Candledim Ch. 02


Warning — this story may contain disturbing scenes.

* * * * *

August 15th, 1843

Rose lowered herself onto her new husband’s erection. The old fool had denied her this until tonight. Edward Winter, rich, powerful and handsome at 47, was a prudish man — but he had a nice cock. Rose pushed down to cram it into her cunt. Edward jerked upward. His orgasm lasted three seconds.

“You aren’t finished yet.” Rose wiggled on her perch.

“Just give me a minute.”

Rose trailed her fingers over his stomach until they met the moist thatch of hair between her spread thighs. “I’ll keep it warm for you.”

Was he blushing? It was difficult to tell in the dim light. Her fingers felt cool against the slippery skin between her cunt lips. She stroked her clitoris. His penis, soft now, tried to slide away. She clamped her muscles. Naughty cock, she thought. You can’t escape Rosie.

She stared at Edward’s face, certain now he was blushing. His eyes looked between her legs. She parted her cunt lips to reveal her reddened clitoris. “This is where it feels best.” She tickled the very tip. Fire ran from her finger into the depths of her belly. “If you rub this while we fuck, I’ll come all over you.” She giggled at the astonished look on his face. “We might as well have fun, Edward. We’re married, after all.”

“I should hope so.”

Sounds of the continuing wedding party drifted through the walls from downstairs. Any excuse for drinking, Rose thought, flipping the tip of her finger. The women had long since gone home, and only a die-hard group of men still drank Edward’s best whiskey, hosted by his son, John.

The sound of men laughing excited Rose. “If you don’t get hard soon I’ll come without you.”

The penis buried deep inside her cunt began to grow. Edward touched her right nipple. She arched her back to give him better access. He cupped her breast. His cock began to stand up on its own.

“That’s right, Edward, darling. Get all hot and bothered and I’ll send you over the top — again and again.” Rose used her leg muscles to push herself up so only the head remained inside. Her fingers twirled. She slid down again, engulfing him.

Edward made a sound like the grunt of an animal. Rose grinned. The dull thud of desire turned into a sharp, painful need. She urged it to new heights with the pressure of her fingers and closed her eyes. Yes, she would come soon. She leaned forward to rest one hand next to Edward’s shoulder; the other still shoved at her clitoris.

“Fuck me,” Rose whispered. “Fuck me forever.”

Edward’s hips jerked up, then fell. His hands left her breast and grabbed at her waist.

Rose slapped down against Edward’s thighs. Her cunt clutched and trembled through a short, intense orgasm. Edward grunted, jerked, then relaxed and opened his eyes. She kept twirling her fingers over her clitoris.

“Again,” she ordered and kept his wilting penis trapped.

“I can’t, Rosie. I’m sorry. Wait until I have a sleep and I’ll try it again.” He smiled. “I’m not a young man, you know.”

She relented and dragged her fingers away from the damp curls between her legs. “I know. I’m sorry, Edward. I just…”

“Rest now.” He tugged her from her perch to lie beside him. “I love you.”

Rose waited until his even breathing turned to snores. Since puberty, she’d fought against her body. Always, she felt the lingering throb of arousal. It dissipated only during pure exhaustion. She knew it wasn’t normal — she wasn’t normal. Nothing satisfied her. Her dreams contained a multitude casino oyna of penises, of hands, mouths, and bodies. Lately, even female bodies accompanied them. Sex, she thought, was an ongoing struggle for relief. She’d never be satisfied with just Edward’s loving, unimaginative fucking.

She could lie here and please herself for a while, but there were other opportunities. Slowly, she crawled from the bed and stood, naked, over the body of her husband. Edward would never know. He was rich, and he was handsome enough. If only he had more stamina…

A soft cloth wiped some of the wetness that drooled down Rose’s thighs. She slipped a robe around her shoulders and went into the hall. The wood floor felt sticky beneath her bare feet. Darkness reigned here. Not a single flame lit the dim recesses of Candledim, but a thin light came from the bottom of Percy’s door. She peered inside. Percy, his blonde curls darkened with sweat, reclined on the bed with his cock in his hand. Rose stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

Percy grinned. “I thought this might happen. Eddie is too old for you.”

Rose let the robe slide from her shoulders. Her hand strayed between her legs in mute appeal.

