Group Sex

CampingOne weekend…You and I decide to camping. Wanting to get away from all the stress and frenzy of life in the city. Our first night out, in the middle of the woods in the full moon light, you and I are sitting by the fire. The scent of the pines being carried on the breeze. Warmth and smoke billowing up from fire. The glow illuminating your breathtaking beauty as I watch you roast our hot dogs. You notice me staring at you. You smile at me and ask, “See something interesting”? I grin right back and say, “Always”. You blush, even after all this time I can still make you blush. You walk over with the plate of franks and offer me one. I take one of the franks and savor the taste as I chew. As I finish it, I begin to say, “Honey, you did a great….”. I lose my train of thought as I watch you slowly consume your frank. Watching you lick and suck on it as you devour it. Feeling my own frank begin to stir. I grab another frank off of the plate and hold it between us. “Do you remember Lady and the Tramp?”, I ask. You smirk and give me a look of “really?” I shrug my shoulders and put my mouth on the frank. You roll your eyes and put your mouth on as well. We stare into each others eyes as we nibble our way toward the center. Taking time to swallow as we do. As our lips meet, we swallow the last of the frank and kiss. Your lips, always so soft and smooth, it feels like an eternity since I last tasted them. Longer and longer the kiss continues. Our tongues become involved and dance around each other. Finally the kiss ends. We stare at each other, out of breath from such a passionate kiss. I chuckle and ask, “Do you want another frank?” You give me a look that I have seen many times before and respond, “I would love one”You place your hand on my chest and shove me on the ground. You crawl over me and begin to rub your chest across my shorts. Feeling my cock harden as you do. Your hands undo the button on my jeans and slowly slide the zipper down. My cock springs out of my pants as you slowly move towards it. You kiss the tip. You glide your tongue up and down my shaft. Moisting it with each pass. The sight of you skillfully teasing my cock, is almost to much to bear. I run my fingers through your silky hair. Pulling your neck into just the right position as you stare into my eyes. A shudder türbanlı escort runs up my spine as you being to inch your way down my cock. Tasting every bit as it fills your mouth. Your tongue wraps around it as I feel you to begin gently tugging on my balls. You hold yourself down as you reach end of my dick. Then you slowly inch yourself off. As your head, after what seems like an eternity, leaves my throbbing member. You let a trail of saliva drip on to my to my tip. Watching it roll down and further coat my dick. My passion overcomes me as I lean in and shove my tongue down your throat. As you still tug at my balls I place my hands roughly on your breasts, struggling to take your shirt off. I feel your perfect tits and your hardening nipples through your shirt. I break our kiss and raise your arms. I lift your shirt off as you momentarily take your hands off of my balls to unhook your bra. As your bra falls to the ground I take a moment to admire your perfection. You catch me staring and decide to shove my face in between your breasts. Shaking them against me and reattaching your hands to my balls. Encouraged by your aggressiveness I latch my mouth onto one of your breasts. Tasting your skin and stroking your nipple with my tongue. Not wanting to neglect your other tit, I take it in my hand. Massaging it and teasing its nipple with my fingers. My free hand, needing to be of use, slowly moves down your smooth stomach till I reach your crotch. Massaging your clit through its denim prison. You take one hand off of my nuts and begin to undo the button on your shorts. The shorts that you know I love because they show off your perfect legs. You gently shove me off of you and stand up. I watch ass you slide your zipper down, revealing your see through thong. Watching as you let your shorts fall to the ground and kick them off to the side. I rush forward and begin to remove your thong with my teeth. My lips feeling the wetness behind it as I pull it down to the ground. I then stand up and lift my shirt off. You begin kiss your way down my chest again, finishing removing my jeans as you do. After you toss them away you roughly get me into position on the ground. I again find myself concentrating on your beauty. Fully revealed in your nude state. The firelight türbanlı escort bayan dancing off of your smooth, creamy skin. You rush toward me and take my cock back into your mouth. I place both of my