Camping with my wife

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Camping with my wifeSo here we are a married mid fifty couple ,empty nesters now. We decided let’s buy a motorhome and travel this beautiful country. We want to go out west as were in New York but first we want to try it out and do a short weekend and end up at a nascar race in Dover Delaware . We end up parking in this huge field with coaches everywhere and barely enough room to set up the awning and open the pull outs but all goes well. Lots of drinking going on with all our neighbors the first night and we were tired and went back and crashed. The next day lots of walking and viewing venders we went back and start talking to our neighbors . Interesting guys as they follow the races week to week traveling a lot. So I ask, what enjoyment do you get and we are loosened up from alcohol and starts to say in front of my wife that they get laid at every race practically and my wife is hanging on every word being said .they are now serving moonshine to her which is to much and she ends up going back and crashing and I end up going back to the track bahis siteleri to watch a night race. It’s loud ! And I stay for most of it and decide to leave and head back. I don’t want to wake her so I’m quiet and I don’t even turn on the lights and proceed to take off my clothes and get naked. It’s then I realize I can here our neighbors(3 guys in their thirties) talking and having a good time, so I start to ease drop and I hear a laugh when it hit me ,that’s my wife! I look out the window and I know they can’t see me as it’s dark in here and yup there she is sitting on the step to their camper with her feet on the step with the short nightie on she went to bed with and I’m sure giving them a show. As I go back to the bedroom there are her panties that she went to bed with are now on the floor. Now my heart is pumping my small cock of 5″ is hard and thinking omg is she going to fuck these guys? My brain is all over the place as a peered out the wind and witness her do almost a half a glass of this moonshine . I watching as the one guy canlı bahis gets up to go inside And when she gets up to let him in as she s in the doorway she practically falls over into their trailer. When the guy helps her up he pulls her neight up so the others can see her whole ass( which is very fine even for her age). Before she can even get back to sitting the other two help her inside. She is giggling as I can see they are groping her and off comes her nightie and they throw it out and shut the door. I never got to witness any action but put my clothes on and snuck over and took her nightie so she would have to walk home naked,lol. I was able to hear a lot of action but as nothing and this was for about a half hour when it got quiet,the race was over and I guess they knew I’d be back . I took a walk and talked to another neighbor a few units away and low and behold two guys come walking around to our place with her dragging her feet. She was out of it. I sat there for about twenty minutes and went back and there she was passed out with güvenilir bahis her legs wide open with cum everywhere . Oh not proud to admit this but yes I ate the cum out her pussy and then dropped my own load and went to sleep. The next moring i smelled bacon and went next door and talked to the guys and ask well did you boys end up getting laid yet? I could tell they were nervous and the one speaks up and says ” dude we all fucked this drunk milf last night ” then they got brave and say ,she said her husband has never fucked her that good. They went on to say they only had a half hour cause the race ended and hubby would be back. I said the big race is today are you going or just hoping for her to return? He says , she may return as I told her two more of our friends are coming and she seemed to be ready. I said good luck went and ate in the coach then after a awkward moment she showered and we made it to the race. Funny thing is about half way through the race she says,would you mind if I went back as I don’t feel well? I said, do you want me to walk you back? What do you think she says? I’ll be fine she said. When the race ended so did our adventure as started the coach and headed home with my girl all passed out in the back,well fucked. Next we are off to Vegas

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