Percy stood. His erection swayed. “Bend over.” His fingers gripped her waist as he positioned her in front of a chair. She set her hand on the cushioned back and let her ass jut out behind her. He entered her in a single thrust.

Rose pushed back and twirled her fingers. “Fuck me, Percival. Fuck me good.”

“I was intending to.” A laugh echoed in his tone. “Tell me what Eddie’s cock looks like. Is it big?”

“It isn’t as long as yours, but it’s thicker.” She looked back and noted the musculature of his shoulders. “He’d be better than you if he could last longer.”

“Maybe you should try us both at once.”

The sudden picture of Percy sucking on Edward’s thick cock sent trills of sensation through her lower body. “God yes. But he’d never allow it.”

“I know. The thought, though, is inspiring.”

That was obvious. Percy’s cock grew, and she felt the thicker head rubbing inside. The sound of flesh meeting flesh occupied her attention.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

“Do it.”

Percy’s hand left her breast as he pulled out and separated the cheeks of her butt. His slick cock pushed inside. Now her cunt felt empty, but her ass was full. It wouldn’t take him long this way — Percy had a thing for ass fucking.

Rose hung her head between her bouncing breasts. Long black hair trailed to the floor, swirling in curls on the dark red rug. Her fingers jiggled her clitoris. Pounding settled between her eyes, reminiscent of the slam of Percy’s body against hers. Her orgasm jerked her upright, where she was halted only by Percy’s hard forearm. His cock remained in her ass, motionless now as her body trapped him inside.

– – –

John stared into the dead fireplace and fingered his glass. Damn it, why did his father have to marry that tramp? Rose exuded sensuality, and John wasn’t immune. His first vision of her had been as a young woman on his father’s arm. He took one look into her eyes and his cock erected. Her smile said she knew his reaction, had expected it. He’d managed to escape before his father noticed.

Now he wished his father had been more observant. Perhaps he wouldn’t have married Rose, and then John wouldn’t be sitting here with a drink in his hand and an erection tenting the front of his robe at the mere thought of her.

John set the drink on the table beside him, glanced at canlı casino the closed door to his room, and tugged the tied belt of his robe. His naked cock waved in the cigar scented air. He stared at it and let his imagination wander beneath Rose’s dress. She’d be small-boned, slender except for her large breasts. Would they stand up, or would they sag toward her waist? He decided they’d do something in between. Her nipples would face outward, at least. She was too young to sag very much.

Too many times in the past few months John had sat here like this, watching his cock swell and shrink with each imagined caress. He shouldn’t give in like this. He touched the head and ran the tip of his finger down the side of the shaft. It could be her finger, and her eyes as she touched him would be velvet dark and wicked. She’d lick her lips.

The shaft lengthened.

No, he wouldn’t give in tonight. It was his father’s wedding night, damn it. His finger kept stroking.

Candledim’s thick walls allowed a sound to leak through, and John paused. His head lifted and he scowled at the dead fireplace.

– – –

“What the devil is going on?”

The voice came from the doorway, and Rose recognized John’s intonation. Her new stepson had caught her in the throes of a powerful orgasm. That only made it more intense. Trembling spasms rolled through her. Percy gasped, and she felt the spurt of hot spunk in her bowels.

“Stop this!” John’s hand clamped on her shoulder and she felt the pressure as he put his other hand on Percy’s to pry them apart. Percy’s fingers dug into her waist. His cock, still shooting, remained embedded.

“I said stop it!” John pushed harder, and the last stream of jism coated the pale skin of Rose’s butt.

Rose straightened and turned to face her stepson. His skin looked mottled. A vein throbbed at his temple. One dark lock of hair curled over his forehead. His gray eyes looked wide and startled, like a spooked horse. Rose put out her hand. “Hush, John. Do you want to wake your father?”

Percy poured a drink, seeming to ignore the confrontation.

“Why the hell aren’t you with my father?” John’s voice had a strident, panicked cast, but he’d lowered it.

“I wore him out.” She shrugged, knowing the effect it had on her breasts.

John’s eyes flickered to her chest, then back to her face.

“He’s not a young man,” she said in a chiding tone. “I don’t want him to have a heart attack.”

“So you went after Percival? Are you insane?”

