Candy Cane

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//…//…//…//…//…//…Candy Cane.

Candy glided the long slender Candy Cane over her tongue while she sucked on its flavor, savoring the deliciously sweet taste while pulling it outward from her moist mouth. Extending her tongue outward and licking the tastiness in laps at the sugar stick, carrying the peppermint flavor on her tongue that disappeared, between her plump red lips.

Candy placed the Candy Cane back into her mouth, toying with its lengthy shaft and absorbed in the way it felt on her tongue. She pushed it even deeper into her mouth as if that would heighten the sweet sensations of sugar and peppermint. Pulling it outward then pushing it back inward over her wet tongue several times rubbing the flavor into her taste buds.

‘It was the night before Christmas and all through the house,’ nothing was stirring except Candy’s blouse.

One hand held the Candy Cane to her mouth while the other, finger toiled each button loose till her blouse fell open exposing her firm round mounds and both attentive nipples that ‘rose’ for attention.

She pulled the Candy Cane out of her mouth slowly in a long moist slide along her tongue then exiting two tightly pressed red lips. Her tongue made a flavor saving swipe, then disappeared into her mouth followed by a deep swallow.

“I’m as horny as a reindeer,” she mumbled to herself, giggling. Candy glanced at the coffee table and saw the ‘Nut-Cracker’ and a bowl of assorted nuts, contemplating their playful usage then looked back at the moist and now slightly tapered Candy Cane, smiling.

Candy ran her hand under her snow-white panty’s elastic rim in the dimly lit living room, like a snow bunny to its home. The only illumination was the Christmas Tree lights that flashed and flickered intermittently. There was not a fire in the fireplace, in hopes that St. Nick would be coming through the magical portal of brick, soot and mortar.

She chuckled at the thought that, ‘any man that can climb up and down the narrow hole of so many chimneys’ would definitely know how to please a girl’s hole with a Candy Cane.

Her long slender legs fell apart, mimicking her mouth that opened wide as she laid the candy stick on her tongue and closed her lips around it as her lower lips enveloped her finger.

Twirling the Candy Cane with turns of her wrist while rolling the round candy stick between her thumb and forefinger, to leave the tasty flavor that was sure to gratify her. While the fingers on her other hand was touching her needs with light brushing and tender rubbing.

Pulling her hand from between her legs she placed a finger in her mouth, wetting it completely then placing it back into the ‘North Hole.’ Like a coyote’s call to a cold moon, Candy’s desires called her warm fingers to make her shine in an afterglow.

She bent like the ‘Buckle’ of Santa’s belt when she pressed her finger farther into her pool of lust. Swirling her passion like a finger in pudding with twirls, slides, glides and knuckle ‘crooked’ feather stroking her inner wall of desires.

She removed her hand from under her panties trailing a damp finger over her skin past the tiny pool of navel and towards the peak of her breast. Grasping a breast firmly she pulled it upward as she began illegal bahis tapping at her nipple with the peppermint stick, that stuck slightly tacky and released with each touch.

Her head leaned forward as her tongue extended fully coming to an almost point as she lick. Pulling her breast closer to her warm mouth’s inviting lips, she suckled her firm nipple’s flavor.

Her long finger returned to the ‘North Hole’ and found her delight in a moist way as she continued to entertain herself this Christmas Eve night…

“Dashing through the …oh!”

Candy’s back raised upward like an ‘Arch’ as she pressed her middle finger deeply with herself then descended back to a laying position very slowly. Pressing her foot against the arm of the couch as her muscles tightened then gradually released. A pleasurable grin crawled across her candy red, tainted lips.

She moistened the Candy Cane in her mouth fully, twirling it on the ridge of her wet tongue and pulling it from her lips till saliva vines snapped. With a heart pounding drum roll the Candy Cane took flight, to the land of snow-white panties.

She pulled the white cotton fabric to the side and widened her legs to prepare for the ‘rock hard’ Candy Cane Express. Mingling the long moist candy stick with her needs, slightly pressing it into her as slowly as a snowflake falls.

Mesmerized by the pleasurable feeling this red and white striped Candy Cane brought her. Pressing the peppermint stick even deeper in light circular motions. Her long eyelashes fluttered in sync with lips that quivered from joy and an open mouth ‘jawing’ expressions of emotions without a sound other than her light panting.

“Santa Claus is cummin’ to town!” Candy smiled as she glanced at the fireplace thinking she may have heard a noise from the chimney. Pulling the Candy Cane from between her legs she became frozen in a moment of total concentration, listening attentively for a clue, hint and or sign of the sound’s nature.

She placed the candy stick on her tongue and became overwhelmed by the delightful scent of peppermint, sugar and cum. She melted into the couch as she relaxed and sank into savoring the joys of her Candy Cane.

Her other hand returned under her panty line with reaching fingers that pin pointed the location of her desires with back and forth rubs that ‘twittered’ across the ridge of her clit, inflaming her lustful fire. Sucking on the peppermint Candy Cane, indulged in that which she craved while all her vibrant fingers did not relent.

“Silent Night … oh … this night!” Candy sang lightly with cheeks that were a little flush, sucking on the Candy Cane to fulfill that which she thirsts, passion. She rolled the candy across her lips, toying with the way it sticks, tastes and its playful shape. Holding the Candy Cane as an artist would hold a brush, painting her lips a glossy candy red.

Her other hand roamed the hills and valleys of the ‘North Hole’ slowly, sensually brush stroking her labia lightly with her long fingers. Grinding her fingers in areas then lightly rubbing them. She spanked the kitty with a few light slaps with her hand and teased a chuckle as her fingers resumed their polishing motion.