hands on your head, as you place both of your hands back on my balls. I start to thrust my cock into your sexy face. Your lips sucking and tounge licking as I shove your head up and down. You then take one hand off of my balls and begin to jerk my cock as you suck it. I remove my hands and allow you free reign. Watching you spit on my cock, lube it up, and begin to jerk it as fast as you can. I lean my head back reveling in the pleasure you are giving me, feeling you again add your mouth to the assault on my cock. I feel precum oozing out of my dick and you lapping it up with each turn. Feeling my orgasm close in on me, I sit straight up. Grab you off my cock and lift you into my arms as I stand. I take you over to the nearest tree and set you down. I kiss you deeply before i lean you against the tree. Shoving two fingers inside of your dripping wet pussy. I hear you gasp and moan as I thrust my fingers as fast as I can. One finger penetrating deep while the other curves up and hits your g- spot.. My free hand rapidly rubbing your clit as you grab me and hold me firm against your body. Your hands then reach out as if searching for something. Till I feel a familiar tug on my cock as one hand finds its target. The other hand out of reach you use it to play with your tits. Our juices begin to cover each other as we jerk and finger each other silly. My precum all over your hand. Your sweet nectar flowing down my arm. Then through your moans, I hear you telling me that you need me inside you. That you need me to fill you up with my cock. Hearing you say “please” over and over is too much for me to bear. I then take my fingers out of you and bring them to your mouth. As you suck your own juices off of my fingers I whisper in your ear, “I love you, always”. You turn your head and your eyes tell me what your mouth doesn’t have the breath to say. We kiss, tasting your juices still left on your lips. Then I roughly grab your waist as you brace yourself against the tree. Spanking your ass three times before shoving my cock inside of you. Feeling pure pleasure, escort türbanlı Heaven on Earth. Your pussy so wet, so hot, so tight, and so perfect. You arch your back as begin to thrust slow and deep. Picking up speed with each successive thrust. My balls slapping against your ass as you breathe heavy with every breath you take. Sweat running down our bodies, I grab your hair with one hand and begin to spank your ass again with the other hand. Your moans and grunts get louder and louder. Then through your moans you begin to talk dirtier and dirtier. “Mmmm, smack my ass!! Fill me up!! Fuck me!!! Harder!! Faster!!”, just some of the naughtiness coming from between your lips. I then hear you scream. Feeling both your pussy and legs clinch. My cock squeezed like a vice, taking every ounce of strength and willpower to keep from exploding. As you shake and shudder from your massive orgasm. My cock and legs dripping from your juices, I pick you up and lay you on the ground. I lick up the remaining cum from your pussy with my tongue, your juices more addicting than any d**g. I feel you grab my head force me to stay on your crotch. I assault your clit, going faster and faster. Flicking, sucking, swirling, and even spelling the alphabet on your engorged nub. I then feel you again clench your legs and feel you cum all over my mouth and tongue. Screaming again as you do. Watching you shake and shudder I mount you and place my cock right back where it belongs, your pussy. My cock gliding in and out from all of the wetness. Then even though you just had two huge orgasms, you wrap you legs around me, shove my ass downward, and buck your hips all in an effort to add your strength to my own. My orgasm coming closer and closer, I stare into your eyes as your stare into mine. You lean up to my ear , whisper “I love you, always”, kiss me, and clinch your pussy. My cock no longer able to endure, explodes sending white hot pleasure coursing through out my body and mind. My final thrusts, the clinching of your pussy, and feeling of my cum shooting inside causes you to join me in a supernova of pleasure. Our bodies and minds melding and truly becoming one. After an indeterminate amount of time I open my eyes to see you above me or to be more precise your still dripping pussy. I feel a familiar sensation as see you working on my cock. Your lips and tongue bringing it back to life. You lift your head off of me long enough to stare at me and ask “ready for round 2”? I gave the only answer I felt appropriate. I grabbed your hips, began to devour your pussy, and joined a cycle that would continue all night long…….

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