get back?”I actually heard him gulp.“Um…”I grinned at him really big and then hopped up to my feet. “Hey, that’s cool if we don’t.” I said to ease his mind. “But come up stairs with me anyhow. I wanna change out of these nasty clothes and into something a little more comfortable.”Like a puppet on a string, Tanner got to his feet and followed me back up to my room. When we got there he took a seat over on Isaac’s bed and never took his eyes off me for a second as I practically ripped my pants off and stepped over to my dresser to take my time picking something else out to wear. I may have had guy’s jeans on when I showed up today, but I’d still chosen to go with girl’s panties underneath, and right now Tanner was getting a good look at their back section. Well, at least most of the back. It felt like a good portion of them were lodged pretty deep in my crack at the moment. “Wow. Just wow.” I heard Tanner mutter.I looked back and flashed him a grin to show that I’d heard and appropriated his compliment. “Damn, Sammie. I thought you had a great ass before you took your jeans off, but now…” he shook his head in dismay. “That is one gorgeous ass, girl.”I think I almost blushed from the passion he was showing over there, and I positively loved his escort bayan gender mistake a lot. The big brute was sweet-talking me and didn’t even know it, I bet. I grabbed a pair of girl’s khaki shorts and came over to stand right in front of him, but chose to turn my back to him while I changed. If he liked my ass so much, giving him a nice close shot of it was the least I could do, especially after that heart-felt compliment he’d just given me.I was still pretending to fumble around with my shorts when I felt Tanner drop to his knees right behind me. I didn’t even have time to catch my breath over the implication when I felt him take each of my cheeks up into his big hands. And for a big guy with a lot of lust running through his veins at the moment he sure was being gentle about his massage back there. I’d had other guys act this way as well, so it wasn’t a big surprise to me or anything. It was like they were savoring every last detail about my butt as they lifted, squeezed and shook it around. Can’t say that I blamed them, really, since I pretty much did the same thing with thier cocks a lot of the time. I heard him inhale deeply from his knees right behind me, and it made me smile from ear to ear to hear it. God I loved it when guys craved my ass so much that they just had to see what it smelt like! I could only hope I was giving off at least a little odor right now so his efforts weren’t in vain.I was about to verbally tease him by saying something witty, but found my breath taken away when I was abruptly lifted up and thrown on top of my bed. I had time for one squeak before I felt Tanner jam his face right into my pantied ass, then I was too busy giggling like a school girl and wiggling my butt back and forth to really think about anything else. “Oh my God you smell so good!” Tanner blurted as soon as he came up for air. “Yeah?”Tanner nodded and squeezed my cheeks pretty hard, then drove his nose back inside my butt so he could get another good whiff of it. I just laid there and took it, occasionally moaning or purring to let him know I was fucking loving his attentions.“Tanner, if you keep on smelling my butt, we’re going to run out of time to do anything else.” I complained like a spoiled brat. “I know, I know.” he said with regret. “But all I want to do is smell and eat your ass for the next day or two.”I giggled at his remark, but wasn’t entirely sure if he was k**ding or not. “Come on, at least let me see you’re big boner before they get back.”“Fine.”As soon as I had room I flipped over and slid down to my knees right in front of him. He never even got the chance to pull his shorts down before I had my fingers wrapped around his waistband and was pulling them down for him. His fat dick sprang up before my face and smacked against his hard stomach, then settled down to something just above horizontal. Shit, Tanner had a really thick dick! It was so big around that it was close to being abnormal looking, but not quite. Just looking at the thing made my butthole yearn to have it!“Criminy!” I practically purred when I wrapped my dainty little hand around it. “That is one fat dick you have here, Tanner.”“My girlfriend back home hates it.” he said, then sighed a little when my hand started to gently pull on his member. “Says it’s too big.”“Mmm, it is that.” I replied, then looked up and grinned at him. “But definitely not too big.”That said I leaned in and kissed his cockhead like a lover, the whole time still looking up into his excited and slightly nervous eyes. Tanner’s cockhead was a little smaller around than his shaft, which I found I kind of appreciated since it wasn’t comfortable to suck a really fat cock. Having a smaller head made it a lot easier for me to blow him, and that’s exactly what I settled down to do.Not to toot my own horn here, but I may have been young, but I was damn educated when it came to sucking cock. I think most of my talent just stemmed from me loving the damn things so much. I just sort of took that desire and put it where my mouth was, that’s all. In no time I was working Tanner’s fatty with speed and skill, my right hand working his thick-as-fuck shaft while my hungry mouth devoured his spongy, warm head. I was in Heaven, and I let every bit of my hunger show as I bobbed my face up and down on his hard cock. At some point I noted that we were both moaning and groaning like it was competition, and from the sound of it I think Tanner might have been winning. Dude was really enjoying my work!“Shit, you are all kinds of good at that.” Tanner said a while later as he continued to look down and watch me work. “Shelly has no idea what to do with it, that much is pretty fucking obvious now.”I was guessing Shelly was his girlfriend back home. And it positively made me tingle to know that I was destroying her right now as far as talent goes. I was just about to pull him out of my mouth for the first time so I could say something appropriate to his remark when I came to a dead stop. Tanner and I both gaped into each others eyes when we heard the front door open and the other boys walk in, both of them talking up a storm about something or other. We just looked at each other, undecided, but then Tanner made the decision for us by grabbing the sides my head so he could start face-fucking me with speed. In his excitement to get off as fast as he could he totally threw caution out the door. In other words, there was all kinds of sucking sounds to be heard, as well as a few grunts from us both, and for good measure there were a couple gags from me when he thrust just a little too hard and accidentally rammed his cockhead a little ways into my throat. I was getting better at taking a dick into my throat, mind you, but that was when I was in control, not when I was getting face ****d.From somewhere down stairs I heard Isaac chuckle, then say, “Whoa, that sounds like fun.” and I was pretty sure he was talking about the noise Tanner and I were making.“Here we go…” Tanner whispered hoarsely.Before he had a chance to pull out and waste it, I quickly grabbed his hips and held him in place. He caught my meaning right away and with huge, excited eyes, he dumped his payload right in my waiting mouth. It didn’t last long, nor did he give me an especially large amount of cum, but what he did give me was just fucking yummy, that was for sure. I think I may have voiced that by way of moaning in pleasure a little too loudly, because the snickers from the two boys down stairs pretty much confirmed it a moment later.Tanner and I were still looking into each others eyes when I pulled him from my mouth and licked up the last little bit of cum I could squeeze out of him. “Thank you.” I whispered, then kissed his cockhead for good measure.Tanner just nodded stupidly, his expression saying he was too overwhelmed at the moment to do much more than that. As I got to my feet and started to pull on my khaki shorts, I made a mental note to try and come up with something other than the name Camp Boring. There was no way I could keep calling it that, not when I had at least two more eager dicks downstairs that I was sure I was going to get a chance at sooner or later.

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