Candy put the Candy Cane into her mouth between illegal bahis siteleri her cheek and gum then sent her fingertips to pull on her taught nipple in twists and playful pulls. Gripping tighter, she pulled till the nipple ‘snapped’ from her fingertips. In a light moan of mixed pleasure and pain, she did it again with her other breast.

Taking the hook of the Candy Cane she pulled it from her lips allowing the stick end to fall from her mouth onto her skin in the valley of her mounds. Pulling the curve of the cane, the stick followed in a soothing motion of lightly trailing wetness. She guided the Candy Cane to the summit of her breast and circled her nipple as if it were the ring of love then pressing it against the ‘bulls eye’.

A thought sparked and a self-dare taunted her to place the peppermint stick into her mouth in a slow descent just to see how far it could go into her throat. Pushing the stick into her mouth deeper and farther. When the candy cane hook touched her cheek, she giggled with delight that caused her to gag momentarily. Yanking the stick from her mouth she raised up slightly then laid back laughing while placing the candy stick back into her mouth. She pulled the Candy Cane out slowly, sucking with taught lips, capturing the sweet juices. Swallowing the sweet flavor then licking her lips for more.

Engrossed in the sight of the candy’s alluring and delightful red swirl as she rolled it around before her eyes. It was now tapered even more at the stick end but the hook seem to have a wilted charm as she gazed at it in the dim lit living room.

Placing the Candy Cane back into her mouth to free both hands so that she could ‘wiggle- worm’ free of her panties. Pulling them from her body she gave them a finger twirl just before she gave them a fling towards the Christmas Tree.

“There is your present Santa,” Candy said with a teasing chuckle as she ran one hand between her legs in a long glide across her flesh to feel of her nakedness and to awaken her skin to breath freedom.

Grasping the hook of the Candy stick and seductively trailing the candy along the top of her tongue till it was before her eyes. She gave the Candy Cane a long hard look and contemplated the best way to use a peppermint stick. To roll it with the red swirls that wrap around the white or rather to twirl the red stripes in reverse. Then she let out a laugh as she decided it did not matter.

She spread her legs wide while her hand made the voyage of carrying the red and white swirled candy back to the North Hole. The rock hard candy touched the folds of her labia as she rotated it slightly as much for the feel as it was an aid to its penetration. Basking fully in the Candy Cane’s touch as she pressed it into herself fully, using the canes hook to toy with her clitoris. Candy’s desires were inflamed as she began driving the Peppermint stick in and out in moist gliding strides, motivated by her quest for satisfaction.

Candy moan as her rapidly moving hand pressed the Candy Cane in deeply. The silent room whispered echoes of light slapping sounds of skin impacting flesh from her toying penetration. With a clinched fist around the candy cane and the hook curving back over her knuckles she drove the candy stick into herself, canlı bahis siteleri vibrantly.

Riveting precision thrusts of the Candy Cane tended her desires till she felt her juices run down the valley in her ass cheeks. Candy’s head went back in satisfaction while her hand slowed to a stop but her fingers continued to rotate the candy stick and keeping its passion alive.

The Candy Cane was now a twirling pressing swirl of wetness from the hard candy pricking. Candy’s heart was pounding loudly enough to be the only sound in the room. She lay engulfed in her feelings, satisfied with her peppermint pleasing play.

Taking the Candy Cane from between her legs and to her mouth that was opening in a receptive manner with her tongue extended outward, ready, willing and reaching. Sticking the sticky candy to lay upon her tongue, she then enveloped her lips around it tightly and began sucking.

She grasped her breast gently as if it were a glass Christmas tree ornament, lightly holding it cupped in her hand while relishing in the scent of peppermint and vaginal aroma. Squeezing her firm flesh with sensual grasps and tightly gripped pulls upon her breast.

Candy pulled the Candy Cane from her lips then put it to her nipple, mashing the hard candy into her firm and perked up flesh. With a beat that mirrored the Christmas tree lights that were blinking off and on, Candy flicked the candy at her nipple then trailed the Candy Cane in circles around her areola. Pulling her breast to her lips, she sucked her nipple for the peppermint’s flavor as well as the enjoyment of a warm wet mouth upon her skin.

Desire’s song was fading fast as she took one quick hand rub around her bare bottom. She turned on her side, adjusted the Candy Cane in her mouth with seductive teasing glides. Slowly and even more slowly fell her heavy set of eyes as she sank fully into the couch’s cushioned comfort while sucking on the Candy Cane.

Opening her eyes wide in an attempt to stay awake Candy looked around the dim lit room, then she glanced under the Christmas tree and there was ‘still’ nothing there.

Her breathing become heavy as she drifted off to a winter dreamland. The sound of her light breathing (snoring) muffled footsteps across the hard wood floor.

“ho ho ho.” Lightly jingled.

Candy Cane’s one eye opened slowly Christmas morning as Candy awoke and peered under the Christmas tree. There sat a present, a white box with a red ribbon. In a leap and a bound she had her present in hand and un-wrapping it. Inside the medium size box was a peppermint Candy Cane, long and wide with a ‘gift tag’ that read;

‘Merry Christmas’ my naughty Candy. Thank you for the peppermint scented panties.

//…//…//…//…//…//…//…//…//…Candy Cane.

Candy Canes … were noted as far back as 1600s. They at that time were all white sugar sticks. The curve of the Candy Cane is ‘said’ to have been put there to replicate the ‘J’ in Jesus but it its also clearly noted that the white sugar cane sticks were used as hanging Christmas tree ornaments.

The time between 1870 and 1920s the peppermint stick was popping up everywhere. Peppermint twisted into the white sugar sticks. The demand for them came highest around Christmas so there-fore they became a Christmas candy known as the…

//…//…//…//…//…//…//…//…//…Candy Cane.

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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