Campus Prostitute For Frats

Campus Prostitute For FratsCampus Prostitute For FratsIn the early 1970s, my wife (above) enjoyed exhibitionism. That included stripping at a public dive bar (Lorraine’s Lounge), picking up customers, and only months later, beginning an out call service for the area that included Purdue University in W. Lafayette, IN. It had been very easy for my wife to develop contacts within just about all the local fraternities. Those contacts even extended to other areas, like Valparaiso and Indiana University. Contacts led to direct services to any and all fraternities within a multi-hundred mile area. Part of her popularity in that scene was due to her having two degrees of her own, including a Masters. So, guys could feel like they were fucking a teacher, or, at least, a fellow student who is only a few years ahead of them. As a husband, I was, of course, a zonguldak escort turn off, and needed to be never mentioned. The husband also needed to stay out of sight. Thus, she did the out call with a few female associates, or rarely, on her own. I did operate as a taxi service, taking her to the frat at about 10 PM, and picking her up around 3 to 4 AM.I knew that she stripped nude, to rock N roll of the era. I also knew that she when she was not up with her turn for dancing, she would go into bedrooms upstairs and get extra pay for full sex. That was standard. So was zero condoms in that era. She was very well known on the Purdue campus. Until I saw the film, years later, I did not know that there was one especially wild night at one fraternity. This particular fraternity prided itself in getting souvenirs of the maximum that they had escort zonguldak been able to to do to local girls. And someone was filming, when one of the frat guys brought my wife back out to the stage area. She was stoned, and the “new at the time” J. Geils song “Give It To Me” was blaring from the PA system.At that moment, with an old Super 8mm sound camera going, the frat guy began to fist my wife in front of the crowd. She got in synch with the song, and I am sure it was a once in a lifetime scene for the crowd. One of the frat guys ran into me, years later, on campus. We had already known each other during my wife’s earlier services. The frat guy handed me a 50 ft roll of film, and said, “You need to see this!”The film was enlightening. Never knew she did that. And there she was, with her little yellow yarn bows for her tails, with zonguldak escort bayan a stranger, cuming back hard onto his hand, actually asking for more than he was giving. Even with the old photography, it was easy to see her marathon runner ass and leg muscles ripple. She never moves away, only forces back onto the hand. She did a good job, but appears to have wanted up on the forearm. Think my wife interpreted this guy as TOO cautious.Middle of the action:Later…It is my understanding that the entire clip is still in the fraternity’s trophy list of ‘what can be done to local sluts’.The small clip can be seen, with the same sound that was used to fist her, at you get to the clip, TURN UP YOUR AUDIO AND IMAGINE BEING THERE!.*You can also imagine that you were me, and you suddenly saw this happening to your wife. BTW, she never even mentioned it until I showed her the film that the frat guy gave me!!!**All of the above are real photos and video of the real wife, exactly during the time period mentioned.No fantasy involved.

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