“No. Just desperate.” Rose eyed him seriously. “I won’t be denied each night, John. I deserve to be happy.”

“Then why didn’t you marry someone who could make you happy?”

“Because I need more than sex in a marriage. Be realistic, John. Your father is a good, kind man with lots of money. The only thing he lacks is stamina. Was I going to let that get in the way of marrying a man I love?”

“You don’t love him.”

“But I do.” She moved toward John, who backed up until his foot hit the edge of a dresser, forcing him to stop. “I love him very much, and I don’t want you spreading tales that will make him unhappy.”

“This isn’t a tale.”

Rose placed a hand on his chest and gazed into his eyes. “Please don’t tell him, John.”

“So you can cuckold him with his best friend’s son? He deserves to know the truth.”

Percy tilted his drink in John’s direction from across the room. “If you told him, you’d be signing the death warrant of his business. He couldn’t remain in a partnership with my father. The business would kaçak casino fold.”

John’s stubborn expression crumbled into a child’s need to fix the problem. “Just promise you won’t do it again.”

“I can’t promise.” Rose trailed her fingers over his chest, and twirled the small hairs showing at the open throat of his robe. “But you have a hold over me, now, John. You can have me, too, and make sure I have no need of anyone who might cause a problem.” The rise below the tied belt drew her hand. “Your arousal is obvious. Don’t bother to deny it.”

Percy chuckled. “He’s got a naked woman standing two inches away. Of course he’s hard.”

“I don’t need to gratify every lustful thought I have.”

“But you haven’t moved.” Rose tugged at the belt. “And I’m not strong enough to keep you from the door.”

“I don’t want to leave you alone with Percival.”

Rose opened John’s robe and circled her fingers around a good-sized prick. “Of course.” Slowly, she went to her knees. His cock stood at right angles to his body. Rose covered the head with her mouth.

“Stop it.” John’s voice sounded strained and weak.

Rose slid her lips up the shaft. The head bumped against the back of her throat.

“Swallow him whole,” Percy said, and she heard the creak of the bed.

Dark swirls of hair fell to the sides of her face. She opened her throat and slid her lips forward until they nestled in her stepson’s pubic hair. A strangled gasp sounded above her head. Rose curled her fingers into the skin of John’s ass, scratching with long nails as she drew her mouth back. Leaving her lips in contact with the smooth head, she looked upward. His eyes had closed and his head rolled back on his shoulders.

She had him. Completely.

– – –

John jerked forward. The head of his prick slid between soft lips and sharp teeth. God, she knew what she was doing. He couldn’t blame Percy. The woman had a mouth made for this. If she’d done this to his father, no wonder the old man couldn’t last. What in God’s Sacred Name am I doing? He opened his eyes and began to pull away. Percy stretched full length on the bed, stroking a forming erection.

“Do something besides jack off, Percy.” Rose’s voice hissed hot air by John’s cock, then her tongue swirled around it again.

Percy stood. Soft blond hairs gleamed on his chest and groin. He grinned and approached to kneel behind Rose.

“Stop it.” John remained locked in Rose’s mouth, unable to protest with more determination.

Percy lifted her hips.

A swift shove pushed her lips to the root of John’s swollen prick. Holding John’s gaze, Percy pulled back, then shoved forward again. Rose’s mouth moved in rhythm. Small sounds bubbled around John’s cock. Her hand buried itself between her legs and the other balanced her on the floor. The flesh of her ass jiggled with each forward motion of Percy’s body. John grasped her hair, giving in to the increasing lechery of the scene, and lunged in quickening cadence.

“That’s it, Johnny. She likes it rough.”

John’s testicles pulled closer to his body. He shoved against the back of Rose’s throat.

He came.

Rose swallowed.

The shining head of Percy’s cock appeared, sliding against the cleft of her ass. It shot a load of spunk, which landed on the small of her back. The second shot trailed over her ass, and the third drooled into the crevasse.

– – –

Rose slipped back into Edward’s bed, relieved to hear him snore. Everything was fine now. She had two men living with her and one more whenever occasion warranted. The village of Blackwood, too, contained many men. She could have them all. A line of men, each waiting a turn, and Rose could finally fuck until she could fuck no more.

To be continued…

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