Camping Gloryhole 1


Camping Gloryhole 1So, i still haven’t met back up with my last CL women, because i have been on a camping trip for the past couple of days. While i was disappointed, that i wouldn’t be seeing her for a couple of days, i soon found out how good camping could be. When i arrived at the campsite(it was a public campground, so there were other people there), i unpacked, and set up my tent. It was already getting dark, but i had to go to the bathroom. Luckily, there was one right across the path from my campsite. So i went to the building to go. The building was an old building, with nothing but a thin piece of wood in between the womens and mens room, in fact if the shack was about 20 feet tall, the barrier only went up to about 15 feet, so you can hear people on the other side. This also wasn’t the only bathroom, they had a much newer and nicer one with showers there, but this one was just closer to me. Anyway, when i was going (there was only one stall in there)i noticed holes, not very big,and i believed they were made naturally. i took a look through the hole, and a woman was going pee on the other side. Now, this place had no electricity, so it was almost pitch black, besides the moonlight shinning in through holes in the roof, so i didn’t see any detail, just her outline. “wow”, i thought to myself, bahis siteleri “i might have to come here when its lighter out.”So, i finished up, went back to my tent and masturbated. After masturbating, i decided that i will go back to the bathroom later that night and make a couple of the holes bigger with a knife i had. It was now 10:30 and figured everybody should be in their tents by now, so i went to the bathroom, locked the door, and started to carve out the wall. It wasn’t that hard, because the wood was almost rotted, and cut nicely. When i was finished, there were holes for my eyes, a little one for my mouth,and one for my dick. I waited a little while to see if someone will come, but nobody did, so i went back, set my alarm for early morning, and went to sleep.I woke up at 6, thinking that was when people might be starting to get up also. I showered, and ate, and by then it was 7 and more and more people got up, and women started to go to the bathroom. so, i followed. I sat in there waiting, and finally someone came in. they didn’t notice the holes, because it was still really dark, just a little lighter than it was at night. once again i only saw the figure of the woman. She was skinny, and had a nice ass, and okay tits, definitely a bit older, but i couldn’t tell how old. She sat down canlı bahis siteleri and started to go bathroom and my dick started to harden. So, i put it through the hole and continued to look through. I hadn’t realized it until now, but the dick hole was close to were the toilet paper was, which was good for me, because more people would notice it when they reached to get the toilet paper. So, she continued to go bathroom, and then she reached for the toilet paper. When she did this, she just missed hitting my dick, and on the way back, i felt the toilet paper brush up against my dick head. I got excited, and my dick twitched for a second. She wiped and went for one more piece of toilet paper. This time, she hit it. When she did it i saw her look confused, and she stood up, bent over, and put her face next to my dick to get a better look at what she touched. “what the hell!?” she whispered, and sat there for a couple seconds thinking of what to do. After about 5 seconds, she had my cock in her hand, and was stroking it. I don’t think she noticed the eye holes, because she started to take off her shirt and bra, exposing her nice (probably c cup tits) to me. After a while of stroking, my cock, she started to rub her pussy, and i heard her starting to moan. Soon, she put me in her mouth. Her canlı bahis mouth was so warm, and it was a cold spring morning, so it felt extra good. She worked her tongue on my cock, and every once in a while she would deep throat it. Also, i noticed she was rubbing her pussy faster. Then she stood up, took my cock, and started to rub it between her pussy lips/ass. I could feel her juices on it, lubing it up. I was trying to not get to excited, and not cum too fast, but it was very hard to do so. Then, she bent over completely and put it in the opening of vagina, but not letting it go all the way in. After about another minute of her rubbing it on her pussy, she started to moan a little louder, and i could tell she was coming. With her legs shaking, and her juices flowing, and her continuous rubbing, this made me cum also. I knocked, so the knew i was about to cum, and she turned around and put my cock in her mouth, while i came down her throat. After sucking all of the cum out of me, she sat back on the toilet, and she dug through her purse, and took out a piece of paper and wrote something down. She then placed the piece of paper on my still hard cock, gave it one last kiss, and walked out….. To Be Continued in next story. True story, as i always post true stories. if you want to read what happens next, check back in a couple days. This trip lasted a couple of days, so i will be posting parts of my stories every other day or so. If you want to meet up and be in one of my stories, message me, and friend request me. Thank you.

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