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CampingThis is a true story about what happened to me after I’d been made redundant at forty-eight. I’m Don and I’d worked for a large company for thirty-one years as an executive. The company restructured and I got enough in my pay out clear my mortgage and live reasonably well. But I had a daughter at University and another about to go.To pay for them I needed to get another position, but despite the hundreds of letters of application I wasn’t getting interviews. I was too old for most firms so started to get depressed about the whole situation. My wife said I should get out and meet people more and when she couldn’t drive the mini bus for the local old folks home so asked me to do it for her. I said I’d drive them to a local supermarket to get their shopping. The mini bus was surrounded by old biddies aged from their late sixties to over eighty, no men at all. Most struggled in with me giving just a helping hand but one large lady asked me for a push up. I tried my best to do it in a gentlemanly way, but she grabbed my hands and placed them firmly on her massive rump. She winked and said push, I did and eventual heaved her bouncing bottom into the vehicle. As we drove down the road the fat old lady said loudly, “I’d love to fuck the driver!” One of the other women said, “Don’t be so rude Ada you’ll embarrass him.”Ada said, “Well I bet anyone of you would fuck him if you got the chance!” There were giggles, then we arrived at the Supermarket and they went to do their shopping.I sat waiting reading my paper and listening to the radio. The first to return was Ada pushing a trolley, I put her shopping inside and she demanded help to get up the step. I pushed on her buttocks and she moved slowly up the steps. But then pushed herself back against me and hunched her self several times against my groin. I didn’t want anything to do with this so told her to behave. She sat down on the front seat facing me and spread her legs lewdly like some old women do automatically. I looked away being a gentleman and not interested at all.Continuing to read my paper I hoped the others would return soon so I could get off home. But Ada was persistent she called out to me, when I looked up I could see she had dropped her bloomers. With her legs spread I could see the biggest hairiest cunt I’d ever seen. Her dark labia hung down over six inches, her vagina would have been big enough to put my fist in and her clitoris was a fat inch long mini cock. Her hair was a forest on both sides and pinbahis yeni giriş reaching up to her navel.I looked away but my cock had hardened considerably. I was surprised at this as before this had only happened when I fancied a young babe. Ada said, “I meant it when I said I wanted to fuck you, I’m a widow and need it bad. Come up to my flat and I’ll pay you to do me, what do you say? I was saved from having to answer by a knock on the door. Jane who was deaf and dumb interrupted the proceedings as she climbed aboard. She sat down in the seat next to mine and saved me from any more embarrassment. When we arrived back at the home Ada tried to get me to go with her but I picked up Jane’s shopping and carried it for her as a means of escape. At her flat her husband Tom said thanks to me, he was an old man of about eighty in a wheel chair. The following week I got Jane sitting next to me as protection. Ada still shouted she wanted to fuck me and some of the others said they wanted me to do them as well. Jane seemed to be looking strait out of the window, as she couldn’t hear I assumed she was oblivious to all the ribald remarks and this made me feel safe.Over a couple of months I got friendly with old Tom and Jane. She used sign language and Tom interpreted for her. One day Tom said they’d been married fifty years later that month and he wanted to give his wife an extra special present. What he’d in mind for her golden wedding treat was for her to have sex with only her second man. He explained they’d been c***dhood sweethearts and neither of them had ever been unfaithful to each other since. However since he’d had a stroke ten years before he’d been impotent. As he still loved Jane and she needed sex frequently he’d done his best to satisfy her orally or with his hands.They’d also needed to play act sexual scenarios to get her worked up. Recently she’d signed to him that she was fantasizing I was fucking her. Ada and the others had put it in her mind on the busses as she could lip read them saying they wanted to have sex with me.Tom said he knew she was old now at sixty-eight but she was still almost as slim as when they’d married. He offered me 100 to make love to his wife while he watched as they had never had sex apart and he wanted to video it.He said he hadn’t told her, as he wanted it to be a surprise. So wanted me to think about it and give him a ring. I did think long and hard, Jane was twenty years older than me a Great-grandmother. pinbahis giriş She wasn’t ugly, scraggy and lined after a hard life but pleasant looking overall.I considered becoming her toy boy at my age I also thought about being paid for sex. This would make me a male prostitute wouldn’t it! While I was doing this my cock got stiff so I knew I was going to agree. The day came and Tom told me to hide in the spare bedroom while he warmed her up. He said if it didn’t work out I should let myself out without letting her know I was there. He left their bedroom door open so I could watch and listen to him talking to Jane and only come in if he called me.He told Jane he wanted to make love to her and got her to strip and lay on the bed naked. She was indeed scraggy with flattened tits sagging almost to her waist. Tom positioned her so that her legs were facing the door and spread them wide.Her pussy was completely bald and just a slit in contrast to Ada’s huge cunt. Her legs had hanging skin as well as varicose veins. But as Tom opened up her labia to my gaze I knew I had to have her kitty.Tom started fingering her vagina and rubbing her clitoris, she was obviously enjoying this, as she was so wet. Tom licked her pussy then asked her whom she was thinking of. She signed and he interpreted out load. Saying, “So you’re thinking of Don fucking you!”He asked would she really fuck me if I were there. Jane hesitated then signed again. He said, “Yes you’d fuck Don like a real slut wife wouldn’t you! You’d cuckold me for the first time with a much younger man!” While he spoke his fingers were a blur on her genitals and she shuddered in a climax.Tom called me in and she was startled when she saw I was actually there and it wasn’t just a game this time. Tom said to her, “Dons my Golden Wedding present to you my wife with all my love.” Jane looked scared then smiled so even I knew she wanted me. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my semi hard penis out stroking it a few times. She signalled to her husband and he said, “Jane says it is a lovely present and is only the second adult males cock she’s ever seen. She took her false teeth out and sucked my cock with her soft gums, this was completely different experience to me and one I recommend to every man. By now I was hard as a rock.Jane undressed me savouring and kissing every bit of skin she uncovered. It was as if she was unwrapping her present which was exactly what she was doing. She pulled me onto the bed and pinbahis güvenilirmi kissed my lips putting her tongue into my mouth. I did the same to her licking her tongue and gums, again a new experience. Then I kissed her body licking the saggy breasts and nipping her long dark nipples. I continued down her body past her little pot of a tummy. I paused to pay particular attention to her bare mons veneris, labia, clitoris and vaginal orifice. The sagging skin of her thighs surrounded her vulva but this just made nice a contrast to her wonderful genitalia.Her kitty was tight and firm despite her giving birth to six c***dren, it could have been an eighteen year olds smooth and soaking wet. She whimpered as I pushed my tongue over her labia and into her hole. When I lashed her clit she shuddered with a mini orgasm.She signed to her husband who was videoing the whole process. Tom said she’d indicated she wanted me to put my cock up her cunt and give her a good fucking now. I didn’t need telling twice and placed my cock head at her entrance, she pulled me into her and I slowly entered her in case I hurt her. She signalled to her husband again who told me she wanted me to take her hard and rough. I obliged and slammed my cock up her again and again she had a small orgasm. Then after half an hour of rutting at each other she started to spasm almost throwing me off her. I couldn’t hold back and came harder than I have ever done in my life, shooting spurt after spurt inside her hole.We lay in each other’s arms in the sexual afterglow of my best ever fuck and I knew I’d want to fuck as many old women as I could from then on. When I was dressed Tom gave me the money and said she had signed how wonderful her birthday present had been. Also that she wished she was still a young girl and that I’d just made her pregnant. Tom paid me to fuck his wife a dozen times after that, I’d have done it for nothing but the payments added spice to the act. During that time I fucked her virgin anus and was the only man ever to come in her gummy mouth.After a year Tom died and at his funeral Jane handed me a letter from him. Inside were 100 pounds and his last request that I fuck his wife after he was buried. Of course we had a good fuck with her still in her widows weeds that cheered Jane up no end.I’d got a good job by then so was unable to see so much of my old lover. Jane unfortunately died six months later but not before we’d shagged several more times.I still miss my old lady lover and her gummy blowjobs. I loved her in my own way and she’d confided in me that if we’d met thirty years earlier she’d have cuckolded Tom and had my babies.Any guys out there should try sex with an old woman if they get the chance; it’s a great experience, they won’t regret it!

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