Caning Suzy-Jayne Part 1


Caning Suzy-Jayne Part 1My relationship with Suzy-Jayne had caught me by surprise. I’d always considered myself straight, totally straight, perhaps as straight as it gets, but during a period in my life nearly 26 years ago I simply had to admit to myself, the girl who I believed to be sexiest girl I had ever met, actually had a penis and testicles.I first met Suzy-Jayne at a spanking party in Ealing, she had been one of around half a dozen ‘girls’ there to provide entertainment to the thirty or so guys of various ages who had paid good money for a ticket to attend. I’d been to this venue a number of times before, the parties were run by a guy known as Blake, a congenial and slightly eccentric cravat wearing host, well into his sixties. The routine for these parties was always much the same, drinks and snacks in the lobby on arrival followed by various spanking ‘playlets’ acted out on a make-shift stage in the main room with audience participation sometimes afforded to those who so chose to join in. The spanking was never particularly harsh though and the caning was often disappointingly mild. Blake claimed to be all about the appreciation of the female bottom and certainly not the ‘butchering’ of it as he would say. I often wondered whether this had anything to do with the fact that he struggled to find ladies prepared to take a hard spanking.When the ‘playlets’ were over, those who were prepared to fork out more of their hard-earned cash could take one of the girls through to a private room for a one to one. Perhaps looking back on it, these parties weren’t actually that great, but for a guy in his mid-twenties (as I was back then), who was totally obsessed with spanking and caning, the parties were preferable to the many disappointments I’d had meeting submissive ladies via contact magazines in those pre-internet days.Yes, I’d had many disappointments, travelled many miles and met women of all shapes and sizes who billed themselves as submissive, arriving at their door with hopes high for giving a proper spanking and caning only to be let down by the real levels they were prepared to receive.My first sight of Suzy-Jayne came about halfway through the playlets. She was wheeled through the curtains at the back of the stage tied to an ancient looking timber framed sack truck, her wrists and ankles bound securely to it with rope and with a further length of rope secured around her waste. From where I was sat, Suzy-Jayne looked stunningly attractive, long blonde hair with a slim figure delightfully presented in a pale lemon summer dress. Despite her predicament she had a mischievous smile which canlı bahis displayed a most perfect set of teeth.My scrutiny of Suzy-Jayne as she was placed centre stage, was such that I hardly noticed Blake as he stood to the side of the stage and announced, “Suzy-Jayne is one of our new girls, so you probably won’t have seen her before, but you’re in for a real treat. She’s in trouble with Farmer Jones for stealing apples from his orchard so Farmer Jones has tied her to his sack truck so that she doesn’t run away and is going to teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a hurry.” With that Blake left the stage and Farmer Jones appeared through the curtains dressed in brown corduroy trousers and a check shirt and wearing a spotted neckerchief following a quick change from the headmaster’s outfit he had worn in the previous playlet where a girl named April had received a fairly lame ‘twelve of the best’ with the cane for fighting in the playground. I watched intently as Farmer Jones gave Suzy-Jayne a stern telling off before raising the back of her dress and tucking it into the rope around her waist revealing a pair of plain white panties beautifully molded by her shapely bottom. “What do you think gentlemen,” said Farmer Jones addressing the audience in true pantomime fashion. “Should I take her knickers down and punish her on the bare bottom?” The response was of course only going to be one thing and as Suzy-Jayne’s panties were pulled down to the tops of her thighs I got my first glimpse of her delightful bare bottom, leaving me in no doubt that paying extra for a one to one with her later in the evening would be money well spent. I watched intently as Farmer Jones spanked Suzy-Jayne’s bottom quite firmly before asking the audience if we thought she should also be caned, the response naturally, was a foregone conclusion. As I watched Suzy-Jayne take two dozen fairly firm cane strokes (one for each apple she had supposedly stolen) and barely flinching, I realised that she was probably a harder ‘player’ than most of the other ‘girls’ that Blake normally recruited. Determined not to miss the opportunity of doing a one to one with Suzy-Jayne I used the time at the end of her performance as they prepared for the next offering to scurry off and catch one of Blake’s assistants to book my slot with her.After the final couple of playlets which, in truth, I found rather boring, I went through to the lobby to await being told which room to go to for my one to one. I avoided the wine which was being liberally dished out and accepted a coffee instead. After chatting with one of the other guys who I’d seen bahis siteleri at previous parties for a few minutes I was taken aside and told that Suzy-Jayne was ready for me in Room 3. Placing down my half drunk coffee I quickly made my way upstairs and approached the open doorway to the room where Suzy-Jayne was waiting.Sat on the edge of the single bed, which apart from a waste bin was the only item of furniture in the room she enquired what I wanted to do, her voice soft yet slightly husky. “Is caning okay?” I asked. “Do you want me to cane you or do you want to cane me?” she replied. I confirmed that I wanted to cane her and she smiled, telling me that she really liked being caned. “Can you suck me off at the end?” I requested.As I scrutinised her once more I could feel my cock tingling as I anticipated the pleasure of caning such an attractive young woman and receiving the conclusion I had asked for. “Before we start,” she began. “I think it only fair to tell you that I’m transgendered, so if you’d rather go with one of the other girls I’ll fully understand.” I was shocked, not in a disgusted way, but more that I really couldn’t tell by looking at her.Any doubt about whether to stay, lasted for only a split second as I quickly shook my head and told her it was her that I wanted to cane. She fascinated me, perhaps captivated me and to leave at this point would have haunted me forever. Suzy-Jayne reached over and unzipped the sports bag which was beside her on the bed. It was the kind of bag intended for squash or tennis rackets so was quite long and as I peered inside I was greeted with the view of a collection of spanking implements which included a variety of canes. “You can use any of the canes, I don’t mind and I do take a very hard caning.” Whatever her origins I somehow knew at this moment that Suzy-Jayne was the ‘girl’ I had been looking for and as she bent over the end of the bed with her dress flipped over and her bare bottom at my mercy, I knew that I was about to administer my first ever proper caning.Suzy-Jayne’s bottom was as perfect close up as I’d imagined it had been from my earlier view whilst she was on the stage and I ran my hand over her contours squeezing the delightful flesh of her buttocks. As I eased her panties just a little further down she told me that she was fully intact and didn’t want me to be surprised if I saw anything that I hadn’t expected.At first, I caned her lightly, from my previous experiences scared of going too hard, but she told me that unlike most who get paid for being caned, she was a true devotee and being caned hard was part of her lifestyle. bahis şirketleri She told me that before becoming a professional submissive she had satisfied herself by going to mistresses and paying to be caned hard. She invited me to give her one stroke as hard as I wanted and as I drove the cane with all my might across the centre of her bottom she writhed to the anguish it had imparted before telling me that was how she liked to be caned. There was no counting of strokes, I simply unleashed one after another but with only twelve minutes of our thirty minute timeslot remaining, it was time for me end this amazing experience. As I handed the cane back to her she asked me if I’d like a few strokes myself. Perhaps exhilarated by the caning I had given Suzy-Jayne I accepted this offer and hastily dropped my trousers and underpants and took up position where she had been. I too could take a hard caning, something I’d learnt when my failure to find suitable submissives had led to me putting myself on the receiving end in an attempt to at least satisfy some of my inner passion for spanking and caning. I agreed to take twelve strokes, such was my arousal I might have asked for more but with time running out I wasn’t going to miss out on being sucked off by her. The twelve strokes were swiftly dispatched, hard but not brutal and well within my ability to take. “You have a lovely bum, ……..” “Tobias,” I interjected. “Most people though, call me Toby,” I added. “Well Toby I really like your bum,” said Suzy-Jayne as she ran her hands over my now sore buttocks. With little time left, I lay back on the bed, as Suzy-Jayne began to work my already awakened cock to full hardness with her hand. After slipping a condom onto me she knelt beside the bed and leaned across to take me in her mouth. Unable to resist, I reached behind her and grasped the bottom that now so aroused me, feeling the hardness of the swellings where the cane had done its work. As I watched her pretty head move up and down working my cock in unison with her hand, I was soon to feel the sweetness of my release. Hell, this T-Girl had turned me on more than any of the ‘real’ girls I’d been with in the past, I’d never cum that quickly in my life. Wiping myself clean with some paper towel I was given by her , I hastily tidied my clothing as Suzy-Jayne handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. “If you want to see me again give me a call,” she said with a smile. “I probably won’t be doing this place again, I took a chance tonight, needed the money but if that Blake fellah found out I was trans he’d probably do his nut.” I told her that if she wasn’t coming back then I wouldn’t either. I smiled and gave Suzy-Jayne a hug, “I will definitely call you,” I said as I left the room slipping her phone number inside my wallet.To be continued…